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Series Overview[edit]

Japanese releases[edit]

  • ログ・ホライズン1 異世界のはじまり ---(March 31, 2011, ISBN 978-4-04-727145-6)
  • ログ・ホライズン2 キャメロットの騎士たち ---(May 30, 2011, ISBN 978-4-04-727298-9)
  • ログ・ホライズン3 ゲームの終わり(上) ---(August 31, 2011, ISBN 978-4-04-727413-6)
  • ログ・ホライズン4 ゲームの終わり(下) ---(September 30, 2011, ISBN 978-4-04-727543-0)
  • ログ・ホライズン5 アキバの街の日曜日 ---(November 30, 2011, ISBN 978-4-04-727669-7)
  • ログ・ホライズン6 夜明けの迷い子 ---(March 30, 2013, ISBN 978-4-04-728235-3)
  • ログ・ホライズン7 供贄の黄金 ---(December 20, 2013, ISBN 978-4-04-729175-1)
  • ログ・ホライズン8 雲雀(ひばり)たちの羽ばたき ---(September 29, 2014, ISBN 978-4-04-729926-9)
  • ログ・ホライズン9 カナミ、ゴー!イースト! ---(March 27, 2015, ISBN 978-4-04-730190-0)
  • ログ・ホライズン10 ノウアスフィアの開墾 ---(September 30, 2015, ISBN 978-4-04-730674-5)

English releases[edit]

  • Log Horizon, Vol. 1: The Beginning of Another World ---(April 21, 2015, ISBN 978-0-316-38305-9)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 2: The Knights of Camelot ---(July 21, 2015, ISBN 978-0-316-26381-8)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 3: Game's End, Part 1 ---(November 17, 2015, ISBN 978-0-316-26384-9)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 4: Game's End, Part 2 ---(March 22, 2016, ISBN 978-0-316-26385-6)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 5: A Sunday in Akiba ---(July 19, 2016, ISBN 978-0-316-26386-3)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 6: Lost Child of the Dawn ---(November 15, 2016, ISBN 978-0-316-26387-0)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 7: ---(March 21, 2017, ISBN 978-0-316-26388-7)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 8: ---(TBA)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 9: ---(TBA)
  • Log Horizon, Vol. 10: ---(TBA)

About honorific[edit]

Can we just use normal Japanase honorific such as -san,-sama, onii-chan, etc -- Endo (talk) 08 November 2013

I was going to bring up something similar in the forums to get the other editors' opinions. I will ask about this as well. -- Guardianknight (talk) 07:25, 8 November 2013 (CST)
We need someone to crosscheck with JP ver (TL-kun translate this from C -> E) -- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 07:48, 8 November 2013 (CST)

Just asking if this project are approved, and who is the Project Administrator, Project Supervisor and Project Leader: ? -- X-Rates 00:44, 10 November 2013 (CST)

I doubt we need them for now. The translator isn't from BT, I don't think we can just "supervise other community translation" like the translation were ours -- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 03:01, 10 November 2013 (CST)

Has there been any consensus about using Japanese honorifics, or nicknames? For example, Nyanta likes to call Shiroe "Shiroechi," and Soujirou as "Soujicchi" Would the translator mind? Also, I recently noticed that the punctuation for sentences could be different in the Japanese version. Would the translator mind if we tried to be consistent?

Also, the Japanese LN liked to consistently put terms in brackets like so: <Debauchery Tea Part> or <D.D.D>. How would the translator or others (but mainly the translator) feel about doing the same? -- Rasen 09:48, 10 November 2013‎ (CST)

TL-kun give us the permission to do whatever we want to his translation -- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 03:01, 10 November 2013 (CST)
Really? Fantastic! I'll try and do this in phases/separate editing session, from least objectionable to most. That way, if people really have a problem with one phase of changes, they can undo them in one go. Hope that's ok with everyone?
1)Japanese honorifcs/nicknames. Done with (v1-6). Wouldn't mind some feedback if people like this, or would prefer the original. Naturally, the most important opinion belongs to the TL, as I sure as fun can't do what he/she did, and I don't want to step on any toes.
Saw some subsequent edits to the honorifics that I made, and just thought I should point out that I'm sticking to how Mamire spelled it. Also to ask that people don't just change the names randomly. Naotsugu calls Shiroe "Shiro" fairly often. It's not a typo, I think it comes from knowing each other in real life. -- Rasen
2)Matching sentences/punctuation to Japanese version. I think a number of the really long compound sentences may have been the result of Japanese->Chinese. On further reflection, that's basically saying I intend to review every line of the translation. I dunno what I was smoking, but it must have been good. Still, I opened my big cross to bear, I suppose.
-- Rasen 12:55, 11 November 2013‎ (CST)
Really don't need to get updating the figures here since all changes are logged anyway; I see something new has been posted in this talkpage and come in looking for new discussion but no new timestamps makes things confusing. On topic tho, like the changes so far in terms of honorifics/nicknames. More recently, not so sure about seeing numbers like twenties changed to 20s; that's just my preference you don't need to go changing it back.--Drowzycow (talk) 20:16, 6 February 2014 (CST)

Novel Illustrations[edit]

Seems someone from AnimeSuki already has all the illustrations up to volume 6.

