The World God Only Knows:Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Descent of an Angel[edit]

During a weekday, Katsuragi Keima randomly entered a game software shop ‘OG map’, but the moment he entered the shop, the atmosphere in the shop showed an obvious change. He was famous as the ‘God of Conquest’ in the gaming world, but in the real world, no one knew that he was the god of conquests.

Even so.

“Swap with me.”

The supervisor in charge of this level patted the new worker at the cashier and asked to swap over.


The new worker looked surprised.

The supervisor shook his head silently and pointed in a certain direction.


Right where he was pointing at was Keima, who was looking at the row of countless new works through the transparent clothes.

Behind him, Elsie was looking rather bored.

“It’s a little tough for you.”

“How, how could it be?”

Wasn’t he just an ordinary customer?

Just when the newcomer was about to say this, he realized that Keima was obviously different from the other customers, and was obviously of a different dimension from the rest.


He moaned. The supervisor gave a one liner that’s like those in Western movies.

“That’s great. Looks like you still have some foresight.”

The supervisor chuckled.

“If you can’t spot the strange nature in that action, you have no hope of being born here, and I can’t hand the Galge counter over to you.”

The supervisor narrowed his eyes and looked at Keima.

And several other customers in the shop,

Some old-time gamers with foresight noticed it. Some people,

(Wha, what’s with this boy?)

Were amazed, or,

(This guy again…who in the world is here?)

Showed an inexplicable look. To put it, that Keima,


Was just looking at the games with a depressed look.

He was just going,

“…As expected, I can’t tell without coming to the shop to see the actual item.”


“Has the price dropped?”

He muttered as he went between one shelf after another. To put it properly, it was said that highly skilled martial artists could use the motion of chopsticks to rate each other.

A pianist could hear the quality of a keyboard through a performance. A top-rate sushi chef could tell the level of another through even the basics of fried egg.

In other words, a person’s subconscious action could present its hidden ability completely.

Keima was merely shopping around for game software, but to the bystanders,

What kind of amazing gamer is he?

From his gaming style that no one else could match, to the speed and processing ability, even if no one knew whether it was true, they could conclude to a certain extent. Also, there was one thing everyone in the shop could feel. That was,

This boy’s really an enigma!

That’s all.

I can’t handle this.

With this fear, this thought appeared in the newcomer’s mind. I can’t handle this at all.

His body couldn’t help but tremble.

The supervisor smiled.

“If you can sense this, this shows that you’re good. Hurry along, I’ll handle this boy.”

And shook his head.

“To be honest, this is really a little too much, but someone has to do it, don’t you say?”

Keima continued to choose the items in a flowing and graceful manner before finally putting the items down gently onto the cashier, and the supervisor,


Continued to remain silent as he scanned the barcodes.


He immediately readied the bag and put the games into it without too much unnecessary action.

“The total will be 67,850 yen.”

After stating that, he handed over a special edition poster and a little handbook to Keima before he could even say anything.


Keima’s eyes sparkled.

“Well, you really know your work. The goods in this shop are all in order, and there’re people who knows what the customers want.”


The supervisor looked like he got the highest honor as he put his hand in front of his chest and bowed.

“I’ll come back again.”

Keima turned around and continued to walk out of the shop leisurely. The supervisor continued to remain bowed, and the newcomer looked somewhat touched as he watched Keima leave.

The other customers who were watching this were all going ‘oh~’ in amazement as they watched Keima leave with somewhat admiring eyes.

Elsie was the only one who remained stunned.

After that, as Elsie,

“I always wanted to come to such a place!”

Because of such a strong request, Keima and Elsie entered a little café near the ‘OG Map’. At the third level of a certain shopping mall, the main road could be seen completely. The wooden colored wallpaper and the viewing plants looked really lush. It was a really a small mountainside-styled café.

Keima simply ordered red tea, and Elsie,

“Erm, un.”

After lots of trouble, she finally ordered hot chocolate.

“Why eat at some café?”

Keima grumbled.

“Isn’t my house open for you to enter anytime?”

“Well well, it’s important to research on other shops you know.”

Elsie delightedly calmed Keima down. As there were many game shops like ‘OG Map’, there were many customers who were like Keima, holding bags. Inside, there were 3 customers at a table, looking at a notebook computer and seemingly deciding on something.

“As expected.”


“Wasn’t this option here because the last flag wasn’t fulfilled? Looks like we should start all over again.”

And also,

“No, we can’t decide that. Emily hasn’t returned to the country yet. We can’t deny completely that we entered another route.”

The trio was all serious.

And working hard.

Elsie glanced aside at those people and asked Keima.

“Kami-sama, can I ask a question?”


Keima remained silent with his eyes closed as he took a sip from the red tea. That pose…if it was only the pose, it would be as elegant as a noble.

Elsie treated his silence as a silent agreement.

“Eh, it’s a very basic question.”

She put her fingers at her chin and summarized what she wanted to ask.

“…What’s so interesting about games?”

At this moment.


Keima’s eyes suddenly widened as his eyes blazed.

“Wa! Th, this…cha, charm! I just want to know what’s so attractive about games! Be, because you see, there’re many people other than kami-sama who’s interested.”


Keima sighed hard.

“That’s really a ‘basic of basics question’, Elsie.”

He coldly glanced at Elsie, and Elsie timidly shrank back in apology.


“Well, I’ll just explain in a way you can understand.”

He waved his arm like a kabuki-actor.

To Elsie.

‘An imperfect reality, a perfect game’.

She seemed to see the words raised in a banner behind Keima. Keima’s face looked like there was really a mask, and there was red hair reaching out from behind the mask.

These were all a hallucination. In fact,

“An imperfect reality, a perfect game.”

Keima only said this. He continued passionately,

“Get it? The female lead in a game can’t possibly have those unreasonable actions that girls in real life will do. All the actions or circumstances are all set up for only the beautiful ending.”

