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Go ahead and give messages to me here. Most of these series are on my watchlist, and for now, some of the discussions will be blank. Even so, I feel that I should create a few spaces in case some people have comments, questions, or concerns for me.

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No Game No Life Series[edit]

I have basically re-translated everything from scratch of the prologue. So hopefully I can get chapter 1 before by next week? Drinkingwater (talk) 00:10, 13 July 2013 (CDT)

I removed the space because the rest of the pages don't have it (the ones that are created and the red links), and that was breaking simple nav, which needs the page naming to be consistent. --Bilagaana (talk) 02:01, 14 July 2013 (CDT)

Could, as long as you put the space in the rest of the pages. Doesn't seem to be a standard with respects to the spacing, some don't have it, some do. If you want the space before the volume number, would be best to put it before the page number as well. --Bilagaana (talk) 02:13, 14 July 2013 (CDT)

Spaces added, and I will leave the prologue alone for now. --Bilagaana (talk) 02:33, 14 July 2013 (CDT)

Btw, do you mind if we pend this project, cause I am getting bored of searching it in the teaser section Drinkingwater (talk) 01:45, 27 July 2013 (CDT)

Hey there, no problems really, not much to go through anyways :D It would be good for you to check through my edits, since I don't exactly know what standards you prefer. I typically don't change it much since I prefer leaving it as close to the original as possible. In addition, I found that there were multiple cases of British and American English spelling mixed inside the chapters, so if one of you could verify which is the preferred one I think that would help a lot. - Royaloyalz (talk) 23:28, 3 November 2013 (CST)

Papa no Iu Koto no Kikinasai Series[edit]

Good morning! I'm doing updates to the Wiki and I am checking for activity on the editing/translation side for PapaKiki. Since it hasn't been touched in months, I am checking in. I know there's not a lot to edit since there hasn't been any translating in a while, so I can recognize the inactivity. Thanks! --Shanesan (talk)12:59, 26 August 2015 (UTC)

About that picture link you fixed 神様すごいと早い!Thanks for hitting that so fast, I'm trying a new translation method this time around, (reading it straight no help instead of inputing it into a dictionary). How's is coming across? I know that at least the tone I was writing in changed this time around, what do you think? (The TL's are trying to improve quality across the board to help BT's rep and as a LOW end TL, I wanna step it up) also....sorry to go add on you...again....but as soon as I'm done with papakiki in the next week or two I was looking at starting another teaser for an LN we don't have, If you've got any time, could I send you those scripts when I get em? (It would be "I couldn' become a hero, so I found a job instead" anime last season, kinda fun, but is also a lot easier for me to read. " 02:24, 15 January 2014 (CST)"

Once again, thanks! (you sure fixed my grammar fast, 1/2 an hour later and Done! you rock!) Take care man

response-> K I'm looking at it right now, he's trying to say he couldn't explain the idea of cosplay and doujinshi to Hanamura any better than pop culture led most people to understand anyways, so he felt it best to keep quiet on the subject, not knowing that much about it himself. Better way to say it? (my brain is fried, just finished page 2 and putting it up now... I'll try to do 2 a day or so until this chapter is done, (by the end of october, crunch time!!) "黒曜石ペガサス (talk) 01:41, 23 October 2013 (CDT)"

Thank you, I'm glad the translations are making more sense, (every day for a month, I'd really feel bad if I wasn't getting better), but truth is its because they've been using the same words this entire scene in papakiki, in 3 more lines, there's a new scene, and I'm sure I'm going to be back in, "what are they talking about?" ville. Thanks again though, I want to get good. An English teacher would grade my TL as a fail without the editing help by everyone, that's for sure! Have a great rest of summer! "黒曜石ペガサス (talk)"

Hi, 黒曜石ペガサス again, hey, I was wondering, if you get a second, I noticed the cover's for the different novel's aren't up next to the volume's like in all the other series, if you get a sec, could you throw those in there? thanks! (if possible) "黒曜石ペガサス (talk) 02:59, 10 August 2013 (CDT)"

You Rule! (Please no one take the following wrong), I believe in 神!(<-pun on religion present). Seriously, thanks dude, owe you one. Once the other teaser I'm helping with is up this weekend, I'll be back to popping up regular amounts on papakiki and FMP!Another. Stay awesome! "黒曜石ペガサス (talk) 23:25, 10 August 2013 (CDT)"

Your right, I wasn't making sense in english again. They were having a high stakes game of I want this, no that suits me better....type of thing (have sisters=will understand) I'll work on rewording that...hmmm any idea's? "黒曜石ペガサス (talk) 18:38, 11 September 2013 (CDT)"

Thank you for pointing that out, I'll clear it up right now. I'm throwing up another four pages tomorrow and I'm sure they've got dumb mistakes like the ones you mentioned as well. (sorry). But thanks for all you do! "黒曜石ペガサス (talk) 01:19, 20 November 2013 (CST)"

Hey, you still around? isashiburi If you get a sec, could you pop out some edits on tate no yuusha chapter 264 ? "黒曜石ペガサス (talk) 11:12, 12 January 2015 (CST)"

Full Metal Panic! Another Series[edit]

Hi again, k, this one will be back on in sept. but on that note, could you take a spin through Asobi ni Iku yo!??? (If you've got a mo, its under pending and teaser's), the 12 page prologue is up and could use some tlc from someone. Also, looks like someone picked up Hagure Yuusha, hurray!

Mayo Chiki! Series[edit]

I am very sorry for that. I was editing it very late last night, and after submitting my edit I went to sleep without checking the page again. Honestly, I have no idea how the lines got separated like that, but I will make sure that such a thing doesn't happen again. Thanks for fixing my mistake though! --Rohan123 (talk) 04:44, 23 July 2013 (CDT)

So how do you feel repairing my english and all that mystakes? When I took a look at you editions, I looked at some points and though "How I did that foolish mystake?"

--Nura rihan (talk) 15:43, 19 August 2013 (CDT)

Asobi ni Iku yo![edit]

Thanks 神様 all hail kami-sama! Appreciate the edits I'll get the next chapter done in the next couple of months, (school), or so! "黒狐 (talk) 13:36, 22 August 2013 (CDT)"