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Chapter 2[edit]

Part 1[edit]


Whoosh. A single gust of wind blew over her heart that has already accepted defeat.

Yō was lying on the ground, but she suddenly raised her head.

There was no change in her surroundings, the blizzard painted everything pure white. On the other side of the blizzard the twin-headed dragons were still most likely nearing their target, causing loud tremors in the process. However, it was odd. The presence of the twin-headed dragons could be felt this close, yet they still haven't started attacking the refugees.

To Yō, who knew very well how ferocious those twin-headed dragons were, this was clearly unnatural.

As if they were hindered by a giant wall. Just as this thought formed in Yō's mind ——

in front of her eyes, Maxwell was attacked by whirling blades of tempest.



Maxwell let out a scream from the shock of the sudden attack. Not having anticipated being on the receiving end of an attack, Maxwell took the blows of the tempest and after a few magnificent spins, impacted the ground.

However that was not the end of it.

Super-condensed maelstroms of wind warped his entire field of view and impacted one after the other. And yet surprisingly, those whirlwinds were launched from so far away, the source could not be seen, moreover all the projectiles hit their target. It was no ordinary ability user.


At first everyone thought the twin-headed dragons started attacking.

However Maxwell was attacked by focused flashes of tempest.

Similar, but different to the attacks of the twin-headed dragon before. When the second war cry echoed, only Yō noticed that it wasn't from the twin-headed dragons.

"This voice...... it's not from a twin-headed dragon"

Even with her senses greatly deteriorated, her experiences didn't go away. And that shout was somehow familiar to her.

It sounded heroic, and somewhat nostalgic. When she almost remembered who it belonged to—— Yō turned her gaze upon the radiant objects that were falling from the sky.

"Glowing......feathers, and parchments?"

Along the glowing feathers, countless parchments were fluttering downward from the sky. Glowing just as brilliantly as the feathers, the parchments were fluttering downward shining brighter than the light from the stars, tearing apart the veil of the night.

"No, it's not just that!! Look! ", looking at the sky, Alma yelled in disbelief.

In response, Yō also looked up to the sky and lost her voice from the shock. The panicking refugees were the same. Some rubbed their eyes blood red since they couldn't believe what they saw. The thing that appeared in the sky was so large and out of place. Yō's lips were trembling and she shook her head in disbelief.

"A flying......castle!!? But, that should be near Underwood......!?"

Yes. The enormous shadow they were looking at in fright. Yō knew what it really was.

The flying fortress of the vampires that was left floating near Underwood —— the stage of "SUN SYNCHRONOUS ORBIT in VAMPIRE KING", was now floating far above their heads.

"Oi, look at that flag!!", yelled one of the dumbfounded looking Salamandra member while pointing at the flag fluttering on top of the castle. Looking at the flag that came into view, they realized who it belonged to.

"The emblem of Draco Greif!"

"Sala-sama! Did Sala-sama return to Kouen City!?"

"That's not all! The emblems that are standing beside it.....can it be.....!?"

Golden Garuda. Circling Snake. Twin Goddesses facing each other. Every one of those is an emblem of a super dreadnaught class Community, but the one that really caught their attention was the one that was even more dazzling than those.

A golden rice flower and the sun rising from the horizon. Standing in the center, a goddess', —— no, a Queen's flag.

In the Garden of the Gods, a Demon Lord with a unique title.

At the highest point was fluttering the flag of Little Garden's 3 Digit Community, Queen Halloween.

"It's the Queen! The Queen's flag!"

"The Demon Lord that rivals Shiroyasha!?"

"But to think the Queen,......that Queen would stand up for Little Garden....!?"

The voice of Mandra from Salamandra, who was in charge of the vanguard, was shaking from the shocking developments.

As more and more mythical beasts from the south side showed themselves, he saw the surprise spreading among the refugees. However that wasn't the only thing that rapidly changed the current situation. The offshoots of the Three-Headed Dragon that didn't show signs of approaching till then, suddenly started closing in on the refugees, howling and baring their fangs at them. Mandra pulled out his sword and yelled.

"The Fire Dragons split into two units and start shooting! Demi-Dragons encircle the refugees and strengthen their guard! Cooperate with those from Draco Greif and take the refugees to the castle!"


