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Chapter 2[edit]

Part 1[edit]

-Kouen City, in the pile of rubble.

The city was swallowed by the tsunami made of debris in a blink of an eye. The glittering glass streets no longer retained any of its former shape. Many of the artwork in the museums were lost. The flowing magma dyed the earth in scarlet.

The citizens that had already made preparations were carrying their luggage and fleeing from the city, heading toward the Gate with the fighters of Salamandra.

The tornado made by the three headed dragon, Aži Dakāha, flipped everything over regardless of friend or foe. This is no longer a time for games.

The fight against the Demon Lord Alliance was ended by a third party.

Kudou Asuka, who was fighting at the outer walls of Kouen City, avoided damage by entering Deen’s armor that she had reenforced using her gift. Most likely because she hid with a tired body, her favorite ribbon was undone, and her red dress was shortened to a provocative length.

Asuka waited for the other members of [No Name] with Pest at the end of the procession.

“Its been a while since Almathea[1] went to fetch them……did something happen?”

“…………How would I know.”

Pest retorted without composure. She was extremely worn from this disaster. Wiping her dripping sweat, she laid her body on Deen’s shoulder.

It has been a while since the mountain had erupted. Although the two had taken the role of guarding the evacuation procession, no assailants appeared. This made the procession go smoother.

The gate was located 27 kilometers away from the city.

The ones fleeing the city took shelter in the valleys of the mountains. The fortunate thing was that most of the citizens of Kouen City were spirits or avatars.

Some flew away, while others travelled through lay lines to reach other lands. Thanks to this, the small streets were not crowded and allowed smooth travels.

(But on the other hand, it also means that there are many who do not have the power to run away….)

The refugee’s using the streets were mostly either human or were-beast.

They were the people who thought protection from the rank five Salamandra and held their headquarters here. Being invited as citizens rather than for their prowess, they had no use in the battlefield.

For this reason, the ones that could fight were split in to the front lines, the middle, and the tail guard in order to protect the fleeing citizens.

In the front line, Perseus, middle guard Salamandra, and tail guard [No Name].

“Look! Alma has come back!”

From the direction of her finger, a goat that sparked lightening came running. On the wool of the goats back laid a passed out Kuro Usagi, and a pale Kasukabe Yō.

Almathea, after noticing where Asuka was, jumped her way onto Deens shoulder with a single bound and curtsied.

{“Master, I am relieved to see that you are unharmed. I was worried that you were caught in that tornado.”}

“Eeh. Pest pushed me into Deen in the nick of time. That really saved me.”

She said her thanks to Pest, who sat next to her. Pest pursed her lips and looked away.

Correcting her gaze, Asuka asked Yō, who was sitting on the goats back.

“Kasukabe-san. I’m glad you’re okay too. Are you unhurt?”


She moved her chin vertically, making a small nod.

It was a simple gesture, but Asuka felt an unpleasant worry squirm in her.

Yō not speaking much wasn’t unusual, but now it was much worse than normal. An expression of fear coming from her pale face can be seen.

Noticing the severity of the situation, Asuka asked Almathea

“Alma. Where’s Izayoi-kun and Jin-kun? Aren’t they with you?”

{“…………Yes. I have searched wide, but I could not locate Leader-dono. As for Izayoi-dono……”}

She cut her words with much chagrin. Yō also couldn’t say anything and cast her gaze downward.

Under the heavy silence, Kuro Usagi woke up.

“…………Every, one…..?”

“Kuro Usagi. I’m glad you're ok too.”

Noticing that Kuro Usagi was awake, Asuka held out her hand. Unable to understand the situation, Kuro Usagi shook her head in a daze.

While holding her head, she looked at her surroundings. Confirming Asuka, Yō, Almathea, and Deen’s presence, Kuro Usagi muttered as if she had just remembered something horrible.

“………Where is, Izayoi-san? Is he not with you?”

She asked Yō and Almathea with a quivering voice.

Replacing Almathea, Yō said in a tiny voice.

“Izayoi…….. isn’t coming. He stayed alone.”


