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Part 2[edit]

Part 1[edit]

—The Airborne Citadel. Garden in the courtyard.

The sound of the maidens’ laughter could be heard coming from the courtyard where the red rosaceaes[1] were in full bloom.

Leticia was pulled along by Carla-Jijochō by the hand as they made their way to the tea party hosted by her sister. The second queen of the Vampires— Lamia Draculea’s face lit up immediately upon seeing Leticia, her elder sister’s arrival.

“Really now! The eldest daughter of the royal family who’s always engrossed with the matters of the training grounds has appeared for tea? Pray tell me what sort of wind have blown you here?”

“There’s no need to put it that way, Lamia. I also have plans to cultivate a hobby of attending female social events.”

“Ara, ara, my, my. What a surprising statement, I wonder who’s speaking. Hasn’t my sister Highness appeared in all the social events in a tuxedo which is typically male? Isn’t it the same for the dance steps? You do know that the number of ladies who have their hearts enamored by the beauty of the queen who leads them around the dance hall is quite a sizable number, right?”

Lamia gave a giggle as she teased her sister.

“That sure is harsh,” Leticia muttered as she sat down.

Although the both of them were sisters of the royal family, their positions were different even if they were kin.

The eldest daughter, Leticia, has been brought up as a warrior to succeed the throne while the second daughter, Lamia, was brought up as a princess who was apt in handling foreign associates.

To put it bluntly, Lamia was only a strong political chess piece in the royal family.

She would either be married to a Community within the Alliance to stabilize their ties or be married into a wealthy vampire family to consolidate the power of their race. Those were the top two probabilities. The knight getup of Leticia in contrast to the gorgeous dress of Lamia revealed the mirror opposites of their situation.

It wasn’t clear whether Lamia was being sour about this arrangement but she continued to make digs at Leticia while giving a sly smile.

“Why not take up some embroidery, my sister Highness? Merely training in swordplay will not help you capture the heart of a guy, you know?”

“Hm Hm, indeed. I can’t even brew a pot of delicious black tea. Randomly asking a hundred people would surely return with a hundred replies of them wishing you to be their brides.”

Using her heart felt words in response to the dig at herself, Leticia guessed that it would be for the best to honestly agree with her sister’s words since her character wasn’t really fated to be one to be in love anyway.

And with that, the bad person would be the one who gave the sarcastic remark.

Lamia immediately kept away her smile and pouted.

“……Mah, that’s not confirmed. There might just exist a guy who would fall for an usual woman like you, my sister highness.”

“Lamia-sama. Those words are too impolite to her Highness, Leticia.” Carla who had been standing by the side quietly spoke up unhappily.

Seemingly in the defense of her master, Carla then gave a smile that made clear of her teasing attitude as she poured a cup of black tea that was specially brewed with the flowers of the rosaceas in the garden.

“Driving away the dragon kind, Her Highness Leticia with her long flowing blonde hair is just like a flower on the battlefield. Officers who aspire to be like our Highness are also numerous. Moreover, the mere mention of the Vampire Princess General would immediately bring up a vision of the most impressive female in the world of Little Garden. Hence the number of courageous suitors is definitely not in the small numbers, you know?”

“……I see. Then, is there a brave champion who has caught my sister Highness’s fancy?” Lamia asked uneasily.

Leticia shook her head and gave a depressed wry smile.

“How’s that possible? A vampire like me would be far from the fate of being a target for suitors and love itself. Moreover, I do not have any plans for starting up a family before the stabilizing of all the matters concerning the inheritance of the throne.”

Hearing Leticia’s answer, Lamia nodded her head happily.

“Ye, Yes, that’s right! Although I said it that way earlier, my sister highness is a great person and a treasure of the Vampire race. There can’t exist a man who befits your glory.”

“It’s just as Lamia-sama puts it. If anyone wants to propose to our Princess General, they would have to defeat the No.1 and No.2 fan club which is us!”