Link to the message post: Link

Location of the novel illustrations: Link --Shido (talk) 08:34, 10 November 2013 (CST)

Would anyone object to me trying to put the images from the novel into the approximate place where they belong in the chapters? I can only do that for the translated parts of volume 1 (its the only one i have a copy of the original work for reference)? Madoka2029 (talk) 14:44, 1 December 2013 (CST)

I dunno about anyone else, but I don't see a problem with it. Just so you know, I've put in hidden tags showing where each page starts, for volumes 2-3, and 4 pt 1. So that should give you an idea where each image went in the original volume. -- Rasen 15:29, 1 December 2013 (CST)
Ah, I may take a stab at doing some of that then. Out of curoisoty, are those page numbers based on the Japanese or Chinese books? Is a format similar to how they do it with Mahouka okay?(Mahouka_Koukou_no_Rettousei:Volume_1_Chapter_1) Madoka2029 (talk) 15:44, 1 December 2013 (CST)

Incidentally, I just checked on the illustration page numbers listed in for volume 1 and a lot of them were off by a few pages (I fixed them to match the paper copy), but maybe someone with a physical copy of books 2-5 should double-check the rest? Also, I just noticed we're using the cover of the manga for the series image, should we perhaps swap that with the cover of volume 1? Madoka2029 (talk) 03:45, 3 December 2013 (CST)

I can vouch for most of the images I uploaded in volumes 2-5 being in the right places; some illustrations in volume 5 could be in the wrong places but educatated guessing of where they should be according to the missing pages I have in my raws, is how I deduced where the rest go. Another note image files in volume 1 now need to be moved/renamed to the correct pages. I'll do that when I get back and can double check the illustrations, the double pages with page numbers at the bottom are correct.--Drowzycow (talk) 14:05, 3 December 2013 (CST)

Image fonts[edit]

Anyone know the font used in the translated images? Thinking about editing the annex ones. --Shido (talk) 09:39, 14 November 2013 (CST)

Anime Ace : Link -- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 11:40, 14 November 2013 (CST)


About those <> brackets in vol 2 chapter 4, it just seems out of place in full text because only that chapter has that brackets but others didn't. I create a new draft page for experiment uses to avoid such problems. : Log Horizon: Volume 2 Chapter 4 Draft

Isn't there any feedback from other editor about the use of <> brackets? -- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 11:35, 14 November 2013 (CST)

I only did it in v2c4p1+2, to see what people thought about how it looked, versus the previous version. And then those two parts in particular because I think those are among the more bracket-heavy parts, with all the guild names. -- Rasen 11:53, 14 November 2013‎ (CST)
For my point of view, the brackets is unnecessary, since the english reader (some of them and probably majority of them) is not accustomed to <> brackets. The english translation is mainly for english reader so it's pointless to copy japanese style for using 「」 brackets.
Although for names and honorifics, I prefer to follow japanese ways.
By the way, this is off topic, but could you use "-- ~~~~" in the end of your statement so others will know that you're the one who speaking -- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 12:15, 14 November 2013 (CST)
I agree with LiTTleDRAgo, I feel the use of brackets is not totally necessary. Maybe for some special terms ('the bag of holding' comes to mind as an example) but with the amount of times that guild names actually show up in the text, it begins to feel cluttered. In terms of keeping to the original text, honorifics and furigana (even tho the use of furigana like

Forest MageDruid

Protector WarriorGuardian

Support MageEnchanter

can appear more cluttered :S) are higher in terms of priority to me. --Drowzycow (talk) 21:04, 14 November 2013 (CST)

Alright, I think that's a clear majority then. LiTTleDRAgo, if you can get rid of that draft with the brackets? (I dunno how to go about it in a clean way) -- Rasen (talk) 23:43, 14 November 2013 (CST)

Volume 5, Chapter 3[edit]

There appears to be a mostly complete translation (about 48 of 53 pages?) at here, however it appears to be a mixture of various anonymous authors. Do we want to perhaps post a comment there asking if we can post or link their translation once its complete, before all the contributors for that page disappear? I'm not sure what the procedure for that sort of thing is, but given that almost all of the BT translations for Log Horizon have come from skythewood (who mentions the other translation in his twitter), if we don't attempt to secure permission or link, it might be a while before we end up with a translation of that chapter on BT. Madoka2029 (talk) 16:00, 1 December 2013 (CST)

I tried to ask today but seems that too many people are looking at the file this I cannot see the comments to make a comment. If anyone else can get in to where they be able to see the tool bars please jump at the chance to do it.
--Shido (talk) 00:11, 2 December 2013 (CST)
I posed the question in the google doc, near the top. Awaiting a reply... Madoka2029 (talk) 00:29, 2 December 2013 (CST)

