OreShura: Volume 6 Chapter 2

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#2: Eighth-Grade Syndrome is Critically Ill, but it's still Mayhem[edit]

Oreshura v06 041.jpg

The test went rather well.

Despite the incident from this morning, I still managed to focus with my full attention, so it felt like my maturity improved. If this continued, I could still maintain my number one position in the grade.

My mission was finished anyway, so I decided to think about Hime’s matter.

After such an outrageous performance, how would she be treated in class? During middle school, nobody talked to me for a week after I stirred up a commotion like that. As an “experienced” person, I should help Hime.

And so, I went to Hime’s class after school.

Hime’s seat was the last seat next to the window, and there were quite a few people gathered around there. A mixture of five boys and girls were talking to her about something. Was she being bullied? By five people?

I pretended to look at the bulletin board at the end of the classroom as I listened to their conversation.

“Does Akishino-san know how to fish? Me too! Let’s go together next time.”

“This is the ‘Raijin Slayer’[1]. It is created to kill and destroy.”

“Ah—what a cool name. Looks like it can fish very well.”

The boy who loved fishing nodded.

“Himeka-chan, are you wearing that bandage to copy Visual Keis[2]?”

“No. This is the seal made to suppress the ‘Dragonic Aura’.”

“The vocalist of my favorite band also wears bandages like that. Himeka's snow-white skin is really suited to for this. I’m jealous—”

Clumping a cool fashion and a girl’s simply bandaged hand together like this.


They looked like they were having a normal conversation?

Both the boys and girls were saying Hime’s replies were interesting. I couldn't find any sign of them bullying her or treating her as a joke. Everyone looked happy to me.

“But that bandage, can’t you buy it at a normal pharmacy?”

“As long as I infuse my thoughts into it, I can give magic to any earthly substance.”

“Akishino-san is really interesting—I never noticed this because I never talked to you.”

“Bl-bloodthirsty fighters are not interesting.”

Actually, Hime was the one who felt really confused. Although she maintained her poker face, her eyes were unfocused and her hands couldn't stay still. That confused look was very cute, and it seemed to catch everyone's attention.

“Yo, Kidou, why are you here?”

Someone I knew from class 2 approached me. It was Kurashima from the same middle school I went to.

“Ah, I just wanted to check up how my fellow club member was doing……”

“Well, she’s a member of your harem. Are you worried about her?”

“Don’t say it like that.”

Kurashima laughed loudly. He was still so straightforward. Also he was a riajuu[3] who had a girlfriend since middle school.

“Hime, how is she usually like in class?”

“I don’t talk much to her, although I do greet her.”

  • Sigh*

Greeting huh.

Compared to the old Hime, she improved a whole lot, since she used to be a one-man group in PE class.

“How about lunch break? Does she eat with anybody?”

“I see her eating with the girls sitting around her sometimes.”

Seems like she wasn’t as lonely as I thought.

“That fishing pole, didn’t the teacher confiscate it?”

“Our homeroom teacher doesn’t do things like that. She only said not to wave it around during homeroom.”

“That’s nice.”

Maybe because everything was done by the disciplinary committee in our school, there were quite a number of lenient teachers like this.


“Hime, time to go to the club.”

I ignored the people around and pretended to call her nonchalantly.

“Villager A-ta.”


…ah, she was calling me.

“Don’t come over here too much. Maybe there are still Wyverns who think you’re ‘Burning Fighting Fighter’.”


I suddenly remembered this setting.

Even if that was the case, Hime was still too cold.

This “Villager A” setting I created to become hated, was now being used in a way that felt a bit painful.

And so, we came to the clubroom of Jien-otsu.

“I checked the meaning of ‘Genocide’ in the dictionary, it means killing everyone right? Won’t you get arrested before you become popular?”

“There’s no problem. If any country wants to do anything to me, hyperdimensional thought entity will control the causality. When I’m in genocide mode, I don’t belong to this dimension (code breaker), human’s law cannot hold me.”

“Sigh—looks like the police will feel troubled.”

Chiwa and Hime continued their meaningless conversation. Or should I say Chiwa can accept almost anything? Really, this girl can easily accept any weird thing said to her.

