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Translation stuff[edit]

All translation- related questions go here. Thx.

thank you for starting NGNL...wanna ask ganna do all volume 5 or some parts of it.

me too, want to thank you for translating NGNL vol 5, I was really curious about how the arc will end.I hope you will translate it completely

Probably gonna do all of it, but I suck at formatting/editing so the prologue isn't uploaded yet. Was originally gonna help out of volume 4 but I was afraid of offending the previous translator so I just let it be and started on volume 4. Prologue of Vol. 5 should be up by today though - Venis

Lol, you can go ahead and translate chapters of Volume 4, as long as you register it in the registration page first. ;) they say the two translators per volume rule only applies to popular series like SAO so our volumes can have 3 translators. Thanks for translating the V5 prologue. I read it and it's really long compared to the other volumes. Maine12329 (talk) 07:28, 25 May 2014 (CDT)
Yeah I was like holy shit, the prologue is longer than chapter 1 in terms of size lol. Also the deep philosophical sections are really hard to comprehend/translate. Thanks anyway for clearing up my confusion regarding translating Volume 4. (No Game No Life isn't popular yet? ;_;) Venis (talk) 09:20, 25 May 2014 (CDT)
ikr. ;-; y u no be more popular. It hasn't been as popular as SAO and Shingeki :/ Maine12329 (talk) 21:54, 27 May 2014 (CDT)

so are you going to complete kagerou days all 5 volumes or just 1 volume before moving back to :/ NGNL (kakaroet|talk)

Good question. And I'm pretty free... So... why not both? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Venis

Hello Venis, thanks for your translations, you've really made some progress in the few weeks you've been around. Just some points of discussion on the project conventions (relevant to your recent post on Takoyakiinator talk page): I believe there is no actual requirement that translators list themselves in the "project staff" section, their name next to the chapter on the registration page is the only thing required. Also, the "2 week" rule is designed to remove people that have gone MIA and no longer come around BT. As such, the translator only has to reply that they are still working on it within two weeks to preserve their registration; they do not need to finish their translation within two weeks. Of course, you can always politely ask if they mind you taking over their translations; often times the translator will reply that they do not mind. Regards, --Cthaeh (talk) 07:11, 8 June 2014 (CDT)

Thanks a lot for that explanation. But still I think the messages I've posted on the other translators' walls carry just about the same meaning? Also for those that have already done some work I also stated that they can replace my translations at any time within two weeks, I don't really mind. Just that I was rather impatient at getting Kagerou Days completely approved. So anyway, essentially as long as there's no response within two weeks I get the all-clear right? Thanks again for all that, I'm really new here so please forgive me if I've done anything wrong. -Venis (talk) 07:15, 8 June 2014 (CDT)

Just take it over if you want. I believe there's some mistake for her name to be there... i'll try to contact her latter.. --Tony Yon (talk) 09:55, 8 June 2014 (CDT)

Sorry but who is this? I won't do anything until you get back to me whatever the matter is, but thanks anyway. -Venis (talk) 11:38, 8 June 2014 (CDT)
I mean takoyakiinator, i believe she registered for Indonesian version not english one. I will verify it latter, but I believe that's the case. That's why I said go ahead if you want to take it. --Tony Yon (talk) 20:48, 8 June 2014 (CDT)
Ah thanks. But still I'll just wait until you confirm this so I don't have to worry about getting in trouble. Thanks. -Venis (talk) 00:24, 9 June 2014 (
sure -Tony Yon (talk) 00:48, 9 June 2014 (CDT)

If you're thinking about taking on a new project, would you consider Hataraku Maou-Sama or Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden-- AnimeFan9001 (talk) 15:07, 19 June 2014 (CDT)

Is my opinion taken into account if I say that you should pick up Hataraku Maou-Sama? Daxter (talk) 16:25, 19 June 2014 (CDT)
Well first I need to watch those.'t...watched or read... them. heh. heh. heh. don't kill me pls. But jokes aside I'm gonna focus on working on NGNL for now -Venis (talk) 23:40, 19 June 2014 (CDT)
Hmm, yes, if you want to focus on it, it sure is better that way. More content on a series that already has translators is more satisfying that trying from scratch for a teaser project to reach full status (Talking about Hataraku Maou-sama). But you should consider it, since you would then have 2 projects that YOU brought to full status! That'd be amazing, wouldn't it? Other than that, everything is up to you, and thank you for your services. Daxter (talk) 07:53, 20 June 2014 (CDT)
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll try it out eventually, need to watch the anime for Maou-sama and read the LNs for Kyoukai no Eden first to get some understanding. -Venis (talk) 00:14, 21 June 2014 (CDT)

