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The english version of this project has been restored, as Digital Manga has not done anything with the novel for more than a year.

(Note: Translation progress varies for each version.)

Volume 1 Cover.

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Hidan no Aria (緋弾のアリア), also known as Aria the Scarlet Ammo, is a Japanese light novel series written by Chūgaku Akamatsu and illustrated by Kobuichi. As of August 2013, 15 volumes have been published by Media Factory under their MF Bunko J label. A manga adaptation by Yoshino Koyoka started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive on September 26, 2009. An spin-off manga adaptation called Hidan no Aria AA and centered on Aria's Amica started on Young GanGan on November 5, 2010. An anime adaptation began airing on April 14, 2011 and concluded on June 30, 2011. An OVA was released on December 21, 2011. A 4-koma gag spin-off called Hidan no Aria-chan was published on Monthly Comic Alive from May 2011 till June 2012.

The Hidan no Aria series is also available in the following languages:

(Note: Translation progress varies for each version.)

Story Synopsis

Tokyo Butei High School--- A special school where armed detectives, also known as "Butei", are trained. Tohyama Kinji is a sophomore student who has a unique body that activates a "super mode" when it is stimulated by "something". He tries to hide it from others in order to live a peaceful life, but trouble comes to find him when he becomes the victim of a bombing incident, where he meets the Butei High "Assault" department elite, Aria H. Kanzaki.



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For post-release edited copies, please refer to the google drive link on https://silveredtonguereborn.wordpress.com/


  • August 2022: Restarted Main Series Translation. For the most up to date content please visit the translating groups website, https://silveredtonguereborn.wordpress.com/ .
  • June 2022: Began AA translation
  • 2022: Updated to match Silver Tongue progress
  • 4 January 2013 - Volume 8 completed.
  • 6 January 2013 - Volume 9 completed.
  • 14 July 2013 - Volume 10 completed.
  • 21 March - updated to match Silver Tongue progress


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The Hidan no Aria series by Akamatsu Chuugaku

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Volumes 1-5

Volume 1 and volume 2 can be purchased from DMG. Volumes 3-5 will remain abandoned according the general project abandonment and reinstatement policy.

Volume 6 - Absolute Radius 2051 -Killing Range- (Full Text)

Hidan no Aria Volume 6 Cover.jpg

Volume 7 - Waltz of Wind and Fire -Castling Turn- (Full Text)

Hidan no Aria Volume 7 Cover.jpg

Volume 8 - Spiral Sky Tree -Tornado High- (Full Text)

Hidan no Aria Volume 8 Cover.jpg

Volume 9 - Blue Flash -Spark Out- (Full Text)

Hidan no Aria Volume 9 Cover.jpg

Volume 10 - Bipolar Taboo -Arcanum Duo- (Full Text)

Hidan no Aria Volume 10 Cover.jpg

Volume 11 - G Bloodline -Collateral Bros- - PDF

Hidan no Aria Volume 11 Cover.jpg

Links are to Silvered Tongue Translations

Volume 12 - Snowfall Upon a Wolfhound - Fall Oblige -

Hidan no Aria Volume 12 Cover.jpg

Volume 13 - Counterattacked Kowloon -Kowloon Reverse-

Hidan no Aria Volume 13 Cover.jpg

Volume 14 - Uninvited Sea Mist -Aquamarine Kreuz-

Hidan no Aria Volume 14 Cover.jpg

Volume 15 - Enable and Diamond Dust -Constellation-

Hidan no Aria Volume 15 Cover.jpg

Volume 16 - The Werewolf of Star Fortress -Gévaudan-

Hidan no aria volume 16 cover.webp

Volume 17 - Recitation of the Scarlet Ammo -Recitativo-

Aria 17 Cover Page.webp

Volume 18 - Military Rule of the Star-Spangled Banner -Trans-Am-

Aria 18 000.jpg

Volume 19 - Let's Dance a Minuet Together -Minuet-

Aria 19 Cover.jpg

Volume 20 - Superconductivity of Love and War -Superconductivity-

Cover Vol 20.jpg

Volume 21 - Lion of the Autumn Frost- (Rigorous Suspect)

Vol 21 Cover.jpg

Volume 22 - O Comet, Sleep in a Daydream - (Anonymous Death)

Vol 22 Cover.jpg

Volume 23 - Unknown Bullet

Cover for vol 23

The Hidan no Aria Extra stories and Hidan no Aria AA

Blu-ray Special Stories I-VII: Cast-Off Table

Cover Cast Off.jpg

Spin-off Stories

Hidan no Aria Spinoff2 000.png
Hidan no Aria Spinoff1 000.png
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Naruse Yukari.jpg

Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA

AA Vol 1.jpg

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

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Series Overview

  1. 緋弾のアリア ---(August 25, 2008, ISBN 978-4-8401-2401-0) [Aria the Scarlet Ammo]
  2. 緋弾のアリアII 燃える銀氷 -ダイヤモンドダスト- ---(December 25, 2008, ISBN 978-4-8401-2600-7) [Blazing Silver Ice -Diamond Dust-]
  3. 緋弾のアリアIII 蜂蜜色の罠 -ハニー・トラップ- ---(March 25, 2009, ISBN 978-4-8401-2720-2) [Honey Snare -Honey Trap-]
  4. 緋弾のアリアIV 堕ちた緋弾 -スカーレット- ---(August 21, 2009, ISBN 978-4-8401-2873-5) [Fall of the Scarlet Ammo -Scarlet-]
  5. 緋弾のアリアV 序曲の終止線 -プレリュード・フィーネ- ---(December 25, 2009, ISBN 978-4-8401-3126-1) [Prelude's Cease Line -Prelude Fine-]
  6. 緋弾のアリアVI 絶対半径2051 -キリングレンジ- ---(April 23, 2010, ISBN 978-4-8401-3281-7) [Absolute Radius 2051 -Killing Range-]
  7. 緋弾のアリアVII 火と風の円舞 -キャスリング・ターン- ---(August 21, 2010, ISBN 978-4-8401-3486-6) [Waltz of Fire and Wind -Castling Turn-]
  8. 緋弾のアリアVIII 螺旋の天空樹 -トルネード・ハイ- ---(December 25, 2010, ISBN 978-4-8401-3678-5) [Spiral Sky Tree -Tornado High-]
  9. 緋弾のアリアIX 蒼き閃光 -スパーク・アウト- ---(March 25, 2011, ISBN 978-4-8401-3859-8) [Blue Flash -Spark Out-]
  10. 緋弾のアリアX 禁忌の双極 -アルカナム・デュオ- ---(July 25, 2011, ISBN 978-4-8401-3969-4) [Bipolar Taboo -Arcanum Duo-]
  11. 緋弾のアリアXI Gの血族 -コラテラル・ブロス- ---(December 22, 2011, ISBN 978-4-8401-4331-8) [G Bloodline -Collateral Bros-]
  12. 緋弾のアリアXII 狼狗に降る雪 -フォル・オブリージュ- ---(May 25, 2012, ISBN 978-4-8401-4579-4) [Snowfall Upon a Wolfhound -Fall Oblige-]
  13. 緋弾のアリアXIII 反撃の九龍 -ガウロン・リバース- ---(August 24, 2012, ISBN 978-4-8401-4682-1) [Counterattacked Kowloon -Kowloon Reverse-]
  14. 緋弾のアリアXIV 招かれざる海霧 -アクアマリン・クロイツ- ---(April 25, 2013, ISBN 978-4-8401-5161-0) [Uninvited Sea Mist -Aquamarine Kreuz-]
  15. 緋弾のアリア XV 哿と銀氷 -コンステラシオン- ---(August 23, 2013, ISBN 978-4-8401-5283-9) [Enable and Diamond Dust -Constellation-]
  16. 緋弾のアリアXVI 星の砦の秂狼 -ジェヴォーダン- ---(December 25, 2013, ISBN 978-4-04-066156-8) [The Werewolf of Star Fortress -Gévaudan-]
  17. 緋弾のアリアXVII 緋弾の叙唱 -レチタティーヴォ- ---(April 25, 2014, ISBN 978-4-04-066717-1) [Recitation of the Scarlet Ammo -Recitativo-]
  18. 緋弾のアリアXVIII 星条旗の覇道 -トランザム- ---(August 25, 2014, ISBN 978-4-04-066954-0) [Military Rule of the Star-Spangled Banner -Trans-Am-]
  19. 緋弾のアリアXIX 小舞曲を御一緒に -メヌエット- ---(December 25, 2014, ISBN 978-4-04-067314-1) [Let's Dance a Minuet Together -Minuet-]
  20. 緋弾のアリアXX 恋と戦の超伝導 -スーパーコンダクティビティ- ---(May 25, 2015, ISBN 978-4-04-067612-8) [Superconductivity of Love and War -Superconductivity-]