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Feedback and Comments[edit]

Campione! is great, please do your best with it... {YoshikuniKAITO;13/agust/2011}, the story looks interesting. I can't help but wait for the next chapter :D - RasteShelphyd 21:46, 24 January 2012 (CST)

when Chapter5 will be completed? --TheRenegade94 15:21, 17 March 2012 (CDT)

Once the translator, alex, is back. When that will be... I don't know.--Kadi 21:12, 27 March 2012 (CDT)

Aorii u know i really love u???? --TheRenegade94 21:50, 9 April 2012 (CDT)

Don't suddenly say something stupid! (ノ ゜△゜)ノ~ (;。▽。)ヽ save that for the ppl you mean it to -- Aorii 05:39, 10 April 2012 (CDT)

When will be v2c7 done ? i simple cant wait for more chapters of this great novel ^^

Translator's working on it. Don't be so impatient...and help us with edits. XD Kira (Talk) 16:20, 7 May 2012 (CDT)

Translation for v2 is already going very fast so it wont be a very long wait. Prob around the weekend? Lol @ ^Fallen3dge 18:56, 7 May 2012 (CDT)

So glad that this novel will have an anime adaptation this coming july! another LN to be animated besides <<SAO>> ~ Ghost 22:31, 18 May 2012 (UTC + 8)

I don't suppose that it would be possible to get a timeline for the volumes set up? It's getting confusing as to when some of the volumes take place. For instance, I am assuming that vol 12 is taking place some time before vol 10 but I can't say for sure. In any case, thank you for your hard work. It gives me something to look forward to when I wake up or after work. Thanks again,

hello i wanted to know if someone is doing the volume 3??

^ You do know there is a registration page that lists who is going to do what? --Lighthalzen 15:40, 27 June 2012 (CDT)

So quick! Volume 5 is going to be finished in no time!? Man, zzhk is quite something..... - SATRIA

Thank you very much zzhk. I was already almost thinking, that it won´t be ever translated before you started to work onit. And the speed you are translating with is simply great. I hope your enthusiasm will last and I wish for many other successes.

I hope vol. 3 and 4 be translated soon... --zerocrack

Thank you very much zzhk. I was already almost thinking, that it won´t be ever translated before you started to work onit. And the speed you are translating with is simply great. I hope your enthusiasm will last and I wish for many other successes. KaprJarda

Hi, I'm not a translator but is there any way that i can help speed up the release of volume 4 chapters?-Artimech 01:21, 21 July 2012‎ (CDT)

Is there a plan to make a PDF of volume 4? Aleaccipiter (talk) 18:38, 11 August 2012 (CDT)

PDF will come when someone makes it - not me, though. Also, @Artimech, I thought I was translating V4 fast enough :( - Florza

@Florza, well actually that comment was made before you posted Chapter 1, so it's not really directed to you... *Edits* That's why it's important to sign messages with a time stamp. The standard signature is ~~~~ (4 tildes), for those who don't know. --Zzhk (talk) 20:56, 11 August 2012 (CDT)

Well to both Florza and Zzhk -- Your translation speeds are greate. Campione probably is one of the fastest translating projects, and it's alll thanks to you. Aleaccipiter (talk) 04:02, 12 August 2012 (CDT)

A really big thanks to all the translators of this great series. I'm really glad you made me discover this great series. It's my favorite so far so thanks a lot.--MaerisCrisis (talk) 16:33, 26 August 2012 (CDT)

The anime suck so much, what do you think? Tel'Aral (talk) 19:21, 9 September 2012 (CDT)
Anime provides exposure. I read from anime blogs that the LN was much better, so that's why started reading it ;) --Drowzycow (talk) 19:26, 9 September 2012 (CDT)

I think you guys should go here. Arczyx (talk) 19:50, 9 September 2012 (CDT)

Shouldn't Kadi be removed from the registration for vol. 8? It's been like that for months and seems to just be a giant block in progress for translators and readers.

