Toaru Majutsu no Index:Virtual On Epilogue

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Simply put, nothing remained.

There was no trace of the city’s destruction, no one had any memory of facing the Second Plajiner, and there was no sign of the Next Generation Game of Virtual-On in any form.

This had all begun from the desire to illegitimately use the Tangram which controlled all causality and phenomena. The Tangram had a will of its own, so as soon as it remembered something, it may have corrected everything.

So the city was back to normal.

The wind turbines spun, the produced electricity was swiftly gathered and redistributed, and lights came on in homes. People smiled like it was nothing and time passed like it was nothing. The city enjoyed completely normal days once more.

It all seemed to say that the tragedy had never occurred.

It all seemed to say that no one knew of Furashina Ririn’s disappearance.

“Touma, have you seen Sphinx?”

“Hm? Wasn’t he on that shelf over there? Cats like small and high places.”

“Ah! There he is!!”

Index ran over, reached out, and grabbed the calico cat from the shelf.

And she embraced it.

Reluctant to leave, it threw a kitty punch into empty air.

On the shelf it had vacated was an unfamiliar handheld game system known as a portable device.


The small screen displayed an online news article.

The simple article said the following:

“The free game known as Cyber Troopers Virtual-On has really caught fire. The creator’s name is Furashina Ririn. The game uses the popular portable device to let you control fictional robot weapons known as Virtuaroids and do battle in the actual streets around you. The player’s burden is reduced using the help of the support AI known as Lilina, so…”

That may have been different from its original form.

It may have been a different Virtual-On on a different path.


Kamijou believed it would produce many more smiles than the one the Blue Stalker had sent into the world.

“Touma, what is it?”

“Oh, nothing.”

The portable device must have entered sleep mode because its screen went dark.

Kamijou and Index walked to the front door to leave the room.

The door opened and closed.

Whatever form it takes and whatever it might entail, Virtual-On is still being played throughout Academy City.

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