But, the lovestruck mind disciplinary committee was lecturing her with “You cannot do this” from the start.

“I told you, Hime, getting popular with that weird decoration only happens in middle school.”

“ Even if time continues to flow, the quality doesn’t. Now I will create a new era, and evolve it.”

“About this, it also occurred in my middle school. ‘As long as you stand out you will be popular’ or something like that. No matter boys or girls will find people like this popular, I don’t disagree with this.

“I am the one who will bear the sins of the genocider, destroying all evil. I don’t mind if people misunderstand me, but, I will become the base of the new world, you must believe me……”

Oreshura v06 047.jpg

“However, it is different in high school. Teenagers are part of another world! Compared to the person who stands out the most in the class, the humbly smiling and kind person beside him is the most popular one. Also, this remains the same even when you come out into society, in the market.

A-chan, since when did you come out to society? I wanted to say this, but in the end I didn’t. I don’t want to complicate things further.

Anyway, these people are all in their own world.

The thinking of a lovestruck brain is flowing constantly out of Fuyuumi, while Hime is stutteringly releasing waves of Chuunibyou. Although the contrast between them is large, but in terms of living in their own world they can be seen as partners.

“Then, let’s start discussing about the school festival.”

Ignoring the two of them, Masuzu stood in front of the whiteboard, looking as if she recovered from yesterday’s impact.

But she never looked into Hime’s eyes today.

Hime was also ignoring Masuzu, staring at the magical circle (drawn with a highlighter) on the back of her hand.

“As I said yesterday, at the last day of the school festival, there is a voting for the most popular show. This is the best chance to introduce us ‘Jien-otsu’ to the entire school.”

I feel like we are already criticized throughout the whole school, but I cannot say that now.

“My aim is to let our club be acknowledged as having the most popular performance we deserve; does Eita-kun have any good ideas?”

“Eh? Me?” The conversation was suddenly handed over to me.

“Even if you ask me…..we have only five members, isn’t there only a limited amount of things we can do?”

“True, we can't do large scale activities.”

“How about asking Kaoru-kun for help?”

Even though Chiwa said that, that guy has his own work as the secretary of the student council, he should be quite busy during the school festival.

“Chiwa, do you have anything you want to do?”

Chiwa crossed her hand while muttering “…umm”. I know when she does this, she’s just pretending to think, actually she doesn’t and in the end she will answer with her instincts.

“Yakitori[4] shop, yakibuta[5] shop, or yakiushi[6] shop.”

As expected, everything is related to food.

“Yakitori shop is still understandable, what is with Yakibuta and Yakiushi?”

“I think it’s simple since we only need to grill meat—”

“Then we can just open a yakiniku[7] shop.”

Chiwa happily clapped while saying “Ooh♪”. Don’t be happy, it’s a joke.

“What about Masuzu?”


I see, this may actually be suitable for Masuzu.

“But, with only five people we can’t make a good performance.”

“We can overcome this with Eita-kun’s one-man show.”

“Isn’t that impossible?”

“Or we can use the 'self entertaining'[8] you’re very good at.”

“Ahh, this I’m very good at…..mind your own business!”

Accidentally acting dumb with criticism, so even getting told I’m "self entertaining"; I feel I can’t be saved anymore.

“You only reject other people's ideas; say, Eita-kun, what do you want to do?”

“Setting up a resting area.”

I instantly suggested.

“You want to win the most votes by a resting area?”

“It’s impossible, but as long as it’s relaxing it’s okay.”

Resting area is the number one choice for spiritless classes during a class activity.

Speaking of it, my class did this during the second year of my middle school (Not the disease Chuunibyou).[9] What we did was just move the tables and chairs, and had a few girls who were good at drawing to make a sign.

Though, for some unknown reason, I think it wasn’t appropriate.

Thinking back, it was just to exhibit “Everybody goes left so I go right” anti-mainstream Chuunibyou (Yes the disease)[10] —but at the day of the school festival, I shouted in front of the class “You lost before the war even began!”

Then I ran to the roof of the school building, took off my clothes and put it aside, striking the pose of the eagle—


I uncontrollably let out a scream, stopping myself from thinking that particular scene that can possibly end my life.

