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Flying was prohibited.

Amaashi Marika, whose long hair was dyed a strawberry gold in the shape of curly twintails said.

“Wouldn’t taking the high ground be advantageous?”

“…I don’t think it’s that simple.”

At about 400 meters, Utagai Karuta, who was at the same height as the observation deck of the giant radio tower, murmured after hearing his childhood friend’s comment. By the way, this young man couldn’t fly on his own, so he was being carried by Crystal Girl Aine.

Unexpectedly, he was being princess carried.

Although it didn’t look too good, magic was still magic. If you were scared and shrunk back in fear, if you were too shy, it would result in death, and that was no laughing matter.

The ground.

They were in an unfamiliar city, in which for some reason, lined with a great amount of wind turbines. On an asphalt road in between the many high rise buildings, there was someone looking over at them, shouting loudly. A spiky haired highschool student.

“What is he saying?”

“How should I know. We’ve long exceeded the limit for how far sound can travel.”

At these times, he would not be negligent. Utagai Karuta, held by Aine, narrowed his eyes to try to read his lips. Although 400 meters was on the level where you had to use binoculars from the observatory tower to see, this was just a normal training height for Karuta, who gave orders to Aine from a distance. Although their eyesight was no different from ordinary people, there were ways to derive answers by focusing on places that should be observed, and then combining a small amount of extra context with it.

Marika on the other side for some reason made a victory pose with her arms on her hips.

“Ahaha! Although I don’t know how powerful it is, the trump card on that side has gotta be that right hand, right? But up against Marika-sama, all four limbs are useless!!”

“I. Am. Extremely. Sorry. But. It. Seems. Like. Your. Panties. Are. Visible…?”

“Get ready to die.”

Martika's cheeks instantly turned red (she was wearing a miniskirt that came with her uniform), and she summoned her rapier-shaped weapon from thin air. Just like that, she got ready to dive.

How annoying.

Kamijou Touma was feeling extremely annoyed.


After confirming that they were diving directly at him from the blue sky, the highschool student of Academy City ran away. The magician (?) covered in shiny crystal armour, easily went past the speed of sound. Those kinds of speeds could only be achieved by Saints. But they were also flying in the sky, which was an exceptional circumstance.

The Imagine Breaker on his right hand would not be enough.

Just before getting hit, Kamijou Touma did his utmost to jump down the stairs of a nearby subway station.

Rumble!! A shock similar to an earthquake emanated horizontally.

“What the hell!? Are the enemies this time using meteor magic, or is this the special secret technique, Meteor Smash!?”

“Since you’re an outsider, don’t just create a new magic system without permission, human…Simply hearing that name, I feel a bit dizzy.”

The 15 centimeter god riding on his shoulder, Othinus, sighed in amazement.

“…However, it was a magic I didn’t know about. Could it have come from another dimension? It wouldn't be a limited parallel world similar to a rubber band on a nailed wooden board, but it would be more like the ”outer side.””

“Please explain it in simpler terms!”

“Wasn’t there something for the tenth anniversary? Since It’s the fifteenth anniversary, it’s not that surprising that it’s happening again.”

“Hm? Hmmm???”

Kamijou’s eyes widened. It looked like he understood it easily.

But this wasn’t the time to listen to explanations about the mechanics of the world.

Khhh. The sound of a tip of a knife rubbing against a wall resounded through the subway tunnel.

No matter what, this was also a monster that could penetrate the ground at supersonic speeds. On the other hand, this wouldn't be the case now. Because of their high speeds, they would not be good at navigating the intricate and narrow underground area.

But that was naive thinking.

Long silver-white hair flipped in the air. A girl wearing a showy white dress with many slits in it filled the space. She looked about 13 years old, a pale skinned Crystal Girl. But this was not the time to be engrossed with admiring her. The sword in her hand was aimed at Kamijou’s neck.

That blade that had absorbed the light added color to the afterimage of the horizontal slash.

“Eh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!?”

He already couldn’t manage this much.

There was no way to avoid it now. Kamijou clenched his right hand, and directed it towards the blade that was cutting the space that was approaching his neck.

Immediately after.

That happened.


Not only the Crystal Girl’s blade, but even the dress she was wearing was immediately destroyed, disappearing into thin air.

A question.

The Magic Library Index. Why was the habit she wore held together safety pins?