It looks like they'll be okay with it, unsure what the next step in this process is... i suppose it would be easiest if one of them posted it, otherwise do we have to contact the project administrator or something? should we also check if they're okay with us editing it, etc...? I'm really quite new here so I don't know what the next step is.... Madoka2029 (talk) 05:27, 2 December 2013 (CST)

Yup, I saw you post and seen their reply back stating it was alright to be placed on here. Chapter 3 is finished I'm sure we will start adding it soon. --Shido (talk) 12:32, 2 December 2013 (CST)

Translation for Log Horizon Volume 5, Chapter 3 has been completed and the group seems to be okay with it being posted and edited on baka-tsuki. I've extracted a copy of just the english text at ( ), but I'm unsure as to what the next step is... should we just post that, or do we have to check with the project administrator or something else? Madoka2029 (talk) 04:27, 3 December 2013 (CST)

Your best bet would be to ask LittleDrago (Project super). Although there shouldn't be any problem as rye have given permission, just be sure to give credit on the registration page. :) All Night (talk) 06:49, 3 December 2013 (CST)
I pasted the chapter and updated the registration page as well. -- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 12:13, 3 December 2013 (CST)

Changing Series Cover Image[edit]

I'd like to change the series cover image to the cover of the first volume of the light novels (its currently from the first volume of the manga), if no one objects? Madoka2029 (talk) 19:49, 3 December 2013 (CST)

While I realize it's not standard practice to use an non-LN image, I personally like the coloured manga cover more. Since it isn't a heavy spoiler image/has a proper caption indicating that's a manga cover, don't really see the harm in leaving it. --Drowzycow (talk) 21:35, 3 December 2013 (CST)
I'm curious on how it LN cover looks like. --Shido (talk) 17:23, 4 December 2013 (CST)
File:Log Horizon light novel vol.01.jpg
The cover of Log Horizon volume one

I personally think the LN cover looks much more awesome than the manga, and that since our focus is exclusively on the LNs it would look more professional to just use the LN cover image. @Shido, the cover looks like the image on the right, when the settings for the series cover are applied to it. Madoka2029 (talk) 20:19, 4 December 2013 (CST)

They're both equally great looking covers, although I'm leaning toward the manga cover because of the more vivid colors, and sharper details. All Night (talk) 20:59, 4 December 2013 (CST)
Seeing as how we have the LN covers up next to their chapters, I don't really see a reason to have the same image twice on the same page. Now, if ever they decide to take the LN covers off, then I think you have a case. --Rasen (talk) 21:28, 4 December 2013 (CST)

Volume 5 Chapter 3 non-English symbols.[edit]

I'm going to change some of these symbols that are used in other languages to what English Grammar typically uses. If no one has any issues with it.

Example: 「Libra Festival」 to (Libra Festival)

〈Adventurers〉 to <Adventurers> --Shido (talk) 17:30, 4 December 2013 (CST)

for () brackets, it already used for some other meaning (such as thoughts). I personally prefer 「」 changed to "" and delete 〈〉 to match skythewood's translation
-- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 17:46, 4 December 2013 (CST)

Project Page Layout[edit]

I'm thinking to change the project page layout, does anyone have a feedback?

-- LiTTleDRAgo (Talk) 07:04, 6 December 2013 (CST)

Keep it the same as before. Kind of smashed in there currently and not a fan of it. --Shido (talk) 10:01, 6 December 2013 (CST)
Don't mind the double columns, that looks okay but not convinced by the furigana. Like Shido says it looks mashed together, I wouldn't it might just be my tablet but it does look great on the PC either.--Drowzycow (talk) 06:06, 7 December 2013 (CST)

Volume 1 Page 338-339 image[edit]

I'm working on this image and cleaning some of the artifacts that I've seen on it. The Japanese words on the top of the grey area anyone know what that says? --Shido (talk) 19:38, 21 December 2013 (CST)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say "Elder Tales Class Table" --Rasen (talk) 19:38, 21 December 2013 (CST)

Term continuity.[edit]

I'm not a translator or anything, I'm just trying to fix a few grammar errors when I see them (and make the script flow better... I'm also new here, account and forum-wise), but I've been seeing terms which seems as though they should be fixed being phrased in different ways.

  • Is it "Elder Tale" or "Elder Tales"?
  • Is it "League of Freedom Cities Eastal" or "Free Cities of Eastal League" (I've found at least three variations. As the name of a country, shouldn't this be somewhat constant?)
  • Is "People of the Land" a title/race name, like Human, Elf and Dwarf? It's sometimes typed with first letter capitalization, sometimes without, sometimes used to refer to both plural and singular (for e.g. "she was a people of the land" as opposed to "she was a person of the land").

