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Little proof of concept for what could be done to help API. In short, there'd be a category for each BT project which is essentially the PageID of the main overview page. Then, we'd place a manual sort key to maintain order regardless of how weird the chapter names are.

I'm imagining a future where all we'd need to do is put this on the bottom of every page (hopefully combine this with AAkira's Template:SimpleNav):

Vol1 Prologue:

next=Chapter 1 

Vol1 Chapter 1:

next=Chapter 2 

Vol1 Interlude 1:

prev=Chapter 1
next=Chapter 3 

Vol1 Chapter 2:

prev=Interlude 1

Vol1 Epilogue:

prev=Chapter 2 

As for the current pages that don't do this, it's easy enough to just cycle through the pages and add the forced sort-key to the bottom of each page with a bot (within noincludes). It might work? You know, just set up a spreadsheet with all the values of the current series set up. Then we just run the bot.

As for new entries... we can slowly encourage people to add the sortkeys themselves. Apart from that, I currently see every new chapter made in the English department, so I don't mind doing the manual additions myself for a while.