Venis, just one question. What is up with your signature being plastered all over the NGNL V5 Ch2? I have found it 3 times a bit after halfway through, interrupting sentences or even words. I took the liberty of removing them, but, was there any reason for them being there? Or was it a simple mistake? If there was a reason, please go ahead and undo the changes. Daxter (talk) 04:17, 21 July 2014 (CDT)

Wait what? OK I have no idea how that happened. Thanks for editing tho. -Venis (talk) 06:43, 21 July 2014 (CDT)
Apparently you used four tildes for the text, without using the nowiki function. If you feel like it, look into it to fix it. Good luck. Daxter (talk) 09:30, 21 July 2014 (CDT)
Found the problem: The author kept using tildes throughout the chapter, and I forgot 4 in a row would cause my name to auto-sign there. Sorry about that. -Venis (talk) 18:47, 21 July 2014 (CDT)

Just one question: In Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 10, it was stated that Jibril killed 19 giants with others and one herself. She also helped to take down three "Fairies" and killed one herself. So I would like to know if it is a mistranslation, because the Fairies have lower rank in the Exceeds than the Elves (Reference) and they hung the heads of the Fairies on the humongous tree. So I would like to ask, if they were really Fairies or if it is another race like the Dragonia (which I would believe more likely). If I misunderstood something, I'm very sorry. - Newton 21:59, 21 July 2014

Well, assuming there isn't a mistake on the translation, I would say that, as has been mentioned, Exceed ranking goes according to magic affinity. That means that "how hard it is to kill something" does not necessarily align with the ranking. Perhaps (assuming that Fairies are ranked 8th) they are an opponent more formidable than other races, due to some special characteristic. I mean, considering how Werebeasts can actually physically surpass the corresponding physical capabilities of the last and most powerful Flugel ever made, while standing on a mere 14th rank, a whole 8 ranks below, I believe that a race that is even more aligned to magical properties than elves (being ranked lower because of lack of spell combinations, while keeping raw force perhaps, as is implied by their name corresponding to pure magical beings in our world) actually CAN be made to be a formidable opponent.
All these are assumptions though. Do not trust my words, wait for translation of the next volumes for answers, or for a translator who makes my statement completely unnecessary by stating it was a mistake. Daxter (talk) 17:01, 21 July 2014 (CDT)
Oh greaaaat thanks for pointing that out guys. Sorry about that. I kinda got 龍精種 and 妖精種 mixed up. Editing now. -Venis (talk) 18:47, 21 July 2014 (CDT)
So, second case it is! Good thing it was cleared out. Daxter (talk) 19:03, 21 July 2014 (CDT)
Note to self: stop being drunk while doing shit -Venis (talk) 20:11, 21 July 2014 (CDT)
Thanks for the answer. Also Daxter: I know that the Exceed ranking doesn't say much about their difficulty in defeating them. But if you think about the fact that the Flugel can split the ocean with 5% of their power and kill thousand elves without any problem (Ok, I know that Jibril is one of the strongest in Flugel race, but this shows that they have a lot of power when they have no restriction), but yeah you're right, I shouldn't underestimate other race. so thanks. - Newton 23:42, 21 July 2014
Took the liberty to correct my name on your text, I hope it isn't considered an insult of any kind around here, but yes, Races have unique characteristics which create unique relations between them. Or, they probably should. Don't forget, the writer can do anything the f*ck they want with their story. Never underestimate the writer. In any case, it was a translating mistake, so we can all together blame Venis and move on with our lives. Venis, it is YOUR FAULT! Done, let's move on. Daxter (talk) 10:53, 22 July 2014 (CDT)
I crei everitiem. -Venis (talk) 02:07, 23 July 2014 (CDT)
Oh, I am so sorry :( But you have to face the truth, even if it is harsh. *(Why is this going on in the translation section instead of the bullshit one...)* Daxter (talk) 04:21, 23 July 2014 (CDT)
why is this conversation even going on can we just stop already -Venis (talk) 21:06, 23 July 2014 (CDT)

