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Cover of volume 6.

Spice & Wolf, also known as Ookami to Koushinryou (狼と香辛料), is a series written by Isuna Hasekura and illustrated by Jyuu Ayakura. This series was published under the Dengeki Bunko label and it has concluded with 17 volumes in July 2011.

The Spice & Wolf series is now published in English by Yen Press, part of the Hachette Book Group, and can be purchased in most larger book stores both physical and virtual. Because of this, it is no longer available in English on this site. It is, however, available in the following other languages:

Story Synopsis[edit]

Spice and Wolf revolves around Kraft Lawrence, a twenty-five year old merchant. His main goal in life is to gather enough money to start his own shop, and he already has been traveling for seven years while gaining experience in the trade. One night when stopped at the town of Pasloe, he finds a centuries-old pagan wolf-deity girl named Holo sleeping in his cart. She appears to be a fifteen-year-old girl, except she possesses a wolf’s tail and ears. She introduces herself as the town’s harvest goddess, who has kept the area blessed with good wheat crops for many years. Despite having the responsibility to watch over the town, she desires to return to her homeland in the north called Yoitsu, since she believes that the locals have forsaken their past agreement and she is therefore no longer bound to their land. She makes a deal with Lawrence to take her with him in exchange for her wisdom and supernatural abilities, but as they travel, her true nature draws unwanted attention from the church.

Series Overview[edit]

Japanese releases[edit]

  1. 狼と香辛料 ---(February 10, 2006, ISBN 978-4-8402-3302-6)
  2. 狼と香辛料 II ---(June 10, 2006, ISBN 978-4-8402-3451-1)
  3. 狼と香辛料 III ---(October 10, 2006, ISBN 978-4-8402-3588-4)
  4. 狼と香辛料 IV ---(February 10, 2007, ISBN 978-4-8402-3723-9)
  5. 狼と香辛料 V ---(August 10, 2007, ISBN 978-4-8402-3933-2)
  6. 狼と香辛料 VI ---(December 10, 2007, ISBN 978-4-8402-4114-4)
  7. 狼と香辛料 VII Side Colors ---(February 10, 2008, ISBN 978-4-8402-4169-4)
  8. 狼と香辛料 VIII 対立の町〈上〉 ---(May 10, 2008, ISBN 978-4-04-867068-5)
  9. 狼と香辛料 IX 対立の町〈下〉 ---(September 10, 2008, ISBN 978-4-0486-7210-8)
  10. 狼と香辛料 X ---(February 10, 2009, ISBN 978-4-0486-7522-2)
  11. 狼と香辛料 XI Side Colors II ---(May 10, 2009, ISBN 978-4-0486-7809-4)
  12. 狼と香辛料 XII ---(August 10, 2009, ISBN 978-4-0486-7933-6)
  13. 狼と香辛料 XIII Side Colors III ---(November 10, 2009, ISBN 978-4-0486-8140-7)
  14. 狼と香辛料 XIV ---(February 10, 2010, ISBN 978-4-0486-8326-5)
  15. 狼と香辛料 XV 太陽の金貨〈上〉 ---(September 10, 2010, ISBN 978-4-0486-8829-1)
  16. 狼と香辛料 XVI 太陽の金貨〈下〉 ---(February 10, 2011, ISBN 978-4-0487-0265-2)
  17. 狼と香辛料 XVII Epilogue ---(July 8, 2011, ISBN 978-4-0487-0685-8)

English releases[edit]