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Asorted comments[edit]

Got your message. Am a little bit salty you took so long, but I'm a chill guy. As for Volume 11, I'm not done with 10 yet so I'm probably not going to work on it. I'll just be an "editor" for 10 until I finish, and then I'll let you know. As for compensation, can you tell me what a newb like me needs to do to get a project going? I would appreciate it and it would help for next time before I butt into someone else's project. - otac0

Just finished reading your latest trans of mondaiji and really loved it keep up the amazing work and cant wait for the conclusion of volume 4. --- Nao ~

OMG! I had the urge to shout when i saw your post! Thank you for translating this light novel and looking forward to your future translations! Thanks again, you don't know how happy I am :D ---Code06

I edited the prologue, please feel free to undo it if you didn't like what I've done. I've corrected all mistakes aswell. If you'd like me to edit chapter 1 aswell, i would happily do so. And do you mind if I add my name on the editors list? ---- Code 06 (talk) 16:36, 30 March 2013 (CDT)

Thx for picking up "Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo", I appreciate it ^^ LoliDragon (talk) 30 March 2013, at 19:35

thank you so much

Thank you very much for picking up this series! (daikama)

Hello Firebird, thank you so much for translating this series. It's delight me to read the novel version since there's should be more detail than the anime. Once again, much obliged! Reinm (talk) 1 April 2013

Thanks for picking up Mondaiji-tachi! Looking forward to it!

thanks for translating

woohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks firebird-kun! Ways(talk) 03 April 2013, at 08:46

I'm just going to assume I can jump in and translate on Mondaiji if I just put my name on the registration page. Since you allowed Drinkingwater to "ninja volume 2 of the series". Mizuho (talk) 00:22, 18 April 2013 (CDT)

Hi! Thank you for participating! Welcome on board! Firebird (talk) 00:57, 18 April 2013 (CDT)

I just finished the Anime a couple days ago and instantly became a huge fan of Mondaiji. Wanting to read more I jumped over to Baka-tsuki and have been marathoning the translations ever since. I just wanted to come over and say thanks for translating the series, Your amazing! (Cant wait for the rest of the chapters :)) --Killerrin (talk) 15:32, 31 May 2015 (CDT)

Thank you, but most of work was done by magref! Without him, the project would really be nowhere near it is now.
The next chapter is one I'm doing, so will do my best to get it out as soon as possible! Firebird (talk) 13:09, 1 June 2015 (CDT)

Questions and Answers[edit]

hi can i become an editor

hi how can i be a translator

Learn Japanese (and english if you don´t know it), register, put your name on registration page to what you wanna translate, translate :)
Anyway thanks for your translation Firebird and I hope it will continue steadily forward. --Zuruumi (talk) 13:59, 9 April 2013 (CDT)

Mind if i ninja volume 2 of the series ? :3 --Drinkingwater (talk) 22:42, 10 April 2013

Seems like you already wrote your name to appropriate place, so go ahead!
How much experience do you have with the Japanese language? Just curious, since this will be you first translation here as I can see. Firebird (talk) 09:58, 10 April 2013 (CDT)

Cause I am more fluent in the Chinese language,therefore i translate from Chinese to English.--Drinkingwater (talk) 06:15, 11 April 2013

Is the narration for Mondaiji in present tense or past tense or both? It's really hard to determine but every light novel I read, the narration was always in past tense except for maybe High School DxD. --Code 06 (talk) 15:52, 3 July 2013 (CDT)

I should have explained more of my thought process behind that last edit, but it is kinda hard for me to put it in words. Usually the past tense works better, but for these few sentences I think the present tense is more fitting, since they don't describe any particular past events, instead just how things work in general. This a sketchy explanation from me at best, but I feel this way it's more in line with the original text. If it feels very out of place for you then we can change it back if you wish. Sorry about this, I will try to be more communicative in the future about these. --Firebird (talk) 04:22, 4 July 2013 (CDT)

Hi there, is there a page to download the pdfs for mondaiji? If you're too busy to make them i can make them for you. :D -Raiputz

Hey I just wanted to ask why vol. 1-5 of Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? got deleted, cause I wanted to read them. Im just curious and I havent found any contributions about this. So my further Question is if they will get released again? And if so do you already know when? -Maidera123864

Changing You's name to Yuh[edit]

It's going to be very akward to english readers to read "You" as a name so it should be changed to Yuh for readability.

