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Sorry, first job outta college+moving+...crazy. I'll finish papakiki's chapter this month.

"After a noisy new year, first light found the Takanashi home wrapped in a solemn atmosphere. All the ribbons and tables are put aside, and all of us are facing each other while kneeling in seiza. “Good then, everybody ready”? The three sisters remained silent and nodded."

My first bit translated from a light novel(above), I've been reading for a bit, but putting things into words (English words) is hard, (even though I lived in England and have spoken English my whole life). I love all things Light Novel and can't wait to go on my next adventure! (in a book or on the motorcycle)

It's funny, I started seriously trying to read light novel's almost a year ago (end of April 2013). It took me 4 hours to read one page of papakiki, 5 to put it online. It's helped me so much. I just read a page and a half and put it up on a whim in 20 min... I guess I mean to say, Keep working at it if your learning, It'll come along. Maybe one day we'll catch up to the Darklor, or the other amazing people on here.

Current project: Papa no iu koto o kikinasai

Favorite light novels:

Spice and Wolf-best ever!

My completed projects:

Asobi ni iky yo vol. 1 prologue

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa vol.2 prologue

Tate no yuusha ch. 264

To the many who translated these on Baka-tsuki THANK YOU!

黒曜石ペガサス-obsidian pegasus