The Fire Dragons counted over 4000 in the beginning, but due to the hurricane that was caused by the Three-Headed Dragon, only around one third remained. Against the Divine Spirit class offshoots, and multiple ones at that, their forces were much too weak, even with their Draco Greif allies.

(The reinforcements shouldn't be just the Queen. I don't know how much reinforcements could Elder Sister gather up, but.......we must at least buy enough time for the refugees to escape.....!)

Having those reinforcements is very reassuring, but it generally takes some time before allied forces can find their pacing together. Depending on the situation, they may have to prepare themselves for an honorable end. When Mandora and the Fire Dragons embraced the possibility of death, the shadows beneath their feet twisted into a weird shape.

"Hey now, hey now. Stop that. You still have your part to play. Don't die in vain."

"Who is that!?"

"That's very rude thing to say. Even with things as they are, I knew you since you were a child. Or you say —— KIHAHAHAHA!!! —— without this kind of laughter you don't even recognize me!?"

The squirming shadow shimmered like hot air, then took the shape of a human.

A top hat and tailcoat. And that vulgar and mean laughter.

Mandra realized who he really was and the blood suddenly drained from his face.

" are.....!!!"

"....Indeed. Leave the evacuation to me. You all focus on defense. The twin-headed dragons are Divine Spirit class, but they've only born recently and not that powerful. Fire Dragons should be able to buy some time. Time to redeem yourself from dishonoring the alliance."

Leaving only those words, the squirming shadow disappeared.

Mandra's blue-ish lips were still trembling as he tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword.

After ordering the fire dragons that were standing by to strengthen their defences, he gazed towards the sky thinking 'the time has finally come'.

(I see..... Finally, they were able to come back....!!)

The question was, who exactly were the ones that made it back. Depending on the answer the progress of battle will greatly change. However predicting that wasn't his task. He readied his stance, and with feelings of relief and just a bit of exaltation dwelling in his chest, he launched an attack on the twin-headed dragons.

The winged mythical beasts of Draco Greif followed as well.

The core of the avian forces were the members of Two Wing, but in the scuffle with Izayoi and the others many of their positions were left vacant. However, they reorganized their ranks around their newest members, the mysterious Greek birds, the Stymphalians. Their feathers were made of bronze and possessed powerful poisonous Gifts. With those they strengthened the defence by creating a protective barrier of poisonous fog that emanated from their mouths. Against the twin-headed dragons it could only slow their movements a bit, but for now it was more than enough.

The other mythical beasts created gusts of wind, so that the poisonous fog wouldn't come into contact with the refugees.

Within those, there was a mythical beast that was especially fast.

The upper body of an eagle and the lower body of a lion. Despite having the body of both the kings of the land and sky, the proud gryphon that sacrificed his wings for the sake of his comrades, with Sala Doltrake on his back he descended right beside Yō.

"Yō-dono! Thank goodness, are you all right!?"

"Sala? Why are you here!?"

"There is no 'why' about it!! Of course we are here to rescue you!!"

"B-But, we don't have an alliance or anyth-"

"Don't be foolish!! We don't need a reason to save a friend, do we!?"

Her red hair fluttered as Sala answered without a shred of hesitation. On a closer look, sweat was flowing on her forehead like a waterfall. She must have really hurried with the preparations for the battle.

With sweat glistening she dismounted from the back of the gryphon. She was short on breath, panting heavily as her shoulders trembled, her hair looking disheveled. Her messy appearance wasn't something a leader of an army is expected to have.

However she didn't care about that in the least. Her eyes reflected her feelings of relief.

'We made it in time'

Brandishing the banner with a gryphon on it, Sala strongly declared:

"Yō-dono. We have fought against the Demon Lords side by side. There is no way we wouldn't come to the aid of our brethren in need. ——Isn't that right, Gry-dono?"

The wingless gryphon also agreed with a bestial growl.

Having lost the Gift of the Genome Tree, Yō couldn't comprehend the language of the gryphons, but even without words, she understood what he said.


Her tears almost started to overflow once again, but she held them back with will-power.

The first mythical beast friend she made after coming to Little Garden. Also her first opponent in a Game. It was this gryphon. The Gift she received from him saved her many times.

The sign of friendship with that gryphon was without exaggeration the testament of the path Kasukabe Yō had taken since coming to Little Garden.

