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STnBD edits[edit]

Hello, I know it's been a while since you've started, but I recently had a chance to look at some of it and I think there are changes that should likely be undone. Zzhk, the current lead translator, did already undo some of the changes in vol5_part1 and vol5_part2; and it looks like the same circumstances might apply to other edits as well (I'm not sure exactly why zzhk undid those two pages in particular).

Some of your edits that I think should be undone are:

  • One class in the edits seems to be replacing things like "Wha-What in the" to "Wha...What in the". In this case, I would say the hyphen (-) is the appropriate way to represent a stutter in dialogue. I feel like the ellipsis more implies a pause, which is not correct.
  • Another case is narration and dialogue with emdashes (—) changed like "And dazzling pale gold hair –" to "And dazzling pale gold hair...". This has some more varied circumstances, so this line of thought might not apply in all of them, but this is typically used to represent an interruption. A terminal ellipsis implies more of a trailing off or pause in the conversation, whereas as an emdash represents an abrupt interruption by another speaker or thought.
  • Leading emdashes, I'm not as confident is describing their uses, but I don't believe the ellipsis is a valid replacement.
  • For changing hanging emdashes to commas, such as in "the Captain of the Knights—Ellis" to "Captain of the Knights, Ellis"; technically both are grammatically correcting. I read somewhere the emdash is supposed to represent more emphasis than a comma, but personally, I don't feel much difference when reading. In a case such as this where both commas and emdashes are correct, I would just go with whatever the translator used, since there's no real reason to change it.
  • Hyphenated adjectives are a thing that could be misused and need correction, but they are a thing that is appropriate. An example edit that I'd undo "high-class" edited to "high class".
  • I noticed some changes of -- or --- to ellipsis. In the cases I saw, it's true that -- or --- kind of things should be changed, but I think those are likely more appropriated replaced with emdashes.
  • In general, you seemed to favor changing less commonly used elements (colons, semicolons, emdashes, anything else I'm forgetting) to periods, commas, and ellipsis. Often it seemed to be that it's a valid use both before or after your edits, in which case I usually favor not making the edit.

Some edits that should possibly stay:

  • Removing spaces before after ellipsis and emdashes. Technically spaces with ellipsis is a matter of style, and I should double check the appropriate style guideline before saying this. Spaces with emdashes are something I meant to change but never got around to.
  • Double ellipsis "......" to normal ellipsis is the kind of edit that seems good to me, but I notice it was among the edits that zzhk undid. It is very possibly the case it was only undone because it was mixed in with a lot of other edits, so it might be something worth checking with zzhk about.

There are very likely edits that should be undone and edits that should stay which I didn't list above, those are just the broad classes I noticed looking through some of your edits. I will likely go through and make the undos I feel appropriate at some point in the future, but I wanted to post this discussion here for the sake of any edits you make in the future and in case you'd like to debate any points before I undo them. --Cthaeh (talk) 00:09, 27 March 2018 (CEST)

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut[edit]

I've rolled back your edits on Saijaku Muhai because they were done without conforming to the external contributor rules. Please review the outline here. --Leviticus (talk) 05:38, 14 September 2019 (CEST)