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  • ...for [[Seikoku no Ryuu Kishi]]. The last Translator disappeared awhile ago. Projects like Date A Live tend to have active translators already.-- [[User:Winlex|W ...Live page and register, the tabs are there already. Just don't touch those projects that are occupied by others. I'm envious of you living in Japan. Cheers! [[
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  • ...100%; background: {{#switch: {{{1}}} | Active = <nowiki>#</nowiki>BFEECE | Idle = <nowiki>#</nowiki>EDEDED | Stalled = <nowiki>#</nowiki>FFFAC2 | Halted = ...88;"><big>'''Project Status: {{#switch: {{{1}}} | Active = ACTIVE | Idle = IDLE | Stalled = STALLED | Halted = HALTED }}'''</big></span>
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  • == Active Projects == | [[Golden Time (Indonesia)|Golden Time]] || English - Indonesia || '''Idle'''
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  • ...guy will only translate teasers (he already has his hands full with other projects) but they are all so interesting that I wonder how they aren't translated u ...novels with a completed series that is halted while seeing all the teaser projects coming out of the wood works and not even get worked on, it annoys me. I wr
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  • Idle on IRC! :D --[[User:Velocity7|velocity7]] Just wondering if you got any other projects you will to have a go at?
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  • ...roject, Baka-Tsuki or otherwise. But I have contributed to many management projects in the past, mostly in real life at actual management careers as well as on still interested in, at least, pulling this series from the dark pit of idle where its rested for over a year, searching for translators far better than
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  • Fifthed, or at least put it in the teaser projects, if I knew japanese I would want to translate == why idle? ==
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  • thinking about that, but I don't really know the rules regarding teaser projects, and I'm pretty lazy as an editor (only edited around 25% of the 50% that P ...nslating pace once you registered for the chapter, as long as you don't go idle for too long. Good luck.
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  • ====Truly one of the greatest fan translation projects I've seen==== Ganbare masu, for all current and future projects.
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  • ...taraku Maou-sama). But you should consider it, since you would then have 2 projects that YOU brought to full status! That'd be amazing, wouldn't it? Other than ...uess. Since NGNL is licensed now I guess you'll be seeing more of my other projects, for better or for worse haha -[[User:Venis|Venis]] ([[User talk:Venis#top|
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  • Can Kara no kyoukai be included in the list of current projects? Its currently not linked from the main page or anywhere, making it impossi|Fate/Stay Night]]' in 'Interactive/Visual Novels' subsection of 'Active Projects'. Shouldn't it be '[[Fate/stay night]]' instead?
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  • on her before he'd gotten stuck in this whole time loop business, in an idle, daydreaming sort of way. If he remembered correctly, Zach caught him stari ...atch over and over again. He had effectively been limited to fairly simple projects, but now that he could actually transfer notebooks across restarts, he was
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  • ...u like me to create a Heavy Object Nav template like I have for many other projects? (The links are available on my User page). [[User:Zero2001|Zero2001]] - [[ ...humble request to ask you if you could take up this series as it has been idle for a very long time and your work with the translation of the Index series
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  • |"I've got plenty of my own work to worry about! I have 3 different projects planned this month alone! If you need help, ask Matsuoka or Suzuki..." |"Yes, that's right! There's not a single person who's idle enough to mess around here, right? 'If they're idling, use them, even if th
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  • ...d rifle bullet actually be used? To them, it makes more sense to use their idle soldiers for this than to bring in a ridiculously expensive machine.” ...ine. As Quenser and Heivia took that task to its limit, they threw off all idle thoughts and became machines that did nothing but accurately put bullets in
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  • ...e knowing it would never be useful in reality was no more valuable than an idle chat. ...timacy Kingdom military. They were the ones putting the most research into projects to create unmanned Objects using AI.
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  • ...a guess at her age, but she already has a PhD and works on university-run projects. She has also been sponsored by Academy City or its cooperative institution ...e dumber, she might have continued her useless effort without any of these idle thoughts and she might have been satisfied with that.
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