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#12: Witness. Mayhem. And then...[edit]

Oreshura v06 219.jpg

I wore a dark set of armor[1], and ran into the azure sky gifted with the godly rays of the Sun god.

“Okay, I•KU•ZE[2]!”

Equipped with my war partner, 'Dragon Slaying Sword'[3], and my 'Destruction Breaking Knuckles'[4] on my arm, I am fully armed. It would only take 5 minutes to destroy a German army general.

“But, this equipment is not meant to be used to battle humans, right?”

To let others see my cool shirt, I flapped my cape, and posed against the electric pole. A bunch of elementary students pointed at me and questionably said,“What’s that?”. Whatever, I don’t really care.

It’s eight in the morning and this is a road that is bustling with students and working people.

Of course, I attracted a lot of attention. It can’t be helped, this “black” is too full of spirit[5], it will attract the attention of commoners. In order to not be too attractive and force female pedestrians unconscious, I have to walk carefully.

“Weird, isn’t that Eita from the Kidou house?”

“He looks so cool, totally like he’s back in middle school.”

Nichoume’s Tanaka-san was watering plants in front of her house, and was talking with Suzuki-san.

That’s right, I’m back to my old self.

This wasn't like the performance a few days ago in front of the school gate.

To fight the Wyverns again—I had return to my true form!

“Hey, Mom, that onii-chan is really black!”

“Mmm, really black, so don’t point at him, okay?”

A kindergarten child walked past holding his mother's hand.[6] Ahhh, innocent children[7] , for your future, I swear I will fight to the very end.

“What’s that? It’s only September and he’s wearing a coat and wool gloves?[8]

“Oh no, I'll laugh for sure. If I laugh, I’ll surely get beaten up before we make eye contact; let’s walk faster.”

High school girls walked away while laughing silently. Fufufu, poor girls. It’s normal that you don’t understand my truth[9]. That’s right, for normal people, ignorance is bliss.



“This is impossible! Am I stupid ahhhhhhh?!?!”

I flung my clothes hanging line to the floor and it broke. The setting was it is able to slaughter millions of wyverns, but when the opponent is mere tar it already broke.


It’s still too embarrassing.

I thought that after doing this a lot in school, I would be immune to it, how naïve. Embarrassing things are still embarrassing.

“What are you doing? Ei-kun.[10]

Someone called out to me and I turned around. Standing there was Chiwa.

“You’re wearing this again, is it another battle? Things didn’t work out with Hime?”

“No, that went quite well. But…”

As a side effect, that chuuni-notebook should be out by now.

My high school life is over. The school’s number one harem king, what will happen when this name is associated with “shameless dreamer”? I can’t even bear to imagine.

I’d rather announce this myself before Masuzu spread it out.

Initially, this is what I thought…

“How weird, what happened to you, Ei-kun? Are you not going to school?”

“…I’ll go and change…”

In the end, I didn’t have a resolution.

Yeah, I guess this was inevitable.[11].

If I can solve it like this, I wouldn’t have been her fake boyfriend!

After reaching school, I saw that Masuzu’s seat was empty, and her bag wasn’t there.

She wasn’t here during morning assembly. The homeroom teacher told us “Natsukawa-san is absent today”, my death is pushed back by a day.

How disappointing.

…Maybe, it's already out on the internet?

I tried searching for my name during break, but I didn't get any relevant results.

Did Masuzu really do it?

The classmates around me are still looking at me normally today, but they will probably be smirking at me tomorrow. Although I have made mental preparation, it hurts to think about it.

“My head hurts…”

“What happened, are you sick?”

Mogami Yura, who was beside me, looked at me. Although I feel like I caught a cold recently, the reason my head is hurting right now is not this.

“That’s right, the teaching material I talked to you about a few days ago, I brought it.”

“Oh, thanks.”

This is a gift that makes me happy when I’m down.

I instantly got up with a happy expression and Mogami looked at me, slightly stunned.

“It’s good to be hardworking, but you still have to take care of Chiwa.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because that girl, she hasn’t given up on you, did you know that?”

My heart can’t help but race.

“Chiwa, Chiwa said that?”

“Anybody can tell this. Ahh—how annoying, such a slow nerd."

Mogami yawned.

Dammit! My greatest enemy telling me this?

I will completely study through this material. I will surely defeat you, mid semester tests!

After school.

I was the first to arrive at the club room, and while I was doing the questions, two different footsteps approached.

The door was open energetically.

“—what, it’s only Ei-kun.”

“Hime isn't here yet.”

Accompanying the disappointed voices was Chiwa and Fuyuumi.

“Don’t be so excited, you two.”