{“When I had arrived, he was heavily injured. He probably thought that he couldn’t flee with those wounds. He left Kuro Usagi-dono and Kasukabe-dono to me, and fought the Demon Lord by himself.”}

Yō grinded her teeth. Being one who thought a lot of her comrades, leaving behind her friend was a choice of pain unneeded of expression.

Contrastingly, Almathea’s monotonous voice made Kuro Usagi quiver in rage, and she grabbed the goat.

“T, To do such a thing………!! If you truly are the Celestial Beast of the Mountain Goat, you know what kind of Demon Lord that is! That thing, Aži Dakāha is not an ordinary Demon Lord! That Demon Lord is one that killed many gods, a Last Embryo! Even if it was Izayoi-san there is no chance of winning! You would know that, yet why!?“

{“Of course I knew. And above that, Izayoi-dono also knew. Thinking it was his time of doom, he entrusted me with you.”}

—“Take Kuro Usagi and run!”—

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v8 p48.jpg

She let go of the fur. Hearing Almathea’s words, Kuro Usagi remembered the scene that was locked in the back of her head.

Kuro Usagi also heard Izayoi’s voice, since she was there.

And she also remembered the last words he had said.

“Sorry. Looks like I have to break the promise—“


Moaning, Kuro Usagi bends her knees cried. It wasn’t that she didn’t know all of those things. But she wanted someone to refute the last scene.

To say that that wasn’t the end.

She wanted someone to agree that if it was Izayoi, he would have escaped even that fight.

“……………..I’m sorry. I was there, and I couldn’t do anything.”

Yō clutched her pendant in agony. Facing the Three Headed Dragon, all she could do was escape while leaving Izayoi. That regret was unfathomable.

This is the same as the “Rise of the Fire Dragon Festival”. She had tried desperately to fight alongside him………..In the end, everything was left to Izayoi. Trying to match his strength with effort, he was left to a place far away.


{“Kuro Usagi-dono. I comprehend your pain. But please understand. Under these circumstances, the only one who could distract the Demon Lord was him. Because Izayoi-dono had gambled his life, this many citizens were able to focus on escape.”}

Loosening her tone, Almathea licked Kuro Usagi’s cheek.

Almathea had not planned on leaving behind Izayoi. Actually, under the most desperate circumstance, she was planning on stopping the Demon Lord herself. But Izayoi’s resolve was much stronger than her own. If anyone had heard his words back then, they would have understood.

That shout, was one that declared his life was gambled.

“……………Alma. Is Izayoi-kun, dead?”

{“I have not confirmed his death. He could have also ran away, but…………..with his wounds, it would have been difficult.”}

Almathea was avoiding frankness, but Asuka was not a dull witted girl. It was more obvious than watching a fire that Izayoi fought with his life on the line. Asuka was prepared for the worst, but reality was even harsher. They’ve had many struggles, but this paled all the others.

Kuro Usagi lost her powers, Jin was missing, and Izayoi was fighting the Demon Lord alone.

The only fighting forces left were Asuka and Yō, but they could not do anything.

“…………That being said, this isn’t the time to be feeling down.”

Pashi! She slapped her cheeks to make her resolve.

Asuka returned her gaze to Almathea, and asked again.

“I understand the situation. But there’s not enough information about that Three Headed Dragon. If you know something, Alma, give us some information. You know about that thing, correct?”

{“Yes. If its the olden ones of Little Garden, there is no Evil God I’m unaware of. Master, have you ever heard of the religion Zoroastrianism[2] ?”}

Nope, Asuka shook her head to her sides.

Alma spoke of the sect the Three Headed Dragon belonged to with a nervous expression.

{“Zoroastrianism’s evil gods hold the flag of Aksara (Evil), and have recked Little Garden as the enemies of the Peaceful Gods. Although he is now considered the virtuosic representative of the gods, I hear that Taishakuten[3] used to be a Demon lord under the flag of Zoroastrianism.”}

Taishakuten; the one that the aristocrat of Little Garden, Kuro Usagi, holds as her chief god, and a War Deity. Asuka has heard that Kuro Usagi’s many weapons were Gifts bestowed upon her by Taishakuten.

