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#9: The Girlfriend's Revival and the Boyfriend's Intention[edit]

Even after Misora-san disappeared, I remained on my knees.

I couldn’t summon the strength to stand back up.

The sweat on my back and the cold evening wind robbed me of my body warmth, making me shiver. Chitter chatter. Chitter chatter. I was unable to suppress the tiny noises my teeth were making.

“Uwaah, the battery is dead!?”

Looking at the cellphone she took out, Harusaki-san sounded distressed.

“Hey, call Ei-kun with Natsukawa’s phone!”


“Don’t ‘eh’ me!”

Harusaki-san’s crossed her eyebrows as she raised her voice.

However, the current me was unable to understand why she was angry.

My feelings were numb.

After being overwhelmed by the intense feelings of Misora Miharu—her jet black hatred—I couldn’t feel anything else. Just like the numbing sensation you get after eating something extremely salty or spicy.

I think that’s known as the “tongue becoming an idiot”.

If that’s the case, my “heart is becoming an idiot”.

For the extremely unsightly me, it might just be the perfect description.

“Why are you spacing out!”

Harusaki-san grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me fiercely.

“We should inform Ei-kun as fast as possible, right!? We need to tell him what Miharin is planning!”

“......If we told him, what will happen?”

I slowly raised my head.

Harusaki-san’s face froze. I must be looking quite miserable right now. Like the face of a child who’s close to tears. I’m aware of that. It’s embarrassing.

“What will happen? Ei-kun is being deceived by that girl, you know? He’s being used for revenge! That’s why we have to tell him!”

“That role doesn’t suit me.”

I’m not qualified to talk about Misora-san.

Using the note as a shield, forcing Eita-kun into becoming my fakefake boyfriend. Using his soft-heartedness for my own gains.

What I did was no different from Misora-san using Eita-kun as a tool for her revenge.

Yes. I am similar to Misora-san.

Hating the thing called love; momentarily pretending to fall in love to oppose it.

That’s why I couldn’t stop Misora-san.

Because I have neither the qualifications nor the rights to.


As Harusaki-san stared at me with a surprised face, I took a few deep breaths, calming myself down.

I then lightly shrugged, as if I was joking.

“Even if he ends up getting deceived, we can’t do anything if Eita-kun chooses Misora-san; I’ll get dumped gracefully.”

I wanted to say that nonchalantly.

To say it with a smile and a carefree attitude—that's what I wanted.

I’m different from that lovestruck brain, a proud anti-love. I won’t mimic the shameful behaviour of those who cry and scream when they get dumped by their boyfriends. Stepping down from the seat of the “girlfriend” proudly and with my chest puffed out.

“What, are you talking about……”

Harusaki-san’s face was seemingly twisted with sadness. That’s an unexpected reaction.

Although I was confused, I maintained my smile.

“Why are you making that face? I’m saying that I’ll entrust the role of confronting Misora-san to you. Please help Eita-kun in place of this pitiful me.”

Although it sounded like sour grapes, those were my sincere feelings.

If the two of them compete against each other—I would probably support Harusaki-san instead of Misora-san, a reflection of myself. That way, Eita-kun will definitely be happy.

Harusaki-san must’ve hoped for this all along too.

She should’ve always been hoping for me to disappear so that she gets to be with him.


“Stop being so twisted, Natsukawa Masuzu!”

Bringing her face close to mine, Harusaki-san yelled.

Staring directly into my eyes, her voice sounded as though she wanted her words to reach the depths of my heart.


I returned Harusaki-san’s stare without blinking.

Because of those words.

The same words he once said to me—.

“Natsukawa Masuzu is Ei-kun’s girlfriend, right? At least, you are his girlfriend until Ei-kun breaks up with you through his own words, right? Right?”

Harusaki-san lectured me while shaking my shoulders.

“If that’s the case, then do your part as the ‘girlfriend’! I can’t even be happy if Ei-kun became single if you broke up this way! If you think I’ll be happy over such a windfall, you’re overestimating my naivety! You’re underestimating childhood friends! One day, I’ll fight you fair and square and win Ei-kun back!”



I am astounded.

Honestly, Harusaki-san is dazzling.

Straightforward and genuine, tough and unyieldingly, strong.

The complete opposite of me in every way.

“Those are quite some big words huh.”

A smile appeared naturally on my face.

It feels as if Harusaki-san had slowly watered my withered heart with her energy. Like a cup overflowing with water, I was filled to the brim with energy.

“Even though it’s a once in a blue moon chance to steal Eita-kun away from me. Is that alright with you? Saying something like this is just like giving the enemy ammunition.”