“What are you talking about, Ei-kun, aren't you pretty calm?”

“You talked with Hime-chan yesterday right? How did it go?”

“I said not to be excited… listen to this and you will see.”

A third footstep rang from the corridor.

The sound was different from the two, very soft, and the door was opened softly.

“Lo-long time no see…desu.”[12]

Hime’s red face sticked out from the door.

Chiwa ran to her, yelling,“Caught you!” and dragged Hime into the club room.

“Hime-chan! You’re finally back!”

“I’ll never let you go again Hime-chan! Don’t you ever run off to somewhere else!”

I felt that it was exaggerated, but this is what they call a touching reunion. Fuyuumi was already tearing up.

I walked to Hime, who was in pain from the strength of their hug.

“Is everything okay now? Hime.”

“No problem. I managed to defeat the wyverns. So I decided that there isn't a problem in undoing Genocide Mode, and got permission from the Hyperdimensional Body; from today onward I may return to normal.”

Looks like she is all back to her original self. Hime with a little chuunibyou is really cuter.

“Oh yeah, bucchou[13] is not here?”

“Yeah, she was absent today.”

“Is that so…”

Hime’s expression was slightly dark, and tilted her head.

“You don’t have to worry too much, she will be back tomorrow.”

Even if I said that, I was really worried. And also the stuff about the notebook, if she takes tomorrow off as well, I should just go to her apartment straight away.

Fuyuumi suddenly remembered.

“This isn't related to Natsukawa-san's absence, we should decide on the school festival’s presentation soon or things will be bad.”

“Hmm—can’t we do something like a yakiniku stall?”

“As I said, it’s because you want to eat it yourself, isn’t it? Think harder.”

“But, we don’t have time to think anymore, do we? I still have a performance to take care of in my class.”

The school festival is at the end of October, if we take into account the mid semester exams before it, time consuming performances are probably impossible, we have to decide on it now.

“No problem, I thought of one.”

Hime raised her hand strongly.

“I want to open a café.”


Should I say this suggestion is safe[14], or very normal?

“Recently I’ve been helping out at home as a waitress. Although it’s hard, when the customers express their gratitude, I feel really joyful.”

Although Hime was embarrassed, her voice sounds excited.

“If I was that happy in my own family business—if I do it with Eita and you all, I will surely be happier!”

The three of us can’t help but look at each other.

Then Chiwa smiled and spoke up.

“A café is quite a good idea! I can also make simple food, and can make cute uniforms to serve the customers!”

“I agree too, Hime looks cute as a waitress.”

“Eita, don’t tease me.”

A red-faced Hime slapped me on the back. Ohhhhh, how cute! This reaction is new!

“Does master agree too?”

I stole a glance at the silent Fuyuumi, she was covering the corner of her eye with a handkerchief while sobbing.

“Master, why are you crying?”

“I -I am not crying! I am definitely not happy because my student grew up!”

Despite what she’s saying, her handkerchief was wet. This girl, just how easy does she cry? What an emotional woman.

“Then Fuyuumi, do you agree with Hime’s suggestion?”

“Of course I do. Everyone think up of different dishes, or make our own uniforms, that’s a café like our style. Our aim is, of course, the first place!”

So this is the plan, it does look interesting.

“Then, we just need to wait for Natsukawa’s approval!”

Chiwa said that, and this is the problem.

“Doesn’t Masuzu hate this kind of stuff? She doesn’t like to be the center of attention[15].”

“A waitress isn't the only position right? She can just help out in the kitchen.”

Fuyuumi said that, but—

“Don’t you remember what happened at the summer training camp?”

“...sorry, please forget what I said.”

Looks like Fuyuumi remembered the poor potatoes and onions.

“Bucchou can’t be in the kitchen.”

Hime said with an out-of-character strong voice.

“Bucchou has a lot of male friends in the school. If we want to aim for the first place, I believe bucchou must be the waitress.”

What Hime said made sense, but because this is the case, I think Masuzu won’t agree to this.

“Anyways, let's convince her when she come to school, okay?”

We decided to do so as Chiwa said.

The next day, Masuzu was absent yet again.

After the short class meeting before school ends, I asked the homeroom teacher in the corridor. All I got was she was absent for “family reasons”.

If she was absent because of a cold, I wouldn’t have cared that much.

But when it’s “family reason”—because I know her family issues, I felt unease.

“Do you know anything about it? Like who was the one who called?”

“Because it wasn't me who answered the call, I don’t know much.”

As I was just about to ask,“Please tell me who the person who answered the call is.” I sneezed. Looks like I’m rather feverish today, maybe the cold is at a level where commonly sold cheap medicine can’t cure.