I hope you don't mind if I standardize the above terms, as well as any similar terms I encounter (I'll be using the first example quoted, because they're the first way the name is brought up). Nerazim (talk) 00:01, 26 December 2013 (CST)

As far as I know standardizing terms across volumes is quite welcome, so long as meaning isn't changed. You can consult the translator and discuss which standard they'd like. All Night (talk) 00:29, 26 December 2013 (CST)
Eastal is the name of the league, so this instance "Free Cities of Eastal League" is wrong.--KuroiHikari (Talk | ) 01:51, 26 December 2013 (CST)
Actually, it should either be "League of Free Cities, Eastal" or "Eastal League of Free Cities". I believe "league of free cities" is a similar term to kingdom, empire, dukedom, all of which are political systems (see Hanseatic League). Personally, considering the location of the league, I suspect Eastal is a transliteration of Eastern.
"People of the land" is how the npc's in Elder Tale were called, to differentiate them from player controlled adventurers. I would suggest for groups, "People of the land be used",
while for individuals, "lands(man/person/women)" be used instead. --Blake77 (talk) 07:56, 26 December 2013 (CST)

For continuity sake, keep what they have already in Volumes 3 and 4 for the league. These have already been converted to be consistent in these volumes. --Shido (talk) 20:32, 26 December 2013 (CST)

I'm pretty sure volume 1's image on pages 4-5 clearly supports "Elder Tales" as the name of the MMORPG, plus it probably flows better that way. Madoka2029 (talk) 21:28, 26 December 2013 (CST)

I could have sworn I replied, but I'm not seeing them... I'm rather lazy to type them over, so Thank You (and yes, i agree, where applicable), to the people above...
Mamare, the author, used "Elder Tale". Hara Kazuhiro, the artist, used Elder Tales (probably for balance of the logo?). Volume 7 gives an official name to the People of the Land as "Landers," so that will probably used at some point when the translation comes out. Also, the Settings Book calls the Round Table Alliance/Conference the "Conference Round Table," but that sounds ridiculously stupid so I doubt we should change it. -- 20:59, 29 June 2014 (CDT) (Queenie-Beatrice)

I've got a question about that raid/dungeon with nine and prison in its name. It's referred to as '9 Prisons of Heroes', 'The 9 Big Prisons for Heroes', 'The Nine Prisons of Heroes', 'The Nine Great Prisons of the Heilos (Helios)', 'Prison of 9 Heroes' and '9 Prisons of Helios', from Volume 2 onward. This should be standardized, but I know zero Japanese and Chinese so I can't check. -Rockmosis (talk) 22:00, 27 June 2014 (CDT)

It's actually a bit unclear. The Japanese reads as "He-i-rou-su no Kyuu Dai Kangoku." Judging by the sound, I would favor "Heroes" over "Helios", but I couldn't say over "Heilos." That particular word is in Katakana, which tends to indicate a not-Japanese word or a proper noun. Kyuu Dai Kangoku is pretty straight-forward though as "9 Great Prisons" (Big Prisons sounds a little...derpy). So I might suggest either the "9 Great Prisons of Heroes" or "9 Great Prisons of Heilos." I would actually be curious to know if the Chinese version used characters for heroes or whatever random string of Chinese characters that sound close to Heilos. Rasen (talk) 22:47, 28 June 2014 (CDT)

Volume 5 Appendices[edit]

So, I was wondering if we want to /can use the appendices at . The doc seems to suggest they are not from skythewood so I don't know if he can grant permission to use them, but its also not clear who translated them, and since they're listed there, I doubt anyone else will translate them. Thoughts? Madoka2029 (talk) 00:51, 28 December 2013 (CST)

If you don't mind once you upload something please be sure to find the all of the TL notes and add reference tags to these. --Shido (talk) 16:27, 28 December 2013 (CST)
For the sake of order I believe it's best to limit who uploads what from the pastebin onto here. We already had an incident on the forums and the translators of Volume 5 chapter 4 wasn't happy about. We don't need to make them anymore angry and deny us from using their translations. Same goes with skythewood pastebin as sometimes he'll put a recent copy of someone's work on his pastebin page in the spirit of good faith. --Shido (talk) 16:27, 28 December 2013 (CST)
ah, i was wondering about the volume 5 chapter 4 thing. I've not been following the forum side so much, but i didn't uploaded it because no one has answered my question about permissions on the google doc and it looked like it wasn't quite complete, although skythewood posted a version of it on his pastebin which said it needed editing, I'm guessing thats where the confusion came from. Usually he labels materials from other sources though (which he did in that case as well). Anyways, as far as i know, I've definitely grabbed the TL notes as well, whenever I've grabbed stuff from skythewood's pages for translations he's completed(which I've only done because he's explicitly stated in the past that his translations can be freely used in his pastebins). Anyways if people are unhappy with us having posted volume 5 chapter 4, perhaps we should remove it or disable it until we can secure permission properly? But definitely, it is a problem if we anger people. (thats part of why I went and asked back before we posted volume 5, chapter 3. ) Anyways, who should we limit the uploads to? (and what do we do if people overzealously bring something over without permission again?) --Madoka2029 (talk) 00:37, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Can someone confirm that we have permission to have the appendices? (the ones on skythewood's translation of it , seem to indicate that the appendices (but not the afterword) were authored by third parties and the discussion under this talk section appears to have been leaning towards "no")? Madoka2029 (talk) 01:16, 29 December 2013 (CST)

