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*[http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interview/2013-04-12/interview-sword-art-online-reki-kawahara Reki Kawahara Q&A 3] - Interview with Anime News Network
*[http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interview/2013-04-12/interview-sword-art-online-reki-kawahara Reki Kawahara Q&A 3] - Interview with Anime News Network
[[Category:Dengeki Bunko]]
[[Category:Dengeki Bunko]]
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Volume 1 Cover

Sword Art Online (ソードアート・オンライン, Sōdoāto Onrain) is a light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec.
The series has currently 13 volumes.

It was written as a Web novel with the penname "Kunori Fumio" since 2002, and was published in 2009 at the same time as Accel World, in the label Dengeki Bunko.

The Sword Art Online series is also available in the following languages:

Story Synopsis

Escape was impossible until it was cleared; a game over would mean an actual «death»―.
Without knowing the «truth» of the mysterious next generation MMO, «Sword Art Online» (SAO), approximately ten thousand users logged in together, opening the curtains to this cruel death battle.
Participating alone in SAO, protagonist Kirito had promptly accepted the «truth» of this MMO.
And in the game world, a gigantic floating castle named «Aincrad», he distinguished himself as a solo player.
Aiming to clear the game by reaching the highest floor, Kirito riskily continued alone.
Because of a pushy invitation from a female warrior and rapier expert, Asuna, he teamed up with her.
That encounter brought about an opportunity to call out to the fated Kirito―.

The legendary novel made an appearance with browsing numbers exceeding 6.5 million page views recorded at the personal website.


Warning : This page is full of spoilers related to the story. You have been warned of its content.



Those who wish to contribute are asked to first notify a supervisor beforehand.

Translators are asked to register which chapters they're working on

Format Standards

Every Chapter (after editing) must conform to the general format guidelines.


  • July 10, 2013 - Volume 12 Chapter 7 Completed
  • May 25, 2013 - The Fourteenth Autumn Completed
  • March 21, 2013 - Progressive Volume 1, Aria in the Starless Night Completed
  • March 16, 2013 - Volume 11 Author Notes, Volume 11 Completed
  • March 13, 2013 - Volume 11 Chapter 6 Completed

Older updates can be found on the Sword Art Online Updates page.

The Sword Art Online series by Reki Kawahara

You can find the PDF, EPUB and MOBI version of the Volumes in the forums here. If you are interested in sharing your version in any format please post in that topic or contact Carj.

Volume 1 - Aincrad (Full Text)

Volume 2 - Aincrad (SAO Side Stories) (Full Text)

Volume 3 - Fairy Dance (Full Text)

Volume 4 - Fairy Dance (Full Text)

Volume 5 - Phantom Bullet (Full Text)

Volume 6 - Phantom Bullet (Full Text)

Volume 7 - Mother's Rosario (Full Text)

Volume 8 - Early and Late (Full Text)

Volume 9 - Alicization Beginning (Full Text)

Volume 10 - Alicization Running (Full Text)

Volume 11 - Alicization Turning (Full Text)

Volume 12 - Alicization Rising

Volume 13 - Alicization Dividing

Side Stories

Note: Please be advised that these stories might or might not be canon and might also have details that are slightly different than the volumes above.

Sword Art Online: Material Editions

The Material Edition (ME) series is a series of doujinshis created by Kawahara Reki himself using the pen name "Kunori Fumio" (the same pen name he used when he wrote the web novel of SAO). Material Edition 1 and 3 have no links because they are not text, they are in manga format.

The Sword Art Online: Progressive series by Reki Kawahara

Sword Art Online: Progressive is a reboot of the SAO Aincrad Arc starting from a day or two before the clearing of the First Floor Boss, and continuing onwards. The first chapter was included in the Anime despite not being part of the main Light Novel series.

Note: Please be advised that the side stories in this series have some changes from the original web versions, which have also been translated for your pleasure. Links above.

Volume 1

Web version



Fairy Dance

With 7 chapters

The Death-Gun

With 6 parts including 55 chapters


With 8 parts + end including 308 chapters

Side Stories

Project Staff







  • Kirito (Please email work that needs to be edited)



Series Overview

Sword Art Online series

  • Volume 1 - Aincrad (April 2009) - ISBN 978-4-04-867760-8
  • Volume 2 - Aincrad (August 2009) - ISBN 978-4-04-867935-0
  • Volume 3 - Fairy Dance (December 2009) - ISBN 978-4-04-868193-3
  • Volume 4 - Fairy Dance (April 2010) - ISBN 978-4-04-868452-1
  • Volume 5 - Phantom Bullet (August 2010) - ISBN 978-4-04-868763-8
  • Volume 6 - Phantom Bullet (December 2010) - ISBN 978-4-04-870132-7
  • Volume 7 - Mother's Rosario (April 2011) - ISBN 978-4-04-870431-1
  • Volume 8 - Early and Late (August 2011) - ISBN 978-4-04-870733-6
  • Volume 9 - Alicization Beginning (February 2012) - ISBN 978-4-04-886271-4
  • Volume 10 - Alicization Running (July 2012) - ISBN 978-4-04-886697-2
  • Volume 11 - Alicization Turning (December 2012) - ISBN 978-4-04-891157-3
  • Volume 12 - Alicization Rising (April 2013) - ISBN 978-4-04-891529-8
  • Volume 13 - Alicization Dividing (August 2013) - ISBN 978-4-04-891757-5

Sword Art Online: Progressive series

  • Volume 1 (October 2012) - ISBN 978-4-04-886977-5

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