Harusaki-san started to smile too.

“It’s useless to regret it now. Thanks to you, no, because of you, the ‘demon’ has been revived. It’s too late to cry after this, alright?”

“That’s what I wished for!”

Harusaki-san patted her chest.

“I’ll definitely settle the score with you one day. —But, for now!”


I took out my phone and quickly called Eita-kun.

After the call tone range once, the call hung up with an ear-piercing noise. Initially, I thought I had bad signal and tried to fix it, but it was replaced with the familiar message of, “We could not connect your call because the number you’re dialing is outside of the service area or turned off.”

“Is it not working? Did Ei-kun turn off his phone?”

“That, or it’s possible that Misora-san turned it off.”

I anxiously looked up at the darkening sky.

The blinking lights from the tiny stars above further aroused my anxiety.

Perhaps Misora-san has already started to “make her move”.

—I understand.

Actually, even Miharu understood that.

That Kidou Eita bears no sin.

What Miharu is doing is just repaying his goodwill with ill intents, just venting my anger.

“Did you say something, Miharu?”

“Hmm? Nothing∼♪”

Miharu answered his question with a smile.

This is the usual cafe.

I don’t remember how many times we had tea together after school in this fashion.

Ordering different types of cake, eating them between the two of us. The plain-looking waitress made fun of us, saying, “Your relationship sure is great as usual,” and we smiled, embarrassed.

I’m sure no matter which angle you’re looking from, we look like a couple.

Even though in reality, it’s just an fakeimitation.

“Is that so. I thought you looked as if you were in pain.”

“Th-that’s not true, you know?”

“Thump”, my heart leaped.

Despite looking dull, this person is very perceptive of Miharu.

He’s the same as Onii-chan when it comes to this. Sadly.

“Same to you, who did you hung up on just now?”

“Eh? No, th-that guy called the wrong number! It’s from an unknown number, so I hung up.”

He scratched his head anxiously while lying with a smile.

Despite what he said, Miharu understood everything. There’s no doubt that the phone call he cut off was either from Natsukawa Masuzu or Harusaki Chiwa. After giving them that much of a beatdown before, they must’ve chased after us, crazed with jealousy.

If he had picked up the call, I would’ve instantly hugged him and let them listen to us flirting.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t even answer the phone and hung up himself.

Is he that head over heels for Miharu?

To the point of not answering his girlfriend’s call?

“Lies, lies. Wasn’t that call from Masuzu-san or Chiwa-san?”

“I told you that’s not the case.”

“Is it alright for you to hang up? What if a hor-ri-ble punishment is waiting for you after this?”

“Don’t worry about that. Because I’m together with Miharu right now.”

Looking at his embarrassed self while saying that—my chest ached with guilt again.

If he was more vulgar, more of a player, a man who acted according to lust, Miharu wouldn’t suffer over this. I initially wanted to use him as a tool for revenge, and toss him aside like a piece of worn out cloth.

However, frustratingly, and sadly, he’s very kind.

“...Onii-chan, why are you so kind?”

“What’s with the sudden question?”

“Sometimes, it’s scary. I was wondering why you’re being so nice to a person like Miharu.”

“It’s not ‘someone like Miharu’.”

Onii-chan looked as if he was slightly angered.

“I’m only like this because I enjoy our time together. It’s not like I’m doing something special. Stop saying things like ‘someone like me’.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Miharu lowered her eyes, unable to even look at him in the face.

Gripping tightly at the uniform over her chest, no longer capable of hiding the pain inside it.

After all, we couldn’t go back after this.

Till the end of the end, moving forward until the absolute finale, destroying anything and everything.

Until I, myself, am destroyed.

I can’t stop.

“Um, Onii-chan.”


“Do you want to come to my house later?”

I raised my head and looked at him.

I wetted my eyes and blushed faintly.

A technique I practiced in front of the mirror countless times after reading it on a girls targeted fashion magazine “Pachi Lemon”, a gesture that captures the heart of men. I, who couldn’t make use of it outside of this, was very pitiable.

“Nobody will be home tonight. Until the helper comes tomorrow morning, I’ll be alone…...it’ll be lonely.”

Miharu reached out across the table to hold his hand.

Being home alone is the truth.

Feeling lonely is also the truth.

But the next line will be a lie.

It’s definitely a lie.

If I don’t do this, Miharu will be broken.

I won’t be able to get revenge for Onii-chan then.

“So, I want to be...comforted by Onii-chan?”

I searched every cafe the two of them might’ve went to with Harusaki-san.