No, I shouldn't. NEXT!--Kadi (talk) 17:41, 14 September 2012 (CDT)

Thanks to all the people who work on this! (Mokata)

You are super guys especially zzhk, i aven want to ask him to tranlate all the volumes xD

I'm reading the first volume, and in Chapter 2 Part 4 should be written "Castello Sforzesco", not "Castella Sforzesco". And if anyone wants, "Cuor di Leone" is better than "Cuore di Leone"; it's grammatically correct but, "Cuor di Leone" sounds better and have a different meaning, more appropriate. ("Cuore di Leone" it's like a real hearth of a lion, "Cuor di Leone" it's like the rhetorical figure of the courage of the lion; if it's the name of a weapon, object or item, it should definitely be the 2nd one). P.s. I'm Italian. 23 November 2012

I don't suppose it would be possible for someone to try to get a timeline as far as the volumes go? I just finished reading vol 10 and the first chapters of 11 and 12. Am I right that 12 is set sometime before 12? In any case, thank you for your work. It gives me something to look forward to when I wake up. Thanks again, Acp --26 Nov 2012

hi, thank to all the translator and editors for the novels, since Thatsjustpeachy said he is not going to do the volume 12 will other take his place? - renextronex (05 jan 2013)

just wondering, while are the first 6 volumes of the series protected to prevent editing? i was a whole bunch of errors with grammar but wasn't able to fix them. --Monsterbandage 4:39, 22 January 2013 (CDT)

Kadi locked them. You can find the reasoning in the forums. Also, and no offense, but...all in all, this is probably for the best >_> --Hiyono (talk) 23:01, 21 January 2013 (CST)

They should be unlocked soon, but in the mean time, just point out your suggested changes on the respective talk pages --Zzhk (talk) 23:15, 21 January 2013 (CST)

Sooooo is there a blu-ray side story number 2? It's been bothering me for a while, there's #3 and #1 but no #2. --Mufarasu (talk) 19:58, 8 March 2013 (CST)

Enjoying the work and will contribute[edit]

I would like to thank everyone for all the effort on Campione! I enjoy the series and cannot wait for more. While I am not an experienced editor, I will help proof through the pages I read. Thanks!

Editing Issues[edit]

There's several missing " in dialogues. Is it intentional?Castor212 09:39, 19 August 2011 (CDT)

Shouldn't be. Correct them in these cases. Though, be sure that you aren't mistaking it for the monologue. -Kira (Talk) 21:27, 25 August 2011 (CDT)

There seems to be some problem with the navigation, after volume 2 afterword, i jump straight to volume 3 chapter 1, skipping novel illustrations and prologue?

Its fixed now. you can jump to vol 3 prologue. --Chancs 00:01, 2 June 2012 (CDT)

Old Style:

New Style:

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

miko's vs mikos vs miko[edit]

  • 16:20, 1 July 2012 Dagger (Talk | contribs) m (42,621 bytes) (Fix "miko's"/"your's")
  • 00:50, 2 July 2012 Zakashi (Talk | contribs) m (42,622 bytes) (The translator has reverted changes from "miko's" to "mikos" before, please clarify with him for the details on the use of "miko's" if you are intending to change them)

(Campione!:Volume 2 Chapter4)

Can we get a decision on which to use? Pluralizing with apostrophes is wrong, so "miko's" ought to be out; the choice should be between "mikos" and "miko".

I couldn't find a Baka-Tsuki guideline for this, but the Wikipedia one says that normally "miko" would be used. That's my preference too, and I'd be happy to go through and change it everywhere. -- Dagger 21:16, 7 July 2012 (CDT)

This is actually under discussion in the forum Terminology thread. So far, the only one who has weighed in on the issue is Project Supervisor Kadi, who has advocated the unaltered form, i.e. "miko" whether plural or singular. I have no objections to that. In the future, please bring up style issues in the forum thread.

