Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai:Volume3 First Stanza of the Defeated

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1st Stanza of the Defeated: Deus, Arma? ~Why Do You Bare Your Fangs~[edit]

Mixed in the wind filled with sand--

The woman spoke words for the first time.

"You came all the way here just to tell me that 『Something is there』?"


The old man slowly nodded at the woman's question.

"Why me?"

"When you get along in age, quite rarely you'll be able to see through the true nature of things."

the old man gazed fondly at the earth underfoot and then the sky overhead as if it were precious.

"The flow that encompasses this world so to speak.... Only, it's sad isn't it. It's only as a person grows old that they can see the flow. As they grow old that flow spills out and they think that it is good."

Fate. Destiny.

Yes, just when the promise we pursue is before our eyes, our feet give up treading the earth.

"My eyes may be old but they clearly understand. You alone have not lost yourself within that flow. Yes, you are a person who rejects the flow. --I'm truly jealous. I wonder, why are you able to bare your fangs at the flow?

"I don't know."

The old man smiled at her blunt response.

"Well, please listen to this old man's last request."

"Such a heavy thing, I'll be troubled if you force it on me."

"Haha, no doubt."

The old man laughed in a deep voice.

The laugh--Before one knew it, the laughing voice became a crying voice.

"That's right. If I think about it the fact that I encountered THAT and the meaning behind it was probably inevitable."

His voice was neither laughing nor crying.

His voice was horse as if he was afraid of something.