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Interlude 1[edit]

-Little Garden Upper Level 3rd gate; Touriten[1]

Surrounded with floating sacred lotuses, a path way lined with peach trees led to Heavens Gate. In this land where usually the only sounds came from the running water or the blowing wind, sharan, the gracious sound of a bell rang out. The sound of the bell moved the clear air of heaven, echoing from nowhere to everywhere.

The bells sound called about a beautiful cool wind, and made the glimmering silver hair flutter.


Sharan, Shiroyasha moved another step with a rare expression of concern and looked up.

That face did not have her usually jovial grin. While standing with an expression of great resolve, her eyes showed nothing but seriousness. Shiroyasha softly touches the heavens gate that was shut closely.

Touriten; made to connect heaven and earth with the purpose to send out the Godly Alliance community that thought to destroy Demon Lords, “Divine Army”.

If those powerful gods that were seated in the third ranks were to descend on to earth with their original form, just being there would be a disaster that would shake both heaven and earth.

The gate that was made in order reduce this effect is the Heavenly Gate Touriten.

The Touriten that makes reversal of the Astral and Material [2] possible can send out gods and Star spirits in the form best fit for their environment.

Shiroyasha, who kept her silver-white hair fluttering , kept her hands lain on the gate while bitterly chewing her lips.

“…… I suppose its impossible to open without being in the "Divine Army".”

She pushed the gate, but the Touriten did not move an inch.

With Shiroyasha’s power destroying it would have been easy, but there was no guarantee that the Touriten would still function properly. It was not that there was no other way, but descending from heaven without using the gate was strictly prohibited.

If a god were to descend without using the gate, it would cause a disaster regardless of the god’s intention. Also, if a former Demon Lord like Shiroyasha were destroy the gate, she would have made enemies with all the gods. While biting her lips with a mortified expression Shiroyasha strongly closed her eyes and turned the hand that touched the Touriten into a fist.

“I do not have time to meet Taishakuten[3]….......... For the situation on the lower floors, every second counts.”

Shiroyasha closed her eyes, and sent her conscious to the lower floors.

The death match held in Kouen City against Ouroboros.

The prince and company that is leading the vampirised giants.

The duel style game that is being played in Kouen City, “Tain Bo Cuailnge in AthnGabla”.

Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka, Kasukabe Yō, all were fighting with enemies that had as much experience as a Demon Lord, and were fighting with their own abilities.

Watching the both sides fight in heaven, Shiroyasha knew within moments that “No Name” had a chance of winning.

The “No Name” that went through harsh battles were no longer a group of amateurs. Stopping the three that were beginning to understand their heaven sent ability was not necessary. Also she had some feelings of worry, she had enough confidence in them to watch while eating rice crackers.

But not even Shiroyasha saw through everything. She especially didn’t expect The Demon Lord of Confusion to team up with Ouroboros.

The Demon Lord of Confusion that made use of the undeveloped prodigal heart of youths succeeded in merging with Salamandra’s young leader and obtained the Horn of the Dragon King of the Sea of Stars.

The clenched fist gripped with more strength. Shiroyasha held some responsibility in the Sandora’s loss. Sandora had finally reached age twelve this year. In the world filled with gods and buddhas, she was way too young. No different than a newborn.

The reason why Shiroyasha gave her such a heavy duty was because she thought she can always help her when it was needed.

……Thinking of it now, it was foolish and irresponsible act, Shiroyasha thought.

No matter what kind of reason Salamandra had, they should not have left a young girl in the seat of a leader.

While being the only one to be outspoken of her uniqueness, she couldn’t use her power and influence to right what was needed. If Sandora had been protected, the Demon Lord would not have resurrected again.

“Thinking not to repeat the mistake made three years ago, I even returned my own [Divinity] and fought but…. My actions are always one step too late.”

There was no end to the regrets. The great alliance of floor masters that Canaria made in order to destroy the Dystopia Demon Lord was also destroyed.

That day three years ago……… If Shiroyasha returned her [Divinity] and fought with them, the situation would not have been this bad.