I would appreciate a bit of research before stating something flatly as wrong. Apparently, the use of "apostrophe s" to pluralize foreign words was common before the 19th century, so I guess I'm just old-fashioned and obsolete in that regard :P --Zzhk 03:47, 8 July 2012 (CDT)

Ah, sorry, didn't realize there was a forum thread. I don't think I've even ventured onto the forums before... I did scan the Apostrophe Wikipedia page beforehand, but I mostly figured that the rules for pluralization were well-known -- but then I have to concede that I was unaware of that particular usage. Eats, Shoots and Leaves is pretty unequivocal in discouraging its use nowadays though. -- Dagger 22:00, 11 July 2012 (CDT)

I am not certain, but this could be a mistake[edit]

Volume 5, Epilogue: "Though all sorts of major... well, not too major things happened, I don't think we really mind. The next time we meet, I hope we can get along better."

I think it should be minor instead of major, or something like that becouse of the context (later in the sentence he remembered the catastrof and changed the statement), but since I don´t have the original text (and can´t read japanese) I can´t be sure, so just pointing it out for you to consider.--KaprJarda (talk) 16:01, 10 August 2012 (CDT)

Actually, "major" first slipped out because he was being honest, and then Godou just went into denial-mode over the usual public destruction. Also, he's being nice to her in trying to downplay the havoc. If you have a better way of phrasing it, by all means, go ahead.--Zzhk (talk) 17:43, 10 August 2012 (CDT)

No unfortunatelly I don´t have any better idea, I wasn´t just sure whether this was right, but now I understand it, thanks and sorry for bothering you.--KaprJarda (talk) 05:26, 11 August 2012 (CDT)

In vol 12 chapter 1 When they talk about the 2 members from the idiot trio that came last in the translation it was addressed as if they were godou's best friends when we all know they are Nanami's best friends and they do name themselves that a little while after. I corrected it to Nanami's BUT as this seem to be some kind of changed reality I may be wrong Aagcnet

Ano~ the 'Remember how all the magic cast on us was deflected by you' in volume 11 near end of chapter 2,can you check it again? In my opinion, 'by' and 'on' should be swapped. It might just be me though. Resoundz (talk) 19:33, 4 February 2013 (CST)

Erica is saying the spells cast by others were blocked by Godou. How can it be "cast by us" if Godou doesn't know any magic? Also, "deflected on" doesn't make sense either. -Zzhk (talk) 20:05, 4 February 2013 (CST)

I see. I understood it as magics casted by Erica and magis to Godou when it should be magics casted on both Godou and Erica e.g the incident with Biachi's memento mori spell. Thank you for clearing my doubt. Resoundz (talk) 21:37, 4 February 2013 (CST)

Permission to translate Campione to Vietnamese[edit]

I'm a fan of this light novel and I hope to bring it to the Vietnamese light novel fan community

Message to Trung-t-rung in Vietnamese (sorry, I'm not good at English): Bộ này khó nhai lắm đấy. Đề nghị tra cứu kĩ lưỡng và chọn từ cẩn thận trước khi gõ xuống bàn phím nhé. Và các cảnh mút lưỡi dịch cho hồi hộp, gay cấn, căng thẳng vào đấy, đọc thấy không hay là tớ ném gạch đấy =)) Gingi (talk) 10:37, 28 September 2012 (CDT)

Đừng lo đoạn kiss kiếc mình đã nhờ một bạn chuyên dịch hen phụ rồi

Message to Trung-t-rung in Vietnamese: ngoài mấy cảnh kiss ra còn nhiều thứ khó nhai lắm, như từ cổ, cách xưng hô (vì bộ này có phân biệt giai cấp rất rõ ràng). Đặc biệt trong 2 vol 6-7 liên quan đến Campione ở Trung Hoa, có nhiều từ phải tra raw (hồi đọc 2 vol này mình tra raw và kanji đuối luôn) và có nhiều đoạn dịch theo kiểu kiếm hiệp nghe hợp hơn. Bạn nên lập một topic trong vnsharing hay trang sonako để mọi người góp ý và thảo luận. --Cogn (talk) 08:44, 7 October 2012 (CDT)

The missing chapter[edit]

Anyone knows what happened to "Volume 8 Chapter 2 - Seeking the Mysterious Devil King, the Campione・FINALE " ? It seems unreasonable that just that one chapter was not translated so maybe the link got damaged or something?. I don't know if this has been addressed before but it was highly confusing so I decided to venture and ask.