Even having lost the power of the gryphon, it didn't negate the time Kasukabe Yō spent living in Little Garden. That is why, that gryphon friend said this.

——Friend. I have come to save you.

"Yō-dono. It's still dangerous here. Let's fall back to the castle once with the refugees. Hurry, on to the back of Gry-dono!"

She pulled together the reins and made space for her on the saddle.

Yō wiped away her remaining tears and shook her head before telling them the dangerous situation her comrades are in.

"Sala. Don't mind us, head towards Kouen City instead."

".....? Why?"

"Izayoi is fighting alone. If we also lose him there will be no one to stop the Demon Lord."

She spoke in an exceedingly calm tone. However Sala didn't miss the meaning behind those words. She looked around the surroundings of Yō, confirmed that none of her comrades are anywhere near, and with that, a painful expression appeared on her face.

"I'm sorry. It seems we were a bit too late."

" If you didn't come, I too would've been in very bad situation. But first Izayoi, -"

"No need to worry."

Interrupting Yō's words Sala reassured her, then held her up in her arms.

She then quickly moved her right hand towards the sky and caught a single parchment.

"We didn't arrive late for nothing. Rescue is on its way to him already. The strongest forces we can currently muster."

The ones that hurried there wasn't just the comrades of Draco Greif.

With those words the radiance of the parchment has increased.

Yō knew very well the identity of those shining parchments, and regardless of the dangerous situation she was in, she felt her pulse quicken.

If those shining parchments really belong to the one Yō is thinking of, then there is nothing more reassuring than that.

Sala fearlessly smiled and raised the parchment in her hand, then ——

In that moment. The entire scenery that was reflected in their field of vision has crumbled and the world changed completely.

Part 2[edit]

That unusual event even reached Sakamaki Izayoi and Aži Dakāha, who were fighting in the ruined city.



Prepared for death, Izayoi has launched an attack on the Three-Headed Dragon Aži Dakāha, but due to the sudden appearance of protrusions from the ground, it was interrupted.

The mountain peak that was destroyed in a crescent shape due to their clash was reorganized as if by human hands, and turned into a paved stoned back alley of a capital.

The protrusions that appeared from the ground slowly changed shape like it was being sculpted. It didn't take long for Izayoi to realize that it was an elegant city adorned by many spire structures.

The grand bridge that crosses a large river which runs across the city.

Spire structures as far as the eye can see.

Moreover the giant clock tower that was so famous, calling it a symbol would be an understatement.

Moved to the top of the giant clock tower that also had a belfry, doubting his own eyes Izayoi quietly said to himself.

"What the hell is going on? That clock tower..... no matter how I look at it, this is London isn't it....!?"

"Yahoho! Exactly! This town filled with spires is none other than my hometown! The place my soul belongs to! The capital of England, London! .....but sadly just a replica."

A pumpkin head with old rags wiggled into view from the tip of the clock tower.

Izayoi looked up at him, but having sustained serious injuries while fighting battle after battle, he could only lean against the wall and slowly collapse panting heavily. He could more or less tell what happened, but sadly he didn't have enough blood anymore. The swaying of the bell hanging in the clock tower told of the beginning of a new act in the battle.

On the other hand Izayoi didn't have any shred of strength anymore. Having used up all his remaining strength, Izayoi cynically laughed and spat these words at Jack.

"Shit......if you planned on butting it a little sooner, dammit....!!!"

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v10 p68.jpg

"Yahoho! Really, you are absolutely right! ..... No, this isn't something to laugh away. I am truly sorry about this. When suspending an ongoing Game there are a few penalties, you see .... this Game Board is also something I asked for from the Guardian Saint, knowing full well that it was something unreasonable."


"However, thanks to Izayoi-dono buying time for us, we gathered up every bit....yes, every last bit of possible war potential. Your herculean struggle kept hope alive!"

He was swinging his pumpkin head and his old rags were swaying from emotions.

"Please leave the rest to us and rest. Well, don't worry about your injuries either. Leticia-dono said No Names have a Unicorn Horn kept in reserve—"

With a jaunty laugh, Jack put Izayoi — whose sight was getting hazy — on his shoulders.

That was the last moment Izayoi could keep himself conscious.

