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Part 1[edit]

The wind that blew down from the high planes swept across the rye fields, causing them to ripple in golden waves.

Following the change of the seasons, the young plants that had covered the ground like a carpet had also changed into an impressive blanket of golden yellow. While the other lands were experiencing a threatening situation of crop failure, it was only this land that had seemed to be blessed with a great estimated yield in wheat and grapes.

“Ara, it's all thanks to you, [        ]-sama[1], that we are able to reap such a great yield this year!”

An elderly farmer serf said, smiling at HER[2] while gazing at the fields.

SHE had only responded with a leisurely smile. Born as one of the far off relations of the royalty, the only thing SHE could pride herself in was this land.

Even though she was of a highborn status, the society then had believed in the saying of 'A woman without talent is a virtue', her existence being only that of another possession in the family. And the future for her would either be to attract a wealthy groom or be married off. Her future would be either to attract a wealthy groom or to be married off.

Just another pawn to tie the knot with another family to secure the wealth of the family line---that was the worth of a daughter in her family's eyes.

The lands of HER clan were located at the borders of the country and there were no schools or nunneries around. The people around HER only saw HER as “the girl born to carry on the bloodline to the next generation”.

SHE who had been reared along the borders had naturally no friends of noble birth and at most, she would look for the children of the serfs who tilled the lands to play with.

With the mixture of dignity and tomboyishness, SHE had learned to play in the fields and dirt, while getting acquainted to the ways of farming rye.

Since her grandfather was a bibliophile[3], SHE had taught her self to read and write, and read through the large collection of books he left. There was an unopened book that her grandfather had left to her on a new method of farming which she tested without her father's knowing. If her father ignored the trend of those times and had allowed HER to study, the fate of her family line might have changed.

The result of her studies was this wide expanse of golden yellow rye swaying in the wind before her. An abundant harvest that has been rare of late made the farmers rejoice, and regardless of age and gender, they crowded around HER, saying words of praise.

“[        ]-sama really is incredible! Even though it has always been a bad harvest recently.”

“There hasn't been much sunlight in recent years. Seeing how the soils were getting so poor to the point of being unable to support crops, we had almost given up then .”

“According to rumors, there're farmers who will not make it pass the winter due to a scary and contagious plague...... Really, if [        ]-sama wasn’t here, God knows what would have happened…..”

Kids close to her age, bent back grannies, everyone repeatedly gave thanks for the blessings SHE shared with them. From that, one could already tell how bad the previous harvests were in the recent years.

In recent years the winters had grown more severe and farmers without sufficient food supplies were dying off one after another in a plague. The drop in immunity is most likely due to the intense labor in addition to the fall in food supplies for consecutive years.

But there was no need to worry about such problems this year.

Watching the crowd bursting with smiles, SHE felt her pride and joy swell. ———Keho. She coughed weakly.


She put her hand to her forehead. It seemed she had caught a cold, she said to herself.

Was it due to the new farming method being successful that she had overworked herself to the point of which the accumulated fatigue was now released all at once?

Now that she thought about it, she hadn't been resting properly recently. Basically, she had spent the whole of this year lapping up the knowledge of farming methods and had even taken up the hoe to work alongside her farming serfs to help them reform the fields.

It's best to take a rest to get my health back to normal first.

And when I’m well again, I’ll work alongside them to make this land more fertile and arable again.

One year later, five years later, and ten years later. She promised in her heart that she would always want to live in this piece of land.

———But at the time, SHE did not know.

That promise of hers would turn into a curse in just a few days.

She who has loved this land more then anyone, would vehemently curse it more than anyone.

———Let my family line be cursed deep to its roots.

———Let disasters strike and rake up our lands.

Die, die, all of you should die.

Caught within pain and sadness deeper then anyone else.

Sinking into a dark, bottomless pit of loneliness.

With the dying screams of a thousand hatreds, the people who had loved her drew the curtains of her life to a close.

This would then be the origin of the Demon Lord—— the girl representing eighty million cursed spirits.

The life of the one later known as “Black Percher”.

Part 2[edit]

---Reservoir of [No Name] Water tree.

Sparkling droplets of water rolled off the drip tips of the forests' new leaves.

Perhaps it was due to the five consecutive days of rainfall in the region, but it became quite the talk in town as they speculated whether the increase artificial rains were due to the change of the masters in the East Side.

However with the change of the [Floor Master] from a Sun God to an ancient Deity Dragon of the lake, such changes were to be expected and the residents had also accepted it in stride. Whereas, most of the [No Name]s had taken to the indoors within their Community grounds recently in an expected response to the rains and the group that were left behind were naturally having less exercise than usual.[4]

With this morning being a rare cloudless day with a fine weather to boot, the senior group, the maid group, and the Community leader Jin Russel were replanting the young seedlings of rice they had bought for their paddy field.