And now, the lower floors had another disaster released on them.

The oldest Demon Lord; the one named a “Last Embryo”, the ultimate God Slayer.

(Demon Lord Aži Dakāha……… in front of his “another cosmology” even the main gods would have trouble winning. But if it was me……….my [Host Master privilege] can definitely seal him for all eternity……!!)

Steeling her resolve with conflicting emotions, Shiroyasha looked up. She was not given permission to use her Host Master privileges.

She reigned among the gods cosmology as the sun god of the Geocentric model. In order to preserve her power, she put down scientific oppositions. But with the progression of human history, the arrival of brave sailors, and wise astrologists, her power decreased, and was chased into the horizon of the White night. Now, she only holds as much power as an ordinary sun god.


————But. That is a story solely in the range that can be observed by humans.

The truth of the Geocentric model rests in a place where, no matter what efforts are made, humans can not reach. Beyond stars, time, and universe is where the truth lies. When hosting a game, if Shiroyasha expands her power to that extent, her power would endlessly expand, and the ones playing the game would be trapped in a paradox game. If Shiroyasha makes him enter the horizon of the white night, where there is no exit, she can trap the player along with the host of the game, herself, for all eternity.

“The problem is the time of traveling………. but the lower floors are fighting for every second of survival. Although it will be a bit rough, I will have to destroy Touriten and—“

“—— That would be a problem. If you just went ahead and destroyed when it was finally fixed, you’d crush our position.”

Ah, Shiroyasha turned around in surprise.

Since she tried to use the Touriten without permission, she knew that someone would come after her. But this was too fast. Another reason why Shiroyasha was surprised was because she knew the owner of that voice.

The cool, projecting voice made the peach tree’s branches sway, and became a whistling wind that glided away.

As to face Shiroyasha with a firm stance, the owner of the voice, shook her hair that resembled the color of a golden rice field during harvest, laughed with a troubled expression.

———————— This is unexpected. To think they would have her come after me.

Although twisted, Shiroyasha is one that resides in Buddhism . Therefor, the pursuer being the 12 Devas[4] or the chief god class Wisdom Kings would be the most logical.

If it comes to worst, she was prepared to fight the strongest of gods, but holding over half the Sun Authorities, they were not an opponent Shiroyasha could not defeat.

But, her opponent was neither of them.

Having the strength rivaling both, a peculiar existence.

This one is the most irregular of disciples Buddhism took under its wings out of the entire Little Garden. Her name is————

“Its been long——— “Great Sage Equaling Heaven”, Sun Wukong …..!!”

“That's an old name. I told you know its Tousen Shou Butsu[5].“

Rustling her golden rice-like hair, her deep green eyes glimmered with laughter.

Contrary to her mature voice, she had an appearance that only looked like a thirteen or fourteen year old girl. But the power and shine radiating from her eyes alone displayed an air of an over achieving fighter.

Facing the “Great Sage Equaling Heaven”, Shiroyasha unfolded her fan and talked.

“Hmph…… Even if you search the entirety of Little Garden you would only find a handful of people who call you by that extremely minor Buddhist name. Besides, even the person who gave you that name, the Siddh***”

“Hey you idiot, stop.”

“Oops, my mistake.”

In the Heavens, there are names that you are not allowed to say.

Cough, clearing her throat and Take 2.

“Besides, even the person who gave you that name, the ***dhārtha guy calls you Great Sage. In this kind of situation telling me to alter how I call you is a funny story. If you really want me to change what I call you, tell Si*****tha[6] to change it first.”

“……………. I won’t retort since there would be no end to it, but a be little more careful, you Shameful God.”

Puffing her nose and standing tall, Shiroyasha, and giving a large sigh with a tired expression, Great Sage Equaling Heaven.

Although doing an idiotic routine, there is no god or buddha that does not know her name.

—————“Great Sage Equaling Heaven”, Sun Wukong.

One of the too infamous Demon Lords from Chinese legend “Journey to the West”.