Do you have a rough idea of when volume 5 chapter 3 will be released? I'm not trying to add pressure or anything, I know you're really busy. If the release still has a ways to go, then I'll know that I should repress my short-term hype and go into cryosleep or something... Please don't ban me from the internet for asking. ;_;

It's k, I'm not that short-tempered (at all). Anyway um I have an exam today and another one tomorrow...which means I can probably get it up by Wednesday/Thursday depending on how motivated/tired out I am. Red Bull helps. -Venis (talk) 11:04, 4 August 2014 (CDT)

You seem to be pretty unlucky since everything you do gets licensed. If you're looking to pick something else along with Henneko when you have time to spare, might I suggest the Monogatari series. The current state of it is kind of depressing, and it'll be a cold day in hell when that gets licensed. Unlucky (talk) 12:33, 30 August 2014 (CDT)

Really? I was under the impression that the M-series was going along just fine. Oh well, will consider and thanks :) -Venis (talk) 09:05, 31 August 2014 (CDT)

Hi, thanks for your translation of NGNL. I want to know if you can't just make a blog for translate it, like solitarytranslation for DanMachi and so... It's really a good novel and it's a shame to stop it just because it's licensed (it will take many years for catch up the 6volumes released). ~Natsume~ 30 August 2014

Definitely. I'm kinda unhappy about this licensing business since it'll probably never come to certain countries like mine (Malaysia) or at the very least it will take a long time, not to mention the time they'll spend getting everything up to date. Not sure if I'm actually allowed to talk about matters like this here though, but thanks for the encouragement! -Venis (talk) 09:05, 31 August 2014 (CDT)

No Problem ! I hope you'll create a blog like other translator and continue the translation of NGNL. Good Luck with you finals. ~Natsume~ 07 August 2014

First off thanks for the translations. Secondly if you're looking for a new project, I suggest knights and magic or hagure yuusha --AnimeFan9001 (talk) 14:14, 30 August 2014 (CDT)

Will check them out, thanks -Venis (talk) 09:05, 31 August 2014 (CDT)

Venis, must say you are easily one of my favourite translators, thanks for all your great work over the course of NGNL (haven't exactly read any of your other things.) Really hoping that you put up your own blog for NGNL, good luck in the future ~

Wow, thanks a whole lot! I really don't translate much of other things, so you're not exactly missing out much I guess. Since NGNL is licensed now I guess you'll be seeing more of my other projects, for better or for worse haha -Venis (talk) 04:56, 16 September 2014 (CDT)
word is going around that you may start up your own blog or website for NGNL, if so really looking forward to it - Shadow
word is going around? you're joking right? I'm...famous? *gasp* anyway that may or may not happen lel. -Venis (talk) 12:12, 19 September 2014 (CDT)

Seeing that you have started to translate Sakurasou, I think that you should know that the appointed translator for v5 ch3 (which is 2/3 done) and the author's notes from same volume has been banned from B-T, so perhaps you should consider translating the missing third of that chapter.--Kemm (talk)

Good to know. Thanks for the tip. -Venis (talk) 06:54, 12 November 2014 (CST)

another thing about your translation is that you are as INACTIVE translator , if you are planning to translate this is better you correct it .

oh shit lol. wasn't paying attention. thanks. -Venis (talk) 07:43, 12 November 2014 (CST)
Ps. thanks for starting tling this , and sorry that my writing isnt correct for the norms , it is that i dont know how it works.
no problem XD, I should be done with this volume pretty fast. -Venis (talk) 00:03, 13 November 2014 (CST)

From Sakurasou vol 5 ch 5: "Six days had passed since Valentine's Day, which means it was the twenty-second of February" As far as I know, St. Valentine's day falls on February 14th and was said in the previous chapter to be a Monday. If this is a Saturday, then it has to be February 19th, 5 days later (6 days later would be Sunday, February 20th and the 22th would fall on Tuesday, which is not a weekend, and be 8 days later).--Kemm (talk)

Also, Himemiya Saori's nickname is "Hauhau" (as shown at 5.5's color illustrations, はうはう).--Kemm (talk)
Thanks for all that. Gotta read through my raws again, I may have just read them wrongly, sorry. -Venis (talk) 06:53, 24 November 2014 (CST)
Yep, fixed. I'm fucking retarded -Venis (talk) 07:03, 24 November 2014 (CST)

Yo! I'm a big fan of Sakurasou and i was wondering if you were going to continue translating the entire LN? I ask because i thought the translators abandoned it a long time ago, so i got worried...