I was contemplating this when I started translating, but reached the same conclusion as EnigmaticAxiom below. I don't think it causes that much confusion that would warrant breaking the romanization style of the whole text for this one name. Thank you for your suggestion though! Firebird (talk) 01:02, 18 April 2013 (CDT)

If you were worried about that, it would be "Yoh" rather than "Yuh." Honestly speaking, I think it should remain as is. Also, I'm not sure how confusing it would be. Her name is capitalized like all names should be. "You" as a word is only capitalized if it's at the beginning of a sentence, and the following word should tell who it refers to. The translators are also maintaining titles and honorifics for a lot of it, so it'll be "Kasukabe," "You-san," and "Kasukabe You" for the most part, so I'm not sure how awkward it is reading it. It's much more awkward writing it than anything else. --EnigmaticAxiom (talk) 23:55, 18 April 2013 (CST)

i know i don't have a right to barge in but have you ever considered "Yuu" as an option. it is pronounced "yoo". --SirEatALot (talk) 09:45, 20 April 2013 (CST)

Actually, it's pronounced "Yō." I hate referencing the Anime, but that's where it's easiest to hear. As for what Kuroi said, yes, it is likely most people will pronounce "You" as "Yuu," but I say ignore them! --EnigmaticAxiom (talk) 20:35, 19 April 2013 (CST)

Just a minor thing, most readers are going to be reading as 'you' in pronunciation('yuu'). There's always the ō letter, but that might not be the most preferred either. (Random)Actually, just leave as よう, time to learn kana =D --KuroiHikari (Talk | ) 19:59, 19 April 2013 (CDT)

Yuu is better I think.

There seems to be a misunderstanding here for some people. Her name is not pronounced like Yuu, it’s pronounced like Yoo, but the proper romanization is You. The only alternative would be or maybe Yoh, but it’s not that confusing in the text to tell apart the english you and her name as You from the context, so I think we won’t change it now.

I will move this section shortly to the Names and Terminology page. --Firebird (talk) 05:08, 2 May 2013 (CDT)

Wanted to Help.[edit]

Hey firebird,

I was reading over Mondaiji and, i noticed there was a lack of editors for this light novel. so I was wondering if i can help out. i love this series from the manga to the anime adaptation. and from what i've read from the little that was translated made me want to help out. I'm a native english speaker so this is well within my abilities. this would be my first project for a light novel, so please guide me along.

-Trigger91, email: [email protected]

Thank you for expressing an interest! Since I'm not really well versed in the job of editors, I think you should turn to Code06 with this matter. He is the main editor on this project, so if you can help out with something, he can probably tell you. If he approves I have no objection to you becoming an official editor. Firebird (talk) 15:18, 18 April 2013 (CDT)

Trigger91: thanks for the information i'll go and talk to him now. i do hope we can work together for this project......(sometime later) there, my names under the editor bracket. i look forward to working with you, and i hope that we get this project done so others can enjoy this story.

