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Part 1[edit]

—A few hours passed since the end of the battles in the sea of trees.

Roused by the warmth of a candlelight, Kuro Usagi gradually regained her consciousness.

The rock hewn ceiling which suddenly greeted her eyes were unfamiliar to her and gave the feel of a long history behind its creation. The North Side rarely utilized such rough building materials, especially for the city of [Kouen City]. Even if it were houses made from bricks, they would have much of its interior decked in beautiful decorum.

(……This is,… where am I?)

Just as she wanted to get out of bed, she couldn’t help but give a small moan before squatting to the ground. The sensation of pain that ran through her entire frame, bones and muscles told of the reality of her previous battles.

Her hands were swathed with bandages to treat her burns. Although it did not reach the point of restricting all movement, it was enough to prevent any fine motor skills for battles. It would then seem a better option to rest quietly for now.

She then turned her body to the extent that would allow her to rest without feeling the stabs of pain.

It was then that she suddenly noticed a nostalgic feeling on her head.

The protrusions which could move freely to the left and right. Kuro Usagi, who confirmed the length and softness of the sensations, forgot all about her pain as she leapt in joy.

“Usagi……Usagimimi?! Usagimimi? Kuro Usagi’s beloved usagimimi?!! Kuro Usagi’s lovely ears have returned–?!”

Uwa? Kuro Usagi tugged at her Usagimimi while jumping around in joy.

KuroUsagi ignored the intense pain that accompanied the violent movements as her lovely well-groomed Usagimimi, which had been with her for exactly two hundred years, were back in their original positions. Despite the fatalistic sounds from her creaking bones, none of that mattered as she spun and bounced on her bed. In the meantime that Kuro Usagi continued to use the recoil of the bed springs to bounce around, a surprised voice came from the area next to her bed.

“—Useless rabbit, you’re really noisy. I’m also severely injured. Just give me some peace will ya?”

That was a crude way of speech which stemmed from a foul mood. Kuro Usagi halted her bouncing in surprise. The small room was fitted with two beds and the voice belonged to the other person who lay in the adjacent bed.

“Mah, our luck is quite bad this time. If it weren’t for the help from others, we would surely be dead by now. Oh well, I guess this must be the result of our accumulated karma.”

Ahaha, the voice was tingled with a slight weariness.

But all that did not matter to Kuro Usagi in the other bed.

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo v10 p205.jpg

Widening her eyes in a daze, Kuro Usagi shook her head in disbelief. And there on the bed was Kuro Usagi’s comrade, whom she had thought she would never have the chance to meet again, wearing that usual smile while lightly rolling around on the bed.

Kuro Usagi had tears shining in her eyes as she leaped towards Izayoi.

“Ish…. Issahyoui-shan…!!”

“Oi! Who’s Issahyoui-shan. Wipe your tears and snot before talking will ya?”

Taken aback by that teary face, Izayoi handed her some tissues.

And Kuro Usagi, who wiped her snot, returned with her second attempt and her usagimimi were perked in joy.

Izayoi smiled as he returned the hug lightly while laughing in his usual style.

“Ooh, Ooh, I’ve struck the jackpot, the jackpot. It’s such a great thing to be alive.”[1]

“You’re still saying those stupid stuff as usual……! But it sure is great that you are alright……!!”

“I guess you’re right on that. We were quite lucky this time. Jack, Kouryuu, Sala and Coppelia arrived on time and even that masked knight-sama have arrived to represent the Queen’s Knights in the battle. It’s like everyone we know have gathered in this place.”

The path that Izayoi and the others had forged in the world of Little Garden was now in fruitation and not for naught. The accumulation of their daily accomplishments and the help that they had given along the way were now returning to aid them in their time of need.

Kuro Usagi, who was done with her tears and regained her composure, then frantically backed away in her slight embarrassment and cocked her head slightly to ask, “But, where’s this place? Who was it who saved Kuro Usagi and Asuka-san?”.

“Aah, that’s—”

“That Kuro Usagi, would be me.”

And as the gentleman in a tuxedo appeared without any warning before them, Kuro Usagi’s usagimimi perked up as she exclaimed in surprise.