Carla threw her head back as she puffed her chest to make that declaration and Lamia’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

Leticia did not seem to notice that as she laughed it off, “What’s this? Wouldn’t that make it impossible for the candidate to be someone who isn’t unusually brave and courageous to take on this challenge? Carla’s swordsmanship is astounding and even I would at least have to concede in a match out of three.”

HmHm. Carla-Jijochō and the second princess nodded their heads in unison.

Leticia sipped at her black tea, suppressing her mirth. Relaxing in the fragrance of the rosacea garden while overlooking the courtyard below, she then clapped her hand as she seemed to have remembered something.

“But come to think about it, it isn’t necessary for the other party to be a brave soul.”


“What’s that about?”

“Just think about it, didn’t the Community of [Thousand Eyes] enlist the help of several Demon Lords? The people whom they hope to help out as their appointed [Floor Masters].”

“Aah. You mean those people? I remember that it’s the “Laplace Demons” and “ShiroYoru Maou”…. Also known as the ShiroYoruOu?”[2]

“Right. And isn’t ShiroYoruOu one of the most ancient powerhouses? If it were those people, even if they can’t be my fiancé, they would be suitable to be Lamia’s marriage candidate.”

“Ara, did I just find trouble for myself?” Lamia gave a laugh as the arrow was returned to her.

—[Thousand Eyes], is a large scale trading Community that situated its Headquarters in the Outer Gate of the Two digits of sixty-nine, would probably be the only one who could directly interfere with the activities of the lower levels with their scale (level). The number of flags that rally under the flag of [Thousand Eyes] were sizable as they seek the protection of its scale. Therefore, [Thousand Eyes] is renowned as a special Community formed by many Community affiliates. It is said that the original name of the organization was something else but the person who carried that information seems to be gone by now.

It was the sort of Community that would promise to lend its powerful combat strength when its affiliates were in need and it would be the best strategy to use this opportunity to deepen their bilateral relations.

It was definitely an impeccable plan to have them as the marriage candidate of the second princess.

However, Carla shrugged her shoulders and shook her head in reply.

“It’s a pity that it cannot turn out that way. ShiroYoruOu and Laplace are known to be female Demon Lords. Moreover, those Demon Lords…… Eh, they are not people who can be tied down by normal contracts.”

“Hou? You have met them?”

Hearing Leticia’s question, Carla shook her head.

She then put away her usual smile of merriment as she spoke again in a whisper, seemingly in the midst of telling a secret.

“ShiroYoruOu was only summoned after the repaying of her sins at the Buddhist faction, so there’s no need to worry about that part…… but for the other Demon lord, there seems to be a few bad talk about the [Laplace Demon]. It is said to be working in the shadows with the Demon Lord who appeared in the West Side— [Dystopia].”


“I’ve not heard of that Demon Lord before. But if it is summoned in the West Side, it should be a Nordic Demon Lord right?”

Leticia and Lamia looked at each other, but since it was summoned within the Western regions, it shouldn’t be a worry, they thought.

This is because the directions of the compass within the world of Little Garden is closely related to that of the Outer world.

Those that were summoned from Eastern Asia would appear in the East Side, while those summoned from the Western Nordic countries and the Middle East would typically appear in the West Side.

The West was ruled by the Slavic and Nordic god factions and it was also inhabited by many demons that were the symbols of bad omens.

The South was a region of abundance and harvest. Due to the various groups that were mixed in the region, it was not possible to trace the origins of them all. Although it’s a rough description, but the division of Little Garden was something like that.

And among the regions, there were many who chose to migrate from the West Side, which is the biggest region of all.

The Greek gods, Roman Gods, Celtic Gods and the gods of the Ulster Cycle have relocated with their throngs of heroes. And it made no sense at all that they would do that sort of thing because of the appearance of a new Demon Lord.

However, Carla’s expression became grave in her attempt to deny the speculations of the duo.

“It’s a pity that we are still unable to obtain any information on the true identity of the Demon Lord. Whether it is a Demon Lord born from the West or another Demon Lord altogether, it was something that bothered me enough to send some spies. And the report that they brought back was really frightening ……Would you like to hear to report?”

Using her gaze, she directed the question to Leticia.

