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This page describes the rules dictating the uploading of translations from an external resources, including other light novel translation groups.


In recent years, Asian light novels have become increasingly popular in the West, and numerous independent bloggers and groups have begun posting English translations on the Internet. These translations can sometimes be difficult to find, so Baka-Tsuki aspires to be a comprehensive index and hub to connect readers with all existing light novel translations on the Internet.

Please respect our rules AND the rules of external translation groups when uploading translations.

Baka-Tsuki's Terms and Regulations

General Rules
  • External Fan Translation groups engaging in commercial activity cannot be affiliated with Baka-Tsuki (hosted/linked).
  • External Fan Translation groups with licensed projects on their website cannot be affiliated with Baka-Tsuki (hosted/linked).
  • Note that we do not accept new linked Web Novel projects this time
  • Also, for hosted Web Novel projects, the translator or translation group representative must make the request. We do not accept new external project requests from fans even with permission from the translator for Web Novel projects (unlike below procedures for fan with permission for Light Novel projects).
  • All ETLs may choose to have some of their projects be hosted projects, and others be linked projects (or some mixture thereof).
  • ETLs have all rights to their translations.

Please Select Which Option Describes You Best:

I am the Owner or Official Representative of an External Translation Group

Who Qualifies?

All External Translation Groups (ETL) can qualify to enter affiliation relations with us. We have no minimum requirements for group size, language, skill, activity, etc. You must have translated at least one chapter to be listed at Baka-Tsuki.

Independent translators (i.e.: bloggers or tumblr translators) can qualify under the definition of an ETL. As long as your translation was originally released on the Internet outside of Baka-Tsuki, you can opt to be considered an ETL.

Two Main Affiliation Types

  • Hosted Project: Upload your raw translated scripts to the Wiki
  • Linked Project: Place external hyperlinks to your translations on the Wiki

Please note that there are benefits and drawbacks to each option.

Hosted Projects
  • Hosted Project External Translators (ETLs) have full authority and control over their own translations.
  • ETLs can format these translations however they desire. ETLs are not bound by the rules of Baka-Tsuki General Conventions or Project-Specific Guidelines.
  • ETLs may request that their translations not be edited by the public, should they desire. (Please contact a Supervisor to have a page locked)
  • ETL's have no authority over chapters or volumes that are not their own (unless the ETL is also the Project Manager).
  • In other words, an ETL cannot prevent other translation groups or Baka-Tsuki translators from translating future chapters. This is still first-come-first-serve.
  • ETLs should understand they do not own the entire project; they only own the translations that they made.
  • ETLs may participate in editing other Baka-Tsuki translations, but they should do so as regular members (and thus must abide by Baka-Tsuki and Project-Specific guidelines).
  • Retranslations are allowed.
  • Retranslations should be linked in parenthesis next to the original translation.
  • The Baka-Tsuki translation gets the first position (if it exists). Every ETL retranslation thereafter comes in subsequent parenthesis on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Project Manager may decide the cosmetics or details of this rule.
  • The Project Manager or Baka-Tsuki Supervisor has authority over the layout of the Project Overview Page.
  • ETLs are encouraged to communicate with Baka-Tsuki staff if any changes are desired.
  • Some comments about Hybrid Projects:
  • A Hybrid Project is any project that has a Baka-Tsuki-associated translator AND an ETL working simultaneously on the project.
  • The Project Manager position is ONLY meant to manage the affairs of Baka-Tsuki translators.
  • Therefore, the Project Manager has no mandate to regulate an ETL's affairs or translations.
  • However, ETLs should respect the guidelines of the Project Manager if they are going to contribute to editing Baka-Tsuki translations that are not their own.
  • Because of the definition of a Project Manager, ETLs should not list themselves as the Project Manager unless the ETL is genuinely interested in managing the affairs of Baka-Tsuki translators.
  • If an ETL takes the Project Manager position for a hybrid project, they must observe these rules:
  • They must apply for the Project Manager position in the regular fashion.
  • They should govern Baka-Tsuki members without a conflict of interest to the best of their ability.
  • They must create a Project-Specific Guidelines, and otherwise comply with general Baka-Tsuki rules when managing Baka-Tsuki members. Reminder: By Statement VIII of Baka-Tsuki's General Constitution, prospective contributors cannot be denied from from the Baka-Tsuki-end of the project.
  • ETLs are allowed to run their own translation group however they like. However, they must govern as Project Manager with Baka-Tsuki's rules. Please keep the two separate and distinct (i.e.: Baka-Tsuki translators should not be forced to take your group's translation test in order to participate on the project).
Hybrid Project Case Study (ETL is not Project Manager):

Suppose there is a series for which "MooMooExternalTranslations" translated volumes 1-3 and uploaded to Baka-Tsuki. MooMoo does not want their translations to be edited on Baka-Tsuki unless the Baka-Tsuki editors have prior clearance from their staff. There are Baka-Tsuki translators also working on volumes 7-10 of the same series. The Project Manager is a Baka-Tsuki member.

