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#7: Switching Seats to Girlfriend Leads to Mayhem[1][edit]

The Sunday afternoon after a week.

I invited Fuyuumi and Kaoru, and held a study group at “Jien-otsu” club room. I wanted to use the test answers as a starting point and discuss with the two people who have similar results as me, so it would be easier to set down a plan for later.

Speaking of the results, my English grades are worse than I expected. This must be the reason why I lost to Mogami Yura. “Accumulated subjects” like English and mathematics are a weakness for me who didn’t study back in middle school. Damn! Study study! I will catch up soon!

I went to the club room with a burning passion, but those two were already there. The room which usually only has Masuzu and the girls is really refreshing with Kaoru.

“Hi! Eita, good morning!”

Kaoru said as he flashed his beautiful smile. Why would advertisement companies not use this guy? If it was Kaoru who was advertising for the beverages, even if it is slime many people would still drink it.

Fuyuumi smiled.

“I bought Ta-kun’s favorite coke from the convenience shop.”

There was a bottle with a pink straw on the seat beside Fuyuumi’s. She patted the chair, just like she was saying “come sit here”.

So I sat beside Kaoru.

Fuyuumi stared at me with an “Aaah!?” expression, but instantly drooped her shoulders with an “Okay, nevermind” look and recovered. Then Kaoru—why, why is he blushing? Although that’s cute.

“It, it was unexpected that Eita will drop from the first place, you were in your best form during the prep class’ mock exams.

Kaoru changed the subject rather unnaturally.

“I can’t excuse myself, the difference from middle school is starting to come out.”

“I think the first place is Mogami-san? From the girls’ comments, it looks like she’s really smart.”

“What kind of comments?”

“When they split the bill at family restaurants, she will quickly calculate everyone’s share mentally. Also, she was once approached by foreigners on the street, and was able to point out the direction with English.

“I, I see.”

Listening to these stories of people using practical skills, you can really feel the difference……

“Ta-kun, how were your results back in middle school?”

“At best, they were below average, my English is faster counted from the bottom.

The time when I started studying fervently was at the middle of the second semester of my third year of middle school. It hasn’t even been a year since I made the oath of “Study comes first”.

Oreshura v06 140.jpg

“Getting the first place under such circumstances is great, that’s my Ta-kun!”

“It’s second now. Also, I’m not yours!”

I firmly reinforced it in the end, but Fuyuumi ignored it, she said “Please eat some snacks♪” and handed over some homemade cookies.

Kaoru forced a smile.

"A-chan, you've totally become Eita's wife haven't you?"

“Today all the other members of the maiden club are not here, so I wanted to flirt as much as possible.”

“Nufufu—“ Fuyuumi smiled dreamily. Damn, inviting this girl might have be a mistake.

“Come, let’s start studying, I’m counting on you.”

Fuyuumi, looking as if she was infected by the lovestruck brains, placed third on the test. In terms of marks she is only about ten away from me, and is especially better than me in maths.

“Okay, leave it to me.”

Fuyuumi, looking serious, took out an A4 size paper from the bag, with some pattern printed on top.


It’s a blueprint of an apartment. Seeing the rent printed on it, it’s probably printed from the website of a real estate dealer.

“This, is an apartment I want to house two people.”


“What do you think? Is paying the rent too much for two university undergraduates getting married?”

“I think it should be possible…”

Including all the fees it’s a hundred thousand yen, if it’s two university undergraduates working, it should be just enough.

“I tried counting. Working at a convenience store of 800 yen per hour for 5 hour, you can get 4000 yen per day right? If you work for five days per week, it should be about 90000 yen per month. That way two people can get 180000 yen.

“Then you can pay the hundred thousand yen rent.”

“But Ta-kun, try to think about it? More than half of the income goes to the rent, life is going to be quite hard. Don’t you think it’ll be quite imbalanced?”

“Is it……”

Honestly speaking, I’ve never thought this hard about university life.

“Hey, Kaoru, what do you think?”

“I have a friend who got permission from the school, and is working at a convenience store, four hours per day and he’s already worn out. To study hard and work at the same time in university, I think it’s quite hard.

“That’s true.”

But if I enter the medical branch, the amount of studying I have to do everyday is a lot, and maybe I wouldn’t have time to work.

“But, I really like this apartment. It’s facing the south, the balcony is wide, and we can also keep a pet.”

Looking at the diagram, Fuyuumi sighed spiritlessly.


No matter how you think about it, it’s unmanly to let your wife show this kind of expression.

Should I say “No problem! Just follow me”—wait.

“What are you thinking about!”

Although it’s too late, I did my best to slam the table and throw the punchline.

Fuyuumi looked as if she was saying “Damn!”.

“Ta-kun hates pets?”

