Hidan no Aria:Volume10 Chapter1

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1st Ammo: Descent of the Hawk -Crimson Geo-[edit]

What happened?

Displayed on the screen of the phone was Aria, Shirayuki, Riko and Reki. All four of them were covered in blood and collapsed on the floor. Only I, who stood here, remained safe. All my teammates in Baskerville had actually been...wiped out!

(How can this be......!)

Up till now, I've been going through every difficulty by protecting or being protected by my teammates in Baskerville. In that time, they've become my irreplaceable friends. But just as I decided that I'd protect them with all my might..something like this suddenly happened!

My finger started to tremble as I depressed the multi-task function on the phone, so I could try to record the video call.

Unfortunately, Reki’s phone, which Haimaki brought to me, was a different model than mine. I could not activate the recording, and it would inevitably take me some time. I started to ask questions to stall for time.

"Hey! What's happening!? Where are you guys!?"

Despite my cries, the man who called himself GIII didn't respond to my question, simply saying: "I'm killing one every hour, starting now."

The girl beside him, who was called GIV, didn't say anything either.

I had already expected this. Before, when I asked him what kind of person he was, he simply answered with three simple phrases: "Shut up. Come here. Fight me."


(If he just hangs up right here, this is going to be really bad......!)

I have to get some useful information out of them. Why are they doing this, where are they, what weapons do they have, anything! If I have no clues whatsoever, then there's nothing for me to do but sit here and resign myself to this fate.

At that moment, a finger encased in a gauntlet of metal and bulletproof fiber, appeared on the screen, as if mocking the anxious me.

Not good, it's GIII's finger. He wants to end the call!

"Wait a moment! How did you guys......just the two of you, manage to take down Aria and the others!"

"Huh? That's not how it went."

GIII smiled disdainfully.

“How many people were there, then?!?”

"It was only one person, IV."

One person......!?

He said IV......could he mean GIV? Which is to say, the girl who proclaimed herself to be my little sister, wiped out Aria and the others by herself!?

Impossible--. He's probably lying. I fear that even I, in Hysteria mode, wouldn't be able to escape from Baskerville's four girls, let alone fight them.

"I-If you're going to lie, then at least say something plausible! That's completely impossible!"


Just as I finished shouting into the phone......the call ended.

The call I had just received was from an unknown number. I couldn't call back even if I wanted to.

(......What should I do......?!)

--Beep, Beep, Beep--

As I stood there pale---the cellphone in my hand let out a prompting tone, devoid of emotion. It seems that I had received a mail.

This is Reki's cellphone, but it's an emergency right now, so there's no time to think about privacy.

I hurriedly opened the reception box—only to see that I had received a video message.

The sender’s phone number was a jumble of numbers, and there was no subject to the e-mail, nor was there anything to explain the video.

(To get this right now would mean......that it's from GIII and his allies......!)

I immediately opened the video--

Apparently, this video wasn't recorded using a hand-held video camera. From the degree of wavering of the image, it was probably filmed with some kind of goggle-mounted camera.

Which means that this is from the point of view of one of those two.

The image's definition was pretty high. It was also very clear. As for the time, it was probably filmed not long after sunset. There was also some audio output.

The place was...an urban area. On the roof? No, there seems to be something posted on the wall. Where the heck is this place? If I want to save Aria and the others, I need to confirm the location first......!

I concentrated on the screen, examining the video, and saw a curved driveway about a hundred meters away from the camera. All the buildings and the countless neon lamps were all arc-shaped——and they outlined a large circular form, which led me to deduce that they were on the inner side of the circle.

Practically, it looked almost exactly like the Roman coliseum I had learned about in world history class—a replica that had been drastically changed with modern science.

Then, the lens pointed towards the sky, and I saw what looked like the night sky, but encircled by a huge circle.

I understood—this was probably underground.

A funnel-shape was dug in the ground, and inside was a city.

(This is......a geofront......!)

A geofront, the generic term for a city way below the ground. The location on the screen is probably the "Shinagawa River geofront". It's also the only geofront in all of Japan that Haimaki could have returned from. As I became aware of this, the scene changed——the lens pointed towards the ground.

An uninterrupted pale green light came from beneath the person filming. It seemed that the person was standing on an S-shaped neon lamp.

Thereafter, the lens turned aside, and someone's figure appeared on screen.

