Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai:Chapter 2: My Little Sister Can't Have a Girls' Talk with a Teleporter

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Chapter 2: My Little Sister Can't Have a Girls' Talk with a Teleporter[edit]

On the day of the broadcast, Kirino and I arrived at Dwango Company's headquarters in Nihonbashi.

"What a big and impressive building. I'm kind of nervous."

"Quit your whining. I heard that this company is going to move into a bigger building."

"For real...? They have so much money."

"There is a rumor that they receive financial support from Academy City."

Academy City...? What is that?

"Say, isn't Academy City the place where 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' took place? The same one that you are going to cooperate with? What does it have to do with Dwango Company?"

"Although it's only a rumor, Hiroyuki Nishimura [1] is an ex-student of Academy City."

"Really? He is an esper?!"

"Apparently not. He seems to be a magician with the same capacity as a Level 5. He had some connection to the dark side of Academy City or something like that."

"What exactly does that mean...?"

"It means when compared to secret organizations like ITEM, SCHOOL, and BLOCK, Dwango or Niwango are not that much different."

—The only thing that was similar about them was that their names were written with four katakana!

The underground magical side sounded so dangerous. If you guys have read 'A Certain Magical Index,' you should be able to understand what this girl was saying.

"Although I'm not very sure myself about the relationship between Hiroyuki Nishimura and Dwango, after he left his position as Niwango's director, he hid somewhere inside Academy city and worked in secret. There is a theory that he planned to conquer the world with Niconico Anime, of course that's just a rumor."

"Oh...by the way, where did you hear that 'rumor' from?"


—With just that, the credibility immediately dropped a lot. There was a good chance it was just Kuroneko's chuunibyou again.

Forget it. Whatever was fine. It was none of my business anyway.

"Hehe, if the rumor is true, then this invitation might contain some secrets~"

"Hey hey, just leave that stuff for combat specialists. Like Shakugan no Shana or something, it's still popular now."

"You can't just do that. Those senpai are all very busy, and they aren't very good with public speaking."

Yeah, that was right. Kirino was good at putting on a public face. She was probably the best heroine of Dengeki Bunko when it came to public speaking.

"You met Dokkoida at the Machi Asobi event in Tokushima, didn't you? Couldn't you call him?"

"He wouldn't make it here in time anyway. Prepare yourself!"

Kirino pointed her finger at me full of momentum.

"If something unexpected happens, you have to protect me."

"Fine fine, if that happens I will protect you with my life."

"Are, are you an idiot...?"

"...What are you getting angry for?"

We arrived at Dwango's building while talking.

There was a phone at the door, probably to call the receptionist.

When I was thinking that—

Suddenly, a twintailed girl appeared out of nowhere in the space in front of us.


I unconsciously took a step back.

While Kirino's eyes shone:

"Could, could it be?!"

"Pleased to meet you, Kousaka Kirino-san, Kousaka Kyousuke-san. I'm Shirai Kuroko of Academy City's Judgment."

"I knew it! Teleporter! It's the first time I've seen a teleporter! So cool!"

On the way here, Kirino had told me:

Today, we are going to meet some 'espers,' or in other words, someone who can use so-called 'special powers.'

Although Kirino yelled at me to 'understand it better!' in a style similar to Kuroneko, I understood about 80-90%.

—So it was true.

"Hey Kirino. It's kind of rude to do that to someone you just met."

The Shirai Kuroko girl had a petite cute body, which usually caused Kirino to say 'be my little sister!' Thus I gave her a reminder with a hint of disapproval. But unexpectedly, Kirino did reflect on herself.

"Ah, sorry...I got carried away."

"It's fine. I'm happy to see you wanted to meet me that much. Us Level 4 or higher espers are even sometimes called monsters."

"How could they dare to call such a lovely girl such a rude thing!"

Kirino was angry for Kuroko.

That was who she was, after all.

"Thank you...your personality is exactly as Uiharu's investigation results said."

Wow, she was fascinated by it.

"Ah, right. Pleased to meet you, Shirai-san. My name is Kousaka Kirino. This is my elder brother, Kyousuke."

"Pleased to meet you. Please take care of me."

"Same here."

Although the way she spoke was quite unique, she was a reliable girl—

"Then, please follow me to the lounge."

—At least so I thought until then.

We took the elevator to the tenth floor.

"Wow ~ So something like that really happened!"

"That's right! Onee-sama's great deeds don't end there! Among 2.3 million espers in Academy City, she ranked third among the Level 5s! The Railgun of Tokiwadai Middle School, my onee-sama, Misaka Mikoto—!"

"Not only that, she is the pride of Dengeki Bunko, the strongest Electromaster Invincible Princess, right, Kuroko-chan?"

"That's right! Kirino-san...you really understand it clearly!"