While looking at Kuro Usagi, whose head was hung, Asuka asks.

“Then that dragon is as powerful as Taishakuten?”

If that was so, then it would be a dreadful obstacle. Just by pure fighting prowess, it would easily exceed the Giant Dragon. It wasn’t by much, but it was not an enemy [No Name] could defeat.

But Almathea’s answer was unexpected.

{“………Yes. At least, they were back then.”}

“…..? What does that mean?”

Yō, who was listening next to them, asked in a pointed tone.

{“That Three Headed Dragon is not an ordinary Demon Lord………No, it should be said that that is a true Demon Lord”}

“Meaning, not in the sense of abusing their Host Master Authority?”

{“It’s actually the opposite. Demon Lords are the avatar of the Trail itself. Host Master Authority’s were created in order to release the user’s inner space, and rob a portion of the old Demon Lords strength, as a secret technique. Its misuse was after the old Demon Lords were sealed, and Little Garden became stable.”}

Hearing Almathea’s words, Asuka thinks back on Host Master Authorities.

“Jack the monster” was a trial that activated when the player, who had used, abused, or killed a child was in the vicinity. It was a virtuous game. That was the original use of the Host Master.

{“A true Demon lord is a different means of trial. No, thats not a trial to begin with. Able to wipe out humanity, the avatar of the ultimate trial; We call them “Last Embryo”(Final trial of Humanity)”}

“………Last Embryo”

“Have you heard of it? That a Demon Lord is treated as a “Natural disaster”? That is meant literally. A natural disaster of harsh lightning and rain. A natural disaster of moving plate tectonics. The spreading of a plague. The reason why the many gods are the avatar of such thing is because we were able to raise the awareness of the impending disaster on humans, and that us gods were able to cure it. Although there are some exceptions like the movement of the solar bodies.”}

Hmm, nodding, the two then took a side-glance at Pest.

The spreading of the Black Death was one of the best examples.

Having killed one third of the worlds population, it could be counted the trial against the prosperity of man kind.

“Then that Three Headed Dragon is also a Demon Lord that integrated with a natural disaster, time period, or a planetary movement?”

{“……Most likely. Aži Dakāha was not that strong in the old days. In the Middle Eastern lore, the 12 Devas or “Great Sage Equaling Heaven”, in Western lore, the War goddesses or the Kings of the Dead would be his equal. But one day; including Aži Dakāha, all the Demon Lords somehow gained immense increase in their powers. Just one could hold off a million gods.”}

“A, A Million Gods!?”

Asuka and Yō expressed their disbelief loudly, forgetting their situation. If that was true, this was not a matter of whether he was strong or not. He was literally on a different level.

The groaning Kuro Usagi clenched her fist and confirmed the statement.

“Those words…….are true. Its not even a metaphor. In an age long past, this Little Garden held the existence of many more gods than now. But most of them were killed by the Old Demon Lords.”

{“To defeat the Old Demon Lords who’s existence were a trial in itself, was physically impossible. Thats why a method of releasing spiritual power in the form of a trial was made as the trump card of the gods; “Host Master Authority”. Also the origin of Gift Games.”}

This was the true reason why Gift Games were called the games of the gods.

The legacy of the war against gods and demon lords went through the spans of time and evolved into the form known today.

“So…….Calling someone who abuses their Host Master Authority a Demon Lord is because of that?”

{“Yes. It turns ones spiritual power into a trial itself, so essentially its the same.”}

“But, wait! If that story is true, if we had someone use their Host Master Authority, can we somehow defeat that Three Headed Dragon?”

Yō raises her hand and asks.

But Almathea shakes her head to her sides bitterly.

{“In theory, yes. Whether its a time period or a natural disaster, it would be a clashing of trials. But in order to defeat Aži Dakāha, or a Host Master that can seal it, we’ll need someone from the Strongest species or one with fighting prowess equal to those in the Divine Army……”}

“How about Kouryuu-san?”

[Great Sage Who Devastates Seas], Saurian Demon King.