Gahh, my chest, my chest hurts!

“What; what happened Eita-kun?”

“I beg you Masuzu! I beg you, please, please stop reading that!”

“Calm down. I never did anything.”

I suddenly got to myself.

Oh yeah, Masuzu didn’t take out my notebook, what happened just now shouldn’t be like this.

“Eita-kun, are you exhausted after studying too much?”


I wiped off the sweat and sighed, ahhh I can stop worrying. I believe that if that past I almost forgotten gets exposed I will be sick in bed for ten days.

“Ahh! Speaking of school festival, when Ei-kun was in second year of his middle school—”

“Hey Chiwa shut up!”

How dangerous! Not only the notebook, a living evidence is here!

“You guys, what are you rambling about just now? We can’t even talk calmly now.”

Fuyuumi pouted and complained, looks like she wants to continue to lecture Hime.

“We are discussing the performance for the school festival. Do you have any good ideas, Ai?”

“Isn’t there a lot of things to do? Like Popucute floss candy store, Popucute takoyaki[11] stand, Popucute ghost house.”

“You are just adding 'Popucute' to everything.”

But in the end it looks pretty interesting, what kind of cute monster will there be?”

“Then, what about Himechii? Do you have anything you want to do?”

Hime shook her head heavily.

“Since I’m in Genocide mode, I cannot walk into human crowds anymore. Even now my current form is depending on this seal to control my urge to kill, it’s dangerous.”

Hime raised her bandaged hand while saying these cool lines.

I don’t know why, but her proud expression makes me a little frustrated, so I pulled out the end of the bandage and it came undone.

Good, now how will you react?

If it was the old me, I would’ve said “Ugh! Everybody run! You will be hurled out of control ‘Dragonic Aura’! Please get away from me…while I still have a humane heart!” or something like that, and then say: “Everybody……thank you……for accompanying me until now!” and leave the classroom with a bitter smile. Of course, the next day I would come to school as if nothing happened.

As I was to see how Hime would react, she clumsily tied the bandage again.


“Only this much?”

I was still waiting for a well-designed delusion act, how surprisingly simple.

“This is not good, Hime, the bandage needs to be done like this.”

Chiwa took the bandage off, and bandaged it with experienced hands.

“Thanks to you, it is over without the bloodshed; thanks for your help.”

“You’re welcome~”

Chiwa smiled, while Masuzu had a serious face.

“Akishino-san, are you saying you’re not joining the school festival?”


“Why? Didn’t you said yesterday that everyone will get along well together and work together?”

I can see Hime’s body twitching.

But her expression didn’t change, and her voice remained cold.

“Because of this, I can’t be together with you. If my battle with the Wyverns gets too bloody, this club will also be hit by misfortune, it would be better if I am not here.”

“Is this really what you think?”

Hime didn’t answer Masuzu, but instead stood up.

“Don’t cry for me when I lose. But, please remember, that Genocide Bleeds Red every night!”

It probably means “temporarily stopping club activities”.

“Why so sudden? Tell me your reason, Hime-chan!”

I stopped Fuyuumi who slammed the table and stood up, while using the softest tone and ask Hime.

“Next week you are coming back right? Let’s prepare for the school festival together.”

“That will have to depend on how the Wyverns perform.”

Hime walked straight past me to the door, the fishing pole she slid to the floor, dragging on the floor behind her.

“Hey, are you coming to school tomorrow in this getup?”

“It’s enough for me.”

Hime picked up the fishing pole and left.

“Hi-Hime-chan became a delinquent!”

“Did we do anything to make her mad?”

Ignoring the seemingly frustrated Fuyuumi and Chiwa, I exchanged a glance with Masuzu.

Looks like we need to strategize seriously.

That night.

I was called out by Masuzu, to the same café we usually meet.

Once I got into the shop, the waitress told me,“To that seat, please!” while smiling and pointing towards the seat beside the window which Masuzu was sitting. Looks like my face is remembered, maybe without ordering she would serve me a coke.

“What does she want?”

Once I got seated, Masuzu started talking.

“I don’t know, completely clueless.”

This of course isn’t about the waitress’ memory, but today’s Hime.