“No no! Go back a bit, back! Before this!”

“Ye-yeah, at this time we should have our own land right.”

“I said no! Listen to me!”

I slammed the table heavily, it hurt, but I couldn't help but slam it.

“You looked so serious and I thought you wanted to say something, but you’re only talking crap! And you made me start counting salary without me noticing! Why did you suddenly talked about future plans, what is this? I’ve never even been on a date with you!”

Fuyuumi leaned over instantly when she heard this.

“Eh? Ta-kun wants to go on a date with me!?”

“I refuse!”

This and that are two different matters.

I thought she would've be angry or upset, but Ai-chan said “Isn’t that so—?” and laid out her hands.

“Since you already have Natsukawa-san as your girlfriend, we can’t do that openly right? So in this regard I will not cross the line.”

“Don’t say it as if you’re very good.”

Fuyuumi’s lips raised slightly when she heard this, and smiled proudly.

“Hey, you don’t know how much patience I have right?”


Under her smile hides an unexplainable sexiness, and a powerful pressure.

“Ah—I really want to let Ta-kun see my heart—after you see it, you’ll surely be surprised. Because I have a lot of patience, hehe!”


Sometimes this girl says things that will make people’s hearts skip a beat, but isn’t she usually dumb?

Kaoru looked like Buddha throughout the conversation, and after listening to us, he spoke up.

“A-chan is really mature.”

“If I get serious, Chiwa-chan and Natsukawa-san will be pitiful. It doesn’t hurt to let them dream for three years in high school.


Where does your confidence come from, A-chan?

“Ah—not being able to be serious is painful—really~painful.

Fuyuumi Ai tilted her teacup elegantly. Looks like she’s already in a dimension different from us.

“Compared to A-chan, Natsukawa-san looks very unsettled recently.”

“How can you tell?”

That’s Kaoru for you, just a few days into the second semester and he already noticed it?

Her amount of conversation with Eita is significantly higher. Every break time she’s also Eita-kun this, Eita-kun that. Even during class she’ll stare at you spacing out, haven't you noticed?”


I never noticed any of this.

“During Friday’s lunchtime, you helped Akano-san with her assignments right? During that time she also stared at you guys with a scary look. I was afraid that she would run over and grab Akano-san.”

“There’s a high chance of her doing this.”

I remembered Masuzu’s jealous look when we went to karaoke during the summer holidays.

But, she’s even doing this in class.

If it’s the Masuzu from the first semester, she won’t show this type of problem.

“But, I still like the Natsukawa-san now more.”


“Yeah, I think it’s much more cuter than before—more approachable maybe.”

Kaoru smiled and said. If I was a girl, I would definitely fall for his smile.

That Masuzu is cute……really?


Receiving this kind of praise, I feel rather good as a boyfriend.

But, only a little!

The next day, after the sixth period.

Just as I wanted to show up today for the long awaited club activities, our homeroom teacher smiled and told us during homeroom.

“Today we’re going to have our first seat~change of the second semester!”

The classroom was immediately filled with happy and sad screams.

Some think that the current seating is good, but there are probably some who want a change. I think there should be all sorts of opinions, and the girl sitting beside me made a “HUWWAAAAAAA!” —a voice that sounds like it’s from the end of the world.

“Ma, Masuzu……?”

I look at my “girlfriend’s” face, and her eyes were wide open, mouth gaping, with her hands supporting her chin, and froze with this look.

“Hey, man up.”

I tried to wave my hand in front of her, but it was useless, she had no reaction whatsoever.

The teacher placed what looked like a seating plan created from a specialized software on the blackboard. Just like the first semester, there was no draws, ghost legs or anything like that, just a practical person.

“Only people who have bad eyesight and cannot sit in their assigned position can request to change. Now pack your stuff, start to move in ten minutes—“

About half of the class stood up instantly, and began discussing in front of the blackboard. I will pass, since I don’t have any eyesight problem and I can just check it out later.

“This is bad.”

Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Masuzu whispered to me.

“Wanting to tear us apart, that woman, is she a messenger of the devil?”

Masuzu stared angrily at the homeroom teacher.

“Never mind, it doesn’t matter where we sit.”

“Sitting closer is easier to show off our good relationship right? If we sit far apart then our relationship will also grow apart and there will be enough space for Chihuahua to enter.”

“There has nothing to do with Chiwa right? She’s not even in our class to begin with.”

“She always comes to bug us during break time! Won’t she keep clinging to you? Just thinking that I will not be near when that happens…….Aaahhh, how scary!”

Masuzu’s hands trembled non-stop. It'll be bad if this goes on because if I don’t let her monyo-monyo soon, her addiction symptoms will show and it will be troublesome then.

“Eita, don’t you want to take a look?”