I'll talk with skythewood tomorrow for that permission later tomorrow. --Shido (talk) 01:41, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Permission is given for Volume 5 appendices for map guy's images. --Shido (talk) 09:00, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Translation updates from skythewood[edit]

It appears he's caught up to his raws, going by this recent tweet. He's a Chinese to English translator, with volume 6 being released in chinese on Jan 9. So unless he uses fan translations expect a slowing down of releases. --Drowzycow (talk) 05:36, 29 December 2013 (CST)

No one seems to be updating over here... Since he already has 3 chapters out (last i checked), does anyone mind if i just go ahead and edit-check, then post them? Nerazim (talk) 15:57, 19 January 2014 (CST)
That doesn't seem to be a good idea, since even he thinks those versions are translated from an incomplete/crappy source. It would probably be better to wait for him to get his hands on a more official source. --~~
Well, I managed to get a Japanese copy, I just really suck with kanji. I was going to get some help from a family member and just compare his translation to my understanding of the original text (because if I translate it myself, it'll take me at least two months of constant work, ignoring studies)... Ah well, waiting does seem to be the better option. Nerazim (talk) 15:25, 20 January 2014 (CST)

If someone can get in touch with him, tell him that "Aruraune" should be "Alraune" (a flower humanoid creature).--Kemm (talk) 12:15, 1 February 2014 (CST)

Epub version.[edit]

For what is worth, I bound the first chapter into a epub after some work. It was a bit more involved then I like, but I managed to get it down to a process after some work. I used Sigil to create it. There are a number of steps involved, so it isn't just a straight copy and paste. It includes the title image and illustrations, but the chapter images didn't fit very well. I filled out the metadata, and I even added the translators to it. It only took me about 3 hours to wrap up (most of it was figuring things out). If I do any more (which depends on if this is wanted or not), it should take less time.

I was not sure how to go about hosting it, so I upped them it in two different places.

Epub Download Links

These look very good in something like Moon+, but only okay on something like Sumantra. But that isn't the epub's fault (Sumanta doesn't format intelligently).

I would do 5, but it is pending an edit. I might put the monster files in their own epubs. Volume 4 does have the terminology section, Volume 3 doesn't (at the moment). I might have to go back and redo volume 1.

Note: These are all your work anyway, except for hammering them into the epub format. If you want to host them here, you have my permission (if needed).

Chase-san (talk) 18:03, 29 December 2013 (CST)

It's always good practice for any programmer or person making any epub to validate for any errors. This insures that your file is up to spec and should have the highest compatibility on the multiple readers apps available out there. Can check your files here:
Also I'm a bit curious on why you do not include the chapter profile images at beginning of each chapter? Maybe you have your reasons like the ones you have for the monster files. I'm just a bit picky when it comes to what the author and publisher had originally intended their book to be display as.
Overall a good effort loads pretty nice.
--Shido (talk) 18:27, 29 December 2013 (CST)
I wasn't aware there was a validator for it. I'll see about checking mine, and making a version 2. As for the chapter profile images, the main reason is that they are double page images. Other double pagers I split in two, but those really shouldn't be. I could put in an overly wide image, but I am not 100% sure how to force it to display on it's own (currently only the cover does that).
But all that will probably have to be tomorrow. If you have other suggestions please let me know.
Chase-san (talk) 18:51, 29 December 2013 (CST)
Can say how this is done with Sigil since I don't use it; however, what you can do is use CSS and place the images in a div tag to be used as a way to force a page break before and after the image. In CSS you want to add these two properties to the div element: page-break-after:always; and page-break-before:always;
--Shido (talk) 19:42, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Sigil is just a epub editing tool. Pretty good for what it does. Makes working with epub fairly intuitive.

Anyway, I fixed a few errors in the epubs. I removed "Part X" from the TOC, I can reverse this if no one likes it, but it was the easiest option to resolve some TOC issues. I recombined the double pages. I still didn't add the chapter images, since I couldn't find a way to get pages to work with my ebook reader. Short of giving them their own document, which may the only option for compatibility. I also redid the images in the first chapter so they are similar in quality to the later chapters.

I personally want to keep the volumes below 1 mb each. For a few reasons. First I like small files. I get positive mental feedback for making files smaller. Second, my upload is slow. So overly large files take a long time to upload. Last, and probably most persuasively, older epub readers have fits with large epub files.