Standing slightly to the side of the huge O-shaped neon lamp was a young girl——the aforementioned GIV.

The girl's entire body was covered by armor- like black, frosty protective gear. She was wearing semitransparent protective glasses, and the words “USLA-GIV” were printed on her left shoulder. A surprisingly long sword compared to her height —about 150 centimetres— was attached to her back at an oblique angle. This sword, at first glance, seemed like a katana combined with a broadsword, but it was different. Between the sword's edge and back, a shiny fluorescent blue could be seen. It gave off the feeling that this was no ordinary sword.

The maiden suddenly said:

"——Sword beats gun."

The words that came from the standing figure......shocked me into silence.

Judging from her appearance, this girl was 1 or 2 years younger than me. Her height and weight matched with this age.

Despite this, she gave me a feeling, a supernatural feeling——she was an existence that possessed an attractive power...

Aaah......, I understand......! I understand perfectly.

I'm really familiar with this kind of atmosphere. Very familiar indeed.


This girl......I couldn't help but think that she looked a lot like her.

As soon as this idea came into my mind, I even thought that the huge sword strapped to her back looked like Kana's huge scythe Scorpio.

——Bzz, bzz—

At that moment, some kind of equipment that resembled cat ears suddenly slid backwards from the two sides of her head, moving to the actual places that cat ears would be.

It was most likely a paraboloid oriented-object that was supposed to collect aural information. It seemed that she was using it to search for something. Her short hair slightly floating in the wind, GIV jumped down from the neon light and into the void below.

The one filming ——GIII, followed her and jumped down.

As the both of them got gradually further from the letters SONY they were standing on just a moment ago——

Dong! A sound resounded loudly.

Immediately following was the image of a round hole in the sidewalk, with GIV landing on the ground and GIII following close behind.

On the screen, GIV, who drew her broadsword mid-air, calmly walked outside.

On the lane beside, what looked like illegal drugs and guns dealers scattered away in panic.

(This......how can this be possible......!)

Judging by the amount of time those two took while falling; they just jumped fifteen meters. No, twenty meters! How did they fall from such distance without a parachute or rope?

On the screen, walking between the lined-up cars, shouting: "Hey—laying a hand on my brother? How dare you!?", GIV——grabbed the hair of a girl, and dragged her out from inside a car.

(......It's Reki......!)

Reki was holding by her bosom a sniper lens, and its lid was opened. She seemed to have just tried to snipe the people, GIV included, on the neon lamp as she hid inside a car.

At that moment, a loud wild roar resounded, and springing out from beneath the car, Haimaki charged towards GIV, roaring.


GIV opened her eyes behind her protective goggles in excitement and let Reki go. With a punch far exceeding human limits, she sent Haimaki flying.


Looking at Haimaki as he was demolished and sent flying, howling in pain and terror, I closed both of my eyes in reflex, though I knew that he was currently by my side.

There was a speeding car that had smashed into his body. And after the terrifying crunch, Haimaki collided with the car directly behind.


I heard a sharp clang of metal, making me open my eyes again. I saw Reki, who had attached a bayonet to her SVD, clashing with GIV.

Even though Reki's face was emotionless, she was just as fast as and even sharper than Aria in combat.

"Really, Onii-san, what good do you see in this mute girl."

While dodging Reki’s blow, GIV swung her broadsword, which clanged as it past Reki's bayonet. This is…! Reki’s bayonet had been removed from the rifle. No, it was chopped off! The steel bayonet was effortlessly chopped off by GIV.

“Maybe it's because she's young and vigorous?”

GIV kicked Reki behind a vending machine before quickly walking in her direction. Circling around the vending machine once, she swung her sword at the machine, and the lights went off. Having been sliced through diagonally, the top part of the vending machine slid down before crashing onto Reki's body.

"OK, the first one's been disposed of. Goodbye."

In the lower section of the vending machine——the cans as well as the plastic bottles that had been cleanly cut in two spilled their contents, the liquor.

(......Reki......to think that she'd lost so easily......!)

Before I had recovered from my shock, I saw the scene change immediately——and was surprised once again, drawing a sharp intake of icy air.

On the screen, GIV was running on the streets downtown as the sounds of Petronels' gunshots rang out around her......an unknown object was floating in front of her. It was a pearl-coloured rectangle-shaped cloth-like object that was going as fast as GIV.

