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Parody Stories
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A Certain Prophecy Index[edit]

A Certain Academy Index[edit]

A Certain March Gift Exchange[edit]

A Certain March 201st Volume[edit]

I Don't Want This First Story of A Certain Magical Index!! or I Don't Want This Final Story!![edit]


Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP[edit]

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A Certain Collaboration (Full Text)[edit]

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The Circumstances Leading to a Certain Magical Heavy Zashiki Warashi’s Simple Killer Queen's Marriage (Full Text - ePUB)[edit]

An All-In "World" Tour of Academy City, the 37th Mobile Maintenance Battalion, and Ground's Nir!![edit]

Kamijou-san, Two Idiots, Jinnai Shinobu, Gray Pig, and Freedom Award 903, Listen Up! …Fall Asleep and You Die, But Not From the Cold☆[edit]

We Tried Having a Group Blind Date, but It was an All Stars Affair and a World Crisis[edit]

Will the Spiky-Haired Idiot See a Piping Hot Dream of His Wife?[edit]

Dengeki Island: A Girl’s Battle (Still Growing)[edit]

Kamijou Touma Visits Another World.png

Kamijou Touma Visits Another World[edit]

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