“Co, Co, Croix-sama?! Aie, what?! Why would you be here?!”

“Hahaha. As expected of my precious, to be able to recognise me with just a glance. I’m sure glad to see that you have grown to be such a cute beauty. Although it sure is a pity that I wasn’t able to witness the instant of your growth.”

Kuro Usagi ignored the teasing of Croix as she waited for the answer to her questions. After all, those three years of being teased by Shiroyasha were not all for naught.

Noting that his attempt at harassment was not receiving any results, Croix’s shoulders slumped down as he pressed down on his bowler hat before answering.

“Mah, I was just sent to the outer world for a slight while. I’ve been staying in the other world till the European calendar of 2065 CE…… wandering around for about 1500 years or so?”

“What did you just say?!”

Kuro Usagi’s usagimimi perked in surprise. To which Croix was very satisfied by her reaction as he gave a twirl of his staff to laugh jovially.

“Although there was an opportunity for my return after the 1700s, it was still fairly difficult to pin point an exact time of return for my re-entry into Little Garden from the flow of time in the outer world. I could only look for a better gamble on a method which would give me a surer accuracy in returning to the time that I wanted to be. However, there was still a 3 year gap as a result of the deviation. It must have been hard for you and I sincerely apologize for that. It’s really fortunate that you were able to protect our Community. You have my heartfelt thanks, my comrade.”

He nodded his thanks while holding down his bowler hat. Seemingly in an attempt to hide his embarrassment.

However, being given such a formal thank you by the founder of the Community, he who was of a heavy weight individual in the decision makings, it was causing Kuro Usagi, who was only a junior member in the original Community to squirm in discomfort.

“Although I would like to talk a little more, but there isn’t much time left. We are still protected by the Game rules for now, but it is only a matter of time that they will be broken. We are going to convene the conference for the plans to take down Azi Dahaka and I’m here to fetch little-Izayoi over. Kuro Usagi, you can continue to rest up for now.”

“Al, Alright. Please be safe.”

“Aoh. We’ll be back when the plans are done.”

Izayoi and Croix left the room while Kuro Usagi sent them off with her eyes.

The duo made their way towards the great hall for the conference which they walked along the path from the private villa to the main castle of the floating citadel in silence. Izayoi, upon confirming their distance after leaving the villa, turned on Croix with a clear hostile stare in his eyes.

“……Oi, what’s that about?”

“What do you mean?”

“Drop the act. The one who brought back Kuro Usagi and Ojou-sama wasn’t that Kasukabe’s father?”

Why did you lie, Izayoi chided.

It was just as he said. The one who brought back Kuro Usagi and Asuka to the floating citadel wasn’t Croix.

It was the mysterious man named Kasukabe Koumei who looked like one of the former members of [No Name], who brought Kuro Usagi and Asuka into this Game field.

“And I heard from Ojou-sama that you guys actually let off the people from [Ouroboros]. What’s up with this? I don’t care if you try to lie or hide it, but if you do not have a good reason for these things, I will not be willing to accept and go along with it.”

“……Hmmh, It sure is the case.” Croix continued to walk briskly.

“Regarding all those things, it still isn’t the time for me to tell you about the reasons. I hope that you will just accept it as it is for now. This is the responsibility of that cowardly father. If you have any dissatisfaction with his actions, then go and tell it to him.”

“…… a coward, is it so.”

“Aah. Moreover, the decision to let the [Ouroboros] people off the hook is the instructions of the current [No Name] leader-sama. Just my perspective alone will not be able to overturn it right?”

“The instruction of ochibi-sama? …… Wait, where is he now?”

“Together with the Origin candidate of [Ouroboros]. And it looks like things are going to get interesting.”

Wha?! Izyaoi couldn’t help it as he exclaimed in surprise. It was surely a development that was out of his calculations. Although he did want to have the opportunity to hold negotiations with His Highness and company, but Jin’s lone actions were out of his imaginations.

Croix suppressed his mirth as he pressed down his bowler hat to continue.

