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The cherry blossoms were in full blossom.

A certain park had been filled with pink cherry blossoms.

However, in this scene, where it was difficult to be erotic, the heroines remained silent. There was no need to do so reluctantly, because they weren't old enough to drink, so they wouldn't be able to drink until they passed out, exposing their pink skin!!

Finally, Hime, who had tossed her short blond hair aside, spoke up.

"I heard that the cherry blossom is also a type of rose."

"Cherries are delicious, and roses are delicious when made into sauce! I also know that these cherry blossoms can be eaten after being salted. There are also cherry leaf cakes made of cherry leaves and cherry soup made out of the cherry petals!"

Index, who was under the cherry blossom tree, opened her hands, welcoming the falling petals enthusiastically, said.

The ravenous nun, as always, was focused on eating. (Couldn't she just use her perfect memory to store the feelings of taste and satiety? Since she could remember everything, she could just recall those feelings), but that's not what Hime, who was wearing a special, tight-fitting uniform, wanted to talk about right now.

Towards the short blond girl who was sitting on a railing beside a path in the park in a western-style blue uniform with a crystal flower on her chest, a girl said:

"Since the new generation still has to break a flower to transform, why not make it a cherry blossom? It's prettier, don't you think?"

"Marika-sama, I think that makes sense."

"....Don't get carried away, Aine-chan.”

Although the highschool girl was wary, the gorgeous crystal girl with flowing silver hair in a white dress sighed darkly.

"Obviously, the theme of the sword that is derived from the rose is a bit strange. If it's the cherry blossom, then the styles can be unified, so let's do it for the sake of the theme."

"You shut up about what's the theme, the center of the universe is of course, me, Marika Amaashi!"

Incidentally, the crystal magic Amaashi Marika used was a reference to the Aztec God Tezcatlipoca's one-handed sword and armor. No matter if it was a rose or a cherry blossom, the styles didn't match up at all.


"Aine-chan, don't puff up your expressionless face like that."

"It's time to give way to this beyond-mysterious queen of beauty, that's surpassed the realm of human, creatures."

"Then how about turning this beautiful carbon-based girl thing into that cold and stubborn inorganic body pillow. And then the heroine of this great universe will only be me, Lady Marika!!"

"Ugh, why are you like this as well?"

"They’re relying on one influence to get to the key to the world. Calling it something out of folklore wouldn't be too far off."

Slice! The curly-haired twintails girl intended to gain the title of "heroine" without putting in any effort, so those who had been left behind by the world stared fixedly at her.

"Then again, Aine-chan, it seems a little ominous to have the cherry blossoms scatter around every time. It's like being a student again!!"

Silver-haired was dumbfounded, but she grabbed a good opportunity from the strawberry colored curly twintails girl, and began to bite Aine, not letting go.

Hime, on the other hand, looked out over the blooming cherry blossoms, a look of indifference on her face.

"So this is how your life is."

"Pffft, no!! I passed the exam, and it wasn't easy! It's just that as soon as I started going to school, it all turned to shit and crashed into the sea!!"