As the Head of the community that the Bull Demon King and the Saurian Demon King once resided, Seven Great Demon Kings, she is an old powerful being that challenged gods into harsh battles. The Seven Demon kings that were in this community all were crowned with the title of “Great Sage’, but the only one who was called such as a nickname was Sun Wukong. Both the beasts that were subordinates of the flag as well as earth gods all admit that she has the abilities to be given that title. There are many who believe “Great Sage Equaling Heaven” was the King amongst gods. There are even these believers amongst the gods.

But after “Great Sage Equaling Heaven” and the six kings sealed their alliance, they fought a destructive war against the Shangdhi and Taoist gods, and are barely defeated by the hands of the 12 Devas and Siddār***. The story following that is too famous for explanation. After five hundred years of imprisonment, she later follows her teacher, Xuanzang, to India, would be the most common part of her story.

But that is only a story that was leaked into the outer world. To the gods and buddha’s of the world of Little Garden, they see more importance in the aspect other than that of a Demon Lord.

Neither a hermit, a spirit, nor a god.

Given life in the core of the planet, and delivered from the ocean bottom by volcanic eruption; and existence of no duplicate, Demi-Celestial Being- a planet made “Candidate of Origin.”

“Of all people, I did not expect you to pursue me. I was expecting Bonten[7] to come.”

“Nnnn-………Well. Our side also has its problems. To be honest, I also find it odd. With you as an opponent I wouldn’t be able to win even if we did a hand stand. Its like a baby picking a fight with his parents. Its to much weight for a immature person like me.”

“Is that so? Your immaturity was before you entered Buddhism. A problem child like you is now a third rank. It doesn’t seem to much of a hopeless fight.”

While making small talk, Shiroyasha tried to figure out her opponent. Without being given a mission as a Demi-Celestial Being, born on the peak of Mount Huaguo, even when Buddhists took her in she was relatively left alone.

Even Shiroyasha did not know the reason behind this. Prevailing theories are that it was to balance the power in the Buddhist realm, or she was to be used as a final trump card, but the truth is in the dark.

She is a Demi-Celestial Being, with both her spirit and her prowess are assured. If it was simply measured by battle power, she even rivaled Taishakuten.

And she was an old friend of Shiroyasha. Those reasons were probably why she was sent. —Thinking up to there, Shiroyasha finally noticed something very important.

“Mu… Wait, Great Sage. You said that Touriten has already finished repairs right?”

“Aah. It only connects up to the the 4th level, but there no problem when using it normally. “

As soon as she received these words from the "Great Sage Equaling Heaven", Shiroyasha was filled with the color of relief.

If that was true than there would be no need for Shiroyasha to go to the lower realm.

If the official "Divine Army" was to be summoned then there would no unneeded sacrifice. Even if any did emerge, the lower realms would stay relatively flat compared to the damage it would have received. That was an easy price to pay.

Letting her anxiety loose and her shoulders relax, Shiroyasha pouted a little while complaining.

“If that's the case it would have been best if you said so….. Even I was prepared this time!—————and which community will be mobilized? The 12 Devas, or the Hachi Bushū[8], or the Godai Myouou[9]? If it were any power near that group I would be relieved.”


Contrary to Shiroyasha, who was brightening her voice, Great Sage quietly closed her eyes.

Avoiding immediate response, she said with emphasis, as if to lecture.

“………………………… The "Divine Army", will not mobilize. “


“Its not just the official "Divine Army". Including the reserved Angels and the Olympian gods, they will not fight with "Aži Dakāha". Of course, this includes irregularities like me.”

Shiroyasha took those words as if hit by a blunt weapon, and weakened her posture.

The color of relief immediately vanished, and she became obviously pale. If that was the case, it's like the gods have forsaken the lower floors.

Restraining the voice that almost reflexively roared, she asked with trembling lips.

“W…………….What is the meaning of this?”

“Its like I said. The gods of the upper realm have decided to abandon the current human history. With the powers of "Aži Dakāha", “Absolute Evil”, that high, The gods have no method of battling it..………….. It's reached the time limit. This Little Garden is to be abandoned.”