“Don’t you feel like that's a protest aimed at us?”

“So her chuunibyou got serious? It doesn’t make sense.”

“But the trigger was what happened yesterday, right?”

Masuzu stared at my eyes, looking for a reaction.

“Hey, yesterday after parting with me and going to the toilet, did you say anything to Akishino-san?”


Because I can’t hide it anymore, I nodded honestly.

“I believe I need to tell Hime why we need to act as fake lovers, so I told her it was to help you block out confessions.”

“You don’t need to blabber so much…….”

Masuzu frowned and sighed.

“I only wanted to tell Hime, Masuzu has her own reasons.”

“I’m saying there is no need for this. After telling this to other people, it will only make people feel ‘are you boasting that you are popular?’”

Hmm—this girl is really twisted.

If she said this, she probably told this by people before, insult in the face or talking bad behind her back. Because I’m a guy, getting joked about having a “harem army~♪” is still passable; it seems pretty troublesome from a girl’s point of view.

“Hime will not do this; you know very well.”

“……really? Who knows how it’ll turn out.”

Masuzu sipped the coffee with her pouted lips.

“Then why will Akishino-san do this?”

"She answered, ‘I don’t understand what you’re talking about.’; she is probably holding her end of the deal.”

“Like this huh……”

Masuzu’s face looks relieved.

Then she stared at me sharply.

“The cause of all these is because Eita is too careless, you're the one who made me say fake boyfriend and such.”

“You still have the nerve to say that, you losing control is probably the root of it.”

“Lose control?”

“You lost control after I talked a little to other girls, did you forget that we are fake lovers?”

Masuzu’s eyes widened.

“......I forgot.”

“There you go.”

“Didn’t you say if I said ‘fake boyfriend’ ten times you would hug me? You haven’t hugged me!”

“Don’t say something so embarrassing so loud!”

I feel like all the customers around us are looking here, in the corner of my field of vision; that waitress from before was clenching her fist giving a “Give it your all, Boyfriend-san!” look. What is this……stop looking out for us so kindly.

“Back to the topic.”

Getting back into position, Masuzu drank some cold water. I gulped down the remaining cold water to moisturize my throat, calming myself down.

“Those weird things Akishino-san did—fishing pole or bandages, in terms of Chuunibyou what kind of behavior is that?”

“That kind which thinks battling with unknown enemies is very cool.”

Masuzu showed an obvious “huh?” expression.

“I still can’t understand the viewpoint of being ‘cool’, but it is all a solo act, a ‘soliloquy’ right? Isn’t it very lonely?”

Dammit, this woman sure knows how to talk. Isn’t she herself the leader of the Jien-otsu.

“That’s because we’re already self-absorbed, completely absorbed in that world. Ignoring the normal and peaceful daily lives, believing we, ourselves are the chosen warriors to fight alone! Burying the sorrow of not being understood by people to the deepest part of our hearts, battling with attackers from the other world! ‘Is that guy psycho?’ the more we get ridiculed, the more self-absorbed we get, ‘normal humans……it’s okay to not understand my sorrow……’ into the whirlpool of delusion! To escape this is very hard -ehhhh!?”

I stood up without noticing. The gazes from the customers nearby were piercing me again. Hey, waitress, don’t look at the sky with a “sigh—” look, get back to work.

I sat down while coughing.

“Anyway, Hime must think it’s ‘very cool’ to do this; this won’t be far from the truth.”

“Even if it’s like this, this can’t explain this incident, can it?”

Masuzu stared at me with her hands supporting her chin.

“Those delusional acts of Akishino-san, normally only occur in front of us. If she does this even in her class, there should be rumors since school started.”


This is actually rather accurate. Kaoru once told me his impression of Hime was “even in her class almost nobody heard her voice”; simple and doesn’t stand out much. Hime only shows her real self in front of us—only in front of the “Burning Fighting Fighter” who battled fiercely in front of the station, and my partners,'Jien-otsu'.

“As I see it—she seems restricted in her own parameters.”

“Eh? Isn’t it the exact opposite?”


“Because she only showed this side of her in front of us, now even her whole class sees it? Don’t you think this is weird?”

Masuzu slightly bend forwards when she heard this.

