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#8: Lies are Cruel, Truths are Harsher[edit]

Coincidence is a convenient word.

We got to know Misora Miharu because we "coincidentally" saw her getting picked on by delinquents.

Misora-san started getting close to Eita-kun because he "coincidentally" looked like her late onii-san.

Things that are near impossible can be explained by the word "coincidence". Even though you may feel like everything is going too perfect, you won't suspect that everything is just an act. That's borderline paranoid.

......that's what I thought, at least. Until just now.

However, right now, the witnesses to this "act" are right in front of me.

And there's three at that.

"--at. What can we help you with? Huh?"

The blonde-haired boy boasted on his seat, talking in a commanding voice.

Seven o' clock in the evening. The cafe in front of the station.

We moved our seats after we talked with the waitress. Harusaki-san’s mountain of sweets were also moved together with us like a huge nomad group as the trio stared with widened eyes.

“Regarding Misora Miharu-san, I want you to tell me everything you know. Without leaving out any details.”

I cycled my stare through the colourful trio of blonde, brown and red hair.

The burly brown-haired guy returned the stare while tapping.

“Speaking of that, who exactly are you guys?”

If someone asks you something, you answer. That’s how the world works.

“I’m Natsukawa Masuzu. Hanenoyama high school first year student. And this is Harusaki Chihuahua-san, Hanenoyama elementary school first grader.”

“Ya-y! I got a new shiny school bag, I’m so happy♪…...wait who are you calling a first grader!?”

Going with the flow before throwing the punchline, as expected of Eita-kun’s childhood friend.

The red-haired guy’s face twitched.

“Hane High’s Chihuahua, are you the one from that “Doraa live incident?”

“Eh, do you know me?”

Harusaki-san tilted her head with whipped cream stained on her lips.

Doraa live incident is the pitiful, no, painful incident when her classmates asked a confused Harusaki-san “Can you play the guitar?”, and in desperation she screamed “Dorarararaaa!” while swinging her guitar case (empty) around, scaring away the people around her.[1]

The red-haired guy seemed to know of this rumor.

“I’ve heard about it from the people of Hane High. Shouting ‘Untan! Untan!’ while swinging a huge guitar around, breaking the school building’s windows, and in the end yelled “I love light music!’ and jumped from the rooftop, but ended up living.”

“How much did I want to stop being human!?”

It somehow got a lot more convoluted without our knowledge.

Rumors are scary……

But well, let’s make use of that in this situation.

“That’s right. It’s that rough Chihuahua-san. You’re better off not making her angry, you know?”

The three of them swallowed their saliva and stared at the pouting Harusaki-san for a good while.

“U-erstood[2]. There’s no obligation to back up the girl anyway. I’ll tell you.”

“Thank you very much.”

I’m really thankful.

With this, we can finally create an opening in Misora Miharu’s plan.

As if he wanted to warn the relieved me, the blond-haired guy spoke up with a serious face.

“I’ll say this first--that girl is bad news. Not making her your enemy is good for you”

The next day, after school.

After telling Eita-kun that club activities were suspended for the day, Harusaki-san and I headed towards the nearby children’s park.

Of course, we were meeting up with Misora Miharu.

Yesterday, I sent her a mail using Harusaki-san’s address. “I have something important to tell you, let’s meet up, just the three of us.” I thought she would refuse, but Misora-san gave the OK right away. Is she brave, or is she flaunting her confidence? I can’t decide at this current stage.

As we arrived at the agreed upon time of half past four, Misora-san was already waiting.

In the desolate park where no child was playing despite it being evening, she was sitting on a swing.

“You two sure are slow.”

Misora-san smiled. The rusted chain of the swing shook, making an annoying grinding noise.

“Actually, I came to play at this park with my late onii-chan a lot. Because I can’t sit on it alone, I sat on it with him. And then…”

“That’s enough, how about you stop lying.”

As I said that, the sound from the swing stopped.


Misora-san’s smile didn’t disappear.

She stared at me with her friendly round eyes.

“We heard about everything. About what Miharin planned. Everything.”

Staring directly at Misora-san, Harusaki-san spoke up.

“Regarding Ei-kun saving Miharin from the delinquents, you directed it, didn’t you? You paid them to do that, right?”

“Yeah, three thousand per person, quite good, right? Although I was quite irritated when they were playing with my skirt-”

Misora-san laughed.

She doesn’t seem to fear us at all.

“It seems like you even hired some private investigators to look up on Eita-kun and me. You seem to have spent quite some money, huh?”

“I can get money instantly just by sending a mail to Papa. Compared to getting a hundred thousand yen from him, it’s much harder to get him to talk to me for ten minutes.”

Harusaki-san’s clenched fists trembled.

“The thing about your onii-chan being similar to Ei-kun is also a lie?”

“It’s not like that’s lie, you know? Onii-chan’s name is Keita. Keita. Eita. See it’s similar.”

“......so, what about you liking Ei-kun?”


Misora-san laughed exaggeratedly.

“Of course that’s a L-I-E! It’s all just an act, act. However it still invoked jealousy in the two of you; isn’t it hilarious?”