He said that with passionately.

Elsie thought that ‘once kami-sama got involved with games, he could be really ‘fired up’. As for Keima, he was thinking that he had to explain it.

Both of them,

Suddenly looked at each other.


Suddenly shouted.

For some reason, the surroundings were really hot, and white smoke floated in as the fire alarm rang.

During the short time after.

Keima and Elsie were left in a dazed manner.

“A fire?”

“Everyone, calm down! Please evacuate in an orderly fashion!”

The customers in the shop were all panicking in shock, and the shop attendants did their best to guide them to the emergency staircase. Even though the fire was nearby, the instructions were precise. Even though it was an old building, the precise instructions allowed the evacuation to be smooth.


Keima watched everyone around him panic and sighed.

“People really show their human instincts at this moment. Listen up. You have to remain unmoved like me to.”

Just as he was lecturing Elsie who was panicking,


He couldn’t help but cuddle his head.

Elsie was shocked by this shout.

“Ka, kami-sama!?”

Keima’s eyes flashed.

“…Elsie, I’m going back into the shop.”


Elsie used a split second to understand the meaning behind these words.


And then shouted out. Though they couldn’t see the fire, the thickness of the smoke itself meant that going back into the shop was suicidal. However, Keima gripped his fists hard and said,

“This is really embarrassing.”

He said this with much remorse.

“I left the game software the shop attendant gave me on the table!”

“Weren’t you holding it? That bag!”

Keima adamantly refuted Elsie.

“No, it’s the one I carried along to play today! Elsie, I’ll hand this over to you!”

Keima handed over the bag of games he bought to Elsie,

“I’m still too naïve!”

And then turned around adamantly as he ran up the stairs at a speed no one could associate with his normally frail image.


Elsie screamed out,


Just as she was about to chase Keima.

“Get out of my way!”

“Oi, move aside!”

The people who were coming over from up and down the staircase, coupled with the smoke, caused her to lose sight of Keima.

With amazing willpower, Keima darted into the shop filled with thick smoke and used terrifying instincts to find the seat he was in. Then, as his sight was completely ineffective, he used his love for the games to successfully find what he lost.


He looked like he was hugging the games.

“Come, let’s escape!”

And seemed to be talking to someone as once he finished shouting, he intended to leave.


Even if it’s him, no matter what state his heart was in, his body still reacted in a biological manner, and it couldn’t be helped.


First, just as he was about to get out of the shop, his heart wavered greatly.

“Er, mm…”

His eyes started to become blurry.


His wavering feet started to disobey his commands and collapsed just like that.

“U, ugh…”

Though he really wanted to move forward.


His body wasn’t strong to begin with. He lasted till now,

All through his love and passion for games.

Once he got his games.


The nerves of tension immediately snapped, and Keima’s blurry consciousness started to think.

(Am, am I going to fall just like this…me…)


There was no fear, no pain.

(Ah, ahh.)

Keima thought.

(At least allow me to conquer this game…)

Just as he smiled weakly and was about to close his eyes.

“Are you alright?”

He heard a voice.

Keima turned to where the voice came from.


He was shocked.

In the midst of the smoke, a girl in pure white clothes appeared, pure white clothes that looked like what the Ancient Greeks would drape over themselves. She was wearing a white mini-skirt and sandals, had flowing long hair and a mysterious shine in her eyes, snowy white skin, and most importantly,

The wings behind her back.

TWGOK 01 037.jpg

“An, angel?”

The girl reached her hand out, and Keima’s consciousness just so happens to fade…

The next day, the nurse in Maijima General Hospital went all angry,

“Oi! Mr Katsuragi! Can you please stop playing your games!?”

And shouted this at Keima, who’s dressed in white inpatient clothing.


He continued to remain seated on the bed, watching the game screen wordlessly. Elsie was right beside him,

(Ka, kami-sama’s always the same no matter where he goes…)

Watching Keima play the video game while breaking out cold sweat. In other words, Katsuragi Keima was hospitalized.

Luckily, there weren’t any serious external injuries or aftershocks. It was just a precaution. He would be out in another 2, 3 days.

“Speaking of which, it’s really great…that nothing happened.”

While accompanying Keima up to the rooftop, Elsie put her hand at her chest and said,

“My heart nearly stopped yesterday when I thought about what would happen to kami-sama.”

After Keima was found to be alright at the back door of the shop, Elsie couldn’t help but cry. Keima’s mother, Mari was with them just now, but because she had to run her ‘Grandpa’ Café, she went off early and left the rest to Elsie.



Was silent for a while.

One of the reasons was that he was playing games. But actually, he was thinking about something.

(Was I saved by her? By that…girl who dressed up like an angel…)

Actually, his memory of this wasn’t really clear, and at the moment he regained consciousness, he was already lying at the back door of the shop. Probably, the girl he met in the smoke brought him out of the fire that was spreading through the building and allowed him to escape…

Was that reality?

Or was that all imagination.

Right now, Keima still couldn’t be certain of that. Besides, if that girl really saved me.

Why did she disappear from right in front of me?

He really couldn’t understand that.

Keima couldn’t understand why the girl left him unconscious and went away. And it seemed that no one at the fire seemed to see that girl. Thus Keima was somewhat doubting whether it was just his imagination.

“…The weather’s really fine.”

He sat on the rooftop, looked up at the sky, and muttered.

If he thought about things under such a bright sun, probably everything that happened yesterday was a dream, and not just the girl herself.


Elsie followed suit and sat down on the concrete ground. Then, she suddenly jumped up.

“That’s right!”

She looked at Keima and said,

“I have something to say to okaa-sama! I’ll go make a call!”

And then ran off through the exit of the rooftop as she treaded her way through. Keima watched her leave, and sighed slightly.

