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Interlude 2[edit]

Recounting a past dream, it started with this line.

—-Do you not want to know?

What lies behind the other side of this wall.

Saying those words to a young Canaria was a shadowy figure of a magical specter who wore the outlines of a swallow-tailed tuxedo.

Only existing in a two dimensional outline, the flat outline of the specter in a swallow-tailed tuxedo, would always lure or kidnap the young and old and both males and females alike. Trapping them in its city of residence and posing the same question to them.

The walls mentioned by the swallow-tailed tuxedo specter were the walls which divided the world of Little Garden into its North, South, East and West Sides. Standing at several thousand meters in height, they were the Boundary Walls of Little Garden.

Situated in the West Side, the Boundary Wall of that region did not have a door in its architectural construction. Well, that’s not really right to say so, for it did have a door constructed into the wall if we were to speak of it accurately. But, it was a small metal door that was built into the wall at a height of several thousand meters above sea-level.If one wanted to leave the West Side to confirm the world on the other side with their own eyes, they would have to throw themselves into a magnificent journey.

However, of all the Humans who have been spirited away , none of them had thought about this question before and they only tilted their heads in puzzlement when they heard it for the first time.

It was not that they felt the challenge to be meaningless.

Nor did they not see the value of doing so.

Then, was it out of an inability to comprehend his words? That was not true as well.

But it was on a much more fundamental level that they did not catch the importance of his words.

” Why do you ask that sort of question?”


A reason that was given in a straightforward fashion.

The West Side that they were born into is their perfect homeland (Utopia).

A certain academic defined the word Utopia simply as such.

“It is a place where everyone obtains the average level of everything, have similar family structures while carrying a small amount of faith in their hearts as they peacefully spend their days together.”

If that is the definition of a utopia, the West Side would definitely be justified in being called a utopia.

Sparkling gems are seen to be of the same value as dull and dark colored rocks in their city.

Actualizing the concept of equality in all commodities, there had never been the concept of prices in their lives from the time of their birth.

Living on the land that provided for their every need, the concept of scarcity did not exist for them as well. Therefore, there was nothing that would nurture uniqueness within themselves or others. And without individuality, it also made fights meaningless. Hence, there are no losers nor are there victors. Unconsciously realizing the dream of equality in their society, they were also devoid of the concept of competition.

Hence, they were living blissful lives.

Objectively speaking, there might be a few inconveniences with that life.

The Veils of Little Garden were often covered by a cloud layer and the several thousand meters of the Boundary Wall that ran along the perimeter of their city prevented invaders and brain drain. The unusually small door was situated at the top of the exaggeratedly huge and towering Boundary Wall and the road that led to the door was more treacherous than the journey of the Archarya in training. It is the actual representation of the Little Garden (sandbox) that the world is named after. A complete bird cage.

But, they were living blissful lives.

Looking at it from another perspective, it was inevitable that the West Side would be deemed as a [Locked world (Dystopia)]. Without fights, without differences without harm, passing every year, every month, every day and every second like the same as they always do. It might just be that they do not know the meaning of misfortune as well.

So, they were living blissful lives.

And that was the only way to put it.

If there was no misfortune, there can only be bliss, right?

They who were born in this sort of place were without an exception, carrying no doubt about the way they lived, they would rather accept their blissful lives. For humans who have obtained the greatest level of satisfaction, seeking to understand the swallow tailed tuxedo spectre’s words, which were flattered by a sense of underlying passion, is completely impossible.

What lies on the other side of the wall?

Would you like to understand the feeling of being moved to the roots of your heart?

The swallow tailed spectre avoided using a direct confrontational pattern of speech. They, who do not know of a competitive world, would not know the meaning of a hypocrite. Hence, they would not suspect or have suspicious behavior. They would also have no need to seek for the truth behind the evaluation of his words.

This meant that —they were just livestock which were incapable of thought.

Given clothes, given houses and given fodder at the allocated timings.

Giving up on thought and living as a bag of meat.

And their produce (offering) would be faith.

Education in ideologies, knowledge that strayed from the right path and on the improvement of the Human race.