Fortunately for them, there were only royal family members present in the area.

“Lamia. Let’s keep this between ourselves.”

“Don’t worry. It is my hobbit to pretend as a forgetful lady.”

“HngHng. My highnesses are really very understanding. I’m feeling proud to be your chief maid.”

Carla gave a slight smile but immediately kept it away as she pulled out the reports from her Gift Card. The three sheepskin scrolls were stamped with the insignia of a red branch.

“The insignia of a red branch……isn’t that a secret report sent in by a knight of [Ulster]?”

“And it is a fairly huge Community within the Celtic God faction too.”

“That’s right. It’s a report sent by a young lad named Sétanta[3], who returned the way he came at an astonishing speed after handing over the secret documents. HmHm, those strong legs would surely give the illusion of being a flash of lightning or wind itself when he ran. Well, he did say that he had another location that he had to rush off to and I did feel that spiritual power contained within him to be one of a demigod. He looked to be a promising youth too—- Aiya, let’s get back to the topic. Regarding the contents of the secret report, it would really be an earth-shattering matter if it were not a lie. The truth is that the indigenous Celtic Gods have been wiped out.”

Leticia frowned as she doubted her ears.

Among the indigenous gods, there were a range of power levels that had the inferior ones mixed within the jumble as well.

Including the Earth Gods and Sea Gods, there were also the Sky Gods that numbered significantly in their total. The gods for small streams were also counted as indigenous gods in a sense and it should be those that were affected greatly.

However, Carla seemed to have anticipated that sort of misunderstanding and she added to clarify the doubt.

“Your Highness, Leticia, this is no figure of speech. It is just as the phrase is meant to be. They were wiped out. Starting with the Sky god of Taranis, God of the fallen skies Albiorix, many other big named gods have been seeked out and wiped out.”[4]

“You must be lying……!”

“Impossible!? Not deaths but the complete wipe out of their Divine spirits?!”

Leticia slapped the table as she exclaimed.

Lamia was taken aback by the reaction of her usually cool and calm elder sister who was clearly shaken to this extent and she asked apprehensively, “My sister highness, divine spirits are also a type of life aren’t they? Being defeated by evil and dying is also possible isn’t it……?”

“No, that’s not the case. —Right, that’s not possible. Divine spirits that exist would always have a resummoning system even after their deaths. But to actually say it as ….. a wipe out? Surely, a Demon Lord who possess such strength cannot exist?!”

“Nope, your Highness, Leticia. Have you forgotten? A Demon lord that exist with the possession of that strength and is the exception to that rule? The cornerstone of the ancients and that which is undefeated till today…… they, who are given the title of “Godslayers”.”

Reading between the lines, Leticia drew a breath in surprise.

In the world of Little Garden where the gods reside, heroes who possessed the accomplishments of having slain gods were not in the minorities. Just from that accomplishment alone, some have obtained Gifts and for some others, titles. Great strength, a wealth of knowledge and the aid of luck made such feats possible.

However, those were only hypocritical titles. False victories. The real [Godslayer] in every aspect of its title that is feared by the gods are the Demon Lords who possess such a title.

“…… A [Last Embryo]?Is the Demon Lord, [Dystopia] who appeared in the West one of those?”

“That’s still uncertain. But there are many gods who would reckon it to be so. Apparently the [Paradigm Shift] that should occur in the Celts currently, no, it should be called Europe in this case, is in a temporary dissolution and it is going to greatly affect the future generations to come. The soon to be completed Akashic records would also be aborted as a result of that too.”[5]

Leticia folded her arms before her chest as she digested Carla’s speculations.

Initially with an interest to know a little about the happenings of the outside realms, the described situation had exceeded her imaginations.

The annihilation of a mythology group of Gods was bound to have an unimaginable effect on the world. It was a huge matter that could cause the current timeline to distort.

That is because— the spiritual levels of a mythology group is closely related to the histories of Humans in the Outer World.

Gods are the congregation of spiritual powers that are born from the belief of the Human race such as the anthromorphication of historic events, the attaining of Divinity by conquerors, the idolization of ancestors and various means.