Epub Download Links - Version 2

Chase-san (talk) 20:44, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Possible missing appendices for volume 1[edit]

Volume 1 may be missing it's appendices. I'm asking our translator where the last 3 images sit in the book. --Shido (talk) 18:35, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Yes there is one double page that could act as an appendix that I've not uploaded (pgs 338-339) but it isn't formally considered an appendix, see the content pages in 002-003. What last 3 images are you referring to? Pgs 344-345, 346-347 towards the final pages. Author info/ads for the next book. There were other non-log horizon ads (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha I'm guessing) which weren't uploaded.--Drowzycow (talk) 19:28, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Shido, at the end of the Japanese version of volume 1, there is...

 1) page 337: End of "Escape" (Vol 1 ch 5)
 2) a double page that seems to be a list of classes and subclasses or something going by the icons ("Log Horizon Vol01 338-339.jpg")
 3) afterword(pages 340-343)
 4) a double page spread with author/artist/etc information on TOUNO Mamare, MATSUDA Shoji, HARA Kazuhiro 
along with what looks like other publication information("Log Horizon Vol01 344-345.jpg") 5) what appears to be a double-page advertisement for volume 2 (i'm not sure of which, though clearly log horizon related,
there is a lot of bolded text and background text)("Log Horizon Vol01 346-347.jpg") 6) a one page ad for something to do with Maou Yuusha 7) a blank page 8) the back cover

Aside from the Maou Yuusha ad(and obviously the blanks and afterword), they're all in the Volume 1 novel illustrations) --Madoka2029 (talk) 04:03, 30 December 2013 (CST)

I already asked him about it and he already replied to me on twitter. --Shido (talk) 13:36, 30 December 2013 (CST)
If the translator is skythewood, can you ask him about the missing text in volume 4? (the stuff remaining in vol 2-3 may not be in the Chinese text) --Rasen
More missing text from the volume 4 stuff I already reported to him from the above topic? the link I gave you on the 30th had volume 4 missing text on there already. I thought that was already added by you? --Shido (talk) 19:45, 29 December 2013 (CST)
Sorry, I should have been more clear. Volume 4, chapter 2+. At the time, I had not yet reviewed the later chapters in the volume. --Rasen
Ok I'll ask him again. --Shido (talk) 21:41, 29 December 2013 (CST)

Rasen, he updated that one pastebin for the rest of the chapters of volume 4. Same link as before just look further down for it. --Shido (talk) 01:29, 30 December 2013 (CST)

Awesome, I've added in the new stuff, and whatever's left isn't in the Chinese version. --Rasen

Editing Questions[edit]

I was wondering if we should capitalize class and subclasses like Samurai, Scribe and Maid. I currently am editing them all to lower case because that is how the earlier translations were, but I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions.

Also, should terms like League of Freedom Towns Eastal and Holy Empire Westelande have singular apostrophes around them?

One more thing, if referring to a singular People of the Land, should it be changed to Person of the Land? I have been keeping it as "a People of the Land" although that sounds weird.

That's all the questions I have for now. --Rockmosis (talk) 12:23, 26 January 2014 (CST)

I would try to captalise classes but I'm not sure about your 'maid' example tho, depends on usage. That girl who likes Nyanta with the Maid/Housekeeper subclass, yes. Raynesia's maid- No. Like I said depends on usage.
I don't see the need for sticking apostrophes for special terms. I removed the ones placed on Adventurers etc to match early wiki entries. Want to remove some of the apostrophes in V5C4 to be honest. 'Flea Market' isn't really needed, and I think they gave up on it later in the chapter as well, it was there I think since translators were discussing whether 'bazaar' would be a closer translation to the original text.
On a "singular People of the Land, should it be changed to Person of the Land?" Yes, use Person of the Land, it just sounds better--Drowzycow (talk) 12:38, 26 January 2014 (CST)

It isn't necessary to capitalize a class name unless the class name is being used with a person's name. I.E. Doctor John or President Clinton. --Shido (talk) 23:46, 7 February 2014 (CST)

Raynesia vs. Lenessia, etc.[edit]

I got to know about this series through anime and noticed that anime subtitles use Lenessia rather than Raynesia, or Karashin = Charashin, and others. (Look here at the listed names) Actually, I think Lenessia and Karashin (or I personally would use Carasin) sound better to me. If possible wouldn't it be good to make the name changes in the novel translation? Angelanime (talk) 07:05, 23 March 2014 (CDT)

My 2 cents, I don't put much stock in the subtitles used. For instance:

