Hidan no Aria:Volume9 Afterword

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Hey everyone, sorry I've made you wait!

This coming April, the Hidan no Aria anime will finally begin!

Mark the date with a reminder on your cellphone calendar!

-Just as prescribed by the fifth article of the Butei Charter - move like the wind!

The broadcast will appear on TBS, MBS, CBC, and BS-TBS. The production work has been done by the ever-trustworthy J.C. Staff. It's almost as if a group of S-ranked Buteis joined hands in battle.

I, too, have just about never missed any of the storyboard meetings, exhausting myself to the utmost to convey the true personalities of the characters! For all those fans who took the effort to send us letters by QR code, don't worry, your passion has reached us!

Anime aside, the world of Hidan no Aria continues to expand.

Now, via a mobile game, readers can act out the roles of Butei High students in the new game "The Great Battle! Butei School - Hidan no Aria". Draw your weapon (cellphone), and prepare to do battle!

Right now on FLYING DOG's homepage, you can access webcasts by the voice actors of Aria and Shirayuki. Connect now, and start listening right away!

The ability to have something you enjoy right at your fingertips is truly one of the merits of the Internet. To be able to live at this time is truly too amazing!

But let's not forget that reliable partner which has borne witness to history from time immemorial - paper; that Aria is every bit as active! The original work by yours truly, Hidan no Aria AA, volume one, is now on sale by YOUNG GANGAN COMICS. This is a story of Aria and her kouhais, their friendship, and their battles. It includes also struggles to control supernatural powers and still more actual weaponry!

In the monthly COMIC ALIVE magazine, aside from the existing Hidan no Aria manga, we're introducing a new 4-koma serialization, "Hidan no Aria-chan". This series will introduce the carefree, happy, and relaxed daily life of the characters you love...smaller and cuter than ever.

All of this comes from the final information pages which come after the afterword.

All of this is only able to happen due to your constant support.

And all of this will continue. With everyone's continued support, Aria will continue to proudly forge ahead!

Forward, onward- let these words serve as my farewell!

- Go For the Next! -

March 2011 - Akumatsu Chuugaku