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Kini no Tabi Tome 1 - Couverture

Kino no Tabi ( キノの旅 -the Beautiful World-, Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World-?) est une série de light novel japonais écrits par Keiichi Sigsawa, illustrés par Kōhaku Kuroboshi . En France il désigne aussi l'anime tiré de ces mêmes light novel.

Kino no Tabi existe également dans les langues suivantes :

Important : Ceux qui souhaitent traduire ou éditer le projet doivent IMPÉRATIVEMENT lire la partie "Traduction".


La destination n’est qu’un état d’esprit. L’histoire d’une fille, de sa moto et de la route. Kino fait le tour du monde à bord de Hermès, son étrange moto anthropomorphique, ne restant que trois jours dans chaque pays. Durant leurs aventures, ils trouveront le bonheur, la tristesse, la douleur, de la décadence, de la violence, de la beauté et de la sagesse. Mais à travers tout cela, ils ne perdent pas leur sens de la liberté. Ils découvrent que les imperfections dans le monde, font actuellement sa beauté. "Le monde n’est pas magnifique, par conséquent il l’est".

Règles de Traduction[edit]

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Chaque chapitre doit se conformer aux règles ci-dessous après édition :

La traduction est de l'Anglais au Français

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  • Annonce
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Kino no Tabi par Keiichi Sigsawa[edit]

L'ordre proposé du Tome 1 est un ordre linéaire, c'est le même que celui de la version anglaise, si vous voulez le lire dans son ordre normale voici l’ordreː

Prologue : Dans la Forêt b -Perdu dans la Forêt- b

Pays de la douleur visible -Je Te Vois-

Pays de la loi Majoritaire -Notre Égoïsme-

Trois hommes sur les Rails -Sur Les Rails-

Le Colisé –Les Vengeurs-

Pays des Adultes –Droits Naturels-

Une Terre Paisible -Amour Maternel-

Épilogue : Dans la Forêt a- Perdu dans la Foret- a

Bonne Lecture.

KNT V01 NewCover.jpg
KNT V01 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 1[edit]

KNT V02 NewCover.jpg
KNT V02 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 2[edit]

KNT V03 NewCover.jpg
KNT V03 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 3[edit]

KNT V04 NewCover.jpg
KNT V04 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 4[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue: In the Middle of a Crimson Sea・b -Blooming Prairie・b-
  • ːLand with a Statue -Angel?-
  • ××××× -Solo-
  • Land of Couples -Even a Dog Doesn't Eat-
  • Tradition -Tricksters-
  • A Land without the Need for Work -Workable-
  • A Land Divided -World Divided-
  • Grapes -On Duty-
  • Land of Acknowledgment -A Vote-
  • A Tale of Extortion -Bloodsuckers-
  • Land with a Bridge -Their Line-
  • The Tower Country -Free Lance-
  • Epilogue: In the Middle of a Crimson Sea・a -Blooming Prairie・a-
  • Author's NotesːAuthor's Notes: Afterward -Preface-

KNT V05 NewCover.jpg
KNT V05 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 5[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue: Amidst the Setting Sun・b -Will・b-
  • Reminiscence -Blue Rose-
  • Land of Permitted Murder -Jungle's Rule-
  • Tale of a Store -For Sale-
  • Land of Heroes -No Hero-
  • Land of Heroes -Seven Heroes-
  • A Tranquil Land -Jog Trot-
  • Land of Prophecies -We NO the Future.-
  • Bodyguards -Stand-bys-
  • Tale of a Salt Field -Family Business-
  • Land of Illness -For You-
  • Epilogue: Amidst the Setting Sun・a -Will・a-
  • Author's Notes: Otogaso -Preface-

KNT V06 NewCover.jpg
KNT V06 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 6[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Frontispiece: A Land of No Admittance -Reasonable-
  • Frontispiece: An Unbiased Tale -All Alone-
  • Frontispiece: A Tale of a Tank -Life Goes On.-
  • Prologue: A Pledge・b -a Kitchen Knife・b-
  • Her Journey -Chances-
  • Her Journey -Love and Bullets-
  • Land of Fireworks -Fire at Will!-
  • A Land with an Elder -I Need You.-
  • A Land that Never Forgets -Not Again-
  • A Safe Country -For His Safety-
  • During the Journey -Intermission-
  • For Luck -How Much Do I Pay For?-
  • Author's Notes: A Special End-of-Volume Quiz

KNT V07 NewCover.jpg
KNT V07 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 7[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue: To Do Something・b -life goes on.・b-
  • A Troublesome Land -Leave Only Footsteps!-
  • A Land with a Certain Love -Stray King-
  • Along a River -Intermission-
  • A Winter Tale -D-
  • A Tale of a Tea Party in a Forest -Thank You-
  • Land of Liars -Waiting for You-
  • Epilogue: To Do Something・a -life goes on.・a-
  • Author's Notes: Colorful Afterword -Preface-

KNT V08 NewCover.jpg
KNT V08 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 8[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Frontispiece: A Land with a Road -Go West!-
  • Frontispiece: The Land Where No Crime Can Be Done -Black box-
  • Prologue: The Beginning and End of a Journey at the Seaside -On the Beach・b-
  • A Land with History -Don't Look Back!-
  • A Tale with Love -Dinner Party-
  • Radio Country -Entertainer-
  • A Land Saved -Confession-
  • Epilogue: The Ship Country -On the Beach・a-
  • Author's Notes: Afterword

