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By contributing fan translations, edits, or services to Baka-Tsuki or any of its associated subdivisions, you agree to follow these rules.

Project Managers may specify additional guidelines on top of these, but the rules on this page are universal and cannot be violated/modified in any form whatsoever.

General Constitution

I. All the General Behavior Rules stated in the Reader Agreement still apply.

II. Under no circumstances would you submit works that are licensed and published in the submitted language.

  • If you aren't sure about the licensing status of your Project, check with a Wiki Supervisor.

III. Under no circumstances would you submit translated works (or links to translated works) copied directly from an external source without permission.

  • Do not submit any translation that is not your own work, UNLESS:
  • You have written e-permission from the original translator. In this situation, you should refer to these guidelines: Submitting External Works with Permission.

IV. The Original Translator is to be regarded as the primary shareholder of a specific translation.

  • The Original Translator has the full right to withhold or remove his/her original translation(s) from the Wiki.
  • However, if the translation is to be eventually reposted elsewhere, all past contributors should be credited.

V. Do not spam, vandalize, or make blatantly damaging contributions with malicious or poor intent.

  • This is strictly enforced. Violators of this rule will be banned without warning.

VI. Wiki Supervisors have authority regarding any global management issue.

  • Wiki Supervisors rank above Project Managers and manage Baka-Tsuki globally as an organization. Subsequently, Custodians rank above Supervisors, etc.

VII. Each Translation Project is to be viewed as autonomous, capable of determining its own Project-Specific Guidelines, and self-managing.

  • The Project Manager is the primary authority in a specific Translation Project.
  • Respect the decisions and choices of the Project Manager for your project.

VIII. All Baka-Tsuki Translation Projects must be open to the public. Prospective contributors may not be denied participation rights in the Project.

  • No individual can be barred from a project on the basis of skill or experience.
  • Project Managers and novice translators are encouraged to reach a mutual agreement so the new translator has the opportunity to improve. Possibilities could include, but is not limited to:
  • Organizing a mentor who will check the translation (TLC) and correct it for accuracy.
  • Recommending the new contributor to start off working on side stories, prologues, or epilogues.
  • Recommending the contributor to temporarily relocate to an easier Baka-Tsuki project to improve their skills.
  • EXCEPTION: A Wiki Supervisor may dictate a punitive measure (suspension or ban from a Translation Project) if a violation of rules has occurred.

Mandatory Reads

Prior to joining any Translation Project, all contributors are REQUIRED to read the following documents:

  • General Translation Project Conventions — Default rules for all Translation Projects.
  • Project Specific Guidelines Page — Available on every Project Overview Page (if a Project Manager has specified modified/additional rules).

Disciplinary Action

This section describes the disciplinary action to occur if a registered user fails to comply to global or Project-Specific rules.

Please note if a situation arises where moderators feel the spirit of the rules are being broken or abused, moderators may take punitive action on the offender(s).

Generally, most violations of the rules follow this procedure, but by no means is this a concrete rule:

1). First Offense - Informal Warning
  • An informal warning can come from any individual (not necessarily a Wiki Supervisor).
  • An informal warning may be casual, occur in social media, user talk pages, forum posts, etc.
2). Second Offense - Formal Warning
  • A formal warning must come from a Wiki Supervisor.
  • A formal warning must clearly state it is a "warning."
  • Example: The "Yellow Card" is considered a Formal Warning.
3). Third Offense - Disciplinary Action
Could include the following, depending on the severity of the offense:
  • Suspension from participating in a specific Translation Project
  • Suspension from contributing to the Wiki on a global scale
  • Permanent ban from participating in a specific Translation Project
  • Permanent ban from contributing to the Wiki on a global scale
4). Custodial Appeal
  • All registered users who have been sentenced disciplinary action have the right to appeal to Custodial Staff.
  • All involved parties of the disciplinary action must be prepared to submit evidence supporting/prosecuting the defendant.
  • If a Custodian was involved in the incident, a second unrelated Custodian shall be assigned to adjudicate.
  • The verdict reached by the arbitrating Custodian will be final and binding.

Special Usergroups

  • Promotion to higher usergroups are made by invitation or nomination, when an individual has demonstrated contributions worthy of the usergroup.
  • Information on Special Usergroups can be found here.
  • Self-Nominations can be directed to Wiki Supervisors, but there is no guarantee of acceptance.
  • After one year of unannounced inactivity, users ranked in Administration will be deemed Missing in Action (MIA), and the following will occur:
  • Their Wiki Privileges will be temporarily revoked
  • Their names will be removed from the active Administration List
  • Their names will be added to the Hall of Fame.
  • If the absentee returns, Wiki privileges may be reinstated upon request. The decision of Consul and/or Custodian shall be final and binding.