Baka-Tsuki editors should edit volumes 1-3 with MooMoo's guidelines (if MooMoo does not allow public editing, then BT editors should respect that). All other volumes should be edited with BT guidelines. The Baka-Tsuki Project Manager does not control MooMoo, and MooMoo's Admin Team does not control the BT translators. However, both factions are encouraged to communicate and cooperate.

Hybrid Project Case Study (ETL is Project Manager):

Suppose MooMooTranslations is very invested in a series and wants to make the Baka-Tsuki translations of the series better. In this situation, MooMoo is welcome to take the Project Manager position if it is vacant.

MooMoo should tackle this as if they are managing two translation groups. MooMoo will continue to let their own staff work on MooMoo-affiliated volumes. At the same time, MooMoo should coordinate Baka-Tsuki translators and editors who operate under Baka-Tsuki values (i.e.: Statement VIII of the BT's Constiution). The two groups should remain separate. MooMoo can consolidate the Project-Specific Guidelines so that the project is consistent between MooMoo and BT translators, provided that there are no contradictions to BT's Contributor Agreement.

If a third translation group joins (ZeeZeeTranslations), MooMoo cannot force ZeeZee to match Project-Specific Guidelines created by MooMoo. However, all parties are encouraged to enter into dialogue.

Linked Projects
  • ETLs are in no way obligated to listen to the recommendations of Baka-Tsuki Project Managers/Staff pertaining to the details of externally hosted translations.
  • However, if an ETL participates in editing Baka-Tsuki translations that are not their own, they should do so as regular members and follow the Project Manager's rules.
  • External links should lead directly to the specified chapter of translation.
  • They should not lead to the ETL's home page or miscellaneous pages.
  • We strongly prefer that linking occur chapter-by-chapter. Linking by parts should only be a last resort if there is no means of navigation.
  • Rules Pertaining the Positioning of Chapter Links:
  • If there is no Baka-Tsuki or Hosted Project translation (translations with raw text uploaded), Linked Projects may place their external link in the default position.
  • Otherwise, the external link should go in parenthesis to the right of any Baka-Tsuki or Hosted Project translation. Positioning priority is as follows:
Baka-Tsuki Translation > Hosted Project Translation (raw translated script uploaded) > Linked Project (external link)
  • ETLs may have a maximum of ONE link that goes to the ETL's home page on the Project Overview Page.
  • Furthermore, miscellaneous announcements (including recruiting) are not allowed on the Project Overview Page.
  • A linked-project ETL is NOT allowed to take the Project Manager position.
  • The Project Manager position is ONLY meant to manage the affairs of Baka-Tsuki translators.
  • We feel that ETLs who only provide external links have no investment towards the Baka-Tsuki translations on the Wiki. Therefore, there is no reason why an ETL of a linked project should ever take the Project Manager position.

Affiliation Procedure:

Translation Group Name (with link):

Name of Representative: 

Desired Series for Affiliation:

Desired Affiliation Type (Hosted/Linked):

Does Your Group Use Machine Translation or Machine-assisted Translation Tools? If yes, elaborate:

Describe the Source Material Your Translation Group Uses:
(e.g. Is it a webnovel or light novel? Japanese or Chinese source?)

Specific Accommodations/Rules Desired: 
(e.g.: Minor typo corrections are okay, but Baka-Tsuki contributors shouldn't make stylistic edits)
  • A Baka-Tsuki Supervisor should reply on the admin contact page and/or your user talk page and negotiate the terms of your affiliation. This supervisor will be your liaison with Baka-Tsuki. Please contact this supervisor if you feel like any of your rights are violated, or if you have any specific requests.
  • If the Project Overview Page does not exist, the Baka-Tsuki Supervisor will help create the page and place their name as the Designated Supervisor. Otherwise, the Supervisor will transfer the case to the appropriate Designated Supervisor and inform associated Project Managers.
  • Hosted and Linked Projects are still subject to the same Full Project Approval Guidelines.

I am a Fan Who Has Received Permission to Post Someone Else's Translation


  • Have you contacted the owner of the translation and received permission to post their translations on Baka Tsuki?
If you don't have permission, you shouldn't upload it. It is against our rules to upload other's translations without permission. Violators of this rule will experience the consequences. You should not link external translations without obtaining permission. Some translation groups do not wish to be associated with Baka-Tsuki, so please respect their sentiments.
  • Do you have link to a public blog post to prove that they gave you permission (or an email, chat log, or screenshot if it's not public)?
You should have some form of proof. If you do, contact Baka-Tsuki Supervisors at the Administration Contact Page and copy-paste exactly what they told you. We may ask you to email us proof so we have it on file. Do not upload/link anything until you have a response from a Baka-Tsuki supervisor.
  • Does the Project Overview Page already exist on Baka-Tsuki?
If yes, you should contact the current Project Manager of the Baka-Tsuki project. If no, a new Project Overview Page should be created as dictated in the New Project Startup Guidelines.