These two pieces of slender cloth, whose edges were white, crossed with each other to form an X, and spun like the helix of a windmill in the air as it sped forward.

(......what was that......!?)

Bam, Bang, Bam——

The clothes that were flying in the air collided with something formless in the air, twisting about in midair.

"——I found it! It's the one Onii-san loves the most!"

The camera lens pointed towards the voice. The person who had spoken was using the skywalk as cover, but the one shooting this way was——


Now I understand. That piece of cloth——seems to be blocking Aria's bullets automatically. At the same time, it flies and protects GIV like a shield. Now that I look at it better, it looks like it is made out of bulletproof fiber. But, I've actually never seen anything like this.

“Who are you? At least let me put it on the newspaper!”

Aria inserted a new round of ammunition into the Government before charging up the stairs that led to the bridge. She probably did this to force the X shaped cloth away, opening up a clear line of fire on GIV.

“Tricks like that won't work! It's time to end this!”

GIV yelled as she darted past the X shaped white cloth. Slashing in a downwards angle —as if cutting a cake— she sliced off the stairs of the bridge. Aria fell with the く shaped stairs—GIV used the back of her broadsword to bang against the stairs in mid air for a second, and then let it fall onto Aria’s head. The cloth that was flying in the air added to the pile of debris by hitting the traffic light so easily it was as if it hit a cardboard box. “Aria!!” Even though this was just a video, and Aria’s silhouette already disappeared from view, I still could not help screaming for Aria.

The flying piece of cloth that GIV controlled was actually not a flying shield. It had this glow, just like the broadsword, so it must be an attack and defense weapon!

“OK, This one is the second one…”

GIV moved the video camera to the floor, where a sewer had been opened in half… and from the inside, a hand reached out and grabbed GIV by the ankle.

That hand— It is a Senior High School Inquesta bullet-proof sleeve that is made to be as light as a feather.

(That’s Riko!)

As soon as I realized who that was, a banging noise came from the sewer. Another hand came out with a P99 and faced GIV, who was violently trying to release the hand that was holding onto her ankle. Baah! Baaah! Went the P99, but all of the bullets were all deflected by GIV's protective gear and produced harmless little sparks. Even though the bullets seemed to pass through the small hole in the black protective gear, it did not. GIV swayed a bit, but otherwise she was unharmed. Her entire body, except her head, was covered in bullet-proof fibers.

“Now there is only one left.”

GIV took out a US Army M67 hand grenade, pulled off the plug, and threw the grenade into the sewer in a baseball-like position. It struck Riko, who gave out a cry and after a moment, the grenade exploded.


My forehead started to cover with cold sweat as the screen changed into another scene. This time it was at the school campus garden and you could make out GIV’s and Shirayuki’s silhouette. A lamp on the side had already been chopped off, and the parked vehicle next to it was wreaked *wrecked? —no, sliced in half. Looks like the fight had already started a while ago.

Shirayuki was still walking away from GIV until— Pa! Five red feather bullets were thrown into the air. Then from the back of her uniform she grabbed a wooden racket-like board and yelled, “Pentadirectional Feathers of the Scarlet Inferno!” and then using her left hand, swung the racket creating a kakaka noise. The feather bullets fell one after another—Bang! Bang! Three bullets caught on fire after such intense power towards it, and flew toward GIV. But the other two bullets seemed to not get the effect the other three did and just fell to the floor.

“~Wow~ So courageous! So adorable! I understand why you are liked by brother now, after all, you are also beautiful.” GIV completely ignore the three fiery bullets flying in her direction and pounced onto Shirayuki.


“But—You know, tonight’s golden glass is really strong and I don’t think you little girls are strong enough to handle it! This is just a real~ly unlucky day for all of you!”

GIV sat on Shirayuki’s body that laid on the floor and using force, tried to yank Irokane Ayame out of her hand.

“Oy. Hand it over.”

“No… you cannot! Stop! This is not something you people can take! The Irokane will--”

“Just let me borrow it!”

Even though from this view – GIII’s angle—I can’t really tell exactly what is going on, but suddenly a loud yell came from GIV and it looks like she used her own broadsword to..beat Shirayuki’s face. Shirayuki could not resist the pain and loosened her grip on her left hand releasing the racket [instead of the sword].

Bang! Bang!

“Hurry up! Let. Go! Stop resisting! I am not going to break it! Kukuku! Teeehee!” GIV laughed as she continued to slash and bash her sword.