These were the most effective methods that were used by many religions. Having obtained great accomplishment of building the utopia attributed to their names, a majority of the mythological factions were welcoming to this bird cage. After all, that was the form of interaction that should exist between humans and god.

A utopia is an ideal form of relation between humans and god in the web of interdependencies.

When many of the god factions started to mutate in that space of a bird cage (system)—-the swallow tailed spectre only left the words of “Don’t be absurd”, as he snorted at their behavior.

Betting his own bodily existence, the swallow-tailed spectre, who controlled the crossroads of life and death and lust, chided them.

To actually live without knowing of the sweet smell of cigar and the poison of its released puff?

To actually do away with the joys of alcohol and the way to stand up from the drunkenness to continue one’s life?

To actually carry and give birth to life when you are unable to distinguish the difference between the presence and absence of love?

Without the overwhelming sense of self love, there will never be the birth of an unconditional love. Hence, in the instant that this phenomenon was initiated by the god factions who decided to eradicate freedom and individuality, the swallow tailed spectre was unable to continue by their sides anymore.

The swallow tailed spectre—-He, who should have been part of a god faction as well, was born to the period where slavery as a system was commonplace. Representing the freedom of slaves, he who revered the best taste of a cigar and rum as well as the wretched side of love, was also born to be one of the “closest divine spirit to humans” similar to Indra.

So, he would not agree with it.

He desired the rights for these humans and hence betted upon the glory , given to him by his beloved followers, as they were gradually treated as farm animals.

Knowing that it would be an overwhelming disadvantage to himself, he continued to steel his heart to fight against this fake utopia.

However, to the many other god factions, his concept of happiness was a taboo. An act of evil. Hence, even if he were born as a benevolent divine spirit, he was also branded with the mark of a Demon Lord.

Even though he was supposed to be the paradox to the definition of a Demon Lord…… but the god factions then were unanimous in their curses showered over his god faction. However, the swallow tailed spectre would not lower his flag of rebellion no matter what slanders were piled against him.

Insulted as a god of the evil cults.

Given the false title as the leader of all the dark arts.

It did not take long for a fourth of the world to become the farm that is called the utopia. Even when it was not far from the conclusion of the end of Human kind……. and even though he had long been chased to the point of being a paper-thin shadowy spectre, he never once gave up on them.

He who controlled the pathways of death and life, love and happiness, believed in the possibilities of the Human race the most.

If it were the Humans, they would surely overcome even tougher trials than this.

The ending for the Humans whom I love the most, should not be such an uninteresting conclusion.

The outlet of that belief that is similar to faith. It is the faith that Gods have in Humans. And this spectre understood that it is from that faith that will lead to a new possibility which will bring about change in the Human race.

So the swallow tailed spectre continued to believe. Or perhaps, it could be called a blind faith that he held.

If it were the world that held the endless possibilities called Little Garden, then there should be a chance to meet one even in this bird cage.

The possibility that stems from how the faiths of Humans have given birth to gods, should give rise to humans if the gods held that similar faith in them.

Then, there would definitely be an encounter. Surely, there would appear a human who would embody this hope.

Even if it might be just an act of searching for a gemstone in the sand dunes, the swallow tailed spectre did not give up. For he believed in the rightness of his dreams and the rightness of the faith of his scattered followers. Such was the unwavering believe that he fervently held onto—-

And thus, he found the star in the sand dunes.

“—……There is something beyond these walls?”

The young girl whom he had whisked from the settlements of the Utopia—- was a girl who possessed a characteristic head of blonde hair that gave off a sweet smell as it was slightly wafted by the breeze. And it was she who answered his question with a question while tilting her cute little head without a hesitation to her voice.

There was just a sliver of feelings held in that voice.

Seemingly as though it were a rhetorical question that was echoed with a mechanical feel to it. Moreover, she was only just barely over ten years old.

At a height that was below the average, her hands clutched at a doll that fit her age. In the realm of a utopia where everything is supposed to be equal in value, this was already a deviation.

But to the swallow tailed spectre— her appearance was similar to that of a star.

And that was only inevitable.

Having spent several hundreds and thousands of months within this enclosed bird cage to ask the same question to humans who number as many as stars in the skies, it is truly an encounter that was a hard earned ray of hope. And that was what she represented.