Kaoru seemed as if he already finished looking and talked to me on his way back.

“I’ll wait for the crowd to disperse, since it doesn’t matter where I sit.”

“Aha! How cold—shouldn’t you say ‘the seat beside my best friend is good’?”

Kaoru’s smile instantly froze when he noticed the dark energy Masuzu was releasing.

“Wh-what happened, Natsukawa-san? You seem upset.”

“Wha-what what what? If it doesn’t matter where we sit, then maintaining this seating is not a problem right? Won’t you be lonely or sad away from me? If you want to cry and say sorry and plead for us not to separate you can only do it now. All I say and do is all for Eita.”

Masuzu never noticed Kaoru was calling out to her, and muttered with empty eyes.

Kaoru whispered to me.

“Even changing seats has such a huge impact on her? Eita, you’re really deeply loved—“

“Maybe that’s the case, maybe it’s not.”

“What do you mean?”

Right now Masuzu’s status is “unable to differentiate true from false”, which is not surprising. But in truth we are just a fake couple, and I can’t do anything about it. What I can do is calm Masuzu down, but I can’t let her monyo-monyo here.

Suddenly, “Wuuoooooooaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” a beast-like roar filled the classroom. Yamamoto-san from the football club knelt on the ground in front of the blackboard, with tears flowing like waterfall, was thanking the Gods. Looks like something good happened.

Thanks to him the crowd dispersed, so I went and take a look. Masuzu too stood up shakily and followed me.

My seat is the last seat in the second row from the corridor. Mmm, not a bad place. It’s far from the air conditioner so it would be a pain when winter comes, but I won’t need to worry about that right now.

Masuzu frozed in place as she looked at the seating arrangement.

I look at her seat, it’s the third seat, second row from the window, quite far away from mine.

Masuzu suddenly raised her hand.

“Miss, my eyesight is bad, so I want to change seat.”

“Ah, if that’s the case, where do you want to sit?”

“Please let me sit beside Kidou-san!”

The classroom was instantly filled with screams and cheers.

Sakagami-san was whistling, Akano and Aoba, the double girls group, were also saying “Awwww—” while looking at us. Dammit, don’t make so much noise you lovestruck brains. And Yamamoto-san, please don’t look at me with that zombie-like face! This isn’t my fault!”

The teacher looked trouble and scratched her head.

“Erm, Kidou-san’s seat is at the back,so it’s even further away from the board compared to yours.”

“Never mind! Because my eyesight is bad!”

“If that’s the case……”

The teacher also knows about my relationship with Masuzu, therefore her request was ignored like “Sorry, lovestruck brain!”, and her seat was changed to the front row, beside the window. Then Yamamoto kicked down the door of the classroom after writing “Humans cannot be trusted” on the board and ran out, how pitiful.

“Eita, ta-take care of yourself! Don’t……forget about me!”


Even while changing places, Masuzu looks like she finds it hard to let go.

"You have to send messages everyday and come over here to play sometime, you must."

"I know, I said I know."

"Take care of yourself, don't catch a cold. I'll stab you a few times if you talk with other girls."

"Why is the last one a threat?"

After getting rid of the clingy "girlfriend", I moved to my new seat.

Sitting to the right of me, is the twintail girl--Mogami Yura.

"Ah, we meet quite a lot recently huh."


Her greeting was cold to the point of annoyance, but my face froze, even I feel I am a bit too conscious of her.

But this is a good chance, maybe I can get some tips on improving my results.

While the homeroom teacher was talking about the contacts related with school activities, I talked to her sneakily.

"Hey, where do you go for prep school over the summer break?"

"Kotegawa's prep class at Yunokawa. Because it's a university prep level course[2],so it's rather meaningless."

"Really? I wanted to go there, but the fees are too expensive so I gave up. I heard their notes are good."

"If that's the case, then I can give you mine. I probably won't use it anymore anyway."

"Really!? You can give them to me?"

I involuntarily leaned over, but Mogami stared behind me.

"You can have however many notes you want, but just don't involve me in your relationship issues."

She shrugged her shoulders and pointed behind me.

I turned back and saw--Masuzu staring at me from the front seat beside the window, with a fierce expression.

And she was tearing.

She made some gestures violently, as if she was trying to say something.

"What's she doing?"

Mogami tilted her head, puzzled--but Masuzu's gesture was getting more and more violent.

She drew a huge cross before her chest, and made a "Zip up your mouth!" gesture.

She also repeatedly press her mechanical pencil.

The number was accuracte, it's my number of conversation with Mogami.

…...this is too much, Masuzu-san.......

Doing this at the front row, of course the teacher will notice her.

"Natsukawa-san, are you listening to what I'm saying?"

"No! Because my hearing is bad!"

