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#7: Kiss and Reality[edit]

I’ve heard about their memories from Eita-kun, or perhaps it was Harusaki-san.

For example, the time when they went to an amusement park together during elementary school.

‘Since Chiwa said she wanted to go on the roller coaster, I had no choice but to accompany her. She was screaming the whole time. It makes me jealous that she is satisfied by these man made thrills. Cute girl.’

Those are quite some harsh words, this was from Harusaki-san's point of view.

‘When we went to the roller coaster, as we were lining up, he was saying things like “this is just to deceive little kids”, “the level is too low”, or “these small fries screaming ‘kyaa kyaa’ are so noisy”, but when it was his turn he instantly stopped talking. When we got on the rails he kept saying “If we fall hold on to that, if we fall hold on to that, if we fall hold on to that”. Ei-kun is really cute, isn’t he~”

What are they doing, the two of them.

Hurry up and get married, du-mmies.

…...that was just a joke, putting that aside, I learned a few things while I was engaging in club activities with them.

Eita-kun thinks of Harusaki-san as a “younger sister”.

Harusaki-san thinks of Eita-kun as a “younger brother”.

According to my analysis, this “contradiction” is moving them in a good direction. They’re both seeing themselves as the other’s guardian.

If it was a one way relationship between “someone taking care of” and “someone being taken care of”, their relationship probably wouldn’t have lasted this long.

The one taking care of the other will get tired of it one day.

The one being taken care of will feel “sorry towards the other” and will put the blame on themselves.

A relationship where both of them need each other is the best. I heard Harusaki-san was quite popular during her middle school period, but there probably won’t be many people who would want to come in between the two of them.

Well, I did come in between them with all I had.

Putting that aside for now, a new “threat” has appeared.

Misora Miharu.

The appearance of Eita-kun’s “little sister” is definitely having an impact on the younger sister-like childhood friend Harusaki-san’s position.

Of course, this is not someone else’s business to me.

Although Eita-kun is “anti-love”, he’s too nice of a person at the same time.

Having your lover snatched away by another person, that’s so similar to a cheap drama, I’ll never let it happen by any chance. Only falling for someone else at this moment, it’s unforgivable. It’ll be troublesome if he doesn’t execute his duties as a fake boyfriendFAKE. I’m not jealous. I said I’m not.

That’s why, I’m currently tailing them on their date--

Right as the sun set, the wind started blowing.

My body shivered from the cold, my shoulders huddled together.

Meanwhile, Eita-kun and Misora-san, who were descending from the ferris wheel, were walking hand in hand. Their shoulders were touching closely, they must be fine with the cold this way.

Then Harusaki-san’s shoulder touched my arm. What’s with that. Is she trying to go against the two of them? I’m not interested in lesbian relationships though--that’s what I thought before I realized it was just her legs giving way.

“Ei-kun is, Ei-kun isss~!”

…...and so, she bellowed with a voice that sounded like a moaning zombie.

“Harusaki-san, please don’t be so down.”

“But, their shoulders are touching. If I did the same thing, he’ll just say, ‘it’s embarrassing so please stop!’.”

Looks like watching them getting along in the ferris wheel has impacted her quite a bit.

Usually she’s positiive to the point of annoyance, but once Eita-kun is involved she becomes useless.

Come on, this girl.

“Please do not worry. That’s just what they call an misattribution of arousal.”

“What’s that?”

“Everyone’s heart rate will increase when they get to high places, right? Mistaking that feeling as ‘love’--this is known as the suspension bridge effect.”

“Ah, I came across that in ‘Pachi Lemon’.”

“That’s why, Eita-kun being affectionate towards Misora-san, that’s just an illusion in his heart. He’ll return to normal after some time.”

Harusaki-san’s expression lightened up instantly.

“Th-that’s right! It’s just an illusion! There’s no way Ei-kun will seriously fall for that girl!”

“Eh, that’s right.”

I responded with a nod, but I can’t help but feel there’s “something” other than the suspension bridge effect at work.

Misora Miharu obviously fell for Eita-kun.

However, according to what Eita-kun said, she is moving away soon. This amusement park date is what she called “creating memories”. That’s why Harusaki-san and I allowed it.

Will she still be smiling if it becomes a long distance relationship?

Or is her transferring school a lie? To invoke Eita-kun’s sympathy?

I seem to be able to grasp her thoughts, but at the same time I can’t.

Because I can’t grasp her thoughts--it feels strange.

“Where are the two of them going? There are no rides over there.”

Harusaki-san looked at the map she took from the entrance and said.

“It’s almost time, they should be going home soon, right?”

“Nope, the exit is on the other side. There seems to be nothing there except for hills.”

We followed the two of them, and just as Harusaki-san said, they went onto the hills.