“…Such a busy person.”

He then held the handheld PFP in his hand and lay down.


And froze.

There was a penthouse and a water supply tower that was higher than the rooftop, and he saw a girl letting her feet down and sitting there, looking at him. This girl seemed to be looking down at Keima, waiting for Keima to discover her.

Once her eyes meet Keima’s.

“Ahahaha, we finally meet~”

She easily jumped off from there.


The girl was just like an angel as she descended in front of Keima. Her fingertips raised the edge of her skirt slightly as she bowed elegantly.

“Hello, the prince with the beautiful eyes♪.”

This was the second encounter with the girl.

The girl smiled.



Keima was thoroughly stunned. The girl was looking down at Keima, who in turn was lying down. Thus, he could see what’s under the skirt from this angle…



Really an underwear of underwear, Keima thought. He remained unmoved as he stood up and patted away the dust on him and wordlessly looked at the girl.

The girl didn’t seem to mind and said,

“Ahahaha, the prince looks really energetic. That’s great!”


Keima’s mind started to spin.

He furrowed his eyebrows.

(The girl yesterday?)

The memory yesterday started to return. The girl narrowed her eyes and said,

“You took in some smoke, so I was worried.”

And then, she smiled.

“That’s great! Looks like you’re alright!”

Keima managed to make a conclusion and say it out,

“Don’t tell me…you saved me yesterday?”

Then, the girl,


Nodded her head hard.

“I was in that building back then as I was looking for something.”


Feeling that she was surrounded by the girl’s unique presence, Keima asked. The girl energetically and forcefully said in a tone that’s hard to capture,

“Yes, it’s a quest!”

She said it clearly,

“Amidst the endless sea of stars, the stars that are shining regularly will definitely be my destination!”


Keima remained silent, and the girl on the other hand didn’t mind.

“I will continue to look for such stars one after another. My quest is to look for the stars.”


Keima’s language processing ability was outstanding, and he was great at logical thinking. Normally, when conquering girls, he could sort the logic out from the cognitive wavering in the target’s words. That’s why he was able to find out the girl’s hidden secrets, and designate their doctrine or personality. But on the other hand, if the other party wasn’t cognitive in the first place, words that weren’t logical were hard to deal with.

His mind was starting to sort this girl into a certain element.

“There’re a few points.”

Keima asked,

“That I don’t understand. Did you say that you’re looking for something?”

He asked patiently.

“What is it? What is it that you’re trying to find?”

The girl chuckled happily.

“About that, it’s an eternal plus that will never change, a present that’s eternal. No matter how many minus there is, it won’t change this eternal plus.”


Keima started to feel a headache, and his eyelids felt like twitching.

“Really…can you find it?”

The girl said seriously,


And then,



Both of them went silent. The girl put both hands behind her back and smiled. Though Keima was showing a smile too, it was obviously forced and barely held there. His eyelids were twitching. He took perfect timing,


He will take this time to leave.

Thank you for saving me. Did you come to visit me today? Thank you for that. Then, I think I still have some stuff to do, so I’ll make a move first. Bye!

And will hurriedly leave.

Thus, just as he was aiming for this moment to say ‘then’.

“Oh prince.”

The girl turned around and looked at the streets from the handrail of the rooftop.

“The weather’s great today~ the streets are all lively.”

Keima’s tempo was messed up, and he couldn’t leave. He pondered for a while, and sighed hard.

“…I’m not a prince.”

This was the only resistance Keima could make to the girl ever since she started spouting all sorts of nonsense just now. The girl happily turned over.

“You’re a prince!”


“Because you have such beautiful and clear eyes…so pretty, those eyes that looks like they can see through everything, these crystal-like eyes that have god’s will in them.”

The girl took a large step and moved closer.

She smiled.

“Tha, thanks.”

The girl stared at Keima’s eyes in a curious manner, and Keima said in an annoyed manner,

“…Thank you for saving me. Did you come to visit me today? Thank you for that. Then,”

He was about to say the line he prepared.

“…You really like games. I like them too. I’m going through such a quest ♪”

Thus, the girl’s answer was again a little off from what Keima said. Keima really felt like cuddling his head, and then,

“I see, so this person’s!”

He concluded,

“This person’s a Denpakei[1]…” …”

The most incompatible type to the logical Keima.

And what she said up till now,

Couldn’t be comprehended!

Keima couldn’t help but look around desperately for help, and just at this moment,


Elsie appeared on the rooftop. The girl glanced, and said,

“Your little sister?”

She left.

“It’s about time for me to leave.”

Keima heaved a sigh of relief, but she was his savior after all,

“Tha, thank you…again.”

“My name’s Amami Tooru.”

TWGOK 01 049.jpg

“Katsuragi Keima.”

“That’s a nice name.”

The girl showed a kind smile and waved her hand.

“Bye bye, Keima-kun. It’s enough for me that you’re alright. A human’s life more important than anything else~ ♪”

Then, she put her hands behind her back, hummed in a lively manner, and left.

Elsie went by her.

And watched her leave with a strange expression. And then,


Elsie’s hair decoration let out a sound, and she was so shocked that she held her head. She looked dumbstruck as she again pointed at the girl who was heading down the stairs.

“In other words.”

Keima tried his best not to kneel on the floor, and muttered,

“That girl has a wandering spirit, is it…”

He had a bad feeling about this…

And he was actually correct.


Elsie shouted as she ran over.

“That person!”

“I know.”

Keima used a stern expression to look at Elsie,

“I know. There’s a runaway spirit inside, right?”

Elsie nodded her head, and then asked in a curious manner.

“She looked like she was talking to kami-sama…do you two know each other?”

“Basically, it’s our first meeting.”

Keima didn’t elaborate further. He was already thinking about how to conquer that girl…that girl who called herself Amami Tooru.

