Hidan no Aria:Volume6 Afterword

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Best of luck, Hidan no Aria anime!

Everyone can finally watch Aria come to life on the television screen!

Kinji, Shirayuki, Riko, and Reki's movements are similarly animated![1] Hear them speak! We did it, didn't we, Haimaki?

Thanks to all the readers who shared their appreciation online, all those who frequently send character fanart via postcard, and finally all those who've shown their support by buying this volume of Hidan no Aria. It's thanks to all of you that Aria and the other characters are having life breathed into them.

Really, honestly, thank you for all your support.

Please continue to show your support for our characters!

On another note, coinciding with the release of this volume is the release of the first volume of the Comic Alive-serialized manga of Hidan no Aria!

This is a must-have reference for any fan of the series. You'll find yourself exclaiming, "Oh, so that's what that scene was like!" Enjoy anew the world of Hidan no Aria;

I, too, will be buying a copy, both as an author and a fan!

-Now, enough about that. Let's get to our Hidan no Aria Q&A segment!

At the end of volume five, I asked everyone for their questions about this work, and have received many, many submissions! This makes me so happy! Allow me to choose one to respond to.

Q: Why did the color of the uniforms change in volume five?

Wow, someone noticed! The answer's pretty simple: the season's changed.

Butei High's female uniform has two versions, for winter and summer. The red, long-sleeved sailor uniform is used during the winter, while the blue, short-sleeved sailor uniform is worn in the summer. If there wasn't a cooler, more refreshing uniform for summer use, performance would be negatively impacted!

The flip-side is that the short-sleeved version protects less of the body with its bulletproof material, so its defensive capabilities are lowered. Accordingly, the summer uniform is actually only worn during July and August. Since they're constantly out on the battlefield, Buteis, even if hot, would rather wear the long-sleeved uniform.

But don't think for a moment this is simply because I thought to myself, "While red uniforms are great, blue would also be nice on occasion. But still, red is best!" and thus forced my preferences on Gobiuchi-sensei!

...But anyway, the deadline for submissions hasn't arrived yet! Please continue to avail yourself of the QR code on the copyright page, which will link you to our questionnaire where you can submit more questions!

Let's meet again next time in the bookstore. I wish everyone the best of health!

April 2010 - Akumatsu Chuugaku

  1. Double entendre fully intended