He had an established reputation of being beyond reason, but there is a limit to everything. The fact that he still remained conscious and retained his life was none other than a miracle. Also, Jack had a whimsical appearance, but his ability was well known to Izayoi. If this pumpkin head told him to leave it to him, then there should be no need for too much concern.

Closing his eyes, Izayoi relaxed his body and let himself lean on the pumpkin head.

Part 3[edit]

—— Around the same time. The unusual phenomenon was still continuing after the appearance of the spiral structures.

A rumbling in the earth was resounding in the city that sprouted forth from the ground.


The three-headed dragon Aži Dakāha was standing motionlessly in a daunting pose, observing the events as they unfolded. To him, who had the alias of God Killer, this degree of transfiguration of the world was nothing special. The violent rumbling of the earth was continuing and the sound of large bells could also be heard, but there was no reason to panic.

The victor was clear from the start.

So as a Demon Lord, waiting for the raising of the curtain was the polite thing to do.


The three-headed dragon was calmly waiting for the challengers to appear.

Two fast moving streaks ran towards his back, aiming to pierce through it.

Without showing any intention to turn around, with only the movement of his knees the three-headed dragon jumped up in the air, evading both streaks.

One was the flash of a serpent sword, the other belonged to a blade of shadow.

With the changing of the direction of their blades, the assaulting streaks painted a curve as they followed the jumping three-headed dragon. The slashes latched on to the three-headed dragon like serpents with a sickle shaped pose, ready to pounce.

'Trifling', thought the three-headed dragon as he spread his wings, intending to deflect them promptly.

However with one of his three heads he noticed an attacker above him in the air. Recognizing the ground-air pincer attack, the three-headed dragon, instead of deflecting them, he turned his body so the attacks collided with each other.

"Eey, it was noticed."

Jumping down from overhead was a man wearing an eyepatch —— The One Who Envelops the Seas, Kouryuu magnificently clicked his tongue after the failure of the ground-air pincer attack. Fuming with a bogus sounding accent, he deflected the attacks with two clubs he had prepared. But that was not the end of it.

While falling, Kouryuu changed his trajectory by using the wall of a spiral structure as a foothold.

Kicking away the screaking spiral structure, he challenged the three-headed dragon.

"Prepare yourself, three-headed dragon!"

With giant clubs in both of his hands, he aimed for the base of the three-headed dragon's left-most head.

The strike with a thousand years of training in an underwater volcano behind it had the same power as a solar flare erupting from the surface of a star. As the blow that overwhelmed even Izayoi was closing in, it produced shockwaves that created ripples in the atmosphere,


and impacted at the base of the three-headed dragon's head.

However the body of the three-headed dragon didn't even budge.

Just the opposite, the club that struck him was the one that blew to smithereens. Thanks to the force of impact that was transmitted through the club to his hand, Kouryuu learned of the power that dwells in the body of the three-headed dragon.

(This bastard.....! The amount of mass within his body is no joke.....!!!)

But at the same time, Kouryuu understood the Gift that Aži Dakāha possessed.

(To create all those powerful offshoots he had share his own spiritual power with them for sure......!!! Then if we turn that around and use that against him....!)

For years he lived so peacefully that others called him a 'drifting deadwood' as a tease, but his combat experience is enormous. The title of a veteran forged by many battles wasn't just for show. If there was a decisive difference between Izayoi and Kouryuu, it was none other than the difference in experience.

Working on a strategy as he was falling, Kouryuu jumped away as soon as he landed as a way to gain some distance. But the three-headed dragon wasn't good natured enough to let him easily get away.

Spreading his wings, the three-headed dragon flew towards Kouryuu, showing no regard for inertia.

With an extraordinary speed at that. Even with the eye of Kouryuu, who trained and polished his body to the limit for a thousand years both at the sea and in the mountains, it can only be described as godly speed.

Koryuu launched another attack from a slightly unbalanced position targeting the three-headed dragon's eyes as he felt the cold sweat running down his back.

The three-headed dragon skillfully avoided that strike with his long snake-like heads and instead bared his fangs and tore the club to smithereens. It was a weapon that was made of Sacred Steel from the Age of Gods, but before the fangs of the evil god that were said to be able to swallow the earth, it was the same as trash.

The instant that the three-headed dragon's giant pure white arm was raised —— Kouryuu shouted with a smile on his face.

"Now, burn him away!!!"