Hence the annihilation of a mythological group would mean the changing of Mankind’s history.

Therefore, a system of resummoning was made to prevent the changing of history.

However, if the system were unable to function in its resummoning of the gods from the world’s timeline, it can only mean that the portion of the Celtic Gods were completely blotted out of the history of Mankind.

“The lucky portion who survived the attack managed to escape to the other mythological factions but it doesn’t look like they will be reviving their mythological faction any time soon. The elder god Dagda[6] escaped with the <Lebor Gabála Éren>. Whereas the goddess Scáthach[7] who escaped to the Nordic mythologies have started to take in disciples to rebuild combat strength.”

“What about God of the Sun, Lugh[8]? The position as the strongest combatant of the Celtic mythological faction is held by him, isn’t it?”

Leticia’s expression was anxious as she questioned.

Regarding Lugh, the Sun god, he’s a very famous leader of the gods and possess many strong Gifts with the divine spear as his symbolic weapon of choice.

Could it be that he too, or so she had wanted to ask, but Carla shook her head to reject that speculation.

“It is still too early to determine from the unconfirmed reports…… it seems like the Sun god Lugh had escaped to head into the Celtic Mythologies to summon a new strongest species in order to bring down [Dystopia].”

“……That is really, quite a desperate move.”

“Well, that is something that they have no choice as well. After all if things were to continue as they were, it would lead to the annihilation of the Celtic mythologies. Then, even the gods would not be able to escape from the fate of falling to the level of [No Name].”

[No Name] — A community that has its Flag and Name stolen and fallen as a result. Gods are built from the worship of believers. Therefore falling to the state of [No Name] was akin to being unable to rebuild or regain their former glory ever again.

And understanding the magnitude of the situation, Leticia hugged herself as she muttered in a broken whisper.

“[Dystopia]…… A Demon Lord possessing such a level of power actually appeared in the world of Little Garden. What’s the faction of origin? Could it be some sort of Divinity holder from somewhere?”

“There’s no way for us to be certain, Nor can we do away with the possibility that he is without any support from any other mythological factions. Mah, however, it must surely be the work of a Demon Lord who holds a special Gift or cosmology. And since I’m given the title of the [Knight of Little Garden], there will be no escaping the opportunity to cross swords with him. I will just have to be cautious then.”

“Mhm. No matter the strength of the Demon Lord, as long as it is against my sister Highness, there will be no need for fear. With the Vampire Race led by our Princess General, we will definitely take the head of that Demon Lord.”

The second queen in line clasped her hands before her bosom as she spoke with confidence in her words.

That sort of confidence would surely stir up pleasant feelings for the listener, but Leticia was still uneasy about the whole matter.

(If the Human history were to undergo a massive change, the futures of our Vampire race will also be affected. We are just a race summoned from the longest reaches of Human history. This matter would surely have affected our genetic inheritance by quite a bit.)

The Vampires were a race summoned from the distant future and they were the protectors of the phylogenetic tree.

The symbolic characteristic of their race that makes them “unsuitable for Sunlight” is probably due to the futuristic unusual activity emitted from the Sun that would engulf the entire planet called Earth. Starting with the unusual solar activity, the radiations emitted from the Sun would drive the Human race to the brink of extinction. However, it was those who seek to escape that impending end that became the ancestors of the Vampire race. In the attempt to escape the Sun that is harmful to the human body, the people who migrated to the satellite, which traces a trajectory around the Earth’s equator, would become the Vampire Race or so it was recorded in the documents. To put it simply, in the history of Mankind, Vampires were once Humans.

Although that does not answer the question about the vampirism ability and it is still a puzzle until today.

— However, everything happens for a purpose and the Vampires knew that for a fact by their instincts.

And it was that instinct of their race that was pinging the alarms in Leticia’s head.

This incident would cast a shadow on the Vampire Race.

“…… The ascension ceremony should be held as soon as possible.”

“Ara. My Highness Leticia is getting pumped up?”