The runaway spirit rests in the gap of a soul, and they let the girls with these souls fall in love to conquer their hearts before claiming the runaway spirits. This was Elsie’s mission as a member of Hell's ‘runaway spirit squad’, and also her partner Keima’s mission.

That intricate and sharp brain started to move. In his mind, there were countless games he conquered, the routes and even the words of the female leads he conquered imprinted deep inside him without mistake. He recalled.

He pondered.

He deduced, summarized, and continued.

“As expected…a ‘denpakei’, or an ohanabatake[2]…” .”

And then, he shook his head.

“No, it’s too early to designate the type, but we can only go in this direction.”

He looked at the exit where Amami Tooru left, and clicked his tongue slightly.

“I don’t know the school she studies at, and I don’t know where she lives. Really, looks like this conquest’s going to be really physically tiring.”

Elsie asked in a passive manner,

“Then, kami-sama…a ‘denpakei’ is.”

She looked like she was searching through her memeory.


And said with somewhat little confidence.

“…The type of girls kami-sama said that you aren’t good with, right?”


Keima glanced at Elsie,

And then,

“Even if I’m really forced, even if I am really forced to do this, I have to protect this. Please play in my garden!”

Elsie seemed to see several cute and exaggerated flowers sprouting out from behind Keima, and rubbed her eyes.


The bright flowers were gone, and what was left was the sighing Keima.

“Anyway, let’s get out of hospital first, and after that.”

He forcefully pointed out Elsie’s mistake and corrected it.


I just don’t want to get too troubled.

He said. And Elsie couldn’t help but remain rooted and stunned.

Three days later, there was a girl.

Amami Tooru was walking on the streets. She had sepia-colored hair, a flowing one-piece white dress on, a cross-shaped necklace and violet sandals. Her good looks and outstanding figure caused the men who went past her to be attracted by her as they looked at her. They couldn’t help but turn their necks back to look at her.

This girl’s really cute~

Most of the men would think that, but the girl herself didn’t mind the stares. She continued to look up at the row of buildings that were lined up.

She was holding a notebook, even though her stand was unclear,

“Ah, there’s a guidance star here.”

The girl muttered and used a pen to write something. Then, she used her handphone to take a photo of the building.


Then, she just went ‘un un’, nodding away and writing something inside the notebook. After that, she put her notebook and handphone into her bag and continued to sway and walk.

Suddenly, she stopped.


And tilted her head in a puzzled manner.

Amidst the crowd, there was a boy who was leaning on the wall, folding his arms in front of his chest as he slowly got up. He, Katsuragi Keima, stood in front of Amami Tooru.


“…Can I help you find something?”

(Let’s enter her world!)

The girl’s body went stiff for a while, and then, she called out.


Being called out like this in the middle of a crowd, Keima was somewhat scared, but,

“Please allow me to accompany you, princess.”

After that, he politely put his hand in front of his chest. Deep inside, this really needed a lot of effort, but he really looked gentlemanly there.

“Wa~ prince! That’s great, you’re out of the hospital!”

The girl suddenly ran to Keima and hugged him immediately. The pedestrians nearby all gave shocked looks.

Keima himself was shocked too.

“Tha, thanks to you.”

Once the girl separated from him, she held onto Keima’s hand and jumped all about.

“Prince, you recovered really quickly!”

And hugged him again,

“Nn~looks real. I thought you were a treasure in the smoke, but you don’t look like treasure when you’re assembled like this, right?”

He couldn’t understand what she was saying.



The breasts that were larger than average were bouncing around, and he couldn’t possibly not notice it. This elasticity…it’s soft.

But Keima,


Continued to let her rampage on. He was already prepared to have even more endurance in the future…

A girl was looking at them from a utility pole slightly far away. It was Elsie.

Keima taught her.

(I’m going to jump into her story.)

She didn’t really understand the meaning behind this, but Elsie trusted Keima and watched them from behind.

“That’s really a coincidence, prince!”

Are you finally satisfied? Amami Tooru let go of Keima, and then seemingly out of habit, put her hands behind her back and smiled.

Keima heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Amami Tooru.

(Alright. Doesn’t look like there’s something worth noticing on the outside…for now.)

Immediately, Keima’s sharp eyes inspected Amami Tooru entirely. She was really unique, but there wasn’t anything strange about her.

He just felt this again.

She was really a stunningly beautiful girl. He was already bothered the first time he met her, whether she was a mixed-blood or quarter-mixed-blood. The impression she gave was that she was an angel that walked out from some western painter’s painting. She had an ample figure that a Japanese wouldn’t normally have, and she just looked unreal as it seemed to strengthen this impression.

To be honest, it didn’t seem that she had life.

She was just like a real angel…

“What’s with you today?”

Amami Tooru gave a clear smile and asked,

“How about we buy something on the streets?”

Her voice was as clear as a bell, but this enforced the feeling that she wasn’t a human of flesh and blood as it was a vague speech manner.

Keima said,

“You have something…that you wanted to find, right?”

And after that,

Amami Tooru blinked her eyes.

“I’ll find it too, princess.”

First, I have to be sincere.


Amami Tooru continued to stare at Keima for quite a while. Keima then said,

“Let’s look for this eternal plus you’re looking for together.”

I have to be slightly forceful. The character impression has to be like a magician.


“Please allow me to accompany you.”

Make sure I sound like a loyal knight.”


“Wa, wa~! How exciting. The adventure’s about to begin!”

How about a little childish and impish feeling there?


“I, I want to see that eternal plus you are looking for too.”

Like a noble that descends from high above, or a magical item that lasts for a long time.

Just like that, he continued to change tones.


Even so, Amami Tooru continued to stare at Keima.

The pedestrians were all looking at Keima with weird looks as he spouted those strange lines, whether they were coming from the front or the back. Slightly further away, two aunties were muttering.