Harusaki-san’s cheeks are visibly twisted now.

I think it should be the same with my face.

“You, don’t you feel shame for fabricating that many lies!? Even lying about your childhood friend dying, what exactly do you want!?”

“That’s not it.”

Misora-san instantly replied and stood up.

“That’s not a lie.”


“I said it’s not a lie. About onii-chan passing away.”

Her eyes changed.

Retaining the smile on her lips, her eyes grew sharper, as if it was penetrating me.

“The Keita onii-chan who Misora loved--passed away because of you, Natsukawa Masuzu.”

That was three months ago, the first day of the first semester.

While going over to the neighbouring Keita onii-chan’s house, he was talking about Masuzu-san happily.

‘This morning, on my way to school, I met a really beautiful girl .

‘She might be Northern European, with silver hair and blue eyes. She was wearing Hane High’s uniform, so she probably returned from overseas.’

‘After that, my head was completely blank. Even when class was going on, I could see her face floating before me. Nothing was entering my head when I was studying.’

‘I couldn’t have imagined myself falling for someone at first sight.’

‘I don’t know any other girls aside from Miharu, since I’m in an all-boys school. Isn’t it funny.’

The onii-chan who’s always too serious, who gets embarrassed even by the topic of which celebrity is cute, said with a bright red face. I felt he was serious about this.

Miharu decided to support onii-chan with his first love.

Oreshura v065 161.jpg

Because I thought of onii-chan as a blood related brother.

How can a little sister not support her brother with his first love; Miharu swore it. …...although I was slightly lonely.

Miharu instantly started investigating Masuzu-san. As I’ve said before, the principal of Hane High is Papa’s friend.

Even now, I can still remember onii-chan’s face when I told him that Masuzu-san didn’t have a boyfriend.

Trying not to smile with all his strength, muttering “I see, so she’s single--” repeatedly. He could’ve just said that he’s happy if he was . He’s probably trying to keep up his image before Miharu. Because onii-chan is slightly stubborn.

‘Onii-chan, there’s no other way to go about this than to confess!’

‘No, isn’t that too fast? I should start by being friends with her……’

‘N-o-p-e-. The one who strikes first wins in love! Miharu will help you too. Okay?’

Miharu patted onii-chan on his bum, and the two of us started thinking up ways to approach her.

In the end, we decided on the classic love letter method. We took a week to write the contents of the letter. Miharu helped too, thinking of slightly embarrassing pretentious phrases. Miharu didn’t have experience in writing love letters so it was fun. Although onii-chan was very embarrassed.

Hey Masuzu-san.

What were you thinking? ?

When you were reading the love letter onii-chan and MIharu wrote with their all, what was going through your brain?


I understand. Yes, I understand.

You didn’t give it any thought, did you?

Because you didn’t even read it.

We went through all that to write the love letter, and you rejected it without even reading it.

I heard about it from onii-chan.

After school on the day before golden week. Onii-chan gave you the letter in front of Hane High’s gates, didn’t he?

It seemed like there was quite the audience too. I heard everyone nearby came over to watch; it felt a bit like a festival. Yeah. Although you might have felt a bit troubled, but for onii-chan, I think he would not have been able to give you the letter if he did not do it then.

To the onii-chan who had all kinds of feelings when he handed the love letter over to you, you only sighed and returned the letter to him.

In front of everyone.

Having said something as cold as “I don’t have interest in that.”

--of course that’s the case.

That’s just a one-sided love from onii-chan.

Honestly, even Miharu thought the chances of succeeding was low. Masuzu-san is a real looker after all.

But I can’t forgive you for not reading it.

Why didn’t you read it?

It’s not like it’s an unreasonable request. He just wanted you to at least read it. The words of confession that introverted onii-chan wrote with all he had, he just wanted you to receive it.

Do you know what happened to onii-chan afterwards?

Of course you don’t. To you, he is but just one out of the many men you rejected. However, to onii-chan--you’re the first and only girl he’s ever confessed to.

Even in onii-chan’s school, him getting rejected by Masuzu-san became quite the gossip.

Apparently a classmate happened to be there, and took a photo with their cellphone. It was spread around that day through e-mail. He became the laughing stock of the school.

To you, it might have been just an awkward prank--but to the pure-hearted onii-chan, it was a deep wound. Ever since then, he stopped going to school, and started locking himself at home.

Miharu wanted to somehow cheer him up, so she baked onii-chan’s favorite pancake and brought it to his house.

No matter how bad the fight was, we would always make up by doing this gesture.

But, onii-chan…

‘What’s wrong, Miharu. What are you here for?’

‘Hey hey, onii-chan. Please cheer up. Something like an unrequited love is no big deal.’

‘Something like an unrequited love? --you, have you ever got your heart broken before?’

‘Eh, um, that... n-no.’

‘Then don’t say it that casually. Weren’t you the one who wanted me to confess in the first place!’


‘Don’t apologize. It just makes me looks more pathetic. …...If you feel bad about it, just leave me alone.’

He didn’t eat the pancake.

Because the pancake fell to the ground when he brushed my hand away.

Chiwa-san, you should understand how I feel, right?