"But, the truth is she loves cute stuffed animals, she likes to wear childish underwear, and all that, right! Squee~!"

"Yes yes, that's totally right! Kirino-san really understands my onee-sama! Squee ~!"

What a disgusting conversation.

Unconsciously, both of them began to refer to each other by name.

"So, how did Kirino-san know about the secret of Onee-sama's underwear?"

"That was part of the investigation by Tree Diagram to check into Railgun's underwear—how much do you know about that, Kuroko-chan?"

"Such a plan existed!? I have never heard of it!"

"Well, about that, you can read the one-shot 'Supplement to Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE: Toradora! vs. Index,' and let's leave that aside for now..."

"Could it be you are going to stop there? Right when it's getting so interesting!"

"No, I wouldn't do that ~ to tell the truth, how I found out about Mikoto-san's underwear is thanks to—this!"

Tada—! Kirino showed Kuroko a picture on her cell phone.


It was—"A Certain Scientific Railgun - Misaka Mikoto - A Certain Railgun in a Maid Outfit" (1/6-scale PVC, prepainted, no assembly required).

"Lick ~! This is a figure of Onee-sama!"

"That's right!"

Kirino took a tissue to wipe the drool from Kuroko off of her cell phone—

"Haha, Kuroko-chan, do you get it now?"

"But, but Kirino-san! This figure...I got one too, but Onee-sama's underwear was covered by her shorts, and I could only get the vaguest glimpse of them...!"


Kirino showed an arrogant smile.

While Kuroko was breathing hard, she kept asking:

"How could that be! Onee-sama's merchandise with visible underwear is forbidden by Dengeki Bunko and Dengeki Daioh! A figure with a visible underwear is something they wouldn't allow no matter what...no matter what..."

Kirino grinned—

"I took them off."


Due to her shock, Kuroko almost fell backward.

"What, what did you just say!? If I didn't hear wrong, this is an openly defiant statement against not only the Dengeki Bunko heroine, but also against ASCII Media Works..."

"Well, actually, if you just take them off very carefully and very slowly, you can safely remove Mikoto's shorts~"


In an instant, Kuroko seemed like she was struck by lightning.

Then her eyes shot open—

"Kirino-san! You, you! You, did you...did you take a picture?"

—No good, those two...Just where did they throw their girlish modesty!

Especially—Kuroko's twisted expression when she spoke about her 'onee-sama'...wasn't it exactly the same as when my little sister played eroge?!

This girl was definitely not normal! My pervert sensor was sounding an alarm.

"To be able to meet someone as interested in Onee-sama as me, it has been so long!"

"Me too, me too!"

'Interested in onee-sama' huh?

In such a short amount of time, their relationship had gotten better.

From the start, they only talked about 'Mikoto onee-sama.'

"We are about to arrive."

Kuroko pointed forward.

In the long corridor, looking to the side, there was a room that looked like a recording room.

Maybe that was where they were going to record the talk.

...I started to feel nervous, even though I wasn't going to take part in it.

"But, but..."

"Yes? What?"

"'Mikoto-onee-sama' is strong and cool, and has sexual feelings for you, I'm well aware of that now..."

"What a thorough understanding. And?"

"...However, after hearing that, I feel that she is a bit scary."

"Haha, so that's how it is. This was predicted in Uiharu's investigation too."


"Are you worried about letting a possibly somewhat-scary Onee-sama meet your super cute little sister?"

"What...! No, it's not like that!"

"But don't worry. Not only is Onee-sama strong, she is also very gentle. Your worry is unnecessary."

That, that is not what I wanted to say...! She didn't let me finish.

"Really, this guy is a siscon, there is no problem."

Kirino raised one of her fingers and said.

"And the reason why, is that Mikoto-san has the most common sense among Level 5 espers—right? Kuroko-chan~"


Hey, why don't you say anything now?

"...Well well, compared to the other Level 5s, that's not entirely inaccurate."

"You made me feel even more worried!"

Sweat appeared on Kuroko's forehead—

"No no, everything is fine. Even Onee-sama wouldn't shock an ordinary person—"

Before Kuroko could finish her words—

*Clang Boom Bang*

A roar suddenly sounded. Then from the corridor ahead, wind suddenly rushed forward.

"What is going on!?"

"Did the door just explode?"

I immediately took a step forward and shielded my little sister.

Faced with the strong wind, I couldn't help but narrow my eyes.

*Biri biri biri*

This time, the blue light of electricity appeared.

And then—


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Such misfortuneeeeeeeeee—!"

Screaming, a boy with spiky hair ran toward us.

"Ah...is that okay?"

"Kirino. Let's go back home. This place is too dangerous."

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. 2ch founder and manager, one of Niconico anime's directors
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