I understand translators have their own lives, and am very grateful for the time they give to translate all these LNs but if at all possible before translating further volumes could someone translate the missing chapter? otherwise people will be stuck on volume 8 without being able to read the other volumes which are already translated.

Chapter 1 was being translated, a bit at a time. Chapter 2 hasn't been started yet, to my knowledge.

Ch 2 is being translated by Kadi. Also, since Vol 8 is side stories, you can skip it and read Ch. 9, there is no need to wait. --Bilagaana (talk) 22:08, 2 December 2012 (CST)

Chap 2 is completed now. Thank Kadi very much --Cogn (talk) 23:28, 2 December 2012 (CST)

Cover vs Character illustration on title page[edit]

Now i've been thinking for a while, that Campione is pretty unique in that aspect, all other novels use cover pages of respective volume to differentiate between them, and logically speaking that would be the right choice in this case as well, but - it is up for discussion and Campione translators/supervisor are the ones that ultimately decide about that, so, gimme yer opinions. --Krytyk (talk) 04:30, 16 February 2013 (CST)

IIRC, it's because Vaelis was angry about the fact that the covers may spill people or whatever. Kira (Talk) 09:19, 16 February 2013 (CST)

Oh~ dat so --Krytyk (talk) 16:00, 16 February 2013 (CST)

Even back then the discussion was confused. From what I remember (and the way I understood it), Vaelis was unhappy because the images were too large, size-wise, making the page slow to load and we were spoiling because we didn't use the covers. My standpoint was the size is very manageable nowadays (I manage, every day, with limited data volume/month on my smartphone) and we don't actually spoil anything because the image we use are only a part of the cover anyway. As for why we use them rather than the cover... they look better. The person who implemented the images thought so, and the majority and I seemed to agree.--Kadi (talk) 11:38, 17 February 2013 (CST)

V1 Ch6[edit]

The unknown god "Eru" is El, the supreme god of the canaanites.--Kemm (talk) 07:08, 14 April 2013 (CDT)

Blu-ray special story[edit]

Is there a 6th?--Kemm (talk) 12:10, 16 April 2013 (CDT)

There are seven of them. It has been confirmed by Zzhk and the registration page updtated accordingly. 12:24, 16 April 2013 (CDT)

About Heretic Lancelot[edit]

why godou doesn't gain any authority from defeated heretic Lancelot while he get the authority from heretic Circe in vol 13

read volume 10 epilogue part 2--loneDemon (talk) 21:23, 14 May 2013 (CDT)

thanks bro now I understand

Volume 14[edit]

Mmm, the title of volume 14 is an interesting one. I can't wait for it, then again maybe the 8th Campione...So excited :S ---Code 06 (talk) 10:58, 16 May 2013 (CDT)

Maybe the 8th campione will also be japanese I wonder if it will be a new character or an old one [User talk : ashwathdragon] 16:09 14 May 2013

My guess is that the viewpoint will be in this new character, who likes to bet on it? --Black Ice Prince (talk) 11:43, 16 May 2013 (CDT)

I bet it's a new campione, but wouldn't it be a shocker if it was Shizuka?ZAIZEAH (talk) 08:27, 21 May 2013 (CDT)

I seriously doubt that .. I'm looking forward to 3rd's and 8th' appearance .. --Black Ice Prince (talk) 08:37, 21 May 2013 (CDT)

Road to the new harem, oh and i think it will be a new character i hope it was a girl

Hope they add a chuunibyou character without knowledge regarding magic .. --Black Ice Prince (talk) 04:36, 22 May 2013 (CDT)

But if a chuunibyou becomes campione, wouldn´t the delusions become truth? Than there would be no point in making the character chuunibyou.--Zuruumi (talk) 07:40, 26 May 2013 (CDT)

No, I mean for example a transfer student who suddenly sees Godou using magic. Don't you think I'ts interesting that way .. --Black Ice Prince (talk) 08:08, 26 May 2013 (CDT)

