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Translation of template[edit]

I'm French and I tried to translate this template in French but the edition is locked. (Shunesburg69 / 2015-05-31 23:08 – France)

Hmmm... Well you'd have to set up some additional structure to the template so that it can alter the message based on the language; right now there can only be one message. I vaguely know how to set that up, so if you post the translation here I might add it to the page when I have time to work it out. If you know how to do that yourself, then you can post the updated segment of template code and I (or some other supervisor) can just copy it over. --Cthaeh (talk) 18:22, 31 May 2015 (CDT)

^ Same as what Cthaeh said. Post the translation and we can work it out. I actually made the template in the very beginning, and I do know how to code it for different languages, so there's two of us who should be able to help you out. :3 --Cloudii (talk) 16:09, 1 June 2015 (CDT)