How pitiful.


So young…and so energetic.

And stuff like that as they continued to gossip.

Actually, Keima also wanted to run far away at this point.

Who wants to carry on like this!

He roared deep inside. He could feel the shame rising up in him, and his face was becoming redder. Even so, Keima continued to organize his words.

Words that could touch the other party’s heart.

The door that leads to the other party’s word, the words that were meant to look for the key.

“This is just my gratitude to you, princess.”

That was what Keima wanted to do.

Once he understands her world, he will blend in, not just emotionally and design, but also in all other aspects. When dealing with ‘denpakei’ girls, this was a must.

What she was looking forward to.

What was she looking at.

What kind of personality did she have.

When dealing with such girls, if one wants to achieve the mutual understanding before people can normally fall in love, they have to go through a number of tedious phases.

That was why Keima continued to let out little jabs in his words to try and probe into her view of the world. For this, he tried many ways of talking.

“…The guidance star.”

Suddenly, Keima’s eyes showed a steady reflection.

“There’s one in this building.”

After sensing the rule in the girl’s words, Keima said,


Keima’s finger pointed above, and Amami Tooru’s eyes followed.

‘Bar—Lucky Chance’.

The street they were on had this signboard right above, a neon light that extended out from the third level of the building.

When it’s night, it’s likely to let out beautiful lights.

And on this signboard.

“Are you looking for such a star?”

It was a decoration that was yellow, seemingly representing a shooting star. Amami Tooru still remained unmoved.

Keima waited slightly.



Amami Tooru laughed, and Keima immediately gulped.

Did he succeed?

Did he fail?

Keima remembered that when he met her for the first time, even inside the building that was on fire, there was a star-shaped signboard of relatively retro games. Also, there were the words she said at the rooftop of the hospital when they met again.

“My quest is to look for stars!”

This line was inside Keima’s detailed memory as well. Thus, he tried to piece these two theories together.

“That’s right! Amazing! How did you know! How did you know that I’m looking for this star?”


Keima heaved a sigh of relief inside. Looks like he was correct. Amami Tooru’s eyes suddenly gave a strong light.

The vague words showed her true passion.

“Ahaha! You’re amazing, prince! You really have all-seeing eyes!”

The girl clapped her hands together and shouted excitedly. The crowd started to turn back and look at Keima and the bishoujo girl who was making an abnormally loud voice. Keima felt his eyes hurting, but he still smiled.

“I know all about you.”

Matching her view of the world.

Matching her heart.

He had to gradually understand the other party. The ‘eternal plus’ she was looking for was likely to be the decisive key to understanding her inner heart.


“I said that I hope to look for it with you.”

Keima took a step forward.


The girl nodded her head.

“You’re a prince! You’re really a prince!”

The girl easily accepted this.

“Let’s look for this, this ‘eternal plus’!”

“…Un, an ‘eternal plus’.”

Keima’s eyes let out a calculative shine.

“How should we look for it?”

He wanted to understand Amami Tooru’s inner heart.

Keima started to probe. Amami Tooru suddenly froze. Not good. He clicked his tongue deep inside. Was he rushing things a little too much?

However, Amami Tooru,

“Ahahaha, I don’t know about this at all! I don’t know where it is, what shape it is! I don’t know at all!”

She clearly answered without being bothered at all.

“I see…”

Keima answered as he lowered his head and thought,

So it was such a setting…I see.

But at this moment, he didn’t notice it.


Amami Tooru’s expression showed a slight change.


It was an expression an ordinary girl would have, as if she was looking down from high above at Keima, trying to test him. What’s ironic was that at this moment, Amami Tooru’s beautiful face was showing some real human emotions—observing from afar, Elsie couldn’t help but go ‘oh?’ But at this moment, Keima’s eyes lost Amami Tooru completely.

“Then, let’s going! To the place we’re most interested in! Let’s go there!”

Thus, once Amami Tooru went back to that gentle expression and that lost voice, Keima himself didn’t realize the change in this.

“Of course.”

He smiled and answered.

Keima gave himself a pass…but at the next moment, what Amami Tooru called out next really surprised him.

“Let’s go ahead. The little sister over there too!”

She lifted her head slightly, and smiled as she said to Elsie, who was hiding behind the utility pole.

Keima himself was shocked inside. Amami Tooru, who didn’t look like she noticed her surroundings, suddenly invited Elsie along, and she never looked in Elsie’s direction when she was talking to Keima.

However, she was talking to Elsie without hesitation, even though she and Elsie only went past each other at the rooftop once.

When did she start to realize Elsie’s existence?

Amami Tooru looked over at the troubled Keima and Elsie, who Keima himself was panicking over, and smiled as she walked off.

After that,

After they tumbled around on the bus for another 2 stops.

“Jyan! This is our destination!”

Keima and Elsie were speechless.

It was a large entertainment facility. The streets Keima and Elsie were staying in were at a more rural area, but it had lots of empty land. It had a school, library, city hall, sports hall and all sorts of public facilities, but also had more large-scale public entertainment facilities.

Right now, the one in front of Keima and company was the ‘Dean Land’, one of these buildings. The building that’s built in the middle of the busy street was an entire theme park itself. From karaoke and bowling alleys to manga cafes and cafeterias, there were all sorts of things inside this building.

What’s more amazing was that there was a track extending out from a side of the building, spinning about in the air once before returning back to the building.




With the cries of several people, the roller-coaster would rush out from the side of the building, spin once before rushing back into the building again.

In other words,

“This is really unbelievable…”

Keima gave out cold sweat as he said this.

A roller coaster occupied half the building. Are the safety standards of this building really alright?


Keima still remained silent.

And Elsie,


Clasped her hands together tight as her eyes were sparkling. Amami Tooru said happily,

“Look! There’s a large guidance star over there!”