Wait, another one? But in my counts there's one that we haven't meet. Let's see: Vovan, Cuo Liang, John Smith, Salvatore Doni (The Idiot one), The Black Prince and Goudou.... 1, 2.... 6! I'm missing one? --Braiam (talk) 16:07, 26 May 2013 (CDT)

Madam Aisha from Egypt if I am not wrong--Mhafzam (talk) 12:20, 27 May 2013 (CDT)
Braiam: I think that the description of "The Idiot one" is quite misleading, as it can easily be used to more than half of the aforementioned :). Anyway I suppose I know who you mean. And the last one should be, as someone before me said (too lazy to look into the history), Alexandria`s queen.--Zuruumi (talk) 09:05, 27 May 2013 (CDT)
Yeah, I just didn't remembered the name at that time (after a night of sleep it suddenly came to me), but between the fools he's still called "Idiot" is quite an achievement. BTW, anyone can point me out were this Alexandria's Queen/Madam Aisha is mentioned? I did a quick search (ctrl + f) with the name but didn't caugh it. About Vol. 14, I would say that is a girl... judging from the cover.

I forgot where..but I remember Her name was mentioned in anime campione episode 2..about three minutes before the episode end...--Mhafzam (talk) 12:20, 27 May 2013 (CDT)

I don't remember which of the main volumes, but Aisha's mentioned in SS6.--Saganatsu (talk) 15:23, 27 May 2013 (CDT)

Volume 1, search for "aisha" --Saganatsu (talk) 16:02, 27 May 2013 (CDT)

Too bad it would be interesting if it was Shizuka then she would know the true Godou and why he has a harem. Just imagine how much scolding and drama would insure if she knew how far and how often he kisses 4 different girls. wounder if he will tell the girls about bathing with the sworn big sis and even kissing her. and will we ever see him like he was under the curse again he made all the girls flustered if he was like that a school it would be funny to say the least.

I was kinda expecting this to surface the next time he meets with her (or rather once they come to know, that they have become sworn siblings) with something like: "Wait a minute, Godou, when have you become so close to her?", but looks like it won´t happen. What a pity.--Zuruumi (talk) 10:49, 28 May 2013 (CDT)

well there is possibility to be like that and i think it would be very funny about the siblings . --Mustang (talk)

Just really want to see Godou under the curse again he was such a active playboy teasing all the girls. wounder want the little sis would be like with him under curse as she is a brocon.

I really doubt Shizuka being the new Campione, since she doesn't meet the requirements (?) for being one, she just don't have the cut that have all the godslayers. --Braiam (talk) 01:25, 30 May 2013 (CDT)

mustang: it turns out to be an ancient campione t4he 8th campione I mean

Will this story also continue in Volume 15?? --Black Ice Prince (talk) 00:38, 16 June 2013 (CDT) yes it will continue in volume 15, well i guess godou will clean the mess salvatordoni done in the ancient times --Mustang

Drama CD[edit]

I've been wondering for a while now but, will the Drama CD ever be finished? If not, can someone please tell me what happens afterwards? Thank you in advance. - Cataccountant

Volume 15 release date?[edit]

Anyone know the release date?--Dman21 (talk) 03:14, 18 August 2013 (CDT) Dman21 (talk)

Volume 15[edit]

In the last part of the battle between them is it really "secret sword of white" or sacred in the original text? Oddmoonlight (talk) 16:17, 3 December 2013 (CST)

Shouldn't queries regarding specific passages be directed towards the relevant chapter's talk page? 秘剣 can be mystic, secret or mysterious, but definitely not "sacred." --Zzhk (talk) 16:51, 3 December 2013 (CST)


I heard that the author died late last year, does that mean after the translation of Volume 16, this project will be abandoned or finished? Wraiyf (talk) 00:00, 10 February 2014 (CST)