Welcome aboard! --Firebird (talk) 13:10, 19 April 2013 (CDT)

Hello Firebird i know you are the supervisor in charge of Mondaiji and i wanted to ask if it was ok with you if i try to edit the resolution of the images for the Pictures. I try to do one, and i posted my example on the forum. If it's Ok would you please let me know. Thanks Also thank you for all your work put on this project.--Latos1117

Sorry for the late answer. From your post on the forum I see the the image you posted as much lower resolution and more blurry then the current one. I think it comes down to a personal taste, but I prefer the current higher resolution and sharper images even if they are not definitively better. Thanks for trying though! --Firebird (talk) 19:32, 29 June 2013 (CDT)

Its ok don't worry i understand, and well thanks ill take that as a feed back and try to work on it. By the way your working on Volume one if i'm not mistaken, so i was wondering if when your done with that volume you were going to jump to the next one? Sorry for the question just curious. --Latos1117 21:39, 05 July 2013 (CDT)

Is it alright for me to join as an editor for the Mondaiji series because I'm a really big fan of Mondaiji and I really want to help out. Flowers-LavDai

There is not much difference between being an official editor and an unofficial one since everyone can edit the text, but if you wish to become one nonetheless then contact Code06 with this matter. If he has no objection then I don't have one either. --Firebird (talk) 02:58, 30 July 2013 (CDT)

I think Code06 is okay with it!!! So is it alright if I put my user name in the editor list? Thanks for your time. Flowers-LavDai

I've put your name in the editors list. Welcome aboard! --Firebird (talk) 02:06, 1 August 2013 (CDT)

Oh my god!!! It's just like you made my dream come true!!! Thank you very much!!! I'll work my hardest and will try my best as an editor! Flowers-LavDai

Hello, despite the flood of enthusiastic editors I think you need some more, so I would like to join the line of new editors. Should I ask Code06 about it, or is it enough to ask you? -- Draconic (talk) 12:23, 29 November 2013 (CST)

Sorry for the late answer. With the current speed of translations I don't think there is a pressing need for additional editors, and also currently anyone can edit the translations without being an official editor. However if you still want to be one of the official ones, then I have no objection. --Firebird (talk) 05:39, 4 December 2013 (CST)

No problem. I guess it feels good to have your name on the project page as an editor ;) :) While reading the translations there were a bunch of things that caught my eye. I felt that the series needed more editing, and since it looked a bit time consuming I wanted to apply as an official editor. -- Draconic (talk) 13:39, 4 December 2013 (CST)

Hey, Firebird, I'm new here and would like to help with the translating from Chinese to English. -- Eclipse9

Can I haz translation for Volume 3?[edit]

Hi Firebird, can I translate volume 3 of Mondaiji ? I' a huge fan of the series and is able to translate it from Chinese. Please ? With sugar on top ? (I'll only do the proper procedures once the project admin approves.)

Primus de Pedos (talk) 10:54, 27 April 2013 (CDT)

Thank you for your application! I see no problem with you starting Vol.3, it's refreshing to see someone who actually waits for the reply :)
Welcome aboard! --Firebird (talk) 11:42, 27 April 2013 (CDT)

.*Stabs* </3 Ouch. I felt that one.Drinkingwater (talk) 22:37, 27 April 2013 (CDT)

Don't worry about it :) You did ask and that's what really matters. --Firebird (talk) 11:06, 28 April 2013 (CDT)

-Cool, I've just finished the prologue and I'll try my best. Primus de Pedos (talk) 10:58, 28 April 2013 (CDT)

Then I will put you on the translator list and the registration page. If you do another chapter please put your name beside it on the registration page. --Firebird (talk) 11:06, 28 April 2013 (CDT)

I Want to help translating[edit]

Hi there, Firebird. Can I help translate this novel? I love the series, and kind of sad the anime ended just like that. Currently, I'm a Japanese Language and Literature college student. With translating it, I hope I can make people who like this series happy and help my translating skill. Can I do it? Xiaolang (talk) 13:44, 29 April 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for applying! I see no reason to refuse your help, welcome aboard! If it's alright with you I would like you to start on the 3rd Volume if possible. Primus de Pedos has done the prologue, but he did not register for another so I don't know if he will continue it soon. You should ask him if he's working on the next chapter just to be safe. In the meantime you could start with the one after that if he doesn't answer quickly like I didn't (Sorry for that!). Of course only if you don't have any problem starting with the 3rd Volume. Be sure to register the chapter you decide to tranlate on the registration page so we know what you are working on. --Firebird (talk) 18:10, 30 April 2013 (CDT)