“Perhaps, just a little. Carla, continue to follow up on the investigations on [Laplace Demons]. And Lamia, please do forget the conversation we had today.”

“I understand. After all, this matter is too dangerous for talk among flowers in social events.”

The trio exchanged a solemn look and nodded.

It was then that they noticed the Sun already on its way down from the horizon, signaling that they had spent a considerable amount of time for their conversation.

Leticia then stood up, preparing to head to her father’s office.

“I will have to report this matter to my father, his Highness. At the same time, we must start preparing to protect the survivors of the Celtic mythological faction. Carla, follow me.

“Yes mdm, my liege. …… On the other hand, Lamia-sama. My apologies for bringing such a heavy topic to the tea party. I promise to bring much more interesting topics the next time.”

“Don’t worry about that. I will request the payment from my sister Highness.”

“As expected of Lamia, my Highness. Then, please place the tab on my Highness, Leticia.”

“Aiya, what an incorrigible pair of my maid and my sister.”

Indeed. Lamia giggled as she sent the duo off with her eyes.

“—Farewell, my sister Highness. I will look forward to tasting the tea brewed by the royal hands of my elder sister.”

“Got it. I will spare a little time to practice that a little.”

Leticia swung a coat over her shoulders as she left the atrium with a smile hanging on her lips. She was planning to surprise her sister in the next tea party.

The lands inhabited by the Celtic god faction was one that viewed black tea as the water of life. The harvest gods would surely have the best tea leaves. The image of her sister’s surprised look floated to the surface of her thoughts.

In that case, there is a need to protect them well. Leticia wore a happy smile—

Part 2[edit]

—those blessed moments.

… and the important promise with her sister.

Thinking about the things which will never be realised ever again……, she sobbed quietly on the throne alone.

Part 3[edit]

Within the cold and deserted throne room, there came only the sound of fallen tears echoing in the silence.

There was not a sound of any wind.

Not a sound of people’s voices.

Not a sight of any bureaucrat bustling around on his job.

Not a single knight shouting in their practice and drills.

And there wasn’t the presence of her talkative maid nor her sister who admired herself.

There was only the sound of tears that sounded like beautiful gens falling upon the throne occupied by the Demon Lord.

It also meant that the throne was filled with emptiness.

“……A dream of the past, huh.”

It has been a long time since those days.

Having been in a deep sleep for countless years, Leticia wasn’t sure if she could keep track of the years anymore. But she would dimly make it out to be a hundred years or twice that amount. However, if she went by reason, it should be a thousand years.

Leticia who inherited the throne was merged with the dragon and hence obtained immortality. However, the lifespan of Vampires outside of the royal bloodline was roughly two hundred and fifty years. Even if there are survivors, those betrayers would most likely have died from old age by now. Even if there were remnants of their faction, they would still be far away and unrelated to Leticia.

But— the vengeance in her heart, was one that could not be explained with reason.

Leticia Draculea had set the rule.

They were not allowed to die by immolation.

And above all, they were not allowed to die.

If the group of rebellion adherents were not completely obliterated, the fire in her chest would never be able to abate.

The intense wrath filled flames that spewed from her thousand curses and regrets— were dispelled by the shrill chirp of a little bird.[9]

“Aiya. Although I empathize with your ordeal, obliterating an entire race is seriously overboard.”

Pata!!! The huge doors that stood between the throne room and the clostiers were forcefully swung open. The fearless intruders had no intention to report their names. But that was right as well. After all, they have already introduced themselves once.

“Good evening. It’s been a month since then. “Blonde My fair lady”, are you faring well?”

“It’s just as you can see. I’m fully rejuvenated. I was just planning to find you myself if you were to make me wait any longer.”

“Ooh. Then I guess I must have arrived at the right time. Keeping you anxious and in suspense is just a spice for more fun in the game, isn’t it?”

Canaria was not repentant in the slightest and was more boastful instead.

But Leticia did not rise to the bait. After all, she had no interest in this woman in the slightest and none of her words would carry across to the ears of Leticia.

Leticia’s red eyes narrowed as she issued the final warning in a condescending tone.

