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Chapter 4 - Kuro Usagi's tea-party with the Outlanders[edit]

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The vase that held a single sakura tree branch made a thud as it was placed on the surface of the table.

After the celebratory feast of Shiroyasha's farewell party that ran for a continuous span of seven days and nights, the surrounding regions of the [No Name]'s territory were just beginning to return to its usual peaceful state.

Kuro Usagi closed the closet that housed the costumes prepared for her judging events while sighing heavily in reminiscence.

“Looks like there won’t be a need for this changing room anymore……”

After all, the job of playing judge to games was just another job that she had unwillingly accepted to ensure their survival.

Initially, she had been unable to perform her job well due to her pride. It was inevitable that she, the rabbit who’s renowned to be a [Highborn of Little Garden] would resist to the idea of playing the clown.

But thinking back to those days, it might just have been another of those Trials given by Shiroyasha.

The reality was that Shiroyasha wanted to help the [No Name]s survive during those days when they even had to worry about the securing of the next day’s meal and had contracted Kuro Usagi with a job offer that provided for all excess expenses. Just this job alone was sufficient to supply an income for the livelihood of a hundred and twenty young children to boot.

“Although it was reluctantly accepted at first, Kuro Usagi was still able to persevere until today…… it might not be far from the truth to describe these clothes to be the items which pulled us [No Name]s through those days.”

But now with Shiroyasha having left the lower levels, this changing room would also be of no use.

Besides, no matter what kind of job it was, it did feel lonely to have it end after getting used to it.

“But, wow…… Kuro Usagi, really did wear so many kinds of clothes,” she gently touched the closet after completing her small exclamation.

Although it was embarrassing to wear it before others, it might still be alright to wear them from time to time as a little hobby. After all, these costumes were made with the finest materials and similar to Asuka’s dresses that were tailored for her size, these were also clothes that were sewn by hand.

While searching for her casual wear clothes, there came a light knock at the door.

*Tok tok* “Kuro Usagi, are you free at the moment”

“Izayoi-san? Mhm, it’s alright.”

Kuro Usagi tilted her usagimimi due to the sudden visit.

But she was in for a second surprise when the door opened. And that’s because Asuka and Yō were carrying a pot of black tea and snacks as they followed behind Izayoi.

“Thanks for the hard work in the farewell party. It must have been tough to follow Shiroyasha around, right?”

“So, you guys have come to reward Kuro Usagi with tea?”

“Mhm. As a reward for you and to hold a tea party at the same time,” Yō picked up a cookie after saying so.

But Kuro Usagi wasn’t perturbed by that point.

Kuro Usagi didn’t expect the problem children trio to be rewarding her for her hard work. And for Kuro Usagi who’s used to being roped into the pace of the trio, this was similar to an unusual phenomenon of having thunder and rain on a sunny day.

Happily waving her usagimimi, Kuro Usagi prepared the tables and chairs for the trio in a flourish.

“Please, take a seat! If you wouldn’t mind this room that is filled with dust from Kuro Usagi's arranging of the closet!”

“It’s filled with dust?”

“Ok, let’s forget it.”


*Drruuuttt!* [sound of chairs being pushed back]

“Oi, you guys are really leaving?!”

“How can that be true?”

The trio sat back down as they teased Kuro Usagi.

The snacks that the trio brought with them were cookies with strawberry jam toppings and tea that was brewed from the spices grown in the backyard. In contrast to the attitudes of the problem children, Kuro Usagi allowed herself to be happy as she was touched by their thoughtfulness of preparing this reward.

“Come to think about it, you guys also held a tea party in the past, right?”

“Mhm Mhm. We did hold it once in [Underwood].”

“We decided to allow Kuro Usagi to join in our little gathering this time.”

Kuro Usagi nodded her head as she heard the replies from Asuka and Yō. Moreover, she really wanted to join this sort of tea party.

“Then, without further ado, let’s start it now! The hosting of the second tea party of the Outlanders!”

*Waa~, Pa Da Pa Da!* The girls started to cheer in synch. [1]

Izayoi was taken aback by the progress of the tea party that was getting closer to the definition of a girl’s party, but he took it as the opportunity for the clarification of the workings of things that were in the world of Little Garden. Picking up a cookie to take a bite, he posed the question offhandedly.