I forgot to mention, actually I want to translating it to Indonesian, not English. I will try that when I'm finish with the Indonesian one, but I'm not sure. Oh, by the way, this is my first time here, so I don't know how this site works. Can I ask you if I have a question? Xiaolang (talk)04:48,1 May 2013 (UTC)

I see. In that case you should take a look at the Format Guidelines at the forum for starters. With a little bit of search most of you question will be answered probably. If not, then you can ask me and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. --Firebird (talk) 03:55, 2 May 2013 (CDT)

So, which one should I do first? Indonesia is my first language, so if I want to translate it to English, of course it should through with Indonesia first. IF I can, I will try to do both, but if you want English, then I will focus on translated it to English. Xiaolang (talk)10:56, 2 May 2013 (UTC)

You should do what you wanted originally. I only suggested that you start at Vol.3 because I assumed you want to translate it to english. --Firebird (talk) 06:05, 2 May 2013 (CDT)

Indonesia first then. This is my first time after all, I don't want to risk it. So I will start from the beginning. Because I don't know anyone here, so please bear with me if I bother you so much. You are the first person I talked to in this site. Xiaolang (talk)13:20, 2 May 2013 (UTC)


I would like to help translating problem children but im not sure how to register. I have the copy of mondaiji-tachi and I surely am capable of translating it to English. Please let me know when I can start it.

At the registration page you can write your username beside the chapter you want to translate. Preferably no more than 2-3 chapters at a time. If you have all the volumes and don't mind, then I would ask you to start with the next available chapter in Volume 3. Drinkingwater is working pretty fast on Vol.2 and we already have 2 translators on Vol.1 . Where possible please keep the translations that were decided so far in the Names and Terminology Guidelines. If you decide to start then welcome aboard! --Firebird (talk) 08:07, 29 May 2013 (CDT)

Firebird, myself and another user, svastiKaThulhu (talk) would like to contribute to the Mondaiji-tachi translation project. Is it okay for us to add ourselves to the registration page and begin working on any open chapter? --Vertritex (talk) 20:22, 07 September 2013 (EST)

Thanks for asking! You can add yourself to any chapter and start working on it freely, but if the chapter you plan on translating is right after someone else's work then you should ask them about it first. When you've put some translation up I will add your names to the translators list. Welcome aboard! --Firebird (talk) 09:09, 8 September 2013 (CDT)

If possible, I would like to start with the last two chapters of Volume 1. Would this be okay? --svastiKaThulhu (talk) 20:42, 7 September 2013 (EST)

Thanks for asking! The same things I wrote for Vertritex are valid here too. As for the last two chapter in Volume 1, you can start working on any time you wish. Welcome! --Firebird (talk) 09:09, 8 September 2013 (CDT)


Do you think we need more Editors for this Light Novel because there's a person who contacted me asking if he/she can be an Editor. As of today, I think that we are still perfectly fine but if you want another Editor to work with us, that's perfectly fine with me. I need your opinion though before taking any action. ----Code 06 (talk) 10:17, 3 May 2013 (CDT)

I agree that we don't really need more official editors. The pace of the translations are not that fast so it would warrant more number of editors. Nonetheless if someone isn't an official editor, he/she can still correct mistakes in the translations. In the future when I'm done with my exams, the need may still rise, but not for now I think. --Firebird (talk) 15:35, 3 May 2013 (CDT)

Color Illustrations[edit]

Do I use color illustrations on chapters? Because High School DxD Novels does but Date A Live doesn;t. So I was curious to what's the project admin's guideline for Mondaiji. (I personally feel we should since the chapter may be too tl;dr without a picture or two) Primus de Pedos (talk) 10:55, 4 June 2013 (CDT)

Traslation of Volume 1[edit]

Hi Firebird, you are awesome. Well,I go to the point, are you traslating the volume 1 of this novel??? If are you, excelent, but i want to know if this volume is still in traduction for you or for another user.