She pointed to the roof, and there was really a large star decoration over there.”

“Let’s hurry and go in!”

Keima and Elsie were again grabbed by the hand by Amami Tooru and forcefully dragged in.

Keima already had a bad feeling the moment he saw the outside of this building, but he was already prepared the moment he decided to follow Amami Tooru.

No matter what, he will continue to see what’s inside her world.


Even so,

“Gu, kuku!”

After registering at the first level, he separated from Tooru and Elsie and head into the men’s changing room. After changing into a certain costume, Keima couldn’t help but wince and grimace.

“Why do I”

He clenched his fist hard,

“Wear something like this.”

His shoulders naturally trembled slightly as the humiliation and awkwardness rose up in him. But in contrast, Elsie,

“Waa~! Kami-sama, it really suits you!”

She clapped hard and raised her approval. Amami Tooru too said,

“Un, it’s really ideal for you to be a butler, prince. Definitely.”

After making a ridiculous conclusion, she nodded her head in a satisfied manner. And she herself was dressed like a princess with a crown on. All her clothing were changed except for the cross necklace.

And Elsie was a maid.

As for Keima…

“Uu, I really didn’t expect it to be such a messy spot…”

Was cosplaying as a butler. But like what the girls said, Keima, who had the presence and the looks, was really suited for such outstanding clothing.

The lady at the counter smiled and asked,

“Princess, maid and butler, may I know if there’re any problems?”

“No problems at all. Right, Elsie?”

“Yes~, just, just like you said ♪, princess.”

The girls immediately got into character and answered. Then, the lady at the counter, Amami Tooru and Elsie turned to look at Keima. They were all looking rather enthusiastic, looking forward to it. Keima backed away a little on seeing their blazing eyes, but he couldn’t just keep a poker face all the time. Besides, Amami Tooru was right in front of him.

He barely forced a smile.


He answered,

“No problems at all, princess.”

He politely put his hand in front of his chest and answered, just like when he met Amami Tooru for the first time today. The girls all cheered ‘KYAAA!’

It’s true.

Keima was really suited to cosplay as such…

‘Dean Land’.

The biggest unique thing about it was that it was a theme park that allowed cosplayers to take its rides, a rare sight even in the entire country. Of course, one can wear plain clothes, but most of the customers here would put their clothing inside the clothing storage (these were all managed by computers, and they can be examined through the archive of computers). The cosplayers would choose after a long time what’s most suited for them to wear or what they wanted to wear most. The costume choice of ‘Dean Land’ was extremely big, and right now, besides the princess and butler themes Keima and company were wearing, there were also all sorts of clothing of manga or anime characters, or even doll clothing of animals or mascots, and even pilot suits and nurse uniforms.

There were measurements of different sizes for males and females, and though there were cool girls wearing manly male clothing or little kids cosplaying as magical girls, they would basically wear things that will fit their gender.

If they really didn’t know what’s suited for them to wear, there’s a system where they went to the lady at the counter to be an advisor. Thus, it seemed that as it was Keima and the rest’s first time, they went to the counter lady to help choose the clothes.

It really suited their appearances.

Keima wasn’t willing, but he knew this.

There were more young couples or friends gathered here in Dean Land, but what’s unexpected was that there were also many singles or families. At the higher levels, there’s also a damper (a stage for cosplayers to dance on) for people who’re meeting for the first time to gather. Mothers and fathers were smiling and watching their children in cute clothing jumping and dancing about.

One of the reasons was that it was a holiday, as the hall was buzzing.

Keima was already admitting defeat somewhat.

“Then, Missy.”

And restrained himself as he tried to act like a butler.

“Where shall we head to first?”

Amami Tooru widened her arms and smiled.

“Let me think~ first, let’s play bowling! Bowling!”

And thus, Keima and Elsie were dragged around by Amami Tooru, and once they reached the bowling alley on the fourth level, they were bowling in cosplay.


Amami Tooru did splendid motions as she knocked down pin after pin.


Then, she spun around elegantly in her princess cosplay, showing her white teeth and giving a victory pose. As she spun, the skirt floated up, showing her white calves. As a super beauty did such a thing, all the customers around them were looking over in surprise. At this moment,

“Ka, kami-sama? Is, is it like this?”

Elsie chose a light ball that was suited for her and stiffly hit the pins down. Seeing her enjoying herself like this, one really couldn’t tell that she was bowling for the first time.

In the end.

“Waa~ I, I knocked them all down!”

She actually hit a spare. On seeing this, Amami Tooru was really happy.

“Alright! Good job! Ell-chan!”

“Tha, thanks!”

Unknowingly, she was being called by her nickname, and they were even hi-fiving.

And then,



One or two pins.

He would occasionally hit spares.

This wasn’t something worth bragging,

But the panting Keima,

(More or less enough here, I guess…)

Thought this way.

After bowling, it was karaoke. The system of ‘Dean land’ was that no matter how many times they changed clothes, there’s no need to pay additional fees.

Thus, Keima and the rest (mostly through Amami Tooru’s suggestion) used this system to change clothing. The trio changed into famous international anime clothing. As for karaoke, Amami Tooru showed off her amazing vocals, that’s all. After that, they changed into contemporary drama clothing.

“Let’s go! We might as well ride this now that we’re here!”

Basically, they were forced to take the roller coaster ride by Amami Tooru, the one that looked like a giant snake surrounding a rock.

Amami Tooru and Elsie were already excited,

But Keima, who was more rational than ordinary people, was,

(Is this building and transportation…really up to standard?)

Looking uneasily as he looked in front.

In more ways than one, the ride was really scary…

The roller coaster moved about at a shocking speed on the twisted track. Once the safety was opened and as they got off the roller coaster, while the girls were chattering away happily, Keima was all tired.

TWGOK 01 075.jpg

Anyway, Keima was being dragged around.