“Akishino-san’s real side, does Eita knows about it?”

“No, so she must become a Chuunibyou patient because she likes manga and anime too much—“

“We can only say that is her interest, right? At least I never saw her real self.”


I wanted to say something back, but I was rendered speechless. Nevertheless, when I speak of Hime, I will begin thinking of Chuunibyou and such. I thought for a while, maybe that is not Hime’s real self……

“Ahhh, but Eita knows it.”

“Ah? What?”

“Akishino-san’s, naked butt.”


This girl stills hold grudges for what happened in the nurse office before summer holidays[12]?

Dammit, don't look down on me! Do I look like those shameless men?

Thinking back, the slowly rubbing thighs which are whiter than the sheets of the nurse's office already took over my mind. The two unimaginably round and firm buns which are usually hidden under the uniform that makes her look slim, I already—

…............cannot forget.

“Your eyes are dirty.”

Masuzu said as though she is looking at trash.

“You are an anti-love, but you can use these kind of eyes to look at Akishino-san? Sexual urge is another matter to you? Are you an animal?”

“I said that's not it!”

Sorry, you're not wrong. Himeka-san, I am sorry.

The customers who were still talking loudly until a while ago are all silent, some of them peeked at us from time to time. From their point of view we probably look like “lovers who are fighting due to jealousy”. This is unavoidable.

Masuzu quickly stood up.

“Let's get out of here.”


We left the café instantly after paying. When she was finding the change, the waitress whispered to me. “After rain the ground's more solid.”[13] What exactly do you mean by this?

After leaving, Masuzu seemed to realize something, and she moved over trying to hook my arm.

I instantly avoided it.

Masuzu stubbornly stepped over further, while I nimbly stepped back from her hand.

But the enemy isn't weak, using her front leg as the axis, changing her direction instantly, spinning like a ballerina, as if she looked through my movements, reaching towards my arm. But, I will not let you get what you want. I jumped to the grass area by the sidewalk to avoid it.

Oreshura v06 063.jpg

“Why are you running?”

The headlights of the oncoming cars shone on me as I walked at the edge, Masuzu chasing up to me.

“What if our classmates just happened to pass by? Lovers not holding arms is unnatural.”

“There are not many high school students who walk arm in arm.”

“You never said this kind of things before.......”

Masuzu seemed to not be able to tolerate this and was complaining.

“Then, holding hands should be possible right? Let's hold hands.”

“I refuse.”

“Please hold hands with me, sorry to trouble you.”

“…...even if you suddenly get polite, it's still no.”

“Hey bitch fucking hold hands with me!”

“Threatening me is also useless.”

I jumped down from the edge, looking back at Masuzu.

“Recently, you are a bit too much.”


“I'm saying you're getting ahead of yourself, aren't you the same as the lovestruck brains we hate so much?”

Masuzu's eyes widened with a “regrettable” look.

“Stop joking, don't lump me together with those trash.”

“It's the same, you saw how those people at the café looked at us right? There are people who looked like they're criticizing us for publicly showing affection, won't we get seen as lovestruck brains too?”

Masuzu's voice raised when she heard this.

“Saying I'm a lovestruck brain, what nonsense. From top to bottom it's not real; acting; fake. About this I'm very sure, please do not think too much of it.”

“I know.”

I sighed and surrendered.

Masuzu nodded happily, and instantly hooked my arm the during the instant “An opening!”. Shoulder leaning closely, and her head leaned over as if she's showing affection.


“'Eh' what, let's go.”

“Ooo, oohh.”

After walking for a while, we reached the junction that splits into my house and Masuzu's apartment, but she doesn't seem like she'll let go of my arm.

“Why are you following me?”

“We didn't finish discussing yet right? We never managed to plan any strategy after that right? So I need to go to your house, and won't you treat me to some monyomonyo[14]?”


Really, this, this girl.

“That, although I think it's impossible, but to make sure, I'll ask first.”


I stared at Masuzu's blue eyes.

“—Do you like me?”

Initially I planned to act like it's nothing big and ask, but my voice turned sharp from getting nervous.

I feel that after asking this, it will destroy my accomplice relationship between me and Masuzu, it makes me afraid.