Having traded the usual maid outfit with a Japanese rice farming outfit[5], Percher let out a loud sigh upon completing her share of the work. “……How troublesome. Replanting a plant that already germinated. Wheat is definitely better than this.”

“Percher…Th…That’s not true”.

Lily, who had also completed her share of work, disagreed with Percher’s statement while wagging her two tails.

Divided between European food preference and Japanese food preference, the two would never arrive at a compromise about the direction to be taken for the plantations.

Percher would always serve freshly baked bread when she’s in charge for the Community’s meals while Lily would always prepare a Japanese style of meal to be complemented with the main staple of rice.

But the power balance would soon be tipped with the completion of the paddy fields.

Perhaps that would be the reason for Percher’s testy mood as she helped out in the paddy fields.

“Well fine. Anyways, the next time that new land is cleared for farming, it will definitely be planted with wheat.”

“B, but our community has always planted paddy throughout the generations……”

“That’s nothing to ‘but’ about. I already did a survey and collated the results to know that the European food preference and Japanese food preference ratio is 5:5. If you insist, I’ll just lead half of the senior group to go on a strike.”

*Au*, Lily’s kitsunemimi laid back flattened against her head.[6]

Compared to the ones in the senior group whose main jobs were housework and working the fields, the maid group’s job was to support the main group. To put it simply, the maid group had far more authority in the community hierarchy.

Lily was talking to Percher as an equal because she was the leader of the senior group, but all the other kids would be afraid of Percher in the face of authority.

Jin, who was overseeing the work in the fields gave a sigh as he broke into the conversation of the two.

“Percher, Lily. As the two who are entrusted to preparing the food for your comrades in the Community, you should not be fighting. Please calmly listen to each other’s opinion and…”

“Oh, really? Which do you prefer, Jin?”

…….Eh? Jin suddenly stops his words.[7]

Percher uses this chance to move around behind Jin and lock both his shoulders in her grip.

“Lily, let’s let Jin, the leader, decide this fair and square. The community’s land is limited. If he’s the one deciding how it will be divided, won’t we be able to continue with the decision without any more grudges to be held?”

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v06 015.jpg

“Wa…Wait a moment, Percher……!!”

“That conversation, hold it right there!”

The one who intruded their conversation this time, was [No Name]s maid number three.

Shirayuki-hime the snake goddess, leapt and landed with force enough to make the mud in the water field splash and her voluminous chest jiggled while she brought up her objection.

“Lily, I’ve heard it as well! Your kitsunemimi need not listen to her words! When placed before us of the Japanese Preference Alliance, the puny soldiers of the Western preference are no different than dust! Hold your chest high and retaliate her words proudly!”

Bishi! Shirayuki-hime pointed a finger at Percher.

Pecher glares back at her with veins rising at her temples as she clicked her tongue.

A panicking Lily who heard the name of ‘Japanese Preference alliance’ for the first time.

And Jin who was trapped between the two had a very bad feeling. As the two, who were fired up by their argument, were just like a collision of Fire and Ice.

“W, wait, please calm down “

“Yup. Cool it first, you Titty Snake. Our leader wants Western food. If you still want to argue…….Oh right. You should come back when you’re at least able to julienne a cabbage properly.”

“Shut up! I can do a julienne with two hours! And who are you calling Titty Snake, you idiot!!!”

“Shi, Shirayuki-sama please calm down! Yesterday didn’t you spend five hours on it and still not complete the julienne?!”

Lili hugs to stop the agitated Shirayuki-hime from behind.

——Incidentally, because of a clumsy Shirayuki-hime’s wreckage of twenty four cabbages, last night’s dinner had only turned into a banquet that starred cabbages as the main ingredient.

“So, what is our leader’s opinion? Western food? Japanese food?”

“Hey! Normally one wouldn’t ask that question in this sort of timing right?”

“Child, there’s no need to consider! Meals prepared in the Japanese style is the standard meal of our community and that’s what you should being telling to that washboard!”[8]

As Shirayuki-hime shouts, Percher dug her nails to the point where bones creaked.

“…….. Be quiet, Titty Snake. My body is based on a twelve year old, so having breasts would be a lot scarier.”

“Ha and here I was thinking what you were going to say! If you eat Lily’s delicious meals every day, you would naturally be well-endowed! But since you’re still a washboard, you should eat more rice and beans!”

“Uu…………..Don’t be stupid. I’m always asking for seconds when Lily’s in charge of the meal…..!!”

Mishimishimishi! Jins bones made grinding noises as they were squeezed tightly.

Assaulted by so much pain that no words came out, Jin repeatedly tapped her hand, but Jin was no longer in her field of focus.