When the three-headed dragon was right on him, suddenly a heat wave capable of scorching the ground was born. The radiant feathers that were falling alongside the parchments turned into heat all at once creating a golden storm, and assaulted the three-headed dragon.

The three-headed dragon was surrounded from every direction. However to his body, that was far stronger than steel, a heat wave of this degree was no different than gentle breeze. The three-headed dragon didn't give up his pursuit.

However the moment those glowing feathers touched his body, he realized that it was an error in judgement.

From his pure white body that can easily brush aside even a solar flare, there was a smell of burnt flesh coming.

It wasn't something that could be called a wound, but it was the first time the three-headed dragon felt slightly surprised about something thus far. There was no precedent for his body being injured from any kind of heat yet.

Zoroastrianism is religion where fire is regarded as an object of worship.

Good gods of course, but an evil god such as the three-headed dragon was also under its protection. Divine spirits like his offshoots are one thing, but a flame that would be effective against a Divine Spirit of the strongest species ——

" There was one."

The three-headed dragon that was surrounded from every direction abandoned his pursuit and soared straight upwards where the density of the flames were the smallest. Swinging his wicked claws the three-headed dragon tore through the flames, then started hovering in front of the clock tower and examined his surroundings.

Spiral structures and a river that flowed through the city. Also a great bridge above that.

The clock tower symbolizing the city of London.

Someone unknown summoned a scenery that imitates London, the capital of England.

Seeing such a symbol as the clock tower, the three-headed dragon reached out and touched the tower still hovering in place.

(The exterior is still new. I'd say it's less than 30 years since it was built.)

The clock tower of London was completed around 1860.

Therefore the summoner of this city is someone from within 30 years of that time. —— So it's restricted to a Host that is somehow related to London within the interval of 1860 ~ 1890.

However due to the Paradigm Shift, a few years of discrepancy could arise.

Because of that, only the general focus point is known, but it's more than enough in this case. All of English history would be a bit too wide, but if it's only limited to London, then the identification isn't too hard.

And the other thing. The three-headed dragon raised its sickle shaped head and looked up into the sky.

—— The flaming feathers glowing with a golden light.

Flames that could hurt the body of a natural born Divine Spirit are close to none. And also with it being in the form of golden feathers, there is only one that fits the description.

They brought someone with this much power. There should be more than one or two instigators.

The three-headed dragon once again looked over the city, and with his three heads he howled at the Hosts.

"Phun..... it's about time you show yourselves!! Trying to take vengeance while hiding in the shadows is the method of a troglodyte!! If you are heroes aiming to take the head of a Demon Lord, then at least show yourselves and say something!!!"

The spiral structures were creaking from the roar that could shake heaven and earth.

Waves formed on the surface of the river and the London Bridge has almost fell down, like in the song.

The moment the giant roar, that also changed the flow of the clouds, reverberated and died down.

Brilliantly fluttering golden hair appeared in the corner of the three-headed dragon's field of view.

"200 years ago you showed no signs of wanting to engage in a conversation, you've become quite talkative. Was living underground that boring?"

Her flowing hair was so beautiful it could easily be mistaken for golden threads. However the outfit she was wearing was different from the usual.

The Lord of Vampires wearing a mantle over a jet black knight's armor —— Leticia Draculea had a dramatically different ambiance filled with pressure that was unthinkable from her usual gentle attitude as she was glaring at the three-headed dragon with a ghastly expression. Her eyes reflected her wrath.

To rebuke her, a masked knight wearing a silver dress armor raised her voice.

"Leticia. It's not like you to give in to a provocation. The plan was to observe the battle a bit more"

"Nah nah, Leticia-chan is right. If we didn't come out now, he would've blown the city away to drag us out."

"Yahoho! I would like him to refrain from doing that! Having the stage blown away before the curtain call would be a disgrace for me as the Host."

Queen's Knight, Faceless.

The One Who Envelops the Seas, Saurian Demon King.

Pumpkin the Clown, Jack o' Lantern.

Following after Leticia, the three of them showed themselves by jumping on the roof of the spiral structures.

However that wasn't the end of it.

The radiance of the feathers falling from the Heavens noticeably increased.

The feathers that held overwhelming divinity started swirling gradually increasing their density. Even the three-headed dragon could not help but be on his guard against this opponent.