-They call the Catastrophe the Apocalyspse, which makes less sense (Catastrophe is just a bad thing, Apocalypse is the end of the world. As they believe they can go back, the world did not end) Also, IIRC, they used to call it the "Catastrophe" before they switched, which means the subs are inconsistent. Trying to be consistent with an inconsistent source hurts my brain. Also, the author translates it as "Catastrophe" back in volume 1, so....
-On the map graphic they keep reusing, they say "Freedom Cities of Eastal." But in the one episode where you see the rings and the flags, it's "Freedom Towns of Eastal." Again, internal inconsistencies. I would and did go with Freedom Towns, because they actually bothered to draw/animate it, as opposed to just copy/paste the same graphic over and over.
-They call the "Libra Festival" the "Scales Festival" -BLAAAAAH. Libra makes sense, not only because the fair takes place before the winter, but also because WHO THE HECK WOULD CALL IT the "Scales Festival"?
-Krusty spells his name that way because he LIKES the Simpsons character, so...NO to the anime's "Crusty."
-Subs call Rundelhous "Rundel Haus." His last name is not Haus, and his first name is not two words.
-In vol6 - Maryele gives Raynesia a nick-name that sounds COMPLETELY different if you spell it with "Le". Also, Lenessia has a different pronunciation. The Japanese pronounce it as "RAY-nesshia." In English, Lenessia would be something like "luh-nessia"
-They call "Zantleaf" instead of "Sandleaf". The Japanese can do a Z sound. They don't do it for "sandoriifu"
-Regarding the names of the guilds that were translated, that's a more murky area. But I already have a dim view of the subtitles, and I think skythewood came up with better-sounding names anyway. "Marine Systems" v. "Oceanic Systems"
-Etc., etc, rage, rage.

Whenever possible, I would side with the Author's original spelling, ESPECIALLY if he spelled it out in English (Krusty, Tohya, Raynesia, Maryele, Rundelhous). --Rasen


Grilled bits of meat on a skewer, does not qualify as being "kebab". Kebab is a specific food. Either the stuff that is usually called kebab in "the west" (i.e. the rotating slab of meat, from which slices are carved. What is sometimes called doner kebab), or real kebab, which is a mix of ground meat, spices and stuff, usually grilled on a spit.-- 07:01, 14 May 2014 (CDT)

I thought that it might be possible (though highly unlikely) that "kebab" came from the original being wrong, and calling it kebab ...but no. That's clearly not the case. The original says 串焼. 串焼 does not translate as "kebab".-- 21:52, 26 May 2014 (CDT)

Kebab (also kebap or kabab) (Persian: کباب; Kabāb‎),(Arabic: کباب; Kabāb‎) is a Middle Eastern dish of pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer or spit originating in the Middle East, and later adopted in Central Asia and by the regions of the former Mongol Empire and later Ottoman Empire, before spreading worldwide. In American English, kebab with no qualification refers to shish kebab (Turkish: şiş kebap) cooked on a skewer, whereas in Europe it refers to doner kebab, sliced meat served in a pita. In the Middle East, however, kebab refers to meat that is cooked over or next to flames; large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, in sandwiches, or in bowls. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb, but depending on local tastes and religious prohibitions, other meats may include beef, goat, chicken, pork or fish. Like other ethnic foods brought by travellers, the kebab has remained a part of everyday cuisine in most of the Eastern Mediterranean and South Asia. It is also popular among Western youth as a snack after a night-out.

Please don't assume the whole world works the same way as wherever you live. Kebab very much means meat on a stick.

According to the dictionary, while "kebab" is correct, it usually holds the nuance of "turkish" (but it's still correct). Another word to call them is "brochettes" (just for the record).--Kemm (talk) 13:37, 6 June 2014 (CDT) )

Volume 7[edit]

i assume since there hasn't been a single link change for it since vol6 was finished, that we are waiting for the volume itself.

what dates roughly are expecting for the volumes release? not so much the translation of but the availability of the volume to translators.

^It's already been out since December and I assume that they have the volume by now- they're probably truing to find the time for translation now :D

AkaSora (talk) 20:15, 21 May 2014 (CDT)

Out since December has no meaning, since the translator works from the Chinese version. I dunno when it gets published in Chinese, or if it already has been.

So this is a translation of a translation... Why? It's the only available translation, and I'm already hooked though, but...-- 21:57, 26 May 2014 (CDT)
It's a good question. Why would anyone want to sacrifice their free time to translate something on behalf of someone who not only shows no gratitude for the service, but further demeans the very value of the work being done? --Hiyono (talk) 02:14, 27 May 2014 (CDT)

Why ask why? The better question to ask is why there isn't a person fluent in Japanese who has the volume who is willing to translate. As it is, the only translator we have doesn't speak Japanese, but does Chinese.

I'm just happy that someone is translating this series. Can't wait to see what happens in volume 7

Should there be a link from end of Volume 6 to Web Chapter 55 for now until the volume translations come out? -Rockmosis (talk) 21:37, 27 June 2014 (CDT)

Looks like Npeace has already added those links. I would just keep it on there now and wait in till the actual volume gets translated. --Shido (talk) 04:09, 1 July 2014 (CDT)

Did some light editing for chapter 2. Two sentences on there I have no clue what was being said. I'm also asking Skythewood for illustrations. --Shido (talk) 23:04, 11 August 2014 (CDT)

Skythewood never finished translating the Afterword for volume 7, so it was translated by lhff and Estavali here. -- 13:41, 28 September 2014 (CDT)

Did my usual bit of adding in honorifics, page numbers, etc. It's a bit too late, but I still wanted to do it.

