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This is the index of rules and guidelines that must be observed on the Baka-Tsuki Wiki and all of its associated subdivisions, including the Baka-Tsuki Forum and Baka-Tsuki Facebook Group.

Note that the Forum and Facebook Group may have further rules in addition to these.

For any existing and/or future conflicts in the rules dictated anywhere on Baka-Tsuki with the TLG Common Translation Agreement, please recognize that the most recent version of the TLG Common Agreement overrides all the rules set down anywhere else in Baka-Tsuki.

Rules of Usage

Baka-Tsuki Default Format Conventions

Please note that all conventions in this section may be overridden by a Project Manager for his/her specific project. These conventions describe protocol when a Project Manager has not specified revised rules or standards.
Project Specific Guidelines takes precedence over the items stated in this section.

Guidelines and Policies