“Hold on Kidou-kun, your face is red huh? Did you catch a cold?”

“It’s nothing, there’s no need to worry.”

I bowed to the homeroom teacher, and walked away.

Compared to a cold, I'm more worried about Masuzu.

If this is the case then I’ll just go to her apartment, I want to ensure that she’s okay.

Thinking back, when I left at the park, she was unusually scared and messed up. Because it was Masuzu, I wasn’t that worried... but shouldn’t I have realized it earlier?

These past two days I sent her a few messages, but she hasn't replied.

I felt unease.

I ran out of the gate after packing up, but before I even ran a hundred feet, I crouched by the road.

Dammit! I got tired so fast.

And I was dizzy from the fever. Did the virus spread through the body because I ran?

I dragged my heavy body after me, white collars who happened to passed by stopped me with a startle look. “Are you okay? You're sweating a lot.”

“It’s nothing”, initially I wanted to laugh it away, but my feet instantly gave out. I feel like sleeping, if this goes on I might sleep here.

The white collar halted a taxi, and I was sent home.

I have no other choice, I will just sleep on the sofa for a while before going to Masuzu’s house.

If I sleep, my cold will surely get better.

When I woke up, in front of me was a teary faced Chiwa.

“What happened, Chiwa?”

I tried to talk. But I got taken aback by my voice—such a heavy nasal voice. Dammit, did my cold got worse?

As I sat up, the wet towel on my forehead rolled down. On the table was a bucket full of ice water. I looked at the clock, it was already six in the evening, and it was already starting to darken outside.

“Ei-kun, your fever is quite serious huh? Your face is red, you’re sweating profusely; this never happened when you grew up. You never caught a cold back in middle school, you’ve been too rash recently.”

“Were you taking care of me?”

“This is nothing. I just called Saeko-san, I think she will return soon.”

“Why would you do this, this is too much.”

After September I only saw Saeko-san twice. She must be busy with her work during this period, but she has to come home for me.

“If Saeko-san comes, let her bring you to the hospital, okay?”

“I can go tomorrow, I have somewhere to go.”

Chiwa stopped me when I was standing up.

“You cannot move! You’re still feverish!”

Just wait for an hour, I will be done soon.”

I have to check on Masuzu, I won’t feel at ease without listening to her venomous tongue and bashes. I want to listen to her cold voice scolding me,“Why are you here? I’m planning about how to spread your notebook” or lines like this—as if. I will surely be relieved with this.

“Okay please let me go, I have something I definitely have to do.”

“No no no! I definitely won’t let you go!”

Chiwa and I pushed each other on the sofa.

I, who was supposed to be stronger as a male, couldn’t muster my strength because of the cold. Although I managed to stand up, but I'd already used up my strength, and couldn’t push Chiwa off me.

Before I noticed it, I was already leaning on her by pushing her against the wall.

Chiwa stared at me with red eyes.

“You have to go no matter what?”


“Then, at least, pass the cold, to me.”

Transparent tears welled up from her eyes, and rolled down her cheeks.

“Pass it to me, please, Ei-kun……”

Why are you crying, Chiwa.

Why do you have to cry, I don’t understand.[16]

“It’s always Ei-kun who makes me cry, idiot.”

Chiwa’s hands which were hugging me brought my head closer.



Two breath-liked voices overlapped.[17]

Tear-smeared soft lips touched mine.


And as I moved my face away, startled, Chiwa said with a teary smiling face,

“I do these kind of things when you’re not prepared.”


Although I was wondering what did I “um” about, but I can’t think of any other things to say. I can’t think normally already. My brain’s core is already numb, my forehead and lips were blazing, numb.

My knees gave way, and I fell into the sofa once again.

I can’t.

I am already out of strength.

“I'll wake you up when Saeko-san comes back, so you can sleep for a while more.


Sorry, Masuzu.

Looks like, today, I won’t be, able to go to your place.

Oreshura v06 235.jpg

Saeko-san ran back without color on her face, and brought me to the nearest hospital.

The results came out, and there was nothing wrong with me, just a normal cold. The dizziness was also a temporary effect from the fever, if I sleep and eat well I'll get better soon.

“I said there was nothing serious, it was Chiwa who made it seemed serious.”

I said this on the way back, and Saeko-san sounded a little angry.

“If little Chihuahua didn’t force you to go to the doctor, you surely would've been more rash, right? If the cold gets worse it'll be serious, you should thank her for this.”

“I understand.”

“Anyways, sleep properly after you go home. Tonight I'll be at home too, and you're not allowed to go anywhere, are we clear?”

“Yes, sorry.”