It was impossible for Kamijou to know that, as he lost his memories, but this was the correct answer.

Imagine Breaker.

It could negate all supernatural abilities.

Even if it was Kamijou, he would have expected this to an extent. Even though they were using some sort of magic he had never seen before (?), he knew that there was a way to deal with this supernatural blade.

But why were they linked?

Even the white dress was destroyed in one go, was that normal?

Everything was destroyed, and the Crystal Girl who barely had a thread on her body did not try to hide anything. Even her eyebrows didn’t move.

No action was taken to protect the important areas with her hands, instead continuing to use both hands maintain her stance.

And then she said something that was extremely accurate, coming from what just happened.

“Ew, pervert.”


At the corner of the subway, using his phone as a mirror to monitor the situation, Karuta felt that his throat was a bit dry.

Karuta used a crystal magic named Aine.

He could summon her, just like how Marika used magic to to cover her entire body in a sharp crystal armour. But the Crystal Girl was completely separate from his body.

Looking at it from this perspective.

(Aine doesn’t have a core. From the blade to her heart, it’s all her. But what was that attack? Just now, before it spread to her whole body, it “seperated”, but if that right hand comes into direct contact with her skin, then it might completely destroy…!?)

At first, when Aine came out of Karuta, she was wearing the dress and holding her blade. But now, it was destroyed, only leaving behind fragments. If that right hand touched Aine’s face, it might have the same effect.

This was an unexpected situation.

Of course, he had experienced magic being bounced off before- that was the unprotected spiky haired boy even being subject to the world strongest’s magic that didn’t die on the spot. He understood this from accumulated information. That was why he intentionally chose to observe from a distance. But he never thought it’d be this dangerous.

And now, Aine (who wasn’t human), who was only following orders, became a problem. If Karuta did not give out instructions now, confronting the mistakes he had made, he might fall into paralysis, or repeatedly make mistakes.

Karuta played with the Crystal Blossom in his chest. She would be in danger if he did not communicate quickly using magic.

“Aine, get away from that pervert!! That pervert is dangerous!”

“I can hear you, I can hear everything you say no matter how loud you say it!!”

For some reason, the spiky haired kid shouted with tears in his eyes.

Now, another thing had been determined.

Not only Aine’s, but even Karuta’s position had been revealed to that person. Originally, he would have let Aine retreat, and then issue instructions at a safe place. That was the best way of doing it.

Of course, Karuta had prepared a weapon for himself near his chest.

The military flashlight could be used to blind, or it could be used as a baton. But the most important weapon he had was his Crystal Magic, Aine. If that fell, then he couldn’t even think of trying to overturn the situation with just himself.

(This is the worst…)

How did this happen? Karuta began to think about tactics to regroup and other unbeneficial things. Maybe it was to escape from the fear.

Meaningless conflict did not occur.

Yes, the reason why Karuta Utagai suffered such an uncalculable risk…

“Do it now, Human, or we’ll be the ones who will be defeated!!”

“Wait, Othinus, can you please stop for a while? In front of a near naked girl with only a ribbon or a band aid, saying we should do this, or do that, that’ll deliberately push her over the edge!!

Kamijou Touma’s face was already red, and looked like he was ready to explode from the inside, but the problem was the Crystal Girl in front of him who still looked super energetic. Sparkling brightly. Her attack power didn’t increase in an instant because of embarrassment. Instead, she had a normal empty handed posture, a normal distance between the legs while standing, and a normal lowering of the center of gravity.

She was probably a child that could attack like normal even when empty handed.

If this was the case, he couldn’t avert his gaze. In order to survive, he had to pay attention, and in order to pay attention, he had to focus on the center of his field of view. But that made it awkward. This couldn’t even be considered as a V-Shaped swimsuit! Super awkward!!

“What kind of female ninja logic is this. Ah, this is scary. If Index was here, my skull would already be crushed…!!”

“Although I don’t know why you think you’re safe, God will punish you as usual.”

“Ahhhhhh, don’t put your hand in my ear!? That's scary!!”

This wasn’t the time to be playing around with the 15 centimeter tall goddess.

The person who was unmoved even when her dazzling skin was entirely exposed. Her lovely lips which could make people fall for her, mechanically moved.

“It’s time to go.”

“First use a low spinning kick to pin them down and then drop your heel!?”

“This is such an embarrassment, can you please keep quiet?”