“Aiya, looks like that child of the Treasurer has really grown. For the son of that useless father, it sure is great to see him being that much more capable in his abilities. After all that guy was with such a pilfering hand.”

“You have known Jin’s father?”

“Aah. He was the guard of our Treasury. A classic example of a useless person who had stolen from our treasury a couple of times to indulge in his drinking habit. He would then be caught and tied up to the roof by his wife or Canaria. But, what makes it all the more conflicting would be his knowledge to tell good wine from the rest. As such, I’ve some good memories of him. Moreover, he’s quite a fellow who has a curious sense of morals. He would even be able to get his hands on the wines, hidden by the bartender for the exclusive offerings to the gods, back to our Community. He sure is a guy that you wouldn’t be able to hate in earnest.”

“Heh? That sure is unexpected.”

“Aah. …… But even if I did describe that much about him, he still died in the battle three years ago to protect his comrades. Until today, thinking about him sure makes me feel that it’s such a pity that he has left us so early.”

The facial expression of this reminiscing guy with a slight smile was a calm and serene look.

That expression and atmosphere was one that Izayoi would never have expected to come from his impressions of Croix. Perhaps this was the expression that was the core of this guy who was known to be a benevolent god.

“The tragedy of the setting sun is one that will not be wiped out from our minds. Just like the loss of a person’s life, the pain of such a loss is one that will never be gone from our chests.”

“…… that sure doesn’t sound like the words fit for a Grim Reaper. You are able to resurrect the dead right? During the battle with Dystopia, wouldn’t you have done-”

“How could I’ve done that? There are very few methods to resurrect the dead completely. The most that I can do is to transform a dead body into a new lifeform. That sort of mutation isn’t of my interest to engage in. Moreover it’s my comrades whom I would grieve for their loss who died in a battle to complete their calling. How could I commit such a blasphemous act on them?”

Baron Croix gave a troubled smile.

Izayoi was reminded once more that this man was also a divine being.

“Mah, that sort of thing will not happen again. Let’s just leave the records of your failures to three years ago and no further.”

“I hope so too. I wouldn’t want to continue with the bearing of such pain again. May you people win no matter what comes in your way.”

Saying such things lightly as they returned to the castle. However, he had already steeled himself for the worst.

For the number who would be able to return form this battle alive would surely be no more than a small portion.

Part 2[edit]

On the other side, at the same time.

Having suffered only a slight bump, Asuka was asked to wait in another conference room. However, rather than calling this gathering location a conference room, it was more apt to describe it as a concert hall or a theater.

(The only empty room available would be this place and the reason should be more than just that. The arrangement of the seats are clearly made to face the stage in a fashion similar to the viewing of a play in a theater.)

She then took a look around to search for anyone whom she might know.

And soon found Shirayuki and Leticia sitting near the entrance.

“Leticia! You all have come as well?!”

“Aah. It’s also for the reason of evacuating from the hazard, so everyone of [No Name] were welcomed into this castle.”

“I was tending to the injured in the citadel with Lily and the others. After all, the only one among us who could have gone and battled on the front lines is only Leticia-sama.”

Shirayuki’s words caused Asuka’s expression to freeze in place.

“……battled? Against the Demon Lord who attacked [Kouen City]?”

“I wasn’t the only one. Moreover, I was only a burden to them. If only I could fight harder, Jack-dono would not have gotten hurt.”

Leticia’s shoulders were slumped as she shifted her gaze away. Besides, it was a different story from herself 200 years ago because she did not possess her Divinity anymore. It must have been a tough situation to face up against Azi Dahaka in the front line battle then.

Asuka who originally wanted to ask for more details on the fight against Azi Dahaka, caught herself and darted her eyes around, seemingly shaken by the news.

“Then, Then, is Jack well?”

“His Game was not completely cleared. Although that has helped to keep his life intact, it is unlikely for him to take part in the battle from now on.”

“Currently, Lily and Willa-dono are looking after him. Although they were in a panic upon seeing the extent of Jack-dono’s injuries, they have now calmed down. We can only leave the rest of the care and treatment into their hands.”