Then, they went to the game corner. They played racing games, ice hockey, rim basketball and test of strength punch. During this time,

“O, oi, wait a sec, this, this too!?”


“Oii! You too, Elsie?”

Or things like that. Keima didn’t even have time to rest. However,


Once he entered the row of video games, Keima went silent. His erratic breathing immediately calmed down, his sweat went back into him, and he pushed his glasses.


He silently looked at the game of guessing and problem solving. It was called.

‘~Really smart~test’.

A national versus type intelligence game. It was a game with a number plate that challenges the intelligence of all the gamers in the country. It tests a variety of things, from general knowledge, to mathematical proving, from logical solving to language ability. All sorts of questions were raised,


But Keima looked uninterested as he won overwhelmingly again and again.

His hands,

Just looked like they were moving in a flash as he immediately pressed the correct answers, and the speed he did so caused everyone else to be left amazed.

“A, amazing~”

Amami Tooru called out, and Elsie,

“Wa! Wa! Kami-sama won again!”

She was grabbing onto the chair Keima was sitting on and being all excited,

The ranking of the players with the top scores will be shown on the large screen, and thus, lots of people started to gather unknowingly.

“Wa! What’s going on? He just won another one with a national ranking.”

“…What is he? A genius?”

They were muttering away behind, and finally, Keima ended up facing the 7th ranked player in the country.

“How about this game?”

The opponent raised what looked like a game that’s a mix of submarines and international chess. Keima answered,

“...I don’t mind.”

With the customers in the shop and hundreds of viewers watching.


Keima narrowed his eyes. His thinking time was longer, and the big screen showed that Keima was at a disadvantage in the game.

Under the opponent’s attacks, the sequence disk looked like it was being suppressed.

Amami Tooru held her breath.

Elsie didn’t understand the rules at all, but she increased the force of her grip on the chair. And then,


Keima’s body relaxed.

Just like that.

His clear mind saw through the enemy’s opening. It was an opening an ordinary person couldn’t realize, one really minor and inconspicuous; a logical opening. But to the god of gaming Keima, this was enough. At this moment, a large comeback started.


The crowd couldn’t help but cheer for this beautiful reversal as smooth and quick movements accompanied the instantaneous calm thoughts.

Quick direct attacks.

Skillfully set traps.

He continued to attack and weaken the enemy’s base like torrents.

And then,

“I lose. You’re too strong.”

As if seeing the wry smile on the opposing gamer from the other side of the network as he watched this glorious win, Keima smiled.

“Nice fight.”

He sent a reply praising the brilliant performance. At this moment, the people behind exploded into thunderous claps.

The people who were watching the competitor, one who appeared in many national rankings continuously, face off against an unknown challenger in an intense battle all gave their praise.

Red or yellow text were dancing about.


Finally, Keima seemed to be a little tired as he sighed and left the game console. Amami Tooru was thoroughly amazed.

“Prince! You’re really a prince! That’s amazing! That’s so cool! But, eh?”

She looked puzzled.

“Why a game?”

What she asked wasn’t really clear. Perhaps it was ‘why are you so strong in games?’

As for this question.


A delicate expression appeared on Keima’s face as he observed the person…but the one who answered was Elsie, who was completely immersed in the victory.

“U~! Ka, Kami-nii-sama!”

And she sounded really excited.

“Kami-sama’s really a god!”

At that moment.


Amami Tooru’s movements went stiff, and then,



Right in front of Elsie and the mystified looking Keima,


She started laughing like something was broken.

“God! I see, the prince is a god!”


She said, and smiled.

“I was right when I cosplayed as an angel, right? Kami-sama? Ahh, I see! So that’s how it is! That’s great, I turned into an angel and saved god!”


Keima continued to remain silent through, and Amami Tooru said with a clear expression,

“You’re god, and I’m the angel, so that means,”

She pointed at Elsie,

“You’re a cute devil, right, Ell-chan?”

It was an inexplicable,

And an ambiguous expression.

“Now the three of us are god, angel and devil!”

Elsie was shocked even though it should be merely a coincidence.

However, it felt like she said the truth…

And then,


Keima remained silent as he continued to stare at Amami Tooru’s expression. “…For some reason.”

Elsie whispered to Keima.

“Tooru-san really gives an inexplicable feeling, isn’t it?”

After what happened then, the three of them arrived at the activity floor at the top.

They were surrounded by all sorts of cosplayers. As the Dance Event was about to start, lots of people were gathering here.

Giving an expressionless face, Keima was looking through his glasses at the back profile of Amami Tooru, who went to get the free drinks from the drink corner.


And now, he turned around silently to look at Elsie.

Elsie lowered her head and corrected,

“No, she doesn’t just give an inexplicable feeling. She’s really inexplicable.”

Kokukoku, she nodded her head.

It’s unknown when she noticed Elsie’s presence. Even though she probably didn’t mean it, she did mention Elsie’s real identity and so on.

“…Kami-sama. Are ‘Denpa-type’ people really inexplicable people with such sharp intuition?

Elsie asked Keima again.

Keima considered about the question for a while.

“Is that so.”

And he nodded his head.

“Denpa-type people would often display an inexplicable instinct. This may be a woman’s sixth sense or some signal that was received…this is still something unknown, so listen up, Elsie. Keima lifted his finger up and started to explain.

“The Denpa-type can mostly be sorted into the ‘genuine receiver-type’ and the ‘flower field-type’. Both of them have very huge differences in their appearances. The ‘genuine-nature type’ has a plain skin color and is expressionless, and most of them would have short hair or really short hair. In contrast, the ‘flower field-type’ girls would pretend by wearing ordinary girls’ clothing, and there’s an 80% to 90% chance that they would have long hair or medium long hair.”

He raised these characteristics with the tone of a lecture.