Even though Shirayuki was using her arms to protect herself, however, it seemed hopeless against the enemy who was riding on her body. Finally, the sword was taken by GIV and the video—ended.


My head became very blank, but, but, now is not the time to be confused.


Baskerville’s team of four has been overthrown, by the small lady who calls herself GIV. All of them are now in the enemy’s hands, GIII and GIV and to make matters worse, I had never seen these types of enemies until today. It’s like they are experts in terrorist weaponry rather than spying, and they could also be like Jeanne but with a different sort of witch-like ability. Based on the video, GIII and GIV must be…


It was probably “Neue Ange", the users of advanced weapons.

--A portion of the Butei, (and indeed, some criminals,) are able to acquire new materials and techniques even while they're being developed in scientific institutes, and they can do this before companies, before conjurers...probably before God. Whether by spending colossal amounts of money or by stealing them, they'll get their hands on them.

These Butei and criminals will then weaponise their materials or technology, using it to crush all those who use outdated weaponry.

That is why they are called cutting-edge technological arms. They have not been tested, so the risk is really high.... but if they manage to succeed, they will beat all general weapons easily.

Just like how Aria and the girls were beaten.

They are no ordinary swordsmen, and from their overpowered strength, it makes it really obvious. They are definitely using high-class technology.

Being against those type of enemies, even Hysteria Mode cannot beat them. Even if someone were to advance and try to defeat them, they will definitely be beaten into a sorry state.

(No, even though it is like this..!)

GIII-- That chap already said it before, they will be killing one every hour.

Now five minutes had already passed. Now is not the time to stand here and do nothing!

-- Slap!

In order for me not to be so scared, I slapped myself on the cheek. Now that I wasn't shivering as much, I could call Medica's Watson. In this type of situation, the wounded should be put in first priority, so we must get Medica to be ready on the move.


I promptly explained everything that has happened to Watson, sentence by sentence. I even passed her some information that even I haven’t figured out yet. As soon as I finished talking, I also sent her the video that they (GIII and GIV) had sent. Watson was at first at a loss for words but she still managed to say something back to me.

“I-I-I understand, after I analyze the video I will figure out a strategy. You should hurry up and get your equipment ready and in ten minutes, meet me at the vehicles section’s sixth garage. Together let’s find Aria and the rest and save them!”

She relied on her nature [to never to lose to men] and bravely replied to me in this way.

I tucked my Beretta, Desert Eagle and spare magazines into my bulletproof uniform, putting a short knife in my pocket and lastly, sheathed Scramasax on my back.

Then I pulled Haimaki, who was injured, into my room and told him, “Haimaki. You did well. I am going to rescue your master now.”

Without locking my door, I walked out of my room and then called Soumiya Tsugumi from Ambulace to give Haimaki treatment in advance. Then I hurried to the rendezvous as fast as possible. When I got there, Watson was just leaving the garage with a 911 Carrera Cabriolet and yelled to me, “Kinji! Hurry and get on!” Watson was simultaneously using her left hand on the steering wheel and her right hand to activate the emergency lights. According to the law, we did not need to sound the sirens.

After I entered the car, Watson stepped on the accelerator.

“Our destination is the Shinagawa River geofront. Aria and the others should be at…” Just as Watson was in mid-sentence, the intercom crackled to life.

“Watson, this is Jeanne. Is Tohyama there?” Jeanne said with an irritable, yet calm voice. Watson had probably contacted Jeanne to analyse the image in the video.

“Yes, we just assembled. Where are you?”

“I’m at Akihabara. I was originally at the audio store that belonged to Nakasorachi’s family before Watson contacted me. I’m currently using Nakasorachi’s radio to communicate with you.”

“Can you come now? Watson and I are rushing to the Shinagawa River geofront, however two people is not enough. We need more people –”

“No, we will not be preparing reinforcements.”

“What? Why not!”

“The enemy’s skills are higher than that of Aria and the others, thus taking more people there would only increase the number of casualties. That is the meaning of the video.”

Apparently, that seems to be it.

I was too impatient and hence I couldn’t think of anything. However, those two guys sent that video to me on purpose. The meaning was “Fighting with us would be a waste of energy,” right?

As the car sped across Odaiba, I clenched my teeth.

“We must not agitate the enemy. Since the enemy has two people on their side, we must not bring more than two.”

“That… I know. But, what should we do now?”