“Then, I shall go first. ---There’s this thing that I’ve been concerned about since a long time ago. Don’t the little brats of [No Name] have to go to school?”

Hearing Izayoi’s question, Kuro Usagi folded her arms over her chest with a Hm~.

“School…… you refer to holding classes right? There used to be such classes held in [No Name] but it is now Kuro Usagi’s task to schedule the days that everyone will gather for her classes.”

“Ara, that’s surprising, Kuro Usagi is the teacher?”

“YES! Although after all that is said, it is just the normal scope of transmitting the morals and values. There are a lot more stuff that is left to the specialized Communities that handle the aspect of education such as the rituals for specific religions.”

“Then, is it at a religious shrine of sorts where they study the religious texts?”

“That’s right. And much effort has been pumped in by the Buddhist faction. The level of their efforts have been so much that it is to the point of “rehabilitating Demon Lords to convert to Buddism”!”

“That sounds good to me. I guess we should try to enroll our polka dotted maid into that curriculum as well, right?” Izayoi commented in jest as the others laughed with him.

If it were able to change her thankless personality that found fault with everything, it might just be a good thing to enter her into Buddhism as well.

“Although it is not a bad suggestion, …… but our basic direction is to train first grade participants (Player) and strategists (Game Controller).”

And this realm of education would be left to the Community’s own judgement and it’s own responsibility.

Izayoi was slightly in awe as he continued, “That means there isn’t any sort of compulsory education here, right? Although it does seem great on the freedom of choice aspect, but is that really going to be helpful for the Communities?”

“YES! Leaving aside the type of Community for now, it is definitely not a problem at all to Communities that possess a first rate Player.”

“Is that so?” Yō shot back a question while between her fierce stuffing of cookies into her mouth.

“All young boys and girls of Little Garden aspire towards the dream of standing on a splendid stage as a first rate Player someday. Moreover, while looking at the backs of the famed individuals, it would generate anxious thoughts like “I want to be that sort of person,” that push them to train themselves. Hence, if every one of us continue to show our current activeness in participating in Games, it will be the best kind of education for them,” Kuro Usagi lifted her head and puffed her chest as she reasserted her stand.

Kuro Usagi perked her Usagimimi sharply with a *Beishi*. [2]

To be active in Gift Games and fluttering one’s Flag in the sky while loudly saying one’s own Name to proclaim victory.

One’s name and glory would be embodied by one’s own sword and Flag.

That is the sort of glory that would cause the young girls and boys to feel anxious while spurring them on to train themselves.

“…… Hmph. Although it isn’t perfect in efficiency, it doesn’t feel all that bad.”

Izayoi raised his cup to his lips. Although it did sound a little rude for his words to turn out that way, Izayoi did not think that the methods of [No Name] was heading in a wrong direction. Moreover, he couldn’t help but think of something at the same time---

The direction of Canaria’s education did not change even after arriving in a different world.

On the other hand, Asuka let out a loud and long breath. She then clenched her fists at her chest as an act to motivate herself.

“Then, from tomorrow onwards, we must work harder. We must not let the Senior and Junior groups see ourselves as inferior.”

“YES! That’s the attitude! --- Okay, now, it’s the turn of the Little Garden’s side to do the questioning.”

Cocking her ears to one side, Kuro Usagi looked at them with deep interest.

After munching on another cookie, she started.

“This is something that has been on Kuro Usagi’s mind for a long time. Could it be that the coat that Izayoi-san is wearing ----is the legendary strongest outfit that is known as the “Gakuran”?!!”

Cough, Izayoi chokes on the black tea and the reason was obvious.

It wasn’t because Kuro Usagi knew of the Japanese student outfit of the stiff collared school uniform but for the fact that she associated the “strongest outfit”= Gakuran.

And despite Izayoi’s desire to deny that assumption, Yō was a step faster as she took hold of the topic.

“Come to think about it, in the old books that dad left behind…… it has always been the teenage boys and girls who wore gakurans who saved the world in those stories.”