"—— Sworn brother, and the others too, leave the small talk at that. The Demon Lord wishes for verbal exchange. In that case, as Hosts, manners dictate that we respond appropriately."

With an alluring attitude and fluttering elegant garments, a woman appeared flapping her wings made of golden flames. Her manner of speaking and the glint in her eyes were both emanating an air of dignity, with one look anyone could recognize her as a ruler.

In Indian Mythology, she was born from the wish for 'a king that equals Indra', as a natural born Divine Spirit that was said to devour evil dragons.

A Divine Bird possessing Anti-Divine and Anti-Dragon Gifts —— The Garuda Princess, Roc Demon King.

"This is the first time we have met, Demon Dragon of Zoroastrianism. I'm a child of the Garuda Heaven, The One Who Leaves Heaven in Disarray, Roc Demon King. I'm but a demigod, but because of the bond with my unreliable sworn brother I am now standing before your lordship. —— It won't be long, but pleased to make your acquaintance."

With graceful manners the Roc Demon King bowed.

With every one of her movements she radiated glamourous beauty, but her composed gaze was a reminder of her long military history. She locked her sharp bird-of-prey like eyes on the three-headed dragon and emanated a fighting spirit that signaled her desire to begin her assault.

Below the fighting spirit emanating woman, Saurian Demon King casually chuckled.

"The opponent is not just Karyou-chan. Even when talking about the strongest 'God Killer' , if the opponents are not Gods, then I thought it should be no different from someone of the strongest species. So while the young man fought with his life on the line, we gathered many kind of war assets."

Saurian Demon King said it in an aloof manner. However in reality it wasn't as easy as he said.

When Kouryuu got caught up in the tornados caused by the three-headed dragon, he realized the degree of danger posed by the enemy, then he left the three-headed dragon to Izayoi and went to the Roc Demon King to ask for assistance.

Similar to the Saurian Demon King, Jack also visited the Guardian Saint.

To avoid pointless bloodshed he asked for his Host Master powers to be raised. The reason the Game was interrupted was because the Penalty and the Game were reset.

They were supposed to come back immediately, but Demon Lord Maxwell destroyed the Astral Gate so they fell into a situation where they couldn't return even if they wanted to. If an unexpected reinforcement didn't appear at that time, both the Saurian Demon King and Jack probably couldn't have returned.

"Yohoho....... we kept you waiting for a long time. Well then, we should proceed with the raising of the curtain soon."

"Ya, that's right. It's a bit said to have only one participant, but that shouldn't matter. We can increase the audience as much as we want anyway."

"Indeed. We can't keep him waiting until Sala-dono arrives. —— Are you ready, Roc Demon King-dono?"

"Yes. This Great Demon Lord probably won't complain about the handicap of many against one."

With a gesture of hiding her mouth, Roc Demon King also elegantly chuckled.

That composure. That pride. That arrogance was looked down upon by the three-headed dragon's six eyes ——

"....ah. I don't mind."


Due to the emotionless response, Roc Demon King reflexively asked back.

The three-headed dragon cracked his necks, flashed his six ruby eyes and sneered at them.

"I don't mind, I said. The existence of a Demon Lord is already something intolerable. In other words it's none other than an existence that is an enemy to everything in this world. —— Many against one? HA. don't make me laugh!! How can you call yourself a Demon Lord without destroying an army by yourself!!!"

The Demon Lord howled in high spirits, radiating the dignity of a king. That overwhelming presence erased the conceit of the battle-hardened warriors, not allowing even a shred of arrogance. Everyone gulped and their chest was filled with the premonition of the oncoming mortal combat.

The spiritual power of Saurian Demon King, Jack, Leticia, and Roc Demon King swelled at once.

Every single one of them was a mighty warrior already, but the current expansion of their spiritual power couldn't even be compared to their usual. The stage that was based on London shook from the ground up causing the bell in the great belfry to chime.

"I see.....that means no mercy then!!! Let's begin, Last Embryo —— !!!"

Everyone took a parchment radiating different colors into their hands.

The three-headed dragon dropped his waist, positioned his four limbs on the ground and took a posture like a beast.

The moment the sound from the bell of the great belfry echoed through the whole city —— the four of them announced the raising of the curtain at the same time.

Part 4[edit]

Going back in time a bit.