My voice slipped out without me realizing.

On the streets visible from the top of the hill, roofs bathed in the setting Sun shone in a bright gold. Cumulonimbus with clear outlines were dyed in a rose madder hue, a thick colored sky paired with a beautiful sunset.

As Eita-kun was fascinated by it, Misora-san continuously started conversations with him.

In order to listen to their conversation, we moved to a closer bush.

“I watched this sunset with onii-chan when I was little too.”

Misora-san said as she stared at Eita-kun’s face from the side.

“That’s why, I wanted to look at it with Eita-oniichan today too. Because this is Miharu’s most important memory.”

“......you know, Misora.”

Eita-kun hesitated for a bit, but still spoke up in the end.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t be a substitute for that person. Because I am me.”


What a manly line.

I was moved by it. To the extent that I wanted to stand up and yell “Well said, Eita-kun!”.

“Well said, Ei-kun!”

And so, Harusaki-san suddenly stood up and yelled.

Looks like we both felt the same way.

…...however, actually doing it is very much like Harusaki-san.

“Eh, Chiwa?”

Before Eita-kun turned around, I pulled Harusaki-san by the hand to sit her down.

“Did you hear Chiwa’s voice just now?”

Eita-kun looked around and said.

“Aren’t you just thinking too much? There’s no way Chiwa-san would be at such a place.”

While saying this, Misora-san glanced at our hiding spot.


She probably found out. She might’ve realized it since quite some time ago.

“--that’s none of my concern.”

Maybe Misora-san’s follow up was too exciting, Eita-kun turned and faced her.

“Miharu wants to forget. About him. But I wasn’t able to…...so I brought Eita-oniichan here today.”


“Have you not heard of it before? ‘Men’s love are written on a new save file, women’s love overwrites the old save file’.”


I have heard of it before. Some time ago, my younger sister Mana told that to me with a smug look. In other words, “women are coldhearted”.

“Men can slowly let go of the memories of their relationship, but women can’t. If we can’t find someone to overwrite it, we can’t forget about it.

I see. This explanation exists too, I’m impressed.

Compared to my incompentent sister, Misora-san probably has higher “girl power”.

“--so, onii-chan.”

“Please overwrite Miharu’s save file……”

As if she was giving it to him, Misora-san perked up her cherry blossom coloured lips.


Next to me, Harusaki-san looked as if she was about to raise her voice, so I instantly covered her mouth with my hand.

Eita-kun stood still, bewildered.

He could’ve got into Tokyo University with his insensitivity score, but even he should’ve realized it.

There’s no doubt about it, this is a request for a kiss.

This is the line that the anti-love hates and grinds their teeth at. We wold’ve said “yeah yeah overwritten overwritten” and write “daioujou[1]” with a marker on the lips.

I don’t expect Eita-kun to do that.

However, if it was him, he would’ve refused.

Because we are both anti-love.

Because he’s my “boyfriend”.

He would've looked down upon such a forcefully fabricated request.

Before I realized it, my hands were clenched.

It's as if I'm praying while watching him.

--I smiled helplessly.

It would seem that I don't want Eita-kun to kiss her.

To him, who is just a fake, I must seem so unsightly. Even when I’m insulting myself,saying “this isn’t like me”, I can’t slow down the beating of my heart.


Don’t kiss.

I’m begging you, such a--

“......lips are impossible, but…”

Eita-kun pecked Misora-san on the cheek slightly, his face bright red.


Well, I guess it’s borderline safe?

Just as I rubbed my chest in relief.

Misora-san suddenly straighten her back and embraced Eita-kun around the neck with her hands.

A red-faced EIta-kun wasn’t able to dodge it in time.


I heard Harusaki-san’s sad groan.

Although I didn’t raise my voice, I felt the same way.

What I did to Eita-kun the first time I met Misora Miharu.

To have that surprise kiss was reenacted before my eyes!

“I’m sorry, onii-chan.”

When her lips left his, Misora-san started crying.

“Wh-why are you apologizing?”

Eita-kun got flustered.

However, Misora-san didn’t stop crying.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry……”

What Harusaki-san witnessed ended at this point.

She couldn’t stand seeing what was going on before her, so she escaped from here.

“Don’t cry. Don’t cry, Miharu. I’m not angry, okay?”

Eita-kun hugged Misora-san’s trembling shoulders.

What I witnessed ended at this point.

I chased after Harusaki-san, fleeing the scene.

I don’t want to watch anymore.

I can’t watch anymore.

An Eita-kun who is being kind to other girls.

I don’t, want to see.

On the returning train, we didn’t say a single word to each other.

Although the carriage being full during the evening is one of the reason, we couldn’t find a conversation topic, and I didn’t want to open my mouth to begin with. Harusaki-san seemed to be feeling the same, staring blankly at the passing scenery outside the train.