“Negotiating to rescue Aria and the rest is our main priority. They attacked the members of Team Baskerville to lure you out. Hence, you need to find out their motive, and then negotiate with them.”

Rescuing and negotiating. Although these are not tasks that I'm an expert in, this is the only way out in this situation. Of course, these guys are not like the enemies I've had before. These opponents are really formidable.

“This is Nakasorachi here,” said a fluent and clear voice that resembled that of a news reporter. This was the second-year Connect student who often helped me, Misaki Nakasorachi.

“Through the sound of the video, the location has been identified. It should be 1-7-32, Shinagawa geofront Area 7. Specifically, it is the Aqua Theater on the seventh floor of the building.”

“That is rather lucky; the car can travel directly to the building.” Hearing the information gathered by Nakasorachi, Watson entered the location into the GPS of the car. After that, she stepped on the accelerator, driving the 911 Carrera Cabriolet through the Metropolitan Expressway.

After the Shinagawa geofront was built during the Japanese economic bubble, because of the fact that they could not raise the wages of employees, they left a large conical hole in the ground and put the project on hold. This was similar to the past Academy Island and Empty Island. It is a legacy of the collapse of the third economic sector. Although later on, they used the reason of “redevelopment” to build a city, however…

“This place looks just like Brooklyn. This reminds me of the things that happened in New York Butei High,” said Watson, who was looking out of the window. Just as she said, this place was full of open spaces, abandoned buildings and underpasses left behind by interrupted excavations. This area was the place with the poorest public order in the capital.

As we traveled along the spiral driveway down the road, custom shop signs and neon lights that looked like glistening mosquito lights could be seen everywhere. Nearly half of the signs were not in Japanese. After all, a feature of this underground city was that criminals were difficult to detect and they could escape easily, hence it seemed that a lot of criminals from all over Asia had come to this place. Also, because there were hackers and illegal radio theft dens, there were illegal radio waves everywhere. These radio waves were dubbed “Radio Typhoon.”

The large electronic billboard which showed the smoke index had already been blackened by the emissions of the underground city. Groundwater and waste disposal systems did not seem to be efficient, and it seemed unhygienic everywhere.

Watson drove the car through the Shinagawa geofront–

“We’ve arrived, they are on the seventh floor.”

And parked the car in front of a building. The building stood beside lights that were illuminating the sky. The outdoor decoration was totally different from the scene we saw before.

“Let’s go.”

To me, who was gripping the bolt of my gun –

“Avoid being too agitated, Tohyama. We must react calmly,” advised Watson, who clearly had an aggressive personality.

It seemed that the building was closed today, so the main entrance had been locked.

Watson and I worked together and used a rope to climb to the balcony on the second floor. Because I did not know the lighting conditions in the Aqua Theater, I closed my left eye to let it be accustomed to the darkness. Then, I used the stairs to climb to the eighth floor.

“It’s here. Go in,” said Watson in a soft voice when we were near the entrance of the theater. Because there was no way to use a blinking signal, she could only use a soft voice.

The guiding lights at the emergency exit shone a yellow-green light on our face. We tried our best not to make a sound as we gently pushed the heavy door.

In the Aqua Theater, except for the ceiling above the stage, the auditorium was open-air. Because the lights from the other buildings and neon lights were shining, the theater was not completely dark. However, as the main lighting in the theater was turned off, the room was only dimly lit.

We opened our left eyes that were already accustomed to the darkness –

Looking at the stage, we saw Aria and the others like they were in the video. They were all lying on the floor, comatose.

Also… there was nobody else around. There wasn’t a single noise.

Watson and I went up the stage, running towards the four girls.

“Aria, Shirayuki… Riko, Reki…! Hey…!”

“Tohyama, don’t be flustered. I’ll diagnose them, you shall be in charge of guarding the perimeter,” said Watson, before starting to check their condition.

Hence, all I could do was to look around, protecting everyone.

“It seems that all four of them are still alive.”

Just as Watson said that –

“They won’t die,” replied someone who was at the front of the audience.

“Washington Columbia Special Zone Act Article 5509D, Law Article 8807 – For Butei licenses obtained in Washington, DC. Regardless of any circumstances, Butei cannot kill people. –Well, I can still kill if I want to.” That sound was full of vigor.


Turning my head towards the audience, I saw a person in the centre of the second row–

A place where I had already checked –

The person in the video, GIII, was there.