After Maxwell was sent flying by the mysterious attack, he wasn't invited to the stage of London, so he was thrown into the mountain range.

His mantle was tattered and his graceful face was covered in blood. It was an injury that was easily repairable with his power, but the current Maxwell didn't have even a shred of mental stability for that.

He was assaulted by maelstroms of wind, vortexes of power resembling tempests, that were condensed to their utmost limit. Compared to this one strike, the winds used by a gryphon or Kasukabe Yō were not even a gentle breeze.

Maxwell had a recollection of this power that can be aptly described as a devastating tempest fast as lightning.

(Can't be ...... that man has.......?)

Three years prior —— The one that thoroughly beat him down after he triumphantly arrived in Little Garden to get his bride. He received the same attack then also. After being interfered in the same way twice, Maxwell went beyond anger and was laying on the face of a rock in a daze.

Remembering it now still caused his hairs to stand on their end. That single strike shattered the pride of Maxwell, who came to Little Garden as a new up-and-coming Demon Lord, and injured him to a degree, that he had to avoid meeting Willa for three years. If the opponent that humiliated him that time once again showed himself before him, then ——

"What a.......What a, stroke of luck!!!"

With the expression of a madman, Maxwell casually stood up, brushing his hair backwards.

He desperately waited for the day when he could clear away his disgrace. Maxwell's Demon now have grown to have the power of a 4 digit Demon Lord.

Revenge is sweet as honey in every era. A sweet temptation that doesn't exceed or fall behind his desire to take possession of his bride by force.

The only reason Maxwell's Demon, who was born as a state-of-the-art Demon Lord, obeyed that Poet was to further his own agenda.

As if to mock his seething self, a young girl's voice could be heard from the thicket.

".....really, I can't believe it. To think you would destroy the Astral Gate, that's a taboo even for Demon Lords. I underestimated the enthusiasm of an up-and-coming Stalker a bit."

Playing with her glossy long hair, the young girl quietly said with a dumbfounded tone. She was only lightly dressed in a sleeveless upperwear and mini skirt, but despite the cold night, she was as cheerful as always.

"Oh, if it isn't Maker-dono. Excellent timing. I will now be heading to intercept that man. I'm sorry, but could you bring Willa over in my stead?"

Hearing Maxwell's request she —— Rin was standing there looking speechless as she nodded deeply as if confirming something.

"Hm, how do I say this. To tell the truth, I went and kidnapped Willa-san even without Maxwell-san's request."

—— Ha? Maxwell let out a dumbstruck voice.

However Rin ignored Maxwell's behaviour and abruptly spun around. She turned to face the Jin Russel and Pest duo, who were standing in the back.

"Let's see, let's see. It really didn't go according to the plan, but the refugees should be all right for the time being? With this it should be fine to consider the ceasefire agreement in effect, right Jin-kun? And also Pest-chan."

Jin's body stiffened as he nervously shook his head sideways, as Willa stood there confused and half crying, not knowing what's what anymore.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v10 p85.jpg

"Not yet. A crucial point is not yet fulfilled."

"That's right. We even helped restrain Willa. If we don't get the biggest reward, then it wouldn't have been worth the effort."

Pest was standing beside Willa, whose arms were both bound by chains, and answered without any malice or courtesy. Willa was approached by Pest in the confusion and was abruptly wrapped in chains, then taken to this place. It's no wonder that she is confused.

Taking a sidelong glance at the current her, Rin nodded with a full face smile.

"Of course, we are keeping that part of the promise also. —— Is everyone ready?"

Saying that she changed the direction of her gaze. Jin wasn't the only one near her.

A jet black western dragon and a magician-looking woman wearing a robe with the hood covering her face.

Also, wearing a pure white uniform with its neck slightly released, a white-haired, yellow-eyed boy —— the one called His Highness was also standing by with his arms folded.

Maxwell didn't understand the meaning behind their words, so he asked them narrowing his eyes with suspicion.

"....what are you talking about, Maker-dono?"

"Oh, isn't that obvious?♪"

With a calm smiling face, Rin pulled out her knife and decreed to Maxwell.

"Maxwell's Paradox. With the authority of a Maker, I will replace you. In other words, the Paradigm Shift that appeared in 2120 —— the spiritual power of the Third Perpetual Motion Machine."