Masuzu doesn't know my thoughts.

“It's impossible. What are you talking about?”

“Yea, yea, that's right.”

“Asking me—'Do you like me?' which handsome guy are you, to speak this line, please wait until your looks deviation gets above 70.”

“Yes yes yes, I'm sorry to have an ugly face.”

I feel disappointed for some reason. Of course I don't think she'll like me, but I thought she would be a bit more anxious or taken back. Looks like it's just me who's looking for trouble.

“But, I want to perform monyomonyo, this feeling is true.”


Masuzu rubbed her face on my chest.

“I don't have any thoughts about you, even though I'm thinking 'This idiot! Closet pervert! Virgin turned bad!', my body just wants to monyomonyo, this is an undeniable truth.”

“Your choice of words are subtle......wait, what did you just say? Virgin turned bad?”

“Isn't it nice? Anyway you want to be a virgin for the rest of your life right? So I will also be a virgin throughout my life, and only needs monyomonyo, so it's fair between us right?”

“Don't call it fair all by yourself!”

Virgin turned bad, Natsukawa Masuzu.

I never thought that the school's number one beauty would be like this. The other boys at school certainly would never have imagined this either.

“Stop blabbering, let me monyomonyo! If not I can do it here!”

“Yes, I know I know.”

No choice, let her complete her monyomonyo fast and I'll just send her out.

Once I opened the door, a noise came from the kitchen. I thought Saeko-san was back, but her shoes were not there. If that's the case, there's only one possible person.



“Go back!”

I grabbed Masuzu's shoulder and turned her to the right.

“What happened to you? I didn't even get my shoes off.”

“Okay, tomorrow! We'll talk tomorrow! So let's call it an end here for today! Okay!?”

The noise of the slippers got near.

“Ei-kun, welcome home—♪......!?”

Chiwa ran over happily in an apron, and froze after seeing Masuzu.

Masuzu also froze looking at Chiwa.

Their gaze sandwiched me, clashing.

How do I stop this battlefield? My brain worked to its full potential to find an escape route.

Before I got an answer, I thought the sparks from their eyes would become the fires of hell, but—

“Wh—at, Natsukawa-san is here too? ♪ Why don't you come up? Let's eat together!”

“Eh, Harusaki-san is here too? ♪ If I knew I would've brought a gift.♪”


What? Why is their relationship so good?

This feels bad......

Oreshura v06 070.jpg

Natsukawa Masuzu - LV 55

Special skill:

Commander L3


Counter L9

One more hit


Shoot 205 Mana 220 Evasion 210

Brawl 190 Defense 1 Accuracy 215

Trump Card Bonus:

Decrease the opponent's energy by 10.

Spirit Commands:

Instincts (15) Iron wall (20) Confuse (50)

Direct attack (20) Exhaust (30) Spirit (55)

Translator notes and reference[edit]

  1. Raijin (雷神) is the God of Thunder, according the Japan mythology.
  2. Visual Kei is when musicians(largely Japanese) dress up heavily, with large amount of makeup and hairstyle which looks like characters from anime. It does not necessary affects the music genre of the musicians.
  3. Riajuu is a person who has a girlfriend/boyfriend and popular, someone with a good life
  4. Grilled chicken
  5. Grilled pork
  6. Grilled beef
  7. Grilled meat, no restriction to any kind of meat.
  8. 独り上手, this is the closest translation I can get. It means to get happy all by yourself over little matters, like characters throwing out punchlines here and there, or diving into a world of delusion ignoring the surrounding.
  9. The second year of middle school is known as Chuuni (中二) in Japanese, and Chuunibyou (中二病) is when one gets heavily delusional for an extended period of time. Well if you're reading this novel you probably know what it is.
  10. Again you should understand the term by now. Same pun as above.
  11. Food. Balls with octopus. Best food in Japan.
  12. In a previous volume, it was mentioned that when Eita was resting in the nurse's room, Hime went in and locked the door from inside, while sleeping naked next to Eita.
  13. "雨降って地固まる" is a Japanese proverb, it means the more you quarrel the better your relationship.
  14. Something like cuddling. This word only exists in this light novel and its adaptations.
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