Given the sudden confession, Shiroyasha lost her words.

“W, Wait. Three years ago the conclusion was that Human History can be saved. Bu, but why? Why did they suddenly speed up their end result? Only when half of the upper realms “Region Master”s approve, the remaking of Little Garden should not be granted………!?”

“I don’t know. Three years ago there was Canaria, the result of human history was almost reached. But now the situation has changed……….. Besides, 3rd level, 4th levels have the right to move to the New Little Garden. The main communities have already begun packing. “

This time Shiroyasha really turned pale.

The upper communities were mainly made of the many gods. Not only did those people chose to abandon Little Garden, but that they have already made preparations to move.

Even if they were afraid of the God Slayer, this was unheard of.

(Who was it!? Is Ouroboros that large a community!?………..)

“G, Great Sage. This is of someone's schemes. The only ones that had agreed to recreating Little Garden were the fallen gods of the north. Changing their thinking all of the sudden is strange, don’t you think?”

“I do. But that's not helping. Until the “final challenge to humanity” is either sealed or defeated, this would be hard to overturn.”

“Th, Then if you used the "Divine Army"…….!”

Ah! Shiroyasha rethinks. Regardless of the fact that Touriten is repaired, the Army showed no sign of moving. Though the heavenly army consists of a mix of gods, the ones leading it are the Buddhists.

Realizing what this entailed, she looked at Great Sage Equaling Heaven as if to watching something unbelievable.

“It can not be………. The Buddhists, too? The Buddhists also abandoned the lower floors? Is that so, Great Sage Equaling Heaven!!!!”

“……….. I’m sorry. This is no longer something I can control. This mostly consists of those who are determined to make this succeed. By the time the lower floors are abolished, the plan is that the upper realms have already moved.”

“What……………………………………What the hell!![10]

The single moment of rage cracked the road, and while the scenic peach trees broke a fissure ran about.

Shiroyasha released her godly power with her rage, and from her silver hair heat hazes started to float.

Her golden eyes were dyed red, portraying the setting of the sun.

There was no sign of her usual mild nature.

She gave off a presence that made one think that the heavens were stormed and havoc ran about on earth. The power Shiroyasha released along with her anger could shake the stars and even twist their path.

But Great Sage Equaling Heaven looked with calm eyes, and said with a voice that was void of all emotion.

“In order to make a new Little Garden………… to restart history, the Authorities of half the suns are needed. The people of the upper realms are searching recklessly for you to take it back.”

“Hou. Those dogs want to kill me?——— Aah. That's right. Throwing away my position and reeking havoc was another option. I am sick of this idiocy from the bottom of my heart.”

Having over half of the [Twenty Four Authorities of the Sun], the greatest Sun god.

If she waved about her powers, she could be a threat rivaling the final challenge of humans.

Twisting the laws, the balance of night and day go mad, and the boundary of Heaven and Earth would crumble.

“The reason why I went under the Buddhist realm was because I believed in your Justice. Obeying them, I protected the peace of Little Garden. No, I couldn’t protect everything. But even so, I have no obligation to abandon the lower floors for your convenience!!! Fine, bring a hundred million or a thousand billion!!! For now I will turn from the avatar of the White Night to the endless night, and swallow everything along with the stars…….!!!”

The beautiful silver hair began emitting darkness with the same quality as the night.

The eternal night———— shows the complete opposite movement of the white night, and is the name of the phenomenon in which “the sun does not rise”. As the Celestial Being that controls the progress of the sun, ruling over the night was easy. So long as most of the main gods were sun gods, the number of gods that could be an opponent to her did not even reach the number of her fingers. Although born a sun god, being able to control the night, she was especially well versed in killing sun gods.

Although not as powerful as the the time she ruled all cosmologies as the Geocentric model, her powers were still overwhelming.

Given the throne of a god and the crown of a Demon Lord. Born with both of these rights, the Singular Most Powerful Celestial Being, Little Garden rank #10.