GIII put his leg-protective gear that looked like boots against the back of the seat in front of him, as he read a book. He was not alerted and did not even look at me, who was holding a gun in my hand.

“Beware, Tohyama! Who knows whether someone else is in the vicinity!”

Just as Watson was speaking and grabbing hold of her SIG P226R,

“Are you talking about me?”

This time, it was from above–

The sound came from somewhere around the stage lights.



It was the protagonist in the video just now, the girl who defeated Aria and the others by herself.

On the matte black protective gear, blue fluorescent lights could be seen.

“Who, who are you? GIII, according to what you said just now – are you an American Butei?”

“I feel honoured. Far East Warfare– We intend to play this little game with you.”

Watson was on alert towards GIII, while I kept a close watch on GIV.

After GIV showed me an enthusiastic face, she moved the probe which looked like cat ears that was on her head.


Just like the soft sound made by her, fluttering…

The hair behind her neck slowly became dishevelled.

It seemed that as long the device worn on her head is activated, a cooling fan behind her neck would release air.

“…Not bad…”

As if she couldn’t see anything other than me, GIV concentrated on me with her eyes.

Her smile, revealing intoxication, trembled, as if unable to extricate herself in ecstasy.

She looked like she was a beast who just saw her prey in front of her.

“IV, take off the mask. Tohyama Kinji’s moves should be like mine, so don’t record it.”

After GIII said this, GIV nodded –

Using smooth movements, GIV took off the head mounted display that looked like red sunglasses.

In the gloom, I saw her face –


It was a girl so beautiful that people could stop breathing just by seeing her.

Overall, she had a childish look. Her youthful look hinted that she was about fourteen to fifteen years old.

Her confident eyes radiated with vigor. She had black eyes… no, it’s a little bit of dark blue. Her nose was firm, while her pink lips looked adorable.

But– the expression on her face as she looked at me seemed to be full of burning desire.

Her face gave a mature impression as she seemed to stare through me.

“IV, if it’s this guy — you should be able to enter, right?”

“Yes, yes! So, can I try it?”

“Go ahead.”

After GIII and GIV finished their conversation –


GIV descended like an eagle.

—Towards me.


Just as Watson exclaimed, I rolled away, avoiding GIV’s legs.

The floor where GIV landed was destroyed.

Just as I was about to fire my Beretta–

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing you, Onii-chan!”

GIV’s kick hit my right knee.


I fell onto the stage floor– Unable to stand up.

Her protective gear appeared to be made of Duralumin aluminum alloy, but her leg muscles were extremely strong. Thanks to my training in Assault, my bones were still alright, however my ligament may have been hurt.

“Stand up. Hey, stand up. I will not use a monomolecular shock blade nor a fiber shield. I will not kill you, so stand up. Let’s play.”

GIV revealed a smile that gave me an impression of blooming flowers as she walked in front of me.



The moment I removed my leg from its original position, the floor where my leg had been was destroyed by her.

“There’s no need to act weak, Onii-chan.”

“What, what are you saying…! What do you mean by “act”…!”

GIV maintained her smile, but still approached me with stiff eyes.

“How can my Onii-chan be weak?”

“I, I don’t have a sister like you!”

I raised my Beretta, but GIV only gave me a wry smile.

She isn’t afraid of guns, she totally isn’t.

Just as I was going to pull the trigger –

“Enough, IV.”

GIII, who had been observing the stage and ignoring Watson who was pointing a gun at him, stood up.

“Tsk, I originally thought that I would be able to say it in fury!” Said GIII to himself as he scratched his head.


“Eh? Has it ended?”

GIV stared at GIII and I.

“Correct, I have already understood. There’s no value in fighting with this guy.”

“No, III! I still want to have a fight with Onii-chan. I want to understand Onii-chan, let us get to know each other more.”

GIV said, pointing a finger at me. Then, she grabbed the knife at her chest–

“IV–! You dare to disobey my commands!”

GII’s roar resounded throughout the theater. In a moment, Watson's and my eyes widened.


With this, the momentum–

I know. This one, I know.

This murderous look that resembled a ghost and a dragon…!

This is like when Nii-san is not Kana – known as the “Ghost of Silence” –


Before the Butei system in Japan was implemented, the person who worked directly under the Ministry of Justice and was an armed prosecutor and died… my father, Tohyama Golden Cross…!