Having fought alongside “Great Sage Equaling Heaven”, Sun Wukong, and “Great Sage Pacifying Heavens”, Bull Demon King, against the gods in a massive brawl, he may have a one in a million of a chance of winning.

But, this was rejected by Asuka.

“Its unfortunate, but Kouryuu-san is missing. That goes for Sandra, Willa, Jack, and [Perseus]’s babied young master as well. We’re in a state where the refugee’s are somehow being managed by Salamandra.”

Yō gulped. The situation was so much worse than she had expected, and was at a loss of words.

—There really was no move they could make. Yō was re-enlightened on how devastating their situation was. Excluding the rear guards Asuka and Pest, the main forces were near annihilated.

“…..This is troublesome. Without Izayoi-kun, we can’t even think up a proper strategy.”

Unable to contain her frustration, Asuka said those words in self mockery.

Up till now, all fights against the Demon Lords were coordinated and directed by Izayoi. Speaking negatively, they were even reliant on him. Although in a twisted sense, the reason why [No Name] was able to fight against Demon lords was because of Izayoi’s efforts. Venting her frustration at herself for not being able to do anything, Asuka felt


Painful. Not her heart, but her head physically hurt.

She remembered this taste of blunt pain from an unseen angle. Shaking while gripping the cross shaped hammer that fell from the sky, Asuka shouted while veins popped on her head.

“Wi………WILLA THE IGNISFATUS! You’re there aren’t you!? Come out immediately!!”

Au, a sound similar to a shriek was heard, and Willa fell down from the sky.

Willa, holding a guilty face, fearfully looked up towards the group.

“I, I’m sorry.“

“Are you really!? I was hit by a blunt object twice by you! Can’t you greet people normally!?”

“M, Mahmah[4]. Calm down Asuka………Willa, we’re glad you’re safe. You suddenly disappeared so we were worried.”

Yō stopped Asuka while smiling bitterly. Willa was almost crying from being scolded. After wiping her tears with her sleeve, she apologized again.

“I’m, really sorry………….When the dragon came, I was the first to run away……….I felt guilty of joining you.”

“I still wonder why that constitutes hitting people with blunt objects.”

With Asuka’s additional bitter words, Willa droops her shoulders.

Almathea clacked her hooves and called to the others.

{“Anyhow, this is a devastating situation where the Leader and the Tactician are both unavailable. Me and master will represent the Community and warn Salamandra, then head to the front lines. Are there any objections?”}

“Uhuhn. I’m ok with that. Pest?”

“………No objections.”

{“Very well. Then please ride on me.”}

Clacking her hooves, she prompts them to ride on her back. Asuka hesitated for only a second, then rode on her back while grabbing the reigns. Jumping off Deen’s shoulder, Almathea ran through the valley of streets and headed for the Salamandra members that were guarding the middle of the procession. Most of the refugees did not hold luggages, and wore dark expressions while being in line. Not only has a Demon Lord come, but their city that they have lived in for along time was also gone. There were many that looked back at Kouen City that had sunk under the molten lava and held tears in their eyes.

Asuka, while feeling the cold sweat running on her back, looked behind her.

The giant ridge was covered by molten rock and exuded a horrifying light. Thinking of the person fighting somewhere at the peak, she grit her teeth in shame.

Hanging on to the running Almathea, Asuka’s expression twisted into a bitter form.

“……….Alma. Can Izayoi-kun win against it?”

{“He can’t. Nobody can defeat that. Against a monster that took even the Divine Army many of its troops to simply seal, there is no possible way a lone human can win.”}

She clipped her words with blunt truthfulness. That was her way of being kind. If she hadn’t said that, Alma knew that Asuka would have definitely went to assist him.

Asuka took those feelings into consideration, and simply glared at the ridge.

“………Still, Izayoi-kun will be fine. We’ll have to do what we can.”

{“Yes. Thank you for understanding.”}

Thunder reverberated as Almathea increased her speed, turning into lightening.

—Soon after, a change occurred.

{“!? Master, please hold on!”}

Eh? As soon as she made that sound, Almathea leapted into the air.