Thanks 4 ur work.


Zhxm :D, A currently user and traslator to spanish of kikuslirus proyect

I am indeed in the process of translating, which sadly is still extremely slow. I've put up part 1 of chapter 4 two days ago, the rest I'm still polishing at this time. --Firebird (talk) 02:46, 30 July 2013 (CDT)

do you plan on continuing the translation anytime soon ?

Re: Mondaiji Vol 3[edit]

"I just wanted to ask you, if it would be okay if I were to start translating after your last released chapter in vol. 3? I was thinking that most readers would be interested in the after-anime story more, and frankly I am too. So please tell me if you would prefer to do it yourself from now on too. Thanks."

I apologize. To be honest, I'm very busy so I have been neglecting my duties as a translator. However, there are many other things in volume 1 that was never made to the anime. So if possible, I hope you can finish up volume 1 first and then start on vol 3. (If I'm stupid and lazy even then to finish.) In the meantime, please gimme just a little more time to sort things out. 5% of chapter 4 was finished recently and I kinda want to do at least complete my promise of finishing volume 3. Thank you. Primus de Pedos (talk) 03:11, 9 November 2013 (CST)

No problem, I have no right to complain really since I was just as inactive the whole time. I will continue with volume 1 then for now, but if for some unknown reason I finish the whole volume before you advance significantly with vol.3, I will have to continue from there. I really don't want to jump forward when there are untranslated parts in the post-anime story continuity. Good luck with the translation! --Firebird (talk) 07:46, 9 November 2013 (CST)
Thanks. If I did not do any updates then, feel free to translate them. Primus de Pedos (talk) 02:19, 10 November 2013 (CST)

Italian Translation[edit]

"Hello! I'm new at this, but I would like to translate Mondaiji in Italian. If it's possible to traslate it from the english translation." NiwaKonzen 28 January 2014

I have no objection to using the english version for your translation and I don't think the other translators have any either. Good luck if you decide to proceed with it! --Firebird (talk) 02:27, 30 January 2014 (CST)

 "Thank You! Then I'll start to work on it! "NiwaKonzen  9:47, 31 January 2014 (CST)

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo[edit]

Hey, I have a copy of the Chinese Problem Children vol 10. If you're busy and can't work on it, do you want me to try? If you want to edit or just completely replace my translation later, I'm fine with that. I'm just bored... - Otac0 (talk) July 14 2015

I've tagged Magref in the Active Translators segment, since he is still translating Mondaiji. Just letting you know.^^ Kouen no Ten (talk) 09:56, 3 February 2014 (CST)

Hi Firebird! Just in case this went under your radar, but I wanted to make sure it you were aware that someone removed your name from the remaining chapters of Volume 1. Magref brought it to my attention when he was trying to see which volumes were registered. Found it kinda odd so I'm just gonna go ahead and put your name back. - BionicMeerkat (talk) 17:54, 25 February 2014 (CST)

Indeed I didn't notice it, although it's very strange because I didn't get an email notification about it when I should have. Thanks for putting them back! --Firebird (talk) 18:06, 25 February 2014 (CST)

Hi Firebird! I have a question regarding uploading a image for Mondaiji. It is an image for Volume 6 Afterword, but I got this message ->It is recommended that files are no larger than 614400; this file is 651272. I'm not quite sure who to talk to about it, so I figured I would ask you first. Thanks! BionicMeerkat (talk) 18:09, 19 March 2014 (CDT)

You can just tell it to upload it anyways I think, it's no problem if it's a bit bigger, some images are way bigger than that. --Firebird (talk) 18:16, 19 March 2014 (CDT)