‘The ‘genuine receiver-type’ would normally have a dark side under normal circumstances, like saying something weird out of a sudden or making strange gestures. Like what the term implies, this group of people will normally do eccentric things once they receive some bad waves, and this element can be extremely dangerous…I got involved in a few dangerous moments of hell before.”

Keima’s glasses shone.

“In other words, it’s really troublesome.”

Elsie was dripping in cold sweat.

“Really troublesome?”


Keima sighed.

“Well, Amami Tooru’s the latter, the ‘flower field-type’, the direct opposite of the ‘genuine receiver-type’. First, they would take any eccentric actions, and they’re a type of people who have a unique set of rules as they view things from a unique world. To think that they are confused with the ‘natural’ characters, but,”

Keima twitched his neat eyebrows slightly.


“…How are they completely different?”

The moment Elsie asked this, Keima stared back at Elsie, who asked this question, with a slightly cold expression.

“Do you think ice cream and sorbet are the same?”

Once again, Elsie seemed to see the large images of the ice cream and sorbet behind Keima. Just like that.

‘Ice cream. A frozen product that’s made by adding milk, sugar, flavoring, gelatin to cream and freezing it!’


‘Sorbet. A frozen food that’s made by adding sugar solution to fruit juice, mixing them up and freezing them!’

And the explanations.

But as expected, these were just hallucinations.

“It’s true that the common point between these two is that they’re cold desserts, but the contents are different.”

Keima continued with his lesson.

“First, the ‘natural’ won’t make up stories. Though their concept of reality may be a little off, it is still based on reality. In the end, this ‘natural’ would mean that the current reality and the ‘natural’ reality are slightly different. However, the ‘flower garden’ type is different. Their concept of reality is completely different from reality. Quite the opposite, we ordinary people can only establish a common link with them if our difference in values would at least have some overlaps. The ‘flower garden-type’ is one that’s guided by some invisible fairy’s voice. There’s definitely a consistent view of the world behind her.”


Elsie remained silent. What Keima said was way too hard to understand. She could only put her index fingers on back sides of her head as her eyes look lost.

Keima gave a thinking look as he crossed his arms and supported his chin with one hand.


He muttered,

“…I don’t know what’s the ‘story’ of Amami Tooru based on.”

For the entire day, Keima was watching Amami Tooru, and even though his physical body was all tired, that sharp mind of his was thinking calmly.

The nature of the story Amami Tooru.

The key to getting close to her inner heart.


(She was an angel when I met her, and I guess she was in princess mode when she called me ‘prince’. But after that, they were all anime characters, contemporary drama style, and even other costumes like thief and bunny outfits, and again calling herself an angel…impossible. Normally, the ‘flower garden-type’ would come up with a story that flows according to how they build themselves, a single world, and stick themselves into a certain character. Amami Tooru’s situation’s completely different. We’re in a free cosplay facility, but the changes in the image are way too much. Not just the appearance, but also the content of the dialogue.)

Keima continued to wonder about this problem. His mind was moving at full speed.

(Amami Tooru doesn’t have a defining personality. Why is that?) He would often find chances to ask Amami Tooru all sorts of questions.


Sometimes forcefully.

Regarding the ‘Guiding star’ she was looking for and the cause and effect of this ‘eternal plus’.

Or rather, the specific image of this ‘eternal plus’.

Speaking of which, why was she dressed as an angel when they first met?

Anyway, he tried his best to talk to her as he tried to look for clues.


“I don’t know, or rather,”

It even seemed that Amami Tooru would often evade the questions skillfully. He tried his best to ask things that were close to her world in order not to affect her mood, but he just couldn’t grasp this world itself.

“Don’t tell me.”

Keima suddenly thought of an unpleasant conclusion.

(…Was she faking it? Was Amami Tooru pretending to be a ‘Denpakei’?)

However, he quickly denied his own thoughts.

(No, that’s impossible. It wouldn’t be beneficial for her to pretend to be a ‘Denpakei’ type unless she was targeting Elsie and me right from the beginning and thought of a few tricks. Also, that’s the biggest difference between a ‘natural’ and a ‘denpakei’…therefore.)

Thinking till here, Keima finally realized something abnormal.

“Arre? Speaking of which, where’s Amami Tooru?” She said that she went off to get drinks, but after a long time, she isn’t back yet.

Keima himself seemed to be buried in his own thoughts as a long time was spent, and Elsie, who just went ‘uu~’ up till now while listening to Keima’s lesson, hears Keima’s words,

“Ah, are? Speaking of which!”

She looked around.

“This, this is bad! Kami-sama! Tooru-san, she’s not here!”

Keima opened his eyes, and growled,

“Ku, so…”

It seemed that the matter he was most worried of happened…

This was a scenario a while back, as a girl who was dressed in a bunny suit was watching Keima and Elsie from afar.

Her eyes,


Were full of sadness.

She looked at the handphone and saw the name that was shown on it.

“So…I have to go back now, is it?”

Her blurry expression was suddenly awake.

Kya kya, the happy smile of hers wasn’t there anymore.

She wasn’t like an ordinary girl, and the relaxing atmosphere became a heavy tired one. The angel soon became a human again.

Not in any image,

Only a human.

Back to a girl called Amami Tooru.


For a moment, she stared at Keima reluctantly,

“I don’t know why you accompanied me until the end.”

She turned around, raised a hand and said,

“Thank you, I had fun today.”


Was a farewell speech to a boy she never intended to meet. Just like that, she walked straight towards the exit of the banquet.

After a while,

The dance event started, and exciting music started to flow as the surrounding people started dancing about. At this moment,


Keima shouted to his heart’s content.



  1. 電波系 - somebody who has wild fantasies; someone who hears voices; someone who is crazy
  2. お花畑タイプ - flower garden type (when thinking about boyfriend, happy thoughts come first)

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