At first, Asuka had no idea what was going on, but understood the situation from the hot air that brushed her cheek. Looking down, they could see the street that they had been running on a second ago was melted by dark red flames.

{“Its an enemy! And not just any average enemy!”}

As soon as Almathea shouted, a ball of fire shot out of the woods near the streets, hurling toward them. Kicking the air like stepping stones, Almathea somehow dodged the rapidly increasing fire balls, and looked for her attacker. While looking toward the woods, a giant shadow covered the two.

“Alma, above!!”

Immediately, Almathea looked toward the higher sky.

Having been sidetracked, Almathea sees her enemy and is twice surprised.

—A monstrous dragon with two heads, whose body was made out white marble. The only piece that was flesh, his crimson eyes, sparkled with a hideous light and eyed its prey.

Those eyes showed no signs of sentiment. This creature was not given any emotions. Its only motive for moving was to hunt down its opponents.


Roaring, the Two Headed Dragon raised its fangs and attacked.

Reasoning that she could not run away from such a violent attack, Almathea abandoned her form as a mountain goat and became an iron liquid. Using her body made of adamantium[5] , she wrapped around Asuka and focused on defending her.

Taking a direct hit, the iron orb was hit into the woods near the streets. Although her body was protected, Asuka still felt the impact.

Frowning at the numb pain that assaulted her, Asuka asked,

“”Alma………Is that”

{“Yes, that is the clone of Aži Dakāha! It’s not an ordinary monster! Please think of each of them as strong as a being given divinity!”}

Reverting to her form as a mountain goat, Alma put Asuka on to the ground.

The cries of refugee’s being attacked by the Twin Headed Dragon could be heard. If that dragon was at the same level of power as one with divinity, there was a limit to the people who could fight it. Wanting to immediately head toward it, Asuka straddles Alma’s back, but the trees fell toward them, preventing departure.

“There’s one more….!?”

{“Master, please Divinify me immediately. This is not an opponent that can be dealt with while conserving Gifts. Having a quick, decisive battle would be for the best.”}

Racking her hooves on the ground, she concentrated on locating her enemy. Even though her opponent could not be seen, the presence wrapping around the woods were powerful. The trees pulsated as one, making them seem like one organism.

As Almathea had said, hiding their prowess would not help at all. Asuka made her resolve, took out her wine red gift card, and summoned four crystals and a wind-cutting flute.

While they prepared for battle, large cries could be heard.


“A Dragon! A two headed dragon appeared!”

“Fire Dragon Squad, immediately take a perimeter! Demi-Dragon Squad, quicken the pace of the refugees!”

Among the shouts and screams, explosive noises could be heard. Even from afar pillars of fire could be seen standing in the waves of the panic-stricken streets.

While feeling the cold sweat run down her back, Asuka turned her gaze toward the rear of the procession.

(Kasukabe-san…….Pest, Deen. I leave that side to you.)

Praying once to her comrades, she gave her crystals artificial divinity. Having her spiritual power expanded, Almathea thundered toward the Dragon within in the forest.

Part 2[edit]

Kasukabe Yō entered battle mode right before Almathea was attacked by the marble Two Headed Dragons.


Immediately, she activated Genome Tree. The wings on her legs were not the ones of a Pegasus. The new equipment with sharp claws at the tip of the foot were one that constituted a more evil Eudaemon.

30th rank in the 72 pillars of Solomon, demonic beast ‘Marchosias’[6].

With a griffon;s wings and a snake's tail, a wolf-type Third Generation Eudaemon.

“Wait right there, I’ll save you……….!”

She exuded the glittering wind of the Gryphon and Pegasus, and also releases the hell flames of the demonic wolf.

—“Marchosias is a demonic wolf that ranked highly amongst the Third Generation Eudaemons. Aside from the dragon kin, those who could beat it alone were limited. Even though it was lowly ranked, it was a Eudaemon that even reached the level of being a Demon Lord.

Although it was a beast that could unleash hellish flames from its mouth, its true worth was not in its fighting abilities.