The “Demon Lord of the White Night” was about to unleash all of her was about to unleash the entirety of her powers.

“Flee away, Great Sage Equaling Heaven. You are of no match against me. ……………..No, the same goes for the gods. So long as they are gods they cannot defeat I, a “Final Challenge to Humanity”. Along with the [Sun Authorities], “Absolute Evil” shall be permanently sealed into the horizon of the white night. I will take this Little Garden as my coffin.”

“……….. What about the outside world? Facing the Final Challenge’s are needed to complete the Human History.”

“As if I care. What I want to defend are those living in Little Garden. The world I love. Even if Little Garden loses its purpose of existence, I want to protect the treasures of this world. I care not of the world outside of this place.”

She said those words in a way that implied it was also her final warning.

If Great Sage Equaling Heaven would not budge, that it was inevitable. Even if they shared a friendship, there were paths that they couldn’t share. This was one of those times.

“………..Won’t you retreat?”

“ I will not.”

“You can never get out of a paradox game. You’ll be trapped out of Little Garden forever.”

“It's on my resolve.”

Yes. Her resolve was already made.

She would be saying her eternal farewells to her comrades in “Thousand Eyes” and those in “No Name”. But even so, she had things she wanted to protect. Because of it, her resolve was set in stone.

“………………..So that’s it.”

Facing her resolve, Great Sage Equaling Heaven closed her eyes. Shiroyasha also silently waited for an answer. Fight, or flight. But Great Sage Equaling Heaven chose ————————

“——————OK. Then, I’ll go along with you!”


“Not “Hah?” If it's just you and Three Headed Dragon then it’ll be boring, so I’ll also come along to your paradox game. If anything, you can at least drink tea with me.”

“D…..drink tea? Do you understand the meaning of this?”

“Of course. If you don’t want to drink tea do you want me to bring a board game?”

“No no, not in that meaning”

“Actually I recently got this board game that I’m really into”

“Eei, listen when people speak! If your to come with me, it would mean that you would be trapped into horizon of the white night for all eternity! Do you still—————————“

“—————— Aah. I don’t mind.”

Facing Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s clear eyes, Shiroyasha was at a loss of words.

“Mah………….. How do I say this. Its not like I want to abandon Little Garden too. Besides, if things go as they are right now, I won’t be able to the task of making you stop and reconsider. In that case, I can only go along with your selfishness.”

One step, Two steps, Three steps, Great Sage Equaling Heaven walked closer.

On the contrary, Shiroyasha took steps backwards. The previous rage filled power evaporated, and she held a complexion of confusion. She was ready to face her grave, but she did not at all expect a fool that would come along with her.

It was not even a grave that held victory or defeat.

Coming along to the place that meant certain death, showed that she had the resolve to commit suicide with her.

“King of the White Night, you took care of both me and my little brother. Just recently you showed the path to Kouryuu.”

“…………That wasn’t much of a “taking care””

“That’s not all. After five hundred years of imprisonment, the one who directed Xuangzang to me was also on your words right? If that journey didn’t happen the me right now wouldn’t exist. So, I’ll pay that favor back now.”

Her right hand reached forward.

Shiroyasha looked at the hand with conflicting emotions on her face.

If she takes this hand there would be no going back.

Even if she had the resolve to sacrifice herself, she did not have the thought of bringing someone with the same resolve. But it couldn’t be helped. From when she was born until now, having overwhelming power, Shiroyasha never had to deal with a situation where someone else would try to save her.

Glaring at the hand given to her……………….. It's not good, shaking her head.

“……………….Wukong. You have talent. Having a youth with a bright future ahead come is”

“That's not the words of the Maou about to close the bright future of Little Garden.”

“ No but, at least your tomorrow is guaranteed!”

“Ha, impudent. If I abandon my friends now tomorrow's meals are gonna rot.”

Here here, she shaked her right hand as she laughs lightly…………….She was re-enlightened. This woman would use the same methods to get along with other gods and Maous. Her will to fight tucked away, Shiroyasha took a large sigh and stubbornly argued. She reinstated the strength in her gaze.

