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                                       Black Cats of The Full Moon 
                                -Sword Art Online novel translation project-

Current Members:

Translator: Desodus

Proofreader: Kira0802 (part-timer/inactive), Xplorer30 (Retired), Idoshi

Editors: drksmkpunchr, patchkn, darn2k

Collaborators: Hayate-sama, Oxe, rnn, Izumi.Konata Aka Hiyono, Teh Ping

Current status:

Volume 3: Complete

Volume 4: Complete

Volume 5 Chapter 1 - 5: Complete

Volume 5 Chapter 6: Teh Ping finishing it up

Volume 5 Chapter 7: Editing

Volume 6: Complete by Teh Ping

Volume 8 Chapter 2 - Caliber Part 1: Complete

Alicization Arc Chapter 1: Web version abandoned

Meeting Place:

If there is anybody willing to help, go to the link above and just give us a shout!

We will take anyone interested at all,editors, proofreaders, or translators. Any help goes a long way.


Think of this as a recruitment post. If anyone reading this post can read Japanese and is willing to help with matching our translations of SAO to the original Japanese and/or translating it themselves we would really appreciate the help. The only person we have helping with the matching right now is Xplorer30, and the only person doing the translating is desodus and possibly Thunder. It would be nice if we could split the work they do between some more people - it would also help get the finished product out quicker.

If anyone wants to help, Post or PM darn2k at, just post here, or e-mail me at darn2k(at)