Oh, definitely. -Venis (talk) 06:10, 19 December 2014 (CST)

Venis are you still alive , you said that you were sick?Ps. not wanting to put pression or anything pure curiosite, sorry for english

Are you still working on the Henneko project? Because the project has been hiatus for so long and I wanna pick it up.-Pokokichi2 (talk)

Random bullshit[edit]

Anything under the sun NOT RELATED to translation goes here. Thx.

Heheh. :D --Magykalman Timeless (ABC)

10 years since Magykalman strim. I try do do something else but my path always leads to the strim. GIFF STREAM PLS - Venis

Well, VenisPagina isn't that dirty if you are Spanish. It is something close to CamePage (Came as the past tense of come, Page as you know it). So nobody ought to blame you. Change your name back please. --Daxter

me no speak spanish no coperino pasterino pls -Venis

Just because the form isn't all that correct doesn't mean you shouldn't use it as a name. Do you care about what people say? YOU SHOULDN'T! You are letting your chance slip away! --Daxter P.S. Ho-Lee Schitt, you picked up Kagerou Daze!

heh. thanks? - Venis

You are already tired of bullshitting around with someone, on the internet. You know, you may need more patience here (because I am totes from inside the internet for millennia, and I know stuff). The place is filled with people who make a ruckus with absolutely zero reason (totally not me), and people who make a huge deal out of the most minimal matter (still not me). Yet you are tired of conversing after only two exchanges. I abused your "Bullshit" page, and maybe I am sorry for wasting your time like this, but I had my fun doing it! So, let me stop wasting time so that you can get on translating faster. Work hard so that I can get to entertain myself for free. -Daxter

1. who the fuck are you 2. nah man im not annoyed/offended or anything lol 3. where is this coming from? 4. abusing my bullshit page? 5. i dont even -Venis

Alright, once more forgot to put my name there. Fixed. Now my senseless blabbering will make more sense. Now do you even? -Daxter

Whoa whoa buddy calm down there. Who said I was annoyed/offended or anything? I didn't really see much to say about your comment, so I'm sorry if my lackluster response offended you or something. This page is for "bullshit" after all so who cares if you abuse it? I don't. Calm yo tits man, calm yo tits. -Venis

I'm not offended either. I just saw a "Bullshit" page and couldn't resist. Internet does stuff to you... Weird stuff... There, fixed your mistype too. Now translate please. I wanna read NGNL and I am not patient enough. Kagerou is fine too. Get to it. -Daxter

You can take all of the chapters I'm working on, it's okay.--Takoyakiinator (talk) 04:03, 9 June 2014 (CDT)

Thanks, sorry if I offended you or anything. Cheers. -Venis (talk) 04:15, 9 June 2014 (CDT)

Just fyi, I'm 99% sure the only reason Kagerou days hasn't been updated to full project is because none of the wiki admins have noticed, or had the free time to add it to the sidebar. Once 1 volume is complete, which is true here, there aren't many reasons why it wouldn't be upgraded; and none of those few would apply here. So I don't think you need to be paranoid (re your user page). If you wanted to try to speed it up, one thing you could try is to follow the link on this page and post to make it more likely one of the admins notices, though it's still not a guarantee. --Cthaeh (talk) 08:07, 9 June 2014 (CDT)

Thanks a lot! Wow you've really been helping me a lot since I've got on. I'm in like semi-fanboy mode right now cos I just went to this anime fair and a Kido cosplayer recognized who I was OwO -Venis (talk) 06:16, 10 June 2014 (CDT)
Thanks for posting at the Administration Contact Page. I'm just responding to let you know that your message has been read and we're working on getting it processed through the higher levels of Administration. Kagerou Days should be added to the sidebar soon. --Cloudii (talk) 02:03, 11 June 2014 (CDT)
Thanks man. But we seem to have another problem... now Kagerou Days doesn't seem to be anywhere, not in sidebar/teaser/pending. Can we get this fixed? -Venis (talk) 07:03, 11 June 2014 (CDT)

