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Hello. An advice. Write your posts at the bottom of the talk page section in question. Not at the top. Everybody looks to the bottom for the most recent posts. Zero2001 - Talk - 14:37, 21 October 2012 (CDT)

Reply: Ah thanks for the advice :) Pygmalion (talk) 08:39, 12 November 2012 (CST)

Selling or even renting our work from the wiki is not allowed. Please read this TLG Translation Common Agreement v.0.4.1.. Especially section C. You can maybe direct anyone interested to this wiki. Xplorer30 - Talk 17:12, 16 November 2012 (CST)

PDF and ePUB are made by helpful people. So either wait or you can try making them yourself. I think they usually wait a bit for volume edits before making the PDF too. Xplorer30 - Talk 16:44, 26 December 2012 (CST)

I have no idea how to make PDF. Don't worry, some helpful and knowledgeable people will make it and put up the link later. Just think of it as waiting for something to be done. Meanwhile, you can just read the Full Text if you want. Xplorer30 - Talk 03:48, 27 December 2012 (CST)

Sakurasou Translation[edit]

Hey there, thanks for your offer! Just a few quick questions regarding the translator.

1. What language is he translating from?

2. If translating from a non-Japanese version, is an official translation, not a fan translation?

3. Any previous translation experiences?

No experience is necessary, but I thought I should ask anyway. However, the first and the second questions are crucial.

If it's an official translation version or the original Japanese, then you and your friend can start from Volume 6 or 8.

Junnynam (talk) 16:52, 30 March 2013 (CDT)

With editing, you just need to fix up grammar/spelling mistake/check for consistancies/check for flow and that's about it. However, I would ask other editors for their view on editing. You can take this editing test done by NanoDesu Translations and test yourself.

Junnynam (talk) 20:57, 2 April 2013 (CDT)

I want ask something : Kaminichi translation novel... Is this project still running? I want read more ... Please... Thank you... KisaragiAiko