“I already know, the concept of embarrassment. If you are aware of the basis of it, you can endure it….!”

As if having witnessed a new world, Kamijou Touma wore a frightened expression.

The cloths around the Crystal Girl’s waist, which had already reached the boundary of what you can call a rag, made a groaning sound and then fell down, along with the dropping her heel.

How did it come to this?

The super dangerous cloth swaying in slow motion in front of him snatched Kamijou Touma’s soul away from him.


This was a development that he never expected when he was on the streets of Academy City just 10 minutes ago.

“So, if you push the limits of Crystal Magic, even dimension hopping is possible.”

Talking to Karuta and the others was the wheelchair bound student council president Omotesandou Kyouka.

“Saying it like that might be a bit hard to understand. This is not the strongest possible magic in this world. It’s a technique that can be taught to the students in the Magic Academy Grimnoah. Basically, Karuta-san, you already have it within you. You just don’t know how to use it. It’s similar to owning a TV, but losing the remote, you know?”

But why had this topic suddenly come up?

Brushing away her long hair on her shoulders, the glamorous senpai continued.


“After all, Karuta-san, you seem to have lost control of your body and become translucent☆No problem, even if it is “dimension hopping,” you can still use the theory of relativity to explain it. Marika seems to be complaining, but don’t give up because you got corrupted due to unfaithfulness, and come back to this dimension safely, alright?”

It was a hard-earned holiday.

A special sale was being held in a nearby supermarket.

This was the moment Kamijou Touma was waiting for. He carefully saved important fliers, and waited a long time for this. Only one box of egg per person. He knew this, of course, and he followed the rules well. So he first mobilized the Index living with him, and on his shoulder, this 15 centimeter goddess who would be counted as a person as well! Like the aunt working multiple jobs, after negotiating with the muscular male manager to determine whether the tricolored cat could be counted as a human or a cat, he finally came here.


Why was it that he had to pull out unneeded memories from the wrong drawer in this sort of important situation?


There was a big connection with all this. In other words, this was where it all started.

“Rumble rumble…!!”

(No, I can’t forgive this…!)

Thinking back now, Kamijou still could not understand it.

Was this part of his misfortune as well?

He was transporting many eggs. After all, Kamijou Touma was Kamijou Touma, and he was used to being in all kinds of misfortunate situations. So he carefully paid attention to everything. The kid that suddenly jumped out, the ball that suddenly flew over, the sudden attacks of the crows and the stray cats, he was very careful.

But, was it really possible?

Suddenly, space was split open, and then some kid appeared, colliding with the eggs. In the end, four boxes of eggs fell onto the floor and were completely destroyed. How could he be careful of that sort of thing!!!!!!

(Is it that hard to just live once as a man with money! World’s strongest magicians my ass. Wow, those curly twintail sure are swaying. If I’d wanted to extort you for compensation, I’d at least be holding a bottle of premium red wine…!!)

And so.

The male Kamijou Touma. Only at this moment, before the half naked girl who came down with a heel drop, he forgot to be scared. What he had wasn’t a nosebleed, it was tears of blood. No amount of that kind of happy preservation could change the cruel reality that it was only possible to do shelled scrambled eggs now. The spiky haired boy was hereto the incarnation of Asura.


Accompanied by a bold cry, he kicked the legs of the Crystal Girl that supported her center of gravity.

The girl who lost her balance after dropping her heel fell easily.

Her cute butt fell onto the floor and created an M shape with her legs. Like an ATM, the Crystal Girl mechanically said.



Another person involuntarily rushed out of the corner of the underground subway. When his partner was in trouble, he didn’t fall into chaos or panic, the only thing he could do was “involuntary.”

“Although I’m already used to it. But be careful, human, that person might be hiding something!!”

Utagai Karuta was shuddering

(He’d challenge the world’s strongest because of a grudge over eggs. What is the nutritional value of them in this world? That’s way too tragic even if this is in a different sense than us!!)

Kamijou Touma was furious.

(Anyway, what kind of strength ranking is this? The strongest is that number 1, and that's already enough for me. So what now? Some random people crawling out all over the city calling themselves the strongest? What kind of ridiculous time and place did they come from!?)

Those two people didn’t have much extra room to move.

The right fist and the modified military flashlight. The two trump cards interchanged blows with overwhelming vigor.