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The cover art of volume 1

Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai is a light novel series written by Sazane Kei and illustrated by Takeoka Miho. It has been completed with 10 volumes.

Story Synopsis

This story depicts a fantasy world where objects and living creatures can be summoned through Recitations and the use of special catalysts, along with the aid of Songs of Praise. There are five basic colors of Recitations: Keinez(red) - Ruguz(blue) - Surisuz(yellow) - Beorc(green) - Arzus(white), and each can summon things of its respective color.

Evhemary Yehlemihas announces that she wants to create a new color - Night Color Recitations, and Xins Airwincle aims to be the first person to master all five colors. The two make a promise to meet again in the future and show each other their accomplishments.

In the present day, Neight Yehlemihas is the adopted son of the deceased Evhemary, and the inheritor of the Night Color. At a specialized Recitation school, he meets Kluele, a normal girl studying Red.

Their encounter marks the beginning of a series of events involving the mystery of Recitations…



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  • 06 October 2015 - Volume 3 - 1st Stanza of the Defeated Completed
  • 11 September 2015 - Volume 3 - 1st Play Completed
  • 26 August 2015 - Volume 3 Introductory Play Act 2 Completed
  • 19 August 2013 - Volume 3 Round Play Completed
  • 19 August 2013 - Volume 3 Introductory Play Completed
  • 12 August 2013 - Volume 2 Completed
  • 22 February 2013 - Volume 1 Completed
  • 21 April 2012 - Teaser Project started

Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai by Sazane Kei




Volume 3: King of the Defeated, Sing Praise to Armadeus's Poem


Volume 4: A Dancing World, Evhe's Tuning

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Void Play: A Piece of Heart
  • Introductory Play: Tsarabel, at the Island Called Tears
  • 1st Play: The Crushed Scarlet
  • Interval Play: The Leader of Heresy
  • 2nd Play: Cradle, Sleep, a Quiet Night
  • 3rd Play: The Beginning of the Longest, Deepest Night
  • Interval Play - 2nd Act: Geshutalloa — At the Island Crushed by Wind
  • 4th Play: The Intersection of Emptiness and Dawn
  • 5th Play: Armariris Dances, the World Goes Out of Tune
  • Interval Play - 3rd Act: Sing the Melody of Determination
  • Final Play: The Reason Behind the Night Color. Under the Night Sky That Reflects All
  • Duet Play: In a Place Farther Away Than Anyone Else
  • Awarded Play: In a Place This Close
  • Afterword


Volume 5: Children Who Dream of All Songs

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Introductory Play: The Meaning of 'Unable to be Conveyed'
  • 1st Play: The Meaning of 'Parting'
  • Interval Play - 1st Act: Mischder —Solitude—
  • Interval Play - 2nd Act: Xins —The Guidepost of Wind—
  • 2nd Play: The Meaning of 'Losing Sight of'
  • Interval Play - 3rd Act: Arvil —Wandering—
  • 3rd Play: The Meaning of 'Suffering'
  • 4th Play: Bearing All of the Cruelty in Your Heart
  • Sky Play: deus Arma riris? ~Why Do You Pull Us Apart~
  • 5th Play: Even So, Because I Want to Be By Your Side
  • Interval Play - 4th Act: Xeo —A Weakling—
  • Interval Play - 5th Act: Rein —What are 'Recitations'?—
  • 6th Play: The Time of Awakening, the Interwoven Promises
  • Final Play: You Smile As If You Are Singing
  • Awarded Play: The Beginning is in This Place Where the Wind Sings
  • Afterword


Volume 6: Thus Xeo's Gospel Approaches

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Red Play: I Will Give You a Small Black Song
  • Green Play: Search, That Guy is Mine!
  • Blue Play: One Who Exceeds Armadeus
  • White Play: The Place Closest to the Flower Garden
  • Yellow Play: Run, That Guy is Mine!
  • Crimson Play: The Nocturne Until the Day We Meet Again
  • Prohibition Law - Night Play: Armariris Blooms At Midnight
  • Prohibition Law - Sky Play: Thus Xeo's Gospel Approaches
  • Afterword