Yes, sadly, that appears to be the case. Fret not though. The time-lord went back in time to save Takedzuki Jou's brain, then brought it into the future where he hooked it up to a cybernetic body. Now Jou lives on as a disembodied brain inside a robot with 6 arms where he's free to churn out more campione volumes without any need for sleep or food. So no, the project is not abandoned or finished.--Hayashi s (talk) 00:42, 10 February 2014 (CST)

Please! Could you be clear? Did he really die? 3:28, 10 February 2014 CST

You really ask that? While knowing about Vol 16? Do you think we'd put the release date of Vol 16 on the page and not tell you about the author dying? I'm hurt.--Kadi (talk) 13:14, 10 February 2014 (CST)

I apologize to everybody, but I am completely confused: Is the author dead or not? Cause this is a good series and post above has very good sarcasm.

I'm pretty sure he is not dead otherwise it would be posted somewhere easier to find. When I did a google search in both languages I did not find anything. Although my japanese may not be good I'm pretty sure finding it would not be too hard. Also If he Died last year there would not be a Volume 16 because there would not be anyone to finish writing it. Yascob99 (talk) 19:26, 10 February 2014 (CST)

Yeah, I thought that was the case, but because he doesn't have a page on wikipedia, animenewsnetwork etc. I thought I'd ask, it was on the Baka-Tsuki facebook page, someone was asking about Campione! and someone commented on him dying just after completing Volume 16, and a few others confirmed it also, don't know whether it was twitter or what, so yeah was just checking Wraiyf (talk) 02:36, 12 February 2014 (CST)

Link?--KuroiHikari (Talk | ) 17:11, 12 February 2014 (CST)

I'd post one, but it's in the Baka-Tsuki group, can't search for it sadly, else I would of posted the link last message. Wraiyf (talk) 21:13, 12 February 2014 (CST)

You guys seriously need better reading comprehension skills before jumping to delusional conclusions. "Kenneth Luo: I thought ZnT was only at ~20? I heard the author died (just last year in fact) before he could complete the series." What part of ZnT (Zero no Tsukaima, the series with the deceased author) did you fail to understand? --Zzhk (talk) 21:26, 12 February 2014 (CST)

This is so funny that I just had to comment on this one... I can't believe this thing took the breath out of me when I read it. Rage Ender (talk) 10:26, 13 February 2014 (CST)

I know right XP!!

wasn't that post, wasn't that recent. Wraiyf (talk) 21:48, 15 February 2014 (CST)

You're delusional. If not, prove it.

  • So, did he die before v15, or perhaps v14?
  • Campione!14 (May 24, 2013)
  • Campione!15 (October 25, 2013)
  • Campione!16 (February 25, 2014)

--KuroiHikari (Talk | ) 21:51, 15 February 2014 (CST)

People have said he died at the end of last year, so it would be AFTER he completed volume 16, and like he said, he'd have to go quite far back through the group, there's either top news or recent activity, either way he'd have to go back ages, which is a waste of time. For now just take it as a rumour, no need to be a twat over it. Anon

Harem ending?[edit]

Is it just me or does anyone else want Godou to end up w/ Erica and not have a harem ending? Also what happened to him from vol 15 to vol 16 he finally realized his "true self" then in vol 16 last ch. he reverted back anyone got an idea?--Dman21 (talk) 11:39, 22 March 2014 (CDT)

I'd say it's just you, but I know that everyone has their own tastes. There are many people who like harem endings, the same way there are many people who don't. This series hints strongly to a harem ending and caters to harem-lovers. If that's not your cup of tea, then sorry for you.--Kemm (talk) 14:21, 22 March 2014 (CDT)
I have to agree with Kemm, pretty much the whole harem has shown some resignation to the eventual harem ending. At this point, I think the only one who could potentially thwart the harem ending is Yuri, but i really doubt she would. Erica is fine with a harem as long as she's the alpha female. Ena clearly doesn't mind sharing Godou. Liliana has accepted Godou's harem, even if she hasn't yet fully accepted her place within it. Yuri's the only one with the moral authority to convince Godou to get on the "right" path and pick one.--Winlex (talk) 01:31, 23 March 2014 (CDT)
I wouldn´t say he reverted back. The thing with the chocolate (and Erica) would be completely impossible for him in the past (at least he would never start the thing after that) and also, if he "realized his own self" any more than that you would have to stick 18+ sign to every volume from 17 on.--Zuruumi (talk) 14:19, 23 March 2014 (CDT)