“……………I know you are not jesting. If I take this hand, you would really follow me with your warmhearted nature.”

“Of course. A rendez-vous for two in the horizon of the white night”

“Don’t joke about it! ————Listen, Great Sage Equaling Heaven. You must stay here. And I will head to the lower floors no matter what. If it means the lower floors have no hope at all, hosting a paradox game and make Little Garden a true “World inside a box”, closing it, would be the same thing.”

The situation on the lower floors have reached a checkmate. Because of this, she has to sacrifice herself.

The glint in Great Sage Equaling Heaven, shot at Shiroyasha who said those words.

“No————————There’s still some hope.”

As if to reject all opposition, Great Sage Equaling Heaven said these words with great strength.

Because of how much vigor was put saying it, Shiroyasha blinked rapidly and swallowed audibly.

Great Sage Equaling Heaven used her extended hand to grab Shiroyasha’s kimono, and dragged her to eye level.

“Shiroyasha. I’ll say it again. ———There is some hope. But right now it's a winning percentage close to zero. So I won’t force you. You can do a paradox game or whatever. But if you believe in the lower realm———— believe the ones you said you loved. Give it a little more time.”


To those strong words.

To those inescapable eyes.

To the soul that made her feel hope, Shiroyasha relented and asked.

“Wukong. Do you have a plan of action?”

“I don’t. But there are people there who can change the situation.——————No, they’ve come back.”

This weird way of saying things made Shiroyasha instinctively know what has happened. But before she could utter a word, Great Sage Equaling Heaven spoke as if to cap everything.

“Although by a secret route, me and the Heavenly Army have asked individual communities for reinforcements. If it's them, they’d probably give a hand. In that case, we need to deal with the problem in the Heavenly Realm. As long as Aži Dakāha is not defeated, you're going to be targeted as the holder of many Sun Authorities. First, let's hide.”

“But even if we are to hide, where? The bells I wear are used as a leash. So long as I am in the Heavenly realm, my whereabouts will be found.”

“I’ve prepared the Amano-Iwato[11] If it's there, no one would find you.”

“Y, you are extremely well prepared. But what about you? Were not your orders to capture me”

“Not really? All I was told by Sidd***** -sama was “You mustn’t let Shiroyasha descend to the lower realms”, so it's fine, right?”

She said as a matter of fact. She really had guts.

But if what Great Sage Equaling Heavens [said] was true, there might be glimmer of hope left for the lower realms. Shiroyasha looked up at the Touriten with a complex expression, and spread her thoughts toward the ones fighting in the lower floors. Although she showed signs of hesitation, she made her resolve and nodded back.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The name itself refers to Trāyastriṃśa, but has nothing to do with the 33 devas, so I left it in Japanese form.
  2. In other words, the Divine and Earthly, but the former sounds better
  3. The Japanese name for Indra
  4. refers to 12 Devas in charge of guarding the Heavens in Japanese and Chinese Buddhism. They are Indra (or Taishakuten in Japanese), Agni (Katen), Yama (Enmatsuten), Rākṣasa (Rasetsuten), Varuṇa (Suiten),Vāyu (Fuuten), Vaiśravaṇa (Bishamonten), Īśāna (Izunaten), Brahmā (Bonten), pṛthivī (Jiten), Sūrya (Ni-ten), and Candra (Ga-ten)
  5. Roughly means 'Victorious Fighting Buddha'. Left in Japanese to sound better.
  6. If you don't get it, she's saying Siddhārtha, Buddha's given first name. It was actually was written as 釈迦, or Shaka, but that's the Japanese name given to him so I changed it to the original.
  7. Again, Brahmā's Japanese name.
  8. Literally, the Eight Legions. They are the 8 species that guard the Dharma, consisting of Deva, Naga, Yaksa, Gandharva, Asura, Garuda, Kimnara, and Mahoraga.
  9. Literally, the Five Great Wisdom Kings.
  10. What was used was ふざけるな!!! If you have a better translation, please edit.