KNT V09 NewCover.jpg
KNT V09 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 9[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Under the Cover
  • Frontispiece: Unacceptable People -Traveler's Tale-
  • Frontispiece: A Tale of Walls -Sweet Home-
  • Prologue: In Sorrow・b -Yearning・b-
  • Land of Records -His Record-
  • Evening of Good People -Innocence-
  • An Author's Journey -Editor's Travels-
  • Land of Electromagnetic Waves - Not Guilty-
  • Land of Diaries -Historians-
  • Land of Nature Conservation -Let It Be!-
  • Land of Merchants -Professionals-
  • Killing Country -Clearance-
  • Continuation ・ A Tale of a Tank -Spirit-
  • Tales from the Past -Tea Talks-
  • Power of Persuasion II -Persuader II-
  • Epilogue: In Sorrow・a -Yearning・a-
  • Author's Notes: Afterword

KNT V10 NewCover.jpg
KNT V10 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 10[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Frontispiece: Land of Pets -apPETite-
  • Frontispiece: Ti's Wish -Get Real!-
  • Prologue: A Certain Man's Journey・b -Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・b-
  • A Land with an Interview -Out of the Question-
  • A Tale of Braggarts -Fantasy-
  • Land of Protection -Meritocracy-
  • Land of Electric Poles -Transmission-
  • In a Place Like This -Preface-
  • Ti's Day -a Day in the Girl's Life-
  • Land with a Diva -Unsung Divas-
  • Epilogue: A Certain Man's Journey・a -Life is a Journey, and Vice Versa.・a-

KNT V11 NewCover.jpg
KNT V11 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 11[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Frontispiece: Land of Children -Burn Up-
  • Frontispiece: Land of Flower Fields -Flower Arrangement-
  • Prologue: Camera Land・b -Picturesque・b-
  • A Land Connected -Stand Alone-
  • Land of Disappointment -Hope Against Hope-
  • Land of Ajin (etc.) -With You-
  • Land without Borders -Asylum-
  • Land of School -Assignment-
  • A Tale of Roads -Passage-
  • A Tale of Fighting People -Reasonable-
  • Epilogue: Camera Land・a -Picturesque・a-

KNT V12 NewCover.jpg
KNT V12 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 12[edit]

KNT V13 NewCover.jpg
KNT V13 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 13[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Frontispiece: A Detestable Land -Abandon Ship!-
  • Frontispiece: An Amazing Land -Nothing Special-
  • Frontispiece: A Tale of Living People -You Should Be So Lucky.-
  • Author's Notes:To You, A Hundred Years From Now
  • Prologue: A Tale of This World・b -It Happens.・b-
  • A Tale of Olden Days -Choice-
  • Land of Families -Divorce-
  • An Unlawful Land -Just Imagine It!-
  • Land of Travelers -Last Will-
  • Land of Necessity -Entertainer-
  • Epilogue: A Tale of This World・a -It Happens.・a-
  • Special Compilation: Various Tales -a Beautiful Dreamer-
  • Author's Notes

KNT V14 NewCover.jpg
KNT V14 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 14[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Prologue: Amidst the Rising Sun・b -the Dawn・b-
  • Land of Cultivation of Aesthetic Sensibility -Do What We say!-
  • Land of Mutterings -My Daily Life-
  • Land of Regulations -Unreal Young Man-
  • Land of Improved Luck -The Fifth "C", Cozenage-
  • Land of Posthumous Works -Write or Die-
  • Land of Ruin -Self-destruction-
  • Land of Marriage -Testament-
  • Land of Parasites -Cure-
  • Land of Discrimination -We Are NOT Like Us.-
  • A Correct Land -WAR=We Are Right!-
  • Land of Cowards -Toss-up-
  • Epilogue: Amidst the Rising Sun・a -the Dawn・a-
  • Author's Notes

KNT V15 NewCover.jpg
Kino no Tabi v15 cover.jpg

Tome 15[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Frontispiece: A Land of Accidental Discoveries -Eureka!-
  • Frontispiece: A White Land -Taste!-
  • Prologue: What it Means to Fight and Die・b -Order!・b-
  • Land of Beasts -Standing Beast-
  • Land of Mania -What I Want & Why I Want-
  • A Land with a Past -What We Have Taught.-
  • Photo's Day to Day -the Beautiful Moment-
  • Land of Journalists -How to Be a Liar-
  • Land with a Criminal -He Had Done It.-
  • Epilogue: What it Means to Fight and Die・a -Order!・a-
  • Author's Notes

KNT V16 NewCover.jpg
KNT V16 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 16[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Inside Cover Story: A Tale of Birdcages -Cradle-
  • Frontispiece: A Land with Day and Night -Counterclockwise-
  • Frontispiece: A Rolling Land -Take Free If You Can!-
  • Prologue: Land of Love Letters・b -Confession・b-
  • Land of Corpses -Spirits of the Dead-
  • A Nurtured Land -Stand by me!-
  • A Land of Drunken Driving -Let's Play the Game!-
  • Land of Blood Types -Blood Typo-
  • Epilogue: Land of Love Letters・a -Confession・a-
  • Unseen Truth -Family Picture-
  • Something Left Behind -Return-
  • Author's Notes

KNT V17 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 17[edit]

KNT V18 CoverArt.jpg

Tome 18[edit]

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Frontispiece: Land of Cows -Fountain-
  • Frontispiece: A Tale of a Meadow -Ringer-
  • Prologue: Land of Kino's Journey・b -Road Show・b-
  • Land of Sports -Winners and Losers-
  • A Land That Has Come to a Halt -From the Cradle to the Cradle-
  • Land of Taxes -Supply and Demand-
  • Land of Staple Food -Staple Diet-
  • A Tale of Chocolates -Gift-
  • Land of Heritage -Protector-
  • Land of Revenge -Savior-
  • Land of Money -Easy Money-
  • My War -Lone Sniper-
  • Epilogue: Land of Kino's Journey・a -Road Show・a-
  • Author's Notes


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