Is that so, Asuka responded. She had also heard that Willa was also having it hard due to the ordeal of being dragged around by the [Ouroboros] people and it seemed like a good idea to exclude the combatants of the [Will O’ Wisp] in the upcoming fight.

“Saurian Demon King and Roc Demon King…… Karyou-dono were brought over by Croix. That fellow may be dependable but he’s a pervert, so you two better watch out.”



They were surprised by the sudden offhanded insult that came from Leticia, whom they knew would not have usually said such words this lightly.

Leticia ignored their reactions and looked around the room.

“But to think that they would choose a theater as a conference room. Who could have been the person who suggested this.”

Upon a closer look, many of them were of the lesser dragons and ghost types of [Salamandra], werebeasts and mythical beasts of [Dragon Greif] who gathered in the room. However, when compared to their opponent who was the three headed dragon, their strength would be much too low.

(If only Almathea was around, I would be able to ask her about various stuff. But where could she have run off to at this time?)

But to see this variety of races coming together in the theater was not a bad feeling in a way. What’s going to come after this, Asuka carried a sort of anticipation in her heart as she happily waited for something to start. And before her eyes, there was a little demon, which she had seen before in some place she could not remember, streaking straight through the crowd.


Leticia had a look of one who had seen her old friend as she named the individual softly.

The little demon known as [Laplace Demon] landed at the centre of the stage and the conference room burst into a cacophony of voices. Why would a [Floor Master] who was in the midst of a restful slumber appear in this place? As such a question started to spread across the hall, Lappy pulled out a microphone that was around the same height as itself to test the sound system.

“Testing…… Testing…… Okay. Everyone, welcome for being here. I’m the command of the [Laplace Demon], who had left for a long time, also known as Lappy III. I’d left on a trip for a little while to journey the Outer World to find my comrades and a pervert and finally made it back. The main demon is still in hibernation, but your battle with the three headed dragon will be supported by us Lappys.”

Ooh, the theater erupted into cheers. That was the enthusiasm from having the great news of having Laplace, who was adept at handling and processing information, as their ally.

However, Leticia’s expression changed upon hearing Lappy’s words.

(Could it be that…..that Lappy fellow intends to use the same strategy as we had done 200 years ago……?!)

Having battled against the awakened three headed dragon alongside Lappy in the war 200 years prior, Leticia could not help but feel her anxiety build.

But Lappy III did not even give Leticia a glance as it continued.

“Following this, we shall start the conference on the plan to resist Azi Dahaka. —-But before we start, there are some things that I will need to inform everyone at all costs.”

The serious choice of words caused the atmosphere to be one of a confused interest. Lappy, who paused for a moment, had a hesitant look for an instant before looking up again to continue.

“Firstly, in the battle against Azi Dahaka 200 years ago, eighty percent of the combatants have lost their lives. It is also related to the reason for [Salamandra]’s fall to the five digits.”


This time, even the sound of their confusion was let out. Even Asuka and Shirayuki were included in those voices.

Leticia seemed to have understood what Lappy was getting at and her face had drawn taut.

“Secondly, in order to defeat Azi Dahaka, we will require a large battle strength…… which is numbers. We here will be tasked with the responsibility of holding back the clones that appear from the battle of Azi Dahaka against our main force. If we are unable to do that, then we will be sure to lose.”

Lappy plainly stated the truth. The theater was immediately filled with a sense of tension that stretched to the degree that one would even expect it to snap at any moment. Asuka was also holding her breath as she quietly listened to Lappy’s words.

Confirming with a look that everyone present had understood that fact, Lappy then continued with the last line as the conclusion.

“Thirdly, even if everything were to proceed smoothly…… everyone here would basically lose their lives. There will be those whom I will personally choose from among you. Chosen by me to be the necessary sacrifice. Even then, if you are still willing to fight for Little Garden— please remain in this theater.”

Part 3[edit]

Kasukabe Yō waited by herself in the room which was assigned to her.

She could not do anything before the return of her [Genome Tree] and she could only fidget around, ill at ease, while waiting in the room by herself.