Being roared at by GIII, GIV trembled constantly…!

That reaction by GIV had never been shown, neither when she was attacking me nor in the video…

It was obvious– fear.

That was an expression of fright.

“…Yes, sorry! I’m, I’m only, slightly…playing, playing too much. That’s all. S-sorry…!

Looking at GIII, GIV moved backwards, her face sweating, knees trembling continuously.

(… Her attention is away from me…!)

At the moment I was aware of this, I relied on my habits trained in Assault and took action.

By reflex, I pointed my Beretta at GIV – At that point in time,

“Stop, Tohyama! Don’t attack!” Watson grabbed my hand and pulled me, who could not exert force on my right leg, onto the floor.

“You saw the fear in that girl’s expression, didn’t you…! That guy is stronger than the girl who defeated the entire Baskerville by herself!”

“Constrain yourself, Tohyama! The current situation is like what Jeanne said! Those two people can just kill us! If that happens, even rescuing Aria and the others would be impossible!”


Watson was absolutely correct.

If we were to attack, we would lose. More importantly, we still need to rescue Aria and the others. Attacking would be a bad option.


When I’m against GIII and GIV – I don’t know why, but I seem to feel enraged and agitated.

“I know, Tohyama Kinji.”

GIII turned his back-protective gear that wrote USLA-GIII towards us and prepared to leave the theater by himself.

“Ssss… Ssss…”

He disappeared slowly.

He seemed to become less opaque, just like how he did at the Far East Warfare conference.

“Light camouflage…! It has already been improved to the point where it has practical applications…!” said Watson, cold sweat streaming down her face.

“Tohyama Kinji, you seem furious at us. But unconsciously, you think “Ah, I can be exempted from a fight”, hence you are even more furious. Am I right?”

“What are you talking about…?”

“Why don’t you try opening fire? I’m sure you can still see where I am.”

GIII, who was about to become fully transparent, kicked the heavy door of the theater.

“IV, if Kinji has not awakened to Regalmente, you need to let him become accustomed to HSS. Come back after both of you are accustomed to HSS. From this time onwards, our combat plan is switched to γ (Gamma). After you two have become a strong pair, I will contact you.”

GIII said a lot of confusing things about HSS… About Hysteria Mode.

After that, just as he finished speaking –

His figure had disappeared.

He had disappeared. He was there just a moment ago…!

After GIII disappeared – GIV slowly paced past us in small steps… Starting by walking towards Aria and the others who were lying on the floor, she then revealed an innocent and lovely smile.

“I’ve called for the car. Take the worms that harassed Onii-chan to the hospital.”

GIV, who revealed a smile, seemed to have lost her killing intent.

Even so, I still couldn’t put down my guard.

“I’m…I’m not your brother. How am I supposed to trust you…!”

I pressed my right knee which had been kicked by GIV as I glared at the broadsword on her back.

“Nn… Then so be it.”


Vapour-like particles were ejected from her protective gear. Then, all of her equipment, including the broadsword, fell onto the floor. The only gear left on her body were- shoes that resembled ski boots– and a black form-fitting suit.

The form-fitting suit was as thin as a pair of stockings. It was made of the latest bulletproof fibers, and made GIV’s immature body curves look obvious. Her waist line could be clearly seen, and as I looked closely…

Aria10 043.jpg

I... I realized she wasn’t wearing…!

I was utterly petrified.

“…Aaah! Don’t, don’t look, Tohyama!”


Watson used both of her hands to cover my face, including my eyes. Good, good one, Watson!

“Erm, Tohyama – Do you have a sister…?”

“N-no. I’m very sure I don’t! It was that person who proclaimed it herself!”

After strong denial, I wriggled out of Watson’s grasp.

Trying not to look at the direction of GIV, I kneeled beside Aria and the others.

“Hmm, let’s take them away. Bring them to that place called “Butei Hospital”, is that ok?”

After GIV said that, she carried Aria and Reki on her shoulders.

It seems like… that kid is serious… about saving the four girls that she defeated.

I carried Shirayuki on my back–

“… Their condition isn’t too serious,” whispered Watson, who was carrying Riko on her back.

“III has ordered me to do something tonight, so I have to separate from Onii-chan.”

GIV seemed to have heard what Watson said, and winked cutely at us.

“You seem to strictly follow GIII’s commands, is he stronger than you?”

GIV glanced at Watson who seemed to be interrogating her.


