Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo:Volume 8 The Off-topic Gossip

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The Off-topic Gossip[edit]

—A slightly long time ago

Two weeks has past since the [Underwood] Harvest festival.

The news that Shiroyasha was going to retire as the Floor Master spread through Hakoniwa like wildfire. The news that spread as fast as light reached the ears of those who held grudges against her, and an army tens of thousands haters gathered.

But for the strongest Floor Master, there was no retreat.

Facing off against the army of evil, Shiroyasha accepted all of their challenges.




After a swing of her sleeve, the results were given.

Shiroyasha, furious of the weak challengers,

“Eei, this won’t even make a pre-party entertainment for the farewell party! Isn’t there anyone stronger than this lot!?”

—So, the sudden “Shiroyasha-sama and gang’s; The ☆ evil hunting tour” was announced.

She worked with enthusiasm before she would have to leave the lower floors.

“Hah……You really don’t change, Shiroyasha-sama.”

Nnn~! Kuro Usagi stretched her rabbit ears while sitting over a desk.

On top of her desk, months worth of [No Name]s activity records were neatly arranged. They were also documents related to Shiroyasha’s retirement.

By showing how much Shiroyasha has positively influenced the lower realms as a Floor Master, it was an activity that attempted to quicken her reinstatement as the Floor Master.

“But even though this was all gathered……How should I say this, it just seems like a report that sums up how much trouble the Problem children are causing.”

She looks blankly at the wall.

The activity records of the problem children……..In other words, the record of Kuro Usagi’s hardships as the chief care-taker. Months worth of being flung this way and that way.

Who ever first stated the words Time flies, well said. The days went by very quickly.

“………..If Shiroyasha-sama was not there, us [No Names] would not have existed. With hopes of her fast reinstatement, Kuro Usagi shall write this with flaming passion!”

Mun, putting energy to both her arms, she raised her rabbit ears.

But she put too much energy, and the documents scattered to the floor.

“Wa, wawawa………..!”

In a panic, she started picking up the the papers and putting them back.

At that time, the title of the document caught her attention.

“Underwood activity records……? Nunu, what is this?”

She skimmed through it. As for when it was recorded, it was likely a few days before the Harvest Festival. It was a report of a time Kuro Usagi was still at Community Headquarters.

A different member most likely had wrote and organized this report.

“………Now should be ok to take a break.”

Chira, she checked to see that no one was nearby.

Later today was also Shiroyasha’s farewell party. It should be alright to end her work for today.

Kuro Usagi took the tea leaves that were grown from the garden, and sat herself on a seat.

The quiet time before the farewell party.

Kuro Usagi decided to read the activity log of the problem children that she didn’t know about.