Abundant amount of editors.[edit]

We have quite a bit of editors here for Log Horizon. I think it's best to put those of the Google docs chapter crew into a special thanks section instead. Maybe we can put others who haven't been active in a long while in an inactive section. --Shido (talk) 15:53, 29 May 2014 (CDT)

In my defense, I plan on being active as soon as the next volume comes out. --~~ Rasen

I mean people who been contributing this for a while now are OK. Things we don't really need to put in like "Various anonymous users" don't need to be there. Denver Drage and Queenie Beatrice should be put in as a special thanks since those people were editors on the google docs. Sphaela isn't really an editor here for the wiki, but we did used his images (With his permission) from his website. He too should go into the special thanks section. --Shido (talk) 10:12, 30 May 2014 (CDT)

Name Changes[edit]

Kinjyou (volume 6/volume 7) should be changed to Kinjo, which is the way it's spelled in volume 7's character page.

Re Gan ... it's spelled as one word in English on v7's character page, but it's still written in kanji with a dot between "Re" and "Gan". Re Gan's predecessor has "Gan" in his name as well, so I don't know if they are relatives or if "Gan" is a name that is passed down among holders of the Sage of Mirror Lake title.

Anything with Kazu (I've seen Kazu and Kazuyan so far) should be Kazuhiko.

Raynesia should be changed to Rayneshia. Her grandfather's name was spelled Serjiad in the anime BD.

The light novels have Rudy's name to be Rundelhous. To date, though, I've seen four "official" spellings (LN, CR subs, episode 20, BD4) for his name. I'm not sure which one B-T uses, though.

Demikas is spelled Demiqas or Demiquas. The last two/three letters are cut off, but it's definitely something with a Q rather than a K. I wouldn't change it, though, until there's more information on how it should be spelled-- 16:24, 18 July 2014 (CDT)

Please sign in before posting since we have no idea who you are with just an IP address. Also apply a signature using the signature button on the right of the italics button.

--Shido (talk) 14:50, 27 July 2014 (CDT)


First, I dunno without Japanese raws how Kazuhiko is being addressed, but the alternatives you've seen seem more like how other people are choosing to address him. "Kazu" for short, "Kazu-yan" for the Osaka-ben speakers, and if so, I don't see why those should be changed.

Second, where'd you get the Rayneshia and Serjiad spellings? With a very few exceptions, English characters just aren't used in the show.

Third, I question CR and BD subs, because they're just...wrong at times. "Scales" Festival. The "Apocalypse." And inconsistent. On the reused maps, its "Freedom Cities Eastal," while on the flags and signet rings, it's "Freedom Towns Eastal."

Where'd you get Demikas' name spelling?

Rasen (talk) 16:43, 18 July 2014 (CDT)

I doubt that they would use a nickname in the context of the sentence, where it's not a character speaking and is instead reflecting Kazuhiko's thoughts (the first chapter of the vol7 web novel). I don't think Shiroe speaks in Osaka-ben, either, it might just be from translating from a fan translation.
Rayneshia's, from the character intro after the Table of Contents in volume 6. It was (somehow) determined that there was actually an H before the I, and then that was reinforced in the BDs. Serjiad's was in the BD (I don't think Crunchyroll has anything to do with the BDs, though), no light novel English spelling has been given. I'd also take the BDs with a grain of salt, they use two different spellings for 'Rundelhous' in the character profile and character cards.
Demikas' was also from volume 7's character intro page. Kinjo and Re Gan/Regan are on the opposite page (just google 供贄の黄金 and search under images, since it won't let me link directly to the picture). -- 19:04, 18 July 2014 (CDT)
First character intro page, Second character intro page in volume 7. I have some of the other scans from the volume in high quality, but I don't know the order nor do I have a set of complete scans for vol7. -- 09:49, 21 July 2014 (CDT)

Changed Demikas to Demiqas and Re~Gun to ReGan, as a way of making it one word, while also acknowledging Re and Gan had a dot in between without actually putting a dot in between.Rasen (talk) 15:33, 27 July 2014 (CDT)

Is Kinjyou/Kinjo staying as Kinjyou or is it being changed to Kinjo? --Rockmosis (talk) 22:27, 27 July 2014 (CDT)

Made the change from Kinjyou to Kinjo in volume 6. Not touching the webnovel chapters, because I'm saving my energy for the LN. Also, still hoping to get my grubby hands on a JP volume 7 to bring the formatting, terminology, honorifics, etc. back. Rasen (talk) 23:37, 27 July 2014 (CDT)

Volume 07 Images[edit]

I thew up the images for Chapters 1-5, at least where I thought they should go. Can someone with raws please move them to the correct places?
--Rockmosis (talk) 17:48, 17 August 2014 (CDT)

I'll look where they are placed at tomorrow. After uploading all those illustrations I had other things to do. --Shido (talk) 00:39, 18 August 2014 (CDT)