A part of that power saved Yō and Kuro-Usagi an instant later.

“…….! Kuro Usagi! Grab on!”

“Heh? Y, yes!”

Kuro Usagi was confused for a moment, but was pushed into action by Yō’s agitation and grabbed her hand. Hugging her, Yō jumped toward Deen’s sides.

A moment later, a large amount of flaming bullets shot at the two from an animal trail.

Yō unleashed the glittering wind and raging flames around her to protect herself. With the Gift of a high ranked Third Generation Eudaemon, the flaming tempest didn’t falter a single bit upon receiving the flaming salvo.

“Yō-san! Behind you!!”

Kuro Usagi shouted. The two headed dragon that swatted Asuka down preyed its eye on her.

But Yō calmly flipped her body and took the deadly blades with her left boot. At perfect timing, before she was overwhelmed, she launched herself at its chest.

The marble two headed dragon boldly took Yō’s attack, and stiffened its body. It most likely did not expect to be counterattacked in that timing.

After launching at its chest and spinning in mid-air, Yō shot through both of the two headed dragon’s jaws from below.


“A, amazing!”

Kuro Usagi uttered her cry of admiration while being carried by Yō.

Judging only by attack and defense, Yō’s physical prowess didn’t pale to Kuro Usagi’s.

If the fact that she could accelerate in mid-air was taken into account, it could be said she surpassed the rabbit. It’s more closer to an animal’s way of fighting rather then martial arts, but her ways of correctly using her gift made self-styled fighting shine all the more.

(I knew she had talent, but this is a much faster rate of growth than I expected….!)

The two headed dragon that had its jaws pierced fell as it rained blood from its body. It wasn’t a fatal wound, but it seemed to be enough to make it faint for a while.

After seeing it fall, Yō’s gaze was directed toward the woods at the corner of the street.

Concentrating flames to her right foot, she created a flaming tempest and burned down the forest.

“H, hey Yō-san?”

Receiving the raging hot air, Kuro Usagi raised a shriek.

All the while, the flaming tempest moved on as it burned down the forest. Even the refugee’s were screaming, but they were guarded from the heat by Deen’s giant form that pushed it back.

It was a strategy that could not be expected from Yō, a blow both bold and large scaled.

But in Yō’s eyes, there was no light of victory, and showed an increased sign of precaution.

The two headed dragon was swallowed into the tempest, but it remained unharmed as it sat in the middle of the storm.

Falling straight down suddenly, Yō got closer to Willa, and handed Kuro Usagi to her.

“Willa. Please escort the refugee’s and Kuro Usagi. The only one who can protect them is you.”

“Me? Then, what are you going to do?”

“I’ll stop them……….no”

She stopped her own words. This was rare for the quite but outspoken Yō.

Looking at the fiery tornado she herself had unleashed, she said in a tone with conviction.

“Those two dragons…….I will defeat. So Willa, please take care of Kuro Usagi…..!”

Raising both her will to fight and the glittering wind, she shot up.

Immediately, the fiery tornado was ripped in two by the two headed dragon.

“Willa! Deen! Pest! I leave the rest to you!”

“G, got it!”



Willa teleported toward the main forces of Salamandra. Deen stood at the rear, put the injured and slow ones on his shoulder and raised his pace. Pest opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but ended up saying nothing as she unleashed black wind at the flanks of the procession to tighten their guard.

Yō unleashed a aura of sharp strength, and stood toward the two headed dragons.

The one that came out of the tornado was a dark red dragon made of molten lava. Replacing blood, lava flowed and pulsated, giving it an impressive representation of a monster.

But even facing that rare figure, Yō’s feelings were calm.

Or rather, they were extremely cold.

“………………..Your opponent, is me.”

Without thinking, her voice came out.

Even surprising to her, there was a clear sound of rage in her voice. Realizing the source of this feeling was right in front of her, she raised her voice and shouted at the two headed dragons.

“Because of you …………..Izayoi had to gamble his life unfairly. I was fighting Maxwell Demon Lord, and was finally going to fight shoulder to shoulder”

Izayoi’s last words were “Take Kuro Usagi and run”.