Volume 7: Gate of the New Contract, O Thou Miqve's Baptism

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Introductory Play: Xeo, O Thou Who Simply Stands Still
  • 1st Play: Premonition
  • 2nd Play: Unexplored
  • Interval Play: Footsteps
  • 3rd Play: Recollection
  • Interval Play - 2nd Act: Four Years Ago —And Three Years Ago—
  • 4th Play: Grey
  • 5th Play: One Who Simply Stands Still There
  • 6th Play: Gate of New Contract, Resound, O Prayer of the Singing World
  • 7th Play - Sun: Night —CommotionOmen
  • 7th Play - Moon: Night —PulsationBeginning Noise
  • Final Play: Night —As If You Are Smiling—
  • Afterword


Volume 8: Riris Prays to Ten Billion Stars

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Introductory Play: As If You Are Smiling
  • 1st Play: The Companion's Determination is Pure
  • Interval Play: A-Minor
  • 2nd Play: Garden of Serra
  • Scarlet Play: Riris Prays to Ten Billion Stars
  • 3rd Play: Separation
  • Interval Play - 2nd Act: As Friends
  • 4th Play: At Least Before My Blood is Burned Out
  • Scarlet Play - 2nd Act: In the Longest, Deepest, and Coldest Night
  • Final Play: Intersecting, and Further to the Core of Time
  • Awarded Play: Because We're Friends
  • Afterword


Volume 9: Sophia, Embrace the Songs, the Bonds, and the Tears

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Introductory Play: Forgotten Things
  • 1st Play: Choices, and Divergence
  • Blood Play: There is a Flame at the Start
  • 2nd Play: The Howling World
  • 3rd Play: Divergence, and Gathering
  • 4th Play: That is Like a Momentary Rainbow —The Dry Grass-Colored's—
  • 5th Play: What Wakes Up From the Shell
  • Final Play: As If You Are Smiling, You Cry
  • Interval Play: One Who Travels to the Wasteland
  • Introductory Play: Before Dawn
  • Afterword


Volume 10: Dawn-Colored Reciter

  • Novel Illustrations
  • Night Play: You Smile at Dawn
  • Sky Play: Thus Xeo's Praise Approaches
  • True Play: Tower of the Children Who Dream of All Songs
  • True Play: The Girl Prays to Ten Billion Stars
  • True Play: Gate of the New Contract, One Who Challenges Thou Miqve
  • True Play: O One Loved by the Twilight, Inherit the Songs, the Bonds, and the Tears
  • Final Play: Dawn-Colored Reciter
  • Awarded Play: Someday Somewhere, Surely Again
  • Afterword

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Series Overview

  • Volume 1 -『黄昏色の詠使い イヴは夜明けに微笑んで』(ISBN 978-4829118801)
  • Volume 2 -『黄昏色の詠使いII 奏でる少女の道行きは』(ISBN 978-4829119181)
  • Volume 3 -『黄昏色の詠使いIII アマデウスの詩、謳え敗者の王』(ISBN 978-4829119419)
  • Volume 4 -『黄昏色の詠使いIV 踊る世界、イヴの調律』(ISBN 978-4829119761)
  • Volume 5 -『黄昏色の詠使いV 全ての歌を夢見る子供たち』(ISBN 978-4829132609)
  • Volume 6 -『黄昏色の詠使いVI そしてシャオの福音来たり 』(ISBN 978-4829132760)
  • Volume 7 -『黄昏色の詠使いVII 新約の扉 汝ミクヴァの洗礼よ』(ISBN 978-4829133170)
  • Volume 8 -『黄昏色の詠使いVIII 百億の星にリリスは祈り』(ISBN 978-4829133576)
  • Volume 9 -『黄昏色の詠使いIX ソフィア、詠と絆と涙を抱いて』(ISBN 978-4829133811)
  • Volume 10 -『黄昏色の詠使いX 夜明け色の詠使い』(ISBN 978-4829134344)