After exiting the ticketing turnstile, Harusaki-san spoke up before the cafe.

“Hey, let’s go in.”


“My treat.”


I couldn’t hide my surprise.

Harusaki-san treating a love rival like me; usually, it would be unthinkable.

Before I could reply, Harusaki-san opened the door and entered.

To be honest--I didn’t want to go back like this either.

I won’t feel at ease if I don’t spit out what I’m feeling at the moment to someone.

Also, the only person who can share the feeling of Eita-kun being taken away is--although I hate to admit it--only Harusaki-san, no matter how wide the world might be.

Although the inside of the shop was quite busy, there was a table available at the innermost dark spot by the wall. Just fitting for us right now.

Sitting down, Harusaki-san opened the menu.

“Natsukawa, what are you drinking?”

“Ah, umm, Oolong Tea. Hot.”

Harusaki-san got her order placed with the waitress holding cold water coming towards us.

“Hot Oolong Tea. Cola too. Also, a double soufflé pancake. And a strawberry no-bake cheesecake, chocolate banana mont blanc, a caramel mille crêpe and a baked cheesecake, and……”

“P-please hold on……”

Harusaki-san looked at me with a red eyes and said, “Hm?”

“I can’t eat that much, you know?”

“That’s for me.”


“Is it bad?”

“It isn’t, but……”

So, emotional eating.

What a Harusaki-san-like stress release method.

As if she felt an abnormally high pressure, once the waitress finished repeating the order, she went away as if she was escaping.

“Harusaki-san, can I ask you something?”


“Just now, why didn’t you scream? Just like when you did when you saw the photo of me and Eita-kun kissing.”

Running away with her tail between her legs is something I didn’t expect from Harusaki-san.

“......because, you know.”

After staying silent for a while, she continued.

“I think Ei-kun did not avoid it on purpose just now.”


“Because, if he did, Miharin would be hurt. Kissing the boy you like and him dodging it--isn’t that hurtful. If he understood that and still avoided it, he wouldn’t be Ei-kun.”


“I understand that.”

Harusaki-san sniffled.

I couldn’t find a reply, so I silently handed her a napkin.

“If it comes down to it, I should be the one with the right to cry, don’t you think so?”

“That’s true. You’re the girlfriend after all. …...Natsukawa, it’s fine for you to cry too, you know?”

“I won’t cry.”

The strength only exists on the outside, in fact, I’m also quite depressed.

Eita-kun is already completely sympathizing with Misora Miharu.

If Misora-san continues pushing and pushing and pushing, it might reach the point where he might not be able to say “it’s fine since I’m anti-love” anymore.

‘Ah--, that one before sure was delicious!’

Turning from sympathy into love--is there such a thing?

I can’t say that it’s definitely not possible, since I’m not very sure about the intricacies between the genders.

“Thirty thousand per person just for that, just how generous is she?”

Ah come on, the table beside us is so noisy!

Three male heads can be seen in the box seat behind Harusaki-san. Blonde hair, brown hair, red hair. They look like a bunch of delinquents.

--having said that, their voices sound familiar.

I stretched my body out of the booth, catching a glimpse of the boasting blonde haired guy’s face.

“But wasn’t it quite dangerous? They called the police after all.”

“We won’t get arrested because of an act. What crime is that?”

I remember now.

They’re the three delinquents who assaulted Misora Miharu in the alley from back then.

It seems like they were talking about what happened back then--but their conversation is fishy.

Three thousand per person? Generous? Act?

“Our acting is just too good. That onii-chan completely fell for it.”

“How about we start an acting club?”

“Will she ask for us again, that girl. Miharu-chan, was it?”

“What a huge roundabout. Do middle schooler usually go that far to make their crush fall for them?”

“Does it have anything to do with being a middle schooler? Girls are just scary.”

“Why are you talking as if you know about them, you virgin?”

Vulgar laughs echoed throughout the cafe.

In my head, their conversation moved like puzzle pieces, forming a clear picture.

“What’s wrong? Natsukawa.”

Ignoring the blank looking Harusaki-san, I stood up.

Walking towards the neighbouring seat, I started talking to the thio.

“Can I have a bit of your time?”


The trio’s faces froze when they raised their head and saw me.

Only at this moment am I thankful for my memorable silver hair and blue eyes that even dull men can remember.

Even with their flea level brain matter, it seems that they can remember my face.

“Ah, the nee-chan from that time!”

“Yes, it’s the nee-chan from that time♪”

I smiled at them, and said with the softest voice I can.

“Whatever you said just now, can you tell me in detail? --if you don’t want to die, that is."

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Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. A very peaceful death, without any pain whatsoever.
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