But what she really wanted to hear was simple.

“Fight with me against the Demon Lord.” But those were never heard until the end.

Yō knew that their level of strength differed greatly.

But finally, she saw the back of that strength she was reaching for. She was going to compete with him shoulder to shoulder, and live together in fun and joy.

But that back has once again gone far.

Maybe, so far away that her hands could not reach.

“I will protect Kuro Usagi. That is my promise with Izayoi. Thats why I’ll see her to the Astral Gate……… After that, is my freedom to choose.”

The anger poured out, but had no place to go.

It was directed toward her enemy, but also to her incompetent self. She really wanted to stay with Izayoi in order to help, but could not forgive herself for not being able to do so.

—For both reason and benefit, she had abandoned her comrade.

In order to regain what she had abandoned, there was a need for proof.

The proof that she could steal him back, even if she had to overcome a pile of rubble, and split hell itself.

Gripping the Genome Tree, to prove her self, Yō’s lips said the name of a new Eudaemon.

“Genome Tree…….Form, “Vinama Garda”[7]…….!!!”

Instantly, golden wind surrounded Kasukabe Yō.

The form of Marchosias was melted, turning into flaxen cloth that wrapped around Yō. The cloth with no sleeves turned into a protective ritual garb, and on her head a katsyusha[8] adorned with a feather was laid on.

An illuminating light that shined as if to brighten the dark night.

To compare, it was the light of the sun.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v8 p66.jpg

Feeling the stately golden wind, the monstrous two headed dragons took a step back.

—Fear, kin of the pernicious god.

This shine is the golden Gift that burns through all impurities. In Indian lore, it has abolished Mara, and is promised to win against even the war gods, the half-man half-bird slayer of evil gods.

“A………..A Great Garuda? The same strongest species that the Roc Demon King belongs to!?

But, that can’t be! Its impossible! Does the Genome Tree even have the power to weaponize that species?”

Kuro Usagi’s astonishment was to be expected.

The Genome Tree had weaponized legendary creatures such as Kirin, Pegasus, and Marchosias, but this Eudaemon was a world apart.

No, a Garuda was not even categorized as a Eudaemon.

(These Flames of the Golden Wings are real……. But there is no way she can use the power of the Strongest Species without risk! Yō-san should be paying a toll of some sort in order to use power beyond her ability…..!?)

Watching the light that Yō wore, Kuro Usagi couldn’t help feeling apprehensive.

But that was same feeling as Yō.

Greya Grief, who used the same Genome Tree, had clearly stated that a risk existed. This Gift definitely had a hidden toll.

(Until today, I was afraid of that risk. Thats why I limited which Eudaemons to use. But that fear,……….made Izayoi fight alone……….!!!)

The massive power that resided in her body. If she could produce such a strength, she would not have been treated as someone in the way. If she had used such power, Izayoi would have definitely said it.

He would have said “Fight with me against the Demon Lord.”

“I will no longer ponder. I will defeat you……..and go help Izayoi……..!!!”


The Two Headed Dragon and the Great Garuda clashed by frontal assault.

Both with their reasons in their heart, the battle intensified.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. The name is supposed to be Amalthea, but arranged to not actually say her name.;
  2. Founded by prophet Zoroaster, the religion is said to be as old as Hinduism.
  3. The Japanese name for Indra
  4. A common phrase in Japanese used to pacify others. Its other definition would be ‘so-so’ which makes no sense in this context, so it was left untranslated.
  5. Dear Marvel Comics; we are extremely sorry for using your most favorite fictitious metal alloy, however, this was what was originally used in the Jap novel. I hereby claim no ill intentions upon mentioning this
  7. Vinama is a mis-spelled word for Vimana, the flying chariot or temple in Sanskrit epics. Garda is another misspelled word for Garuda. However, Vimana’s modern interpretation would mean aircraft. In other words, by pun, Yō has unintentionally become a aircraft of Garuda Indonesia Airlines
  8. Refers to a headgear made to put down hair. I have no idea why but the only ones who call a hairband such a thing are the Japanese.