Short Stories in volume 16[edit]

Hey, I'm just curious, with so many short stories being compiled into volume 16, is there really a need to have the short stories displayed separately on the page? Does there really need to be 4 parts to the True Lord Erlang story when it's all in 1 link in Volume 16? I think those links are unnecessary on an already full page.--Winlex (talk) 15:52, 3 April 2014 (CDT)

Volume 17?[edit]

Hi I'm relatively new to Campione. I was just wondering if anyone knows when Volume 17 would be released. I'd Also like to know how things work here with the translating. Are translations usually done quickly or can they take awhile? I'm fine either way but would just like to know. (-Omegalock (talk) 01:08, 28 April 2014 (CDT))

Not quite sure when the newest release will be, but they've been decently consistent, so you can expect to get a new release date announced within the next few months most likely. At that point, the release date and ISBN is generally put at the bottom of the page when someone around here finds out about it. As for the translations being done quickly, it depends on the speed of the translator. Generally they are not too quick, as it is very taxing work, however you are in luck for this project. zzhk, the translator that has been working on all the most recent volumes, is one I'd consider a particularly fast translator, so Campione! has been translating very quickly upon release from my experience. -Jadiii

Yeah!!! The images are here!

Now then...

Let the waiting game begin!BBeLiN (talk) 03:05, 27 September 2014 (CDT)


This sucks, is there now way to read this now? Not even what was already translated? (-Omegalock (talk) 22:13, 22 October 2015 (UTC))

It's not that there isn't. It's just a matter of having the foresight to save it in some other form(PDF, html, epub) however it's probably going to be hard to find those anymore if Shueisha are really thurough about it. Well just think about the fact that we got to read it for free until now even though people can't legally read it in the the original language for free. We don't have any right to say it's wrong for the to take it down. It's going to be a frustrating wait but what else can you do?
Yascob99 (talk) 22:33, 22 October 2015 (UTC)

In fact, there is. Or at least "not illegal". Have you ever seen those people in manga, anime and dorama standing up inside a bookstore and reading books, magazines and whatever? They call it "tachiyomi" (stand-reading) and it's regarded as a very japanese thing to do and as part of their culture and idiosincrasy. Government may encourage people to buy and stores may try to subrepticiously and longwindedly indirectly to pass across the message "buy it or leave", but neither one nor the other even think of banning it, they don't conceive someone could suggest it (online stores usually limit what you can read for free from ten-odd pages to a bit more than a chapter or two, if you count the prologue).--Kemm (talk)
I guess that is true. I work at book store and people, even in Canada, do the same thing. Though honestly I doubt that the majority of people would consider that a viable way of reading a whole series for free. I did forget about libraries as well... Oh well, the point that I was trying to get across was that we've had it for free until now even though we wouldn't normally be able to if it were a proper english novel exception of some specific means (libraries etc). I'm just trying to nip the "we have the right to read this series for free" bud before it gets out of hand. If you follow Krytyk he recently made a post about licensing as well and some people didn't take it well so I just wanted to stop people from making stupid comments and ruining the discussion in the talk page(s).
Yascob99 (talk) 23:13, 22 October 2015 (UTC)

@Yascob99 I guess your right. I hope that they at least do a good job and try to release them somewhat quickly. I'll pay for that.(-Omegalock (talk) 22:58, 22 October 2015 (UTC))


Is there no way to at least read what was already translated now? (-Omegalock (talk) 22:18, 22 October 2015 (UTC))

I hoped they would give us a week or so notice before tearing it all down!