Being rejected by a childhood friend who is just like a sibling, you understand the pain too, right?

A while after that, onii-chan moved away.

I heard he went to a boarding school affiliated with a university, but I don’t know where he lives. Miharu will probably never see him again.

That kind Keita onii-chan is already gone.

That’s why I say “he’s dead”.

A bond that is broken, can never be mended.

After the bone-chilling confession, Misora-san let out a long breath.

“Well then, Masuzu-san, do you have anything to say?”

I couldn’t conjure my words on the spot.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed.

I can’t deny that compared to the content of her story, what overwhelmed me was the hate and spite of the Misora-san standing over there.

“......let me just ask you one thing.”

I took a deep breath.

“I now understand the reason for your hate towards me. However, this doesn’t involve Eita-kun, does it? Why did you drag him into this?”

“Doesn’t involved him? --that can’t be true, right?”

Misora-san raised the corner of her lips.

When Miharu heard about the rumor of Masuzu-san getting a boyfriend, Miharu thought the blood in her body was going to flow in reverse. Tossing onii-chan aside like that while being all lovey-dovey with your boyfriend, isn’t that unforgivable? I can’t forgive that, right? Right? Right!”

Misora-san’s tone raised in excitement.

“I bet you can’t remember what Keita onii-chan looks like, right? Forgetting everything while indulging in your new love? If so, Miharu will let you know! I’ll let you get a gooood taste of both the pain of getting heartbroken Keita onii-chan tasted, and the pain of being rejected by the person you like Miharu tasted; of them! Kidou Eita is the sacrifice! Although I have no interest in a boring man like that--I’ll do anything just to see your crying face!”


This time, even I’ve lost my way.

In front of this hatred, any words will be powerless. Everything will probably be turned into something else by her dark flames.

The largely ignored Harusaki-san spoke up slowly.

“Ummm. Well, why did you involve me too?”

“Ah, that was unintentional.”

“That’s cruel!?”

“......that’s just a joke. Of course I have reasons?”

Misora-san smiled coldly.

“I wanted to show Chiwa-san that childhood friend won’t exist forever. Because, if Miharu and Keita onii-chan is no good--isn’t it unfair if Chiwa-san gets along with Kidou Eita?”

“Ahahahahahaha”, Misora-san laughed in a coarse voice.

Even Harusaki-san was aware of the frightful atmosphere, sweat appearing on her forehead.

At that moment, a ringtone came from Misora-san’s skirt pocket.

Taking out her mobile phone, an angelic smile appeared on her face.

“Hello onii-chan? It’s Miharu♪ I’m happy you called me.”

It seems that the caller was Eita-kun.

It’s hard to believe that this lovable voice is from the same person who did that dark confession.

“Mm mm, of course there’s no problem. In the usual cafe, right? I’ll fly over right now, please wait for me and don’t flirt around in the meantime♪ see you then.”

“Now, I’ll meet up with your boyfriend.”

Harusaki-san and I weren’t able to come up with anything.

“Stay lovey-dovey, you two losers ♪ Lick your wounds while you fantasize about our date. I think it’ll be veryyyy miserable and fun. Period♪”

I stopped the leaving Misora-san.

“......please. Stop it……”

“Eh? What? I can’t hear yo-u?”

“Please stop using Eita-kun as a tool for your revenge. I’m to blame for everything. That’s why--stop dragging him into this!”

I started yelling at the end.

However, reality is cruel--

“Can’t do~♪”

Misora-san stuck out her tongue in a taunting manner. [3]

“It’s too late. After all, he’s head over heels for Miharu. Men are simple. They only care about a woman’s look. …….honestly, they can’t be helped.”

Saying that with a lonely expression, Misora-san finally left this time.

I felt dizzy and fell on my knees.

Harusaki-san caught me just as I was about to hit the ground.

“Hold on, Natsukawa, are you alright!?”

Her voice that should be right next to me sounded distant.

What should I do……

Because of me, Eita-kun is……

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“Pachi Lemon” April Edition • Freshmen support Special ♪

Popucute Test for Highschool GirlsJK

Response from “Miharin♪”-san (pen name)

Q1: When you wake up in the morning, how would you greet♪ your reflection in the mirror?

A1:Onii-chan...is Miharu...cute? Fufufu…

Q2: He laughed at your new hairstyle! What do you do (´ ;ω;`)

A2: Onii-chan...won’t laugh at Miharu…?

Q3: Male friends came to you for relationship advice! How do you encourage them?

A3: For boys outside of onii-chan...how about you die?

Q4: A date at family restaurant with your boyfriend (* ´ ω`*) what do you order?

A4: Whatever onii-chan eats…

Q5: You overslept and are running out of time, but you have bed hair~ (cry) what do you do!?

A5: Onii-chan...don’t look...dummy...♪

Your popucute level

Somewhat yandere-ish

From Pachi Lemon Editorial Board: Cure your brocon first.

Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. Refer to volume 1 chapter 5.
  2. He skipped a syllable here.
  3. Akanbe (あかんべえ), a taunt done through pulling down an eyelid while sticking out the tongue.
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