“Here’s your last chance. —Tell me the location of the Vampire village and I will spare your life.”

“…… Hm? Did I mention about any survivors of the Vampire race?”

That’s odd. Canaria folded her arms as she seemed to ponder her question.

This time, Leticia could not help but lift a brow at that reply.

“……Then, have they all been cleansed?”

“Who knows. Even that is a secret. Or else there would be no need for a Game would it? …… Ah, and it’s best to refrain from saying out your desire to attempt “murder” on a poet. In this day and age, it will be a phrase that is going to invites scoffs and sniggers you know.” Placing an index finger to her lips, Canaria happily informed Leticia.

Spreading out a sheepskin parchment, Canaria moved her quill fluently across its surface as she wrote the [Geass Roll].

“The reward for this game will be “all the information regarding the Vampires”. It is up to you to challenge this Game as many times as you want and there’s no need for you to place additional bets to participate in it. Challenging it repeatedly is OK.”

“……? What is this? What do you stand to gain from this?”

“Ara, you are unsatisfied with this show of contempt towards possible gains? A heart that believes in servitude is a beautiful thing you know? Well, if you are unsatisfied with the lack of victory conditions, let’s make do with the story of your past shall we?”

Smiling while poking at the sore spot of another. Leticia did not like this sort of roundabout approach but to start the search in the whole of Little Garden without any information on the Vampire whereabouts would be too much of a hassle.

More importantly, this body which was asleep for thousands of years was still dull in its movements and it was difficult to perform at her peak condition in a fight. Taking that into account, it might just be fine to take it easy in a warm up exercise.

After all, if it were to take some time in any case, taking the option of interrogating this woman might just be a good start as well.

“—Okay then, I will entertain your little Game for now.”

“That’s great. So let’s —”

*Pak* Snapping her fingers. Although it was just a crisp sound similar to a popped bubble, the changes that followed that action was much more dramatic than the overturning of stars in the heavens.

By the time Leticia noticed her surroundings, she who should have been sitting on the throne was already transported to the space above the floating castle.

However, the transformations did not end there.

The airborne castle was engulfed in hungry flames and the streets were in a mess, seeming to be a scene of a war zone.

This wasn’t a teleportation skill that transferred her into the skies. And it wasn’t a technique to transport the skies to herself.

(Spatial transportation……!? No, it’s not it! This is the reproduction of memories…… a Gift Game that is based on recalled memories?!)

The unexpected level of the Game left her wide eyed and stumped for words. This wasn’t a Game that summoned a Gameboard.

Or rather, this was based off a certain person’s real experience and memory to provide the framework. The player was to search for the error or contradiction in history within this Gift Game of Recollections. The evidence would be that huge dragon roaring in a frenzy below herself. Looking at the scene below from the eyes of a certain individual who experienced the last days of the Vampires, Leticia observed the huge dragon that was herself.

(This dragon……?!)

Each beat of the wings cleared a space around it within the sea of clouds. With an open jaw capable of swallowing whole rivers and mountains, this was the manifestation of the strongest force as described in myths.

But, who could this memory belong to. On that day, the only ones who resisted the huge dragon could only be from the Vampire race—

“— My sister Highness!!! The battles are over! Please calm down!”

(……!!? )

A nostalgic and familiar voice was borne to her ears.

No— to put it accurately, Leticia was hearing the voice of the person whom these recalled memories belong to.

The beautiful blond hair of the host, whom she was watching the scene from, was in a mess. Even her clothes were torn and exposed her thighs. Whilst on her right hand was a glove that was emblazoned with the symbol of the royal crest.[10]

Narrowly missing the charge of the huge dragon in its frenzy, the host shouted in grief as she rode a dragon.

“My sister Highness!!! Do you not recognize me?!!— My sister Highness!!!”

Those hands of a princess which were more suited to the light touching of flowers and butterflies while walking through the garden, were now gripping the reins tightly with apparent discomfort. Swaying as she rode the dragon, she continued to cry out to jolt the memories of herself in her intended target. However, Leticia who was already lost in rage was unable to listen to any of it.