I think we checked every cafe on the route from Hane High to Ei-kun’s house. However, they weren’t in any of the shops.

“Could they be near the station?”

“But if that’s the case, we can’t narrow down the list. There are too many cafes there.”

Compared with the ever energetic Harusaki-san, I was terribly out of breath. I was almost incapable of standing without supporting myself with the utility pole by the road. Why is Harusaki-san still fine when we’ve been walking nonstop? The difference between our stamina makes you wonder if we were both in our first year of high school.

It was already long past seven o'clock. I wouldn’t have seen Harusaki-san’s face nearby if not for the streetlights. In this situation, it is impossible to look for someone.

“What about Ei-kun’s phone? Have you tried emailing him?”

“I’ve been doing that for a while. However, his phone has been turned off the whole time.”

“Man, what is Ei-kun doing!”

Harusaki-san stomped her feet in frustration.

“He might’ve gone to Misora-san’s house again.”

“I see, we should take a look! Let’s go to Miharin’s house!”

Harusaki-san darted off before she finished her sentence.

However, she dashed back almost instantly.

“Wait, where is Miharin’s house!? We don’t know, do we!?”

“......No, we don’t.”

I let out a sigh, but at this moment—

“Ehh? Chihuahua-chan and Natsukawa-san?”

Turning my head towards the voice, I saw a male student wearing Hane High’s uniform standing there.

The sole reason I could tell that he was male was due to his uniform, as his frame was closer to that of a female. He was slightly shorter than me in height, and his small face paired with his fair skin was apparent, even in the dark.

His name is Asoi Kaoru.

He’s my classmate, and Eita-kun’s best friend. If I remember correctly, he’s also been a friend of Harusaki-san since middle school.

“Kaoru-kun, you came at the right time! Have you seen Ei-kun around here?”

“Eita? Nope, I haven’t seen him today since we parted ways in school.”

Asoi-kun tilted his head slightly, looking back and forth between Harusaki-san and me.

“You two look bloodthirsty. Did something happened with Eita?”

“You see, Ei-kun is in trouble! He was deceived by Miharin, and he’s being used as a tool for revenge for her childhood friend, and who knows what will happen if we don’t find him in time! Miharin’s home! Residence! House![1]

“Please calm down, Harusaki-san.”

I patted her shoulder, playing the slapstick.

There’s no way Asoi-kun could understand if she suddenly started spouting things about “Miharin”.

However, Asoi-kun nodded.

“Is the ‘Miharin’ you’re talking about Misora Miharu? If that’s the case, I might be of help.”


“How do you know who she is?”

“I’ve heard about her from Eita-kun before. She’s the daughter of the Fafnir’s Middle School’s chairman, right?”

I see. If Eita-kun talked about her, it’s not strange for his best friend to know about her.

However, Asoi-kun told us something unexpected.

“Actually, Eita-kun asked me if I could investigate that Miharu girl.”

I stared back at him.

“What’s that about?”

“Despite my appearance, I have quite a wide range of connections. I have acquaintances in Fafnir too, so I learned about her just by asking. Although it’s just on the level of her family structure and her behaviour in school.”

Following that, Asoi-kun spoke up as if he suddenly remembered something.

“That’s right, Eita was quite persistent when it came to her childhood friend.”

“Childhood friend!?”

I couldn’t stop myself from repeating that along with Harusaki-san.

Kaoru-kun looked at us as if we were acting strange.

“I think he’s Fujinami Keita-san. He was living next door to that Miharu girl, but transferred schools recently. I remember him since Eita-kun was pressing me with questions like ‘Are you sure he’s not dead? He’s alive, right?’ nonstop. That was quite the strange question to ask.”


Harusaki-san and I looked at each other’s faces.

A large question mark appeared on Harusaki-san’s face.

It was probably the same for me.

“If that’s true, Ei-kun probably knows that Miharin is lying by now, right?”

“Yeah. He knows, and he’s playing along as if he was still being deceived.”

However, why is Eita-kun still that nice towards Misora-san—.

Just as I was deep in thought, my phone’s notification tone rang. I’ve received an email.

When I opened it, it was a name we’ve been waiting for.

Sender: Kidou Eita!

[Subject] Don’t Worry

[Content] It’s going to be over soon.

“Wh-what’s he trying to do……?”

I muttered in confusion.

Harusaki-san, who was looking at the mail from the side, had her mouth opened in a daze.

What is my “boyfriend” trying to do?

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A3: I’ll look for information and inform them. Preliminary investigation is important after all.

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Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. The last "house" is in english.
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