She answered the question, which Watson and I hoped the answer to it would be “No”.

“Yup, he is much stronger than I am. And I- will definitely not defy people who are stronger than me.”

At the entrance of the building, there was a black Hummer jeep. Standing next to it was a man wearing a suit. As he bowed, we could see his pure white hair.

“Lady IV, you have performed well.”

The man raised his head, showing his twisted expression. He looked as if he could not straighten his back and was hunching over. Although he was a Caucasian who just entered old age, his hunch was probably not caused by his age, but a disorder in his nervous system.

“Thank you, Angus. What about III?”

GIV threw Aria and Reki into the car that the man opened, then the man… Angus, talked with a strong tone.

“Sir Tohyama and… that man, are you going back in that car? We are going to bring the ladies to Butei Hospital,” said the man, showing a smile.


Watson turned towards GIV and the old man.

“I understand that you already have no intention to fight, but that doesn’t mean that we trust you. GIV shall sit in my car. Tohyama shall sit in the other car.

Although I thought of calling Logi for a car, if there was an accident on the journey, we would be implicated. Moreover, we need to bring Aria and the others to the hospital as fast as possible.

Just as Watson said, as hostages of the unarmed GIV, it would be better to travel in two cars.

After seeing me nod, Watson searched the old man for suspicious items. Watching this scene, GIV laughed gently.

“How unreasonable. Angus will definitely never bring a weapon.”

“Don’t be long-winded. Come, ride my Porsche. Let me remind you, my Porsche has an explosive function, so remember to not do anything suspicious.”

“Nah, don’t worry. Come to think of it… Watson, your face is really cute, just like a girl’s.”

Without a reason, GIV glared at Watson’s cute face.

“ –! Y-y-y-you’re too rude! I am a male! Let me emphasize that, I am a male! I. Am. A. Male!”

Hey, hey, Watson.

Don’t blush when you are denying that.

You really will give her a hint.

Also, did you just say that your Porsche has an explosive function? I will never ride it again.

*Sigh* “In the future, is it that I will have to kill Onii-chan’s male friends? It feels like both of you are compatible. How do you put it… It’s like a double man team.”

“You… you, what kind of weird things are you thinking? Are you perverted?” said Watson, whose face was within spitting distance of GIV.

Let’s not talk about her.

After I carried Riko and Shirayuki into the Hummer, I sat on the sparkling clean leather seat of the car.

The old Angus limped towards the car and got into the driver’s seat…

I still couldn’t trust him, so I couldn’t help but glance at him.

“Please do not worry, Sir Tohyama. I am merely Sir III’s butler.”

He twisted his neck to look forward –

The Hummer, which looked like a military vehicle, made its way to Butei Hospital. Angus’ skill in driving seemed to be a notch higher than any driver in the world.

As we traveled towards Academy Island, the old man’s driving was as if he was chauffeuring nobility; careful and well-behaved, complying with the road laws.

I secretly glanced at his face…

Although his eyelids were twitching and looked distorted, he seemed like a tamed herbivorous animal.

(He doesn’t look like a bad guy…)

He self-proclaimed to be GIII’s butler. That being the case, if I said anything, he would convey it to GIII. I wonder if that would cause trouble for me. Thus, I was silent throughout the journey.

After we successfully arrived at Butei Hospital, we brought Aria and the others into the hospital.

Watson, who had a British physician's licence, told me not to put our guard down. After that, she went into the hospital. Angus merely bowed in respect, and then drove the Hummer away.

I ended up with GIV, who was standing beside me for no specific reason.

Looking closely, GIV was wearing a long body coat. That looked familiar, it was probably Watson’s.

“We can now be alone together, Onii-chan.”

After GIV said that, she looked up at me with inexplicably intoxicated eyes. After our eyes met, she narrowed her eyes happily. That action really resembled those of a fourteen to fifteen year old girl.

As the evening breeze blew, the sweet scent of caramel came from her hair.

“Don’t come too close to me… Also, I don’t have a sister.”

“There is, isn’t she here?”

“I told you not to come so close!”

“–Fine, since Onii-chan says so, it’s ok to be separate for a night. After all, I do have many things to prepare.”

“…Prepare? What do you need to prepare?”

“It’s. A. Secret.”

Facing me, who had a look of suspicion, GIV gave me a playful wink. Then, she turned her back to me and walked away.