Unlost Lambs

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Volume 1 Cover

Unlost Lambs (子ひつじは迷わない) is a light novel series written by 玩具堂 (Gangdo) and illustrated by 籠目 (Kagome).

Story Synopsis[edit]

A student council while trying to gather votes, announced that they are willing to help with things big and small in the school, and set up the "Unlost Sheep Enquiry Committee", where students are welcome to share their troubles and get them solved. However, some of these requests are not exactly simple, and are hard to deal with. One of the student council members stumbled upon a girl who shows great dislike towards him, while bearing great wisdom to solve such cases.


  • 1th March 2011
    • Unlost Lambs teaser project initiated.

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Volume 1[edit]

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