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About Us
Baka-Tsuki (BT) is a fan translation community that hosts translations for light novels in the Wiki format. Founded in 2006 by Thelastguardian, Baka-Tsuki has since expanded to become the largest fan-based English light novel agglomerate on the Internet. Apart from physically hosting 248 projects in 25 different languages, Baka-Tsuki aims to promote the popularity of light novels and serve as a hub to connect readers with fan translations of East Asian light novels on the Internet.

Baka-Tsuki is not a translation group. Independent translators come to Baka-Tsuki and voluntarily upload their translations to the Wiki for public sharing. Baka-Tsuki does not control what translators choose to translate or how fast they translate. Do not ask when the next chapter will be updated. Read More
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News & Announcements

1 April 2014 Commencing deletion of entire SAO project.

(Note, despite the date, this is not a joke.)
The first SAO English volume by Yen Press will be released this month, so the deletion for the project will commence within 24 hours. First 6 volumes have been neutralized, so all remaining content (including Progressive) will be taken off this wiki.

31 March 2014 1st Patriotic National Baka-Tsuki Elite Oligarchy Comrade Congress of the Common People (PNB-TEOCCCP) was held on the 30th of March, 2014!

To arrest, execute and promote fellow Party Members and perhaps resolve issues with dissidents and bugs on the wiki and forum for the improvement of our glorious wiki-communist state.

You may read the transcript of OUR BIG BOSS, THE DEAR LEADER, Thelastguardian and insignificant attending comrade B-T elite members on the current topics and issues discussed:

1st Patriotic National Baka-Tsuki Elite Oligarchy Comrade Congress of the Common People

16 September 2013 Hidan no Aria has been officially released as a digital Light Novel by DMG, therefore HnA Project has been officially abandoned.

I wish to thank all the B-T staff and contributors for helping to bringing this fantastic light novel series to the English speaking, western hemisphere! Alternative Language Projects of HnA will continue to be supported until an official release of HnA within their alternative language specific countries or region.

New Patrolling Editors Wanted

We need more active and patrolling editors. If you think you are up to the job, please leave a comment here (include your wiki-username if you are using one different to the forum). Recommendations by a fellow Baka-Tsuki staff will be given priority.

Other News

Contributors who wish to translate a new (English) project please refer to the New Project Petition Guideline.
Contributors who wish to translate one of our existing projects into an alternative language on the Wiki please read Alternative Language Start-Up Guidelines (English) on our forum.

Additional Information can be found here
All materials' copyrights reserved by their respective authors and the associated publishers. Please respect their rights. Works will be deleted upon request by copyright holders.

Under Section C of the TLG guidelines:
Under no circumstances would you(b3) 1. take full and/or portion of the (translated) works(a) in this wiki(0) and use them(a) to engage in any commercial activities such as, but not limited to, rent, sell, print, auction, broadcast etc. 2. claim translated works(a) in this wiki(0) as your(b3) own products of translation unless you(b3) are qualified as defined in (b2).