"…....I understand, come to the faculty room later."

Looks like Masuzu will be absent from today's club activity.

"Kidou-san, looks like you're deeply loved."

Oreshura v06 154.jpg

Mogami said with a surprised voice.

"But, you don't look very happy at all. Why? With such a beautiful lady as your girlfriend,shouldn't you be proud?"

"Because I'm always suffering......"

"So if Chiwa was your girlfriend it would be nice huh."

Mogami smiled as if she saw through everything.

Even if I told her this is not what I meant, she probably won't understand.

It's been some time since I came here, but there's nobody in the club room today.

Chiwa was attending her class' meeting on the performance for the school festival, Fuyuumi had to attend the disciplinary board meeting, Hime was still not coming, and looks like Masuzu's lecture got dragged on and there was no trace of her.

"It's fine, I can study better this way."

My monologue rang around the empty room, sounds like I was acting tough. This place is usually too noisy, so that's probably the reason I thought this way.

After I finished the maths questions, I stretched my body. The evening sunlight that shone through the window was quite deep. Recently the sky darkens pretty fast huh, even though day times are still quite hot, but we should be able to wear long sleeve to school soon.

I suddenly felt a bit cold, and sneezed violently.

"Ughhh......have I caught a cold?"

My throat was sore, and my mouth was dry. Recently I felt like I was lacking in sleep, so I should end the day and go home now.

Just when I was about to go back, I realized that I left my bag of gym clothes in the classroom. Initially I thought it was too troublesome and wanted to leave it there, but the next gym class is tomorrow, so I have to wash it today.

After locking the door of the club room, I returned the key to the faculty room and I walked towards the classroom.

As I was about to enter, I got a fright and stopped in my steps.

Masuzu was inside.


She sat in the last seat beside the corridor--the seat of the girl beside me, Mogami Yura.

She did nothing and just sat there.

She never noticed me who was at the door, sitting alone in the otherwise empty classroom and stared at the blackboard, sitting at the seat that was taken away from her because of the seating change--the seat beside me.

The most beautiful girl in our school wasn't there, nor was the venomous tongue who always made fun of me and Chiwa.

It was a helpless, pitiful, sad, and lonely sight--a lonely girl.


I hesitated slightly, but still talked to her.

Masuzu's silver hair flustered, and look back unnaturally.

I pretended not to realize her surprised look.

"Did the teacher finished her lecture?"

"She finally released me just now."

"Really? Do you want to go back together?"

Just one sentence was enough to bring back life to Masuzu's pale face.

"O...okay. Of course we should go back together, because--I'm the girlfriend.


I smiled and answered. No matter what, I feel happy to see her smile, because she always had a long face recently.

I took my bag of gym clothes, and walked out of the classroom together with Masuzu.

Walking on the corridor dyed with the colour of the setting sun.

"Hey, Eita. This is the school right?"


"This is the place we need to show off our relationship right?"

"I know."

I made up my mind, and after wiping off the sweat on my hands on my pants, I held Masuzu's right hand.

"Is...is this enough?"

It's really embarrassing, I feel a chill down my spine.

But Masuzu was smiling more and more.

"Yes, this is good, we need to show off to them--huh."

Masuzu was like a child at the amusement park, swinging her hand wildly, I was dragged to the school gate with her.

There was already someone there at the shoe lockers, who was changing into her outdoor shoes.

Coincidentally, the girl was Hime.

We were surprised, and so was Hime. She remained crouched on the ground, and never moved from there.

Because class 1 and 2's shoe lockers were facing each other, this is not entirely impossible.

But why would it happen at this time.......

The instant their gazes meet, Masuzu instantly let go of my hand as if she were throwing it away.


I threw a punchline without thinking.

The one who said "We have to show off our relationship to them" just recently, instantly let go of my hand in front of Hime and this makes me want to throw a punchline.

Because Hime already knew about our fake relationship?

No, even at that time Masuzu was insisting that we were real lovers. That's why, in front of Hime, we should show off that we are lovers more--even if it's just fake.

Hime ran out without saying anything, and she was wearing her indoor shoes, her outdoor shoes lying on the floor.

Masuzu stood still, staring at Hime's disappearing figure outside the school gate.

"…...let's go back."

After putting back Hime's shoes into the locker, I said to Masuzu.

After a long time, I finally got to go home with Masuzu, but in the end, we didn't hold hands.

On the way back, Masuzu didn't smile at all.

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Translator notes and references[edit]

  1. I don't know what this is supposed to mean either but this is written by some other translator on the contents page. Maybe "Switching Seats Leads to Mayhem with Girlfriend"? Editors?
  2. I don't know what exactly it is called, but it is a prep class that prepares you for university.
  3. I know it makes no sense, but this is apparently what it says.
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