Since Saeko-san said this, I can’t do anything but obey. Ugh, I wanted to sneak over to Masuzu initially.

Once I got down from the car, Chiwa, who was waiting in front of the door, ran to me.

“Ei-kun, how was it?”

“Ahh, there was nothing wrong.”

“Really? That’s good to hear!”

“Banzai!” Chiwa threw her hands and shouted, although I still think it is exaggerated, but it felt good.

“As long as I sleep well today I'll get better. It’s all thanks to you; thank you.”

Chiwa suddenly turned red and got silent.

“You said all thanks to me, err, err…”

I was still wondering what was she embarrassed about, once I saw her lips I understood.

“No-That’s not the case! I didn’t get better because of that!”

Chiwa lowered her head, embarrassed.

“I may catch a cold tomorrow……dane[18].”

“You won’t! It’s just a superstition!”[19]

No matter what, I felt slightly embarrassed.

This was the second time I kissed Chiwa, but it made me understand a little more. The first time was a bit sudden because it came surprisingly, so I felt more surprised than anything else. But this time—although I couldn’t push her off, I could feel her softness fully, and even the salty tears—

“I, I have to sleep now.”

I wasn’t able to look at Chiwa, and got back into the house. Ahh, my face is burning. This must be because of the cold—I think it isn’t.

I was drinking the sports drink I bought from the convenience store on the way back when Saeko-san called me.

“This thing was dropped near the window.”

The object Saeko-san passed to me was familiar.

That stain left by coke on the cover—I wouldn’t have mistaken it for something else.

“Is-isn’t this my notebook!”

“Because it was dropped in the house, I thought it was yours. Of course I never looked at the contents……but, this notebook looks pretty worn out.(!) What's in it?”

“It’s just a normal scribbling book! There’s nothing much about it!”

The curiosity as a game developer popped out; to get away from her, I went back to my room.

To confirm my thoughts, I flipped through the contents.

Various unbearable regrets from my dark history.

This is really my chuuni-notebook which ended up in Masuzu’s hands.

“That girl, did she come just to return this?”

But, why didn’t she say anything?

Even a feverish brain could think of the reason instantly. She saw what me and Chiwa did. Dammit, this is not a joking matter. I let the person who mustn't witness it, witness the scene that nobody should ever witness.

At this time—

My phone’s message tone rang.

It’s that cursed message tone.

I opened the message with my trembling fingers.

The sender was the person I was thinking about.

What she wrote was also as I expected.

The notebook was back in my hands; there’s only one explanation for this...

[From] [email protected]

[Subject] Contract Release


I am really grateful for all this time.

From the woman who once was your girlfriend.

Translator's notes and references[edit]

  1. I don’t know what to translate this to, but it refers to things like armors which you wear in RPGs and chuunibyou animes and stuffs like that.
  2. They made it this way in the light novel so I thought I would keep it this way. It means “let’s go” in Japanese. He probably said it in a strong tone.
  3. It literally translates to this. In the original light novel it is written as “邪竜滅殺剑”, and I have totally no idea what to translate it to.
  4. Okay I admit I just bullshitted the name. “滅殺破裂拳” is the name given in the novel, and it literally translates to something like this. So yeah.
  5. Something that gives out an attractive vibe in this case. It’s hard to explain since it comes to me naturally as I’m Chinese, and I can’t put it in words in English.
  6. The kid’s gender wasn’t explicitly stated. I just assumed him as a boy.
  7. The original light novel also used “children” instead of “kodomotachi”. To bring out the more chuunibyou feel to it.
  8. Mittens maybe? But calling it mittens makes it sounds so much less cooler.
  9. It said “shinjitsu”, which means truth. I don’t know if it means true form but truth seems good enough. I shall use truth.
  10. No punctuation in the original. Therefore no punctuation here.
  11. I Originally It was written “maa, sorya sodayona.”, which is too hard to directly translate.
  12. It was “hi-hisashiburi…desu.”. In this situation desu is normal, nothing much to worry about. I just don’t want it to be empty after “see”.
  13. Bucchou-president
  14. Yeah you guessed it. I don’t know what to put here either. Safe is the best word choice.
  15. Not necessary the center of attention. She doesn’t like to be in front of people. But that doesn’t seem too nice, so I used this phrase instead.
  16. These two sentences were just internal monologue. I think.
  17. Yeah again I couldn’t find the right words.
  18. I didn’t want this to be empty. The word itself doesn’t mean much. It's basically just a suffix to a sentence, kind of like 'desu' but you're agreeingly going along with it.
  19. In case if you don’t know, in Japan there is a belief that you can take over another person’s cold by kissing him or her. Which is probably bullshit as both of you will end up with the cold.
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