With hostile intent still in her eyes, Percher stiffly moved the corner of her mouth to smile.

“Fine. Since both of us aren’t going to step down…… Lets decide things in the style of Little garden.”

“……. Oh? I see, that’s a brilliant idea. I was already in the mind of teaching you the correct way to treat your elders.”

Glaring at each other, both heightened their killing intents. At this point Jin really started to panic.

A black whirlwind sprung up around Percher.

While a eddies of water could be seen dancing around Shirayuki-hime

If the two were to clash at full force, the damage would not be a laughing matter that could be brushed aside lightly. Aside from the newly made water field, even the senior group that were busily farming would be caught in the mess.

The two fiercely glare at each other with such intensity that it seemed to require just a spark to set it off. At this point, Jin started to ponder about the options and whether it had gotten to the extent that he can only stop them by using his power as the master—

“You two. What are you doing.”

Both of them froze in their step, gulping. But this was inevitable.

Right at the moment they were about to clash, a blade of shadow that could cut steel like butter slashed between them at a speed faster than sound.

The duo awkwardly turned to look towards the direction of its source.

In the path that lead to the forest, the leader of the maid group, Head Maid Leticia, stared at the two with crimson eyes.

“Well well. I came here because of the ruckus………And heard something very interesting. I didn’t know you two were so friendly with each other that you would skip work and play Games.”

“But I finished my share of the……”

“Shut it.”

The slight smile on Leticia’s lips immediately vanished as she sharply glared at the two.

That was an order that left no room for questions and Percher couldn’t help but fall silent.

The pair of crimson eyes held a dangerous glint. She was obviously mad. Her showing this much obvious rage was rare for Leticia. But this is understandable; she had just become the Head Maid only a week ago and they already started to do such things that smeared dirt on her face, and even with her warm and docile nature, she would be mad. And currently, she didn’t look hesitant to spill some blood.

The Percher in the past might not have hesitated, but the current Percher wasn’t good enough to match up to Leticia. Besides, Leticia now held the repaired gift of the dragon’s shadow. Fighting her head on would be a bad idea.

Pest retracted her winds swiftly, and Shirayuki-hime hurriedly did the same to her waters.

“I, Its not like that Leticia-Dono! We weren’t going to compete with our strength! We were trying to settle our differences using peaceful and maid-like methods……”

“Hou? A maid-like game. ………..I see. That’s good. It might be a good reference to the eight commandments of the maid group I was making.”

Smiling while her golden hair billowed in the winds, Leticia said to them:

“Then, let’s return to Headquarters and start the game. The winner is the one who can act more maid-like[9]. The loser will have twice the amount of her usual share of work for a whole month.”

“ “What?!” ”

“Let’s see----Right. We’ll start by competing who is better at making and serving tea. I am going to be strict, so better be prepared.”

Easily catching the two that were about to make a run for it by the nape of their necks, Leticia sped off towards the headquarters.

Being left out, Jin and Lily stared at the maid group with a dazed look on their faces.

Having continued that way for half a beat longer, Lily then perked up her fox ears and made a suggestion.

“…..Um, Jin-kun. I have favor to ask, is it okay?”

“Yes. As long it has nothing to do with supporting a single preference.”

Jin nodded with a worn out look.

Lily perked up her fox ears that seemed as if she had come upon an ingenious idea:

“For the time being……I think we can use Chinese dishes for the theme of the meals.”

“………Un. That might be a good idea.”

Smiling weakly, Jin consented to Lily’s suggestion.

After checking to see that the other senior group members have completed their task, the duo made their way to join them, acting as if nothing had happened.

——Under the sunny sky without a cloud in sight, the group who had completed their labors for the day sat together to enjoy the fresh air after the rain while eating their lunch harmoniously.

Today’s [No Name] is peaceful as usual.

Translator’s notes[edit]

  1. [magref notes: this place is left with a spacing to hide the real name and this will also be the argument that will cause the name changing process again... EdenHall notes: The name was originally left as a blank space ]
  2. [magref notes: I'm leaving the CAPS there for the HER and SHEs. Don't know what might be the jap text but I'm guessing it's in bold though it's not reflected in the chinese translations.]
  3. [EdenHall notes: An individual who loves books. ]
  4. [magref notes: group that were left behind refers to the children group because they do not need to go out to play Games to earn the living expenses for the Community.]
  5. [magref notes: Japanese rice farming outfit as seen below]
  6. [magref notes: lols just went to research on animal ear behaviour. This act means Lily is submissive.]
  7. [magref notes: Both? Omg is it true that Jin’s creating a harem? O.o Solomon with girls only harem?]
  8. [EdenHall notes: In other words, her chest is flat as a board ]
  9. [magrefnotes: ladylike, this time it’s maid-like]