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The world of "Hidan no Aria" continues to expand! This time, it's a spinoff!

How is everyone? Today, I, Akamatsu-sensei, am quite lively thanks to everyone's kindness and hospitality!

Because of everyone's efforts, Hidan no Aria's second manga volume is now on sale! Please submit helpful commentary to the phone contest as well! Finally, we're also hard at work in the production of the TV anime, announced last volume.

Furthermore! Debuting in the wildly popular manga magazine "YOUNG GANGAN", an alternate take on the Hidan no Aria world in a spinoff manga, beginning serialization this fall! Its name is...

"Hidan no Aria AA"!

The original work is by me, Akamatsu-sensei. Aria and the others will make their entrances, one by one; be sure not to miss out!

Ah...when I hear the phrase "AA", it makes me think of your cup size. I guess it's right (lol). That's an Akumatsu-ism! (<-?) As for more details...please wait!

Now then, it's time for the Hidan no Aria Q&A Segment! This time, I'll answer this question:

Q: "Butei High's store...what does it sell? What kind of place is it?" [1]

The Butei High store. A place that Kinji frequently references, saying things like "I picked up these bullets at the store".

The group of Butei High chain stores known broadly as the "Sales Division" includes the dining hall, snack counter, electronics shop, bookstore (light novels are a popular purchase!), and even the tactical supply store referenced in volume 2 from which Aria purchased the ability-sealing handcuffs. These stores are distributed all over the island! [2]

Nevertheless, when they hear the term "Butei High store", the first thing any Butei High student thinks of is the Armory. This place sells US-Japan-stationed military- and Butei corporation produced- munitions, a student-targeted Chinese-Japanese weapons depot of great repute. What Kinji makes mention of, is this shop.

That said, all models sold there are still mass-produced versions. With the exception of newly-entering first year Butei High students, no Butei High student would simply use a purchased weapon as-is.

Students rely on their fellow Amdo students for modifications to weapon weight, trigger tension, LAM (laser sights), and other such changes, altering their weapons to suit their individual styles and habits. Butei High students, after all, must trust their guns with their lives. These tiny alterations directly translate into the difference between life and death. Thus, students will constantly make these small changes throughout the school year to ensure maximum suitability. That notwithstanding, running into Armory equivalents of their trusted counterparts still fills them with nostalgia.

For a Butei High student, the words "Butei High store" - a name they will henceforth and always remember - a truly important place.

Well, having written to here, I'm just about out of room. Let's meet again in the bookstore! Until next time!

August 2010 - Akamatsu Chuugaku

  1. The phrase I translate as "Butei High store" is actually "購買". This term simply means to purchase something, and thus doesn't translate at all, in this capacity, to English.
  2. "Sales Division" = 購買 + 部 (department, division, etc.). You can see the relationship with the term that's being discussed.