Hi Firebird! I don't know if you have been checking the forums, but just in case, I wanted to post my message here just in case and to hear your reply -> So I was contacted today on twitter by someone who wishes to use the Mondaiji team's translations to translate into Vietnamese. They said they will give full credit and a link to the BT page but they are not planning on posting the translations on BT. So if any past or current translators see this, please tell me if you are fine giving the ok or if you wish to discuss it. I'm planning on making this message on the wiki profiles after a day or 2 if there is no response. Thank you! -- BionicMeerkat (talk) 17:52, 23 October 2014 (CDT)

I have no problem with them using my part of the translation, but it is very small part of the whole anyway. I don't think any of the inactive translators would object to it either. As for the other parts, magref and you contributed the most to the project, so you should have the right to decide. --Firebird (talk) 18:19, 23 October 2014 (CDT)

Names and Terminology Guidelines[edit]

Hi Firebird! This is BionicMeerkat, the one who modified the guidelines for Mondaiji. Sorry about tinkering around with the guidelines. I should have contacted you or the other editors regarding the matter. I'll be sure to discuss it with you or the others before trying to modify the guidelines again. BionicMeerkat (talk) 15:09, 4 February 2014 (CST)

Thank you very much for your contributions! If it's alright with you I will add your name to the editor list. --Firebird (talk) 02:30, 5 February 2014 (CST)
Hello! Sorry about the late reply, having a cold that refused to go away was annoying. The medicine didn't help either since I ended up just sleeping the day away when I wasn't attending classes. I happily accept the offer of adding my name to the editor list. I look forward to working with you! Thank you very much! --BionicMeerkat (talk) 17:04, 7 February 2014 (CST)

Just letting you know I changed You to Yō in Volume 1 from Prologue to Chapter 4. It is now consistent with the rest of the project now in terms of name. Kasukabe You is now Kasukabe Yō in all volumes. One friendly word of advice, make sure not put a comma after an ellipsis, its abnormal in dialogues and will make the sentence awkward looking. Well I am scanning through the volumes currently, so if I see one I'll fix it. Best of Regards. --Hiro Hayase (talk) 19:27, 8 June 2014 (CDT)

Permission to join the Italian translation[edit]

Hi! I want to join the Italian translation of this project and i was told to ask you the permission! Also if you agree I'd like to use your english version for the translation. Thanks --AsuraX (talk) 18:07, 2 April 2014 (CET)

Hi! I don't think you need my permission to join the Italian translation project, the project leader's permission there should be enough in my opinion. I also have no problem with you using the english translation as a base, and I don't think the other translators have any either. Good luck with the translation! --Firebird (talk) 07:40, 4 April 2014 (CDT)

May I help...? (Mondaiji)[edit]

I really would like to help with Mondaiji Tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru. I really liked this series so... well, I wanted to help contribute to the group effort. So when I noticed a lack in editors, I jumped at the chance. I would really like to be able to help. Well, it's fine even if you say no though...

But to be more specific, I would like to work as an editor. I have some experience working with translating companies as an editor, so I have more confidence in editing. I would prefer starting to edit from Volume 6 if I am given permission to edit.

Help is always welcome and it sounds like you have more experience with editing than most. You can freely edit the translations, but please take care not to change the meaning. If something is not clear, you can ask me to look up the original for clarification. Thanks for contributing! Firebird (talk) 15:21, 26 January 2016 (UTC)

Why did you delete the previous volumes of Mondaiji? +1

I didn't. The were taken down due to a DMCA notice.
So they won't go online again right? (Do you know any other way to read them?)

Mondaiji - some questions[edit]

Hello Firebird! Before creating an account I wanted to ask ya some questions.

First and foremost, can I help with some edits? Basically being an editor. It's in majority some little things about myologies and stuff related.

My second question is more down-to-earth and is related to all the DMCA thing. I was wondering if the project is still up, and of course if edits will be taken. It's not a lot of things to change, but still if all things is purged it's kinda sad haha.

Thank you for all the work on Mondaiji, you and all the translators!