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Haii~ I'm xland, just a random dude who likes Fantasy (I enjoy fantasy novels, fantasy TV shows, fantasy manga, fantasy anime, etc). Basically I enjoy the fantasy genre regardless of the media type it is presented in. Currently, I have given myself the task of updating and keeping track of the "Hai to Gensou no Grimgal" page, as nobody has bothered to update the baka-tsuki page in a while. I'm not a translator, just a dude who dislikes seeing obsolete or outdated things.

Reply on forum registration issues[edit]

I think there is a recurring issue that IPs (and emails) are erratically flagged by the external spam blacklists for registration and password changes, it can usually be resolved by trying repeatedly until it works. I recently had to change my password and it didn't work until the fourth attempt. I also added your IP and email to the "unban" list, but I'm not sure if that helps at all for bypassing the external lists (I don't know the technical details of how the forum blocking works). If it really doesn't work after multiple attempts, I suppose I could try creating one and emailing it to you. But to answer the question of uploading files, on the left sidebar, at the bottom, under "Tools," there is an "Upload File" link. --Cthaeh (talk) 14:41, 6 December 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for updating all the Grimgal links![edit]

You probably helped us get 80% of our site views by your one simple action that we all forgot about. =) hikaslap (talk) February 1st 2016

So, Mr. Xland, where can I get the pdf of vol 3? C.I.U (talk)

RE: Hi, C.I.U (talk) ! I am not affiliated with NanoDesu so I do not have access to the PDFs, but if I remember correctly, the Grimgar PDF Vol. 3 isn't out yet - Hikaslap announced on the site that it was scheduled for the end of July, but it has been delayed apparently. When it is available, you will be able to download it at

~ xland