The glittery golden comb and the dress robes that were sewn with the crest of the royal family.

There was no way that Leticia could have mistaken this person for another. She was the person who admired herself, the one whom she loved dearly and her only sister.

(Could this be….. How can this be……!!?)

Yes— this were the records of the day that the Vampire race were felled, the memories that were experienced by Lamia Draculea.

“『 Gift Game- “Blonde My fair lady”-

Requisites for Participation:

*Until the player admits defeat, they are allowed to challenge this game as many times as they want.

*The method to achieve victory is free for the player to choose (more details below).

*As part of the premise of this game, the game masters swear that “Everything will be in line with the factual historic events”.

Conditions for Player’s victory:

*Save Lamia Draculea.

*Save the Vampire Race.

*Come to face with the sins of becoming a Demon Lord

Oath: We hereby swear on our Name and Flag that the above described game is the real deal.

“Stamp of [Acadia] 』"

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: rosaceas are part of the rose family. Not to be mistaken with Roselia the pokemon.]
  2. [magrefnotes: shiro-white, yoru- night, Maou-Demon Lord, Ou – Lord, maybe I should just change them all to English… leaving decision to editor and readers.]
  3. [magrefnotes: aka Cúchulainn, son of Lugh. Known as Sétanta during his childhood and later receiving that heroic name after killing Cullan’s fierce guard dog in self-defense. He defended Ulster, one of the Northern provinces of Ireland singlehandedly against the armies of queen Medb of Connacht in the famous Táin Bó Cúailnge battle. And was known to be a berserker in battle who knows not friend or foe. Taken and summarized from]
  4. [magrefnotes: Taranis is the God of Thunder in Celtic mythology while Albiorix Is the divine spirit who caused the Heavens to fall to earth.]
  5. [Magrefnotes: Akashic records whereby the Sanskrit word ‘Akashic’ means “everything under the sky”, “space” or “ether”. It is a type of amalgamated information in an unknown form that is coded and stored within ether. In other words, it is an existence that is not within the physical plane (something that cannot be perceived or experienced).
    This concept is also quite popular in the West in recent years.
    The Akashic records is understood as an entity that existed since the construction of all things and even before that. Even our knowledge base (eg. Medicine and Law) may have complex changes over time due to external influences; however, these have long been recorded in the Akashic records (eg. The people, animals, plants or ores and more); but are only encoded with a common tongue. (It can also be explained as the environment being the source of all observations and hence it is possible for all cultures and creations to have a common root.) Many works by authors have pointed to the Akashic records as something to be within the scope for a typical human to experience. However, it code is only something that is legible to those who have entered a transcendental state.
  6. [magrefnotes: Dagda, the eldest god of the Tuatha Dé Danaan, with the name interpreted in medieval texts as “the good god” with the titles of “Father of the gods” and “The knowledgeable and omnipotent god” among others. Wielder of knowledge, magic, Earth, fertility, destruction, death and rebirth. Legends tell of a strange magical staff in his hand that holds the ability to kill enemies with one end and revive the death with the other.
  7. [magrefnotes: Scáthach is a female god in the Celtic mythology who governs the underworld “Dún Scáith” as its queen. She possesses superpowers of strength and have the ability to offer trials to heroes while bestowing them with combat skills for battle. Scáthach, a female warrior who is well versed with many combat martial arts and trained Sétanta.]
  8. [magrefnote: Lugh mac Ethlenn(Lugh son of Ethlenn), God of the sun and light of the Celtic mythology is one of the representative gods of the Tuatha Dé Danann. His father is Cian while his grandfather (from his maternal side) is Balor of the cursed eye, from the Deep sea Giant race. On the other hand, Lugh’s coupling with the Ulster’s princess, Deichtire, bore him the Ulster’s hero: Cú Chulainn.
  9. [magrefnotes: Canaria derived from Canary.]
  10. [magrefnotes: To make it less confusing, I’ve Italisized and bolded the words of her to refer to someone other than Leticia. eg. Lamia It was not as clear in the Chinese translation.]