Um, hi, I'd like to help on editing No Game No Life, since this project doesn't have a project manager or supervisor. I guess I have to talk to a translator? Thanks, Ruby Halo (talk) 02:38, 20 June 2014 (CDT)

Oh snap sorry I didn't see that. I'm not all that experienced with the administration here, but you can just have a go at it just the same. If possible you might want to ask some of the more experienced senpais here. -Venis (talk) 09:32, 13 July 2014 (CDT)

Fairly new to BT and already seeing the quality abyss, huh? Not a bad rant. Though, in my book quality doesn't reach it's peak with correct English, but it's better than nothing. Commending the editors here seems also double-edged to me. =D Anyway, take care not to get caught up in the Engrish vortex. -cautr (talk) 04:58, 8 November 2014 (CST)

Thanks for the advice. I really haven't got to know the community all that well so I wouldn't really know about the quality of the editors, but the ones I've so far were great...even though it's probably otherwise. I'm still a newb XD. Btw, what was that you meant about the Engrish vortex? -Venis (talk) 08:52, 8 November 2014 (CST)
In the sense of, "And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." - you might actually really think the editing's great just because you haven't come to know anything better and as you're reading the, unquestionable, crap that you might come across here more often than not, start to deem it "okay"; and in the end, you'll end up to be one of those who write crap. Drama fin. :P And besides, you can count those who aren't newbs here on one hand, I don't think idle time alone qualifies to not count as one. =D Oh, I haven't really read the translations or anything, so these are all just assumptions, I've given up on reading here. -cautr (talk) 10:21, 8 November 2014 (CST)
Right, at least I played enough Silent Hill to vaguely get that. Now that you mention it, that does seem like a problem...but then again I have a bad habit of not reading translated LNs, I usually just read the Chinese raws and get it over with. Well, I'm not saying that I don't have translators here or elsewhere that I respect a lot. Thanks for the advice. -Venis (talk) 21:14, 8 November 2014 (CST)
I'm your biggest fan please translate more shakurashou I luv you pleasarino. <3 -Magykalman What am I doing with my life.

Kagerou Daze[edit]


Kagerou Daze has been announced as licensed by Yen Press early today. Thus, there won't be any new content for a volume with less than 50% done, as per policy. Any translated content will be deleted 2 months before volume 1 gets out at the latest, though it might be before that. Just wanted to drop a word on this subject. Mystes (Talk) 21:28, 13 June 2014 (CDT)

  • sighs* I guess it is rather depressing to see my work just getting torn down and barely 3 weeks since I got started here. Oh well, it was a good run. Time to find something else to keep myself occupied with. Preferably a teaser. Thanks for that. -Venis (talk) 08:50, 14 June 2014 (CDT)

Hi there Venis, I came to reply to the message you left on my talk page some months ago, but I rarely check BT now due to extreme time constraints. Anyhow, I was going to say that I am not going to work on it anymore, but damn...seems like it got licensed. This is just sad...almost every nice series I find is getting licensed. Hope you find something else to work with which piques your interest. Have fun and goodluck. --Rohan123 (talk) 06:55, 3 August 2014 (CDT)
Thanks for that. See you around. -Venis (talk) 02:11, 4 August 2014 (CDT)

...NGNL V4C2 incomplete?[edit]

it is stated as it on the registration page, but isn't the translation ended at the place where the chapter end? Why is it incomplete? (Except it don't have the illustration) 746939454 (talk) 00:21, 14 June 2014 (CDT)

Ah forgot about that. Did this really need a new section? Anyways I've edited it. -Venis (talk) 08:53, 14 June 2014 (CDT)

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Come o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru[edit]

Thanks for doing the Interludes. If you have time feel free to grab chapter 3. RL is hectic atm so Chapter 2 is stalled. Talinnilat (talk) 16:25, 7 October 2014 (CDT)

No problem, glad I was of help. Will probably do so but I'm kinda wrapped IRL as well so I can only work on anything after next week. Good luck with whatever's keeping you busy. -Venis (talk) 04:15, 9 October 2014 (CDT)

Hi, thank you for your work on the novel, i intent to create the pdf version of volume one (im still new here), but realize that the second chapter had not yet done, will you complete it or wait for others to finish the chapter? thank you, --Hykzqwmx (talk) 13:16, 23 November 2014 (CST)