The impact of those words felt seemingly like lightning which jolted through his shadowy existence. The rims of his eyes which started to become wet was indeed an abnormality and the current him was grateful enough to give a kowtow of thanks to the ironic wheel of fate.

Divine spirits should probably not bring up the topic of fate and such that easily.

But in the world of Little Garden, where it was the period of time which the flow of world events were already fated to occur, a girl who possessed the possibility of saving the world had finally appeared. And this sort of overwhelmingly fortunate encounter could only be called an act of fate.

“……The other side of this wall is—” However, he stopped before he could complete his sentence.

The swallow tailed spectre swallowed the words which he had planned to say before they were let out from his mouth. Although he might want to immediately welcome her as his own follower, he used all his self-control to swallow that desire. The god factions who joined the cause to fight against the [Locked World]—Utopia, was more than him alone.

The East was led by Indra, the twelve Adityas’ and a mix of other god factions who were already in the midst of battle.

The South was inhabited by the god factions from the West and Europe who were patiently observing and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The North was rumored to be led by a mix of Vampires, Bull Demon King, Shuten-doji, Tamamo-no-mae as they raised an army for the same cause.

Even with these many demons, gods and Buddhas in the fight, the battle did not seem to be turning for the batter.

It was just that the strongest god-slayer resided in the [Locked World]. Holding an absolute control over the authority to govern the West, it was the strongest armour against the attacks of the other god factions and a pressure against the followers of the other religions.

However, if there is an existence that can break through the armor from within—that would be the hope of all their efforts and she would be the star of hope that shines the road before them all. Then, this treasure should be trained under the hands of all the other gods.

Holding back his desire to claim her for his own, the swallow tailed spectre giggled as his shadow waved along the wall.

“What could it be beyond the other side of this wall, eh? ……. If you would like to find out, then use your legs to go confirm it for yourself.”

“Me, myself?”

“That’s right. That feeling of “wanting to know”, is simply unable to be quenched by the hearing of information from the mouth of another. That is something that you must use your own legs, your own eyes and your own soul to make the journey and to properly satisfy that desire to your heart’s fill.”

Even at this stage, would you still have the courage to challenge the bird cage?— the spectre smiled as it posed the question.

……Although he might have thought that way, it would be for naught if she were to shake her head then. However, from her second response, it would seem that she was carrying a sort of self-determination when she replied with her second question.

Lifting her head to watch the swallow-tailed spectre—Canaria hesitated for a moment before making a definite first step forward.

This step would be the start to the long battle between the Humans and god factions and the strongest Demon Lord who locked the futures of the Human race— [The last trial of Humanity (Last Embryo)]. Demon Lord Dystopia.

A girl and spectre would then step onto the journey that would change the end of Human kind.

For the sake of creating a [Paradigm Shift] that would be observable within the world of Little Garden, Masters and disciples of many gods gathered together to place their efforts to lead the course of Human kind to a better direction.

The collisions between the two factions would escalate to a total of 80 million sacrifices at times. And there would be times that they would feel regret for those results and feel disheartened.

However, they could not allow Little Garden to become a Human farmland and they would use that goal to encourage themselves from each setback to push onwards. The angels and god factions that were touched by their vigour and determination would also gradually leave the [Locked World] to join her side.

And that would be the formation of the largest Community Alliance that connected the North, South and East sides.

The organization that preceded the fall to [No Name].

It was then known as [Arcadia].[1]

With the concept of a different utopia from that of Dytopia’s very own, they used that name to rally themselves. Believing in the day that they would unite the whole of Little Garden under this very Flag and Name.

Proudly raising the flag that depicted the lone girl who rose from the locked world to walk the lands and hills of freedom, it was their biggest accomplishment that occurred in the history of Little Garden.

The only human to completely break free from the [Final trial of humanity].

This is the life of the woman who believed in herself—Canaria’s very own trail of life.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [Note: The original wording is arcadia. Ark to refer to hiding, a shelter and was later known to be the vessel like structure. Whereas adia referred to the God of hell. Summing them up would be the reference to hiding from disaster. It is currently used widely as a name for locations in the Western countries to represent the idea of “paradise”.]