Legally they can't if they don't want to get in trouble because of the DMCA. Think of it this way. Would you have them delay it a week and have all of BT taken down or just suddenly take down one series so that they don't cause problems for every other seriescon BT?
Yascob99 (talk) 22:40, 22 October 2015 (UTC)

Does anybody at least know when these English translations plan to come out? (-Omegalock (talk) 22:54, 22 October 2015 (UTC))

I believe that many people are under a mistake. The one who sent the DMCA notice was Sueisha, the Japanese publisher, and not one from the US. This means that, at least for now, there's no licensing for English language, it comes from the source (and that's why it was taken down in all languages). They may be in the middle of talks with overseas publisher, but they also may be not. What does this mean? There's no date for an eventual official English translation; unless some publisher takes interest in the series, there won't be one ever. This is not a "taken down due to licensing" thing, but "taken down because the original copyright holders said so". There's no room to argue about the goods and evils of licensing. There's no "when did they say they'll publish it in English". The order came straight from Japan. Period.--Kemm (talk) 23:36, 22 October 2015 (UTC)
I guess that is true but it doesn't explain why it's only Campione and not all of their series. I did notice my mistake after I read the baka-tsuki facebook post. However, I'm still pretty hopeful for a official english release because of the fact that it was only Campione. Worst case scenario I improve my japanese and order the books from japan to read (and maybe make a private translation). Of the many reasons that I can think of for DMCAing the tranaslations the three that make the most sense to me are they are in discussion with an overseas publisher, the series is popular enough that they are soon expecting an overseas publisher to pick it up and are thus getting a head start on removing the fan-translations from the internet, or the just don't want people fan-translating their copyrighted work and are just taking them down one by one.
Either way I'm optimistic(maybe a little too optimistic) that it will be picked up by an english publisher eventually. I could be very wrong though. Honestly, it would be nice to know the actual reason but I'm sure we'll have a pretty good idea if after a while (up to a year probably) we don't hear anything about an official English release I'm pretty sure that it would be safe to say it was not related to liscensing but possibly Shueisha taking a different stance on foreign fan-translation or something like that.
Yascob99 (talk) 02:45, 23 October 2015 (UTC)
It could have been the author through the publisher, which would explain why only this one, or what you theorize about them expecting a deal soon (or, as I said before, are already making deals with overseas publishers but nothing definitive). It could also be related to some news krytyk has shared about Kadokawa's e-book dealer Bookwalker intention of expanding its market to overseas with English translations of their merchandise, seeing that they carry Campione!, and since it's so popular it makes a good guinea pig for the endeavour.--Kemm (talk)
I don't think it's the author for one reason and that is because his other series, Laviathan of the Covenant, was not taken down. It also seems about right for it to be Kadokawa who is doing it because it matches the timing. However it could end up being pure coincidence. Well, just hearing about the possiblilty makes me even more optimistic about it getting liscensed.

Well I'm glad I'm learning Japanese. If the worst should come I can retranslate them privately, though it would take a beginner like me a lot of time. But in hoping for an English publication, not only do I love this series, it was one of my first animes/light novels. (-Omegalock (talk) 03:53, 23 October 2015 (UTC))

Volume 19[edit]

Yaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!

Keeping Information up to date[edit]

I couldn't find a way to edit the page (probably because they don't want us to revive old revisions/mess with a dead project), so I wanted to post here that the ISBN for カンピオーネ!XIX 魔王内戦 (Not XVIX. The roman numerals seem to be incorrect) is ISBN 978-4-0863-1147-2. Also "...The series currently consists of a total of 18 volumes..." is currently incorrect while volume 19 is clearly out. Also I would like to at least put the translation of the english name up on the page so people can know what the name of the book is even if they don't understand Japanese. My translation of the title is "The War of the Devil Kings" or if you prefer a more literal translation, something along the lines of "Devil King's Civil War".
I know It seems silly to ask this but I think it would do the series a small kindness to at least keep the information current and accurate in remembrance of the long life it lived on this site (Over 4 years). If you want I would even be willing to keep that information up to date if at all possible (Though I understand if you refuse. I'm not the most well known person in the community as such it is hard to judge my reputation or credibility).
Yascob99 (talk) 06:52, 1 November 2016 (CET)


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