OreShura: Volume 6 Chapter Afterword

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At the start of December 2012, monthly magazine BIG GANGAN serialized the spin-off series 《Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Ai》.

At the start of January 2013, the anime of this series began broadcasting.

Both of these were extremely fortunate events.

This work has received so much support from all sorts of media.

This has been an extremely rare opportunity, and I'm very happy. But even now, when I encounter these other spanning works, I feel 「e-extremely embarassed…..」.

To make an analogy, it feels like when Kidou Eita's chuuni notebook is read out loud.

It's always such a pleasure, and it makes me so happy that I want to roll about.

But even though it's so happy, it's so embarrassing.

Even though it's so embarrassing, it's so fortunate.

Because I'm the kind of person who always lived a life packed full with embarrassing deeds. But at this stage, I guess it doesn't count for much—but I felt that after a while I should stress in this short afterword that I still feel that it's 「s-so embarrassing…...」.

This is such a fortunate thing.

Thank you.

Attached at the end of this volume is Marimo-sensei's 「OreShura 4-koma」 that's serialized in 「YOUNG GANGAN」.

When I see my favorite 「YOUNG GANGAN」 publishing a spin-off of my work, it makes me feel 「s-so embarrassed…」. Furthermore, when I see Marimo-sensei's delightful smiles and adorable characters, I feel extremely extremely blessed.

Well, this time the story ends here.

I'm extremely thankful for all my readers who have accompanied me until here.

Translator notes and references[edit]

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