“YES! There was also the appearance of Heroes in the world of Little Garden who wore Gakurans and on three occasions as well! And they called themselves as “Bancho”!”

“Oh, is that so? Then those books must really be writing about some true events then.”

How is that possible? Izayoi made a silent comeback in his heart. [3]

Izayoi had no idea what sort of mistaken or misinterpreted history that was used to summon those individuals but it could also be possible that it’s the workings of some unknown summoner who summoned them over with the intention of making it a prank.

Izayoi gave a wry smile as he started to correct their misconceptions.

“I will say this from the start. The gakuran is a uniform that is used in the 20th century of Japan. The uniform itself does not possess any huge power.”

“Aie? Is that so?”

“Aah and it is already outdated during my generation. The only reason for me to have worn this gakuran is due to the stubbornness of that fellow---Mhm , This topic can end here. ……And Kasukabe, those things that you read are just fictive stories and mangas. They aren’t real.”

“……? I see.”

Although Yō looked a little doubtful as she tilted her head to one side, she did not express any refutation and popped the last cookie into her mouth.

Asuka who was watching from the side muttered in a low voice as she arrived at a conclusion.

“I see. As I expected, the clothes are totally different when it is of a different cultural timeline.

“YES! Especially the Outlandish clothes that Shiroyasha loves as part of her interests. In the end, Kuro Usagi was made to wear many clothes.”

“That really sounds like the style of Shiroyasha.”

“By the way, what kinds of clothes did she make you wear?”

“There were so many that Kuro Usagi has lost count! The combinations of Western and Japanese are needless to say, there are also those corporate uniforms for specific occupations, swimsuits and even suits for males.”

“Using Usagi as a mannequin? What a really envious hobby.”

Kuro Usagi’s eyes were staring at a faraway place at this time and Izayoi was laughing loudly as the matter did not concern him at all.

“…… But those clothes won’t be used for a while. After all, Shiroyasha-sama has gone back.”

Mumbling that in a lonely voice, she then opened the closet.

The clothes that Shiroyasha sent to her weren’t only those in the range of the various COSPLAYs. There were also those splendid looking dresses and clothes that would make Kuro Usagi delighted.

However in the current situation where she did not need to perform her duties a judge, it basically means that she would not have the chance to wear these clothes anymore.

Yō who was silent after munching up the last cookie, suddenly looked at the closet as she seemed to have thought of something.

“…… That closet, also contains suits for males?”

“YES! There are…?”

“I see. --- then, let’s take this last chance to play around shall we?”

Yō gave a slight smile as she cast her gaze towards Izayoi.

Izayoi wiped away his smile and stood up immediately. However, he was a step too late.

Asuka was quicker to grasp the meaning of that gaze,

“Ara, that’s a great suggestion. I’m also curious about this big mannequin,” Asuka joined in with that meaningful gaze at Izayoi.

And then it dawned upon Kuro Usagi.

“Come to think about it, Kuro Usagi still has one authority to command Izayoi-san. ……And this would be the best time to use it.”

Ufufu, Kuro Usagi took out her Gift Card.

Having lost the moment to make his escape, Izayoi gave a loud click of his tongue as he raised his hands in surrender.

“…… I got it. I will just take this as the celebration of Kuro Usagi’s job step-down and allow you girls to play whatever you like.”

Izayoi sat down as he gave them the permission.

It was then that the trio of girls shrieked in delight as they announced,

“Then, let’s change the name of this tea party to ---- the clothes changing game for Izayoi! And without further ado, let’s get started!”

*Pa Da Pa Da Pa Da*, the females then proceeded to rummage through the closet after their excited clapping.

Giving a sidelong glance at the excited female group in their fun, Izayoi lifted his head to look at the moon while thinking in the depths of his heart.

When Shiroyasha returns ---I will have my revenge.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: Pa Da Pa Da will be the sounds of clapping.]
  2. [magrefnotes: going to use Beishi as the sound effect for Kuro Usagi’s ears. Can’t remember what I used in the past.]
  3. [magrefnotes: I just saw the word from some other translation and yeah, English form of tsukkomi is called comeback. Just checked It says "a clever or effective retort".]