(Izayoi was saved, Asuka and Kuro Usagi are also out of danger. It’s only down to me. I will be able to stand with the others in battle if I am able to recover my strength. This time for sure, I will defeat the Demon Lord with everyone……!!!)

Kasukabe Yō was in full spirits. And it was then that,

*Kok Kok* came the sound of knocking on the door.

“I’m here. Croix-san?”

“No, you’re wrong. I’m Graiya Greif. Would you know this name?”

Kasukabe Yō frantically attempted to stand but remembered that her legs had no strength to support her. And just as she was pondering about calling for help, Graiya’s calm voice stopped her.

“Wait up. I’m not here to engage in a battle with you. I’ve only accepted to help someone pass a message to tell you about some stuff.”

“……stuff? What kind?”

“Regarding your birth and parents…… or more specifically things regarding your mother.”

Hearing the unexpected topic being brought up, Yō felt it like a direct blow to her core.

Indeed, she had heard that Draco Greif was a friend of her father and being the brother of Draco, it was only natural for Graiya to know of her father as well.

However regarding her mother, Yō had never seen her before and only heard of her character and conduct.

“……Why are you the one passing the message? And, why at this place?”

“It’s Baron Croix who welcomed us in. He promised me to let off the other members of [Ouroboros] if I were to tell you these things.”

I see, if that is the case then it would all fit. If one were to be summoned into this Game field, it would surely be the work of a [Host] and he would most likely be telling the truth.

“If you do not want to invite me in, it’s okay for me to just say it from here. Anyways, I’m only here to fulfil the request. The situation of my comrades are also quite urgent and I must return as soon as possible.”

“…… Okay, then just say it from there.”

Not letting down her wariness, she permitted the other to talk with the door between them.

Graiya too started to recount quietly.

“And before I talk about your parents, I will firstly tell you the stuff regarding your [Genome Tree].”

“Regarding the [Genome Tree]?”

“That’s right. Perhaps you may have already noticed, that is the strongest equipment created to resist Demon Lords. As long as one possesses that [Genome Tree], it does not matter if the Game is absolutely absurd and beyond reason because the possessor would always have a fighting chance. This is the Gift that embodies that sort of hope in its creation.”

An equipment that is created to confront any type of battle situation that may be imposed by an unknown under of Demon Lords who control the Gift Games.

The Garuda’s ability which is compatible against Divine and Dragon types is also made possible in the form of an equipment. Then even if it were to match up with an undying foe or something that is “supposed to be impossible to defeat”, as long as one possessed the [Genome Tree], one would never have a zero possibility of winning. It is truly the equipment of hope created for the sake of battling Demon Lords.

“However, the one who gave shape to this Gift isn’t a God. Nor was it your father. The one who gave the command to create the [Genome Tree] is a Demon Lord known to all as the most fearsome and vicious of all Demon Lords— Dystopia.”

“A Demon Lord?”

“Yes. If were to look for the source of the evolution theory, it would surely coincide with the creation theory and it would definitely be related to the gods. In the Outer world, ... During the early 2000s, it is the case that more than half of the population believed that the gods have created the world. And following that was the resistance of a portion who saw the gods as enemies, the dystopians, who seek to overthrow their foundational belief by creating the Gift which is the [Genome Tree] and that is the real purpose behind its creation. A Gift that is created to weaken their beliefs and create a biological weapon. And that command fell upon one of the women who was born in Dystopia— your mother.”


Upon hearing that sort of revelation that could not be ignored, Yō was now too stumped for words.

However, Graiya continued mercilessly with the revelations.

“In the past, human history was written to have reached the lineage of dystopia. However when history fell into the hands of the resistance, it was then completely rewritten. In the end, humans who arrived at the time flow of dystopia were basically non-existent. But as a trace imprinted on them, humans who grew up in dystopia would have their spiritual powers shaved off and gradually lose their lives. Eventually becoming non-existent. ...And your mother is not an exception to this.”


“Kasukabe Yō. The reason for your ability to resist the transformation into a monster when you use the [Genome Tree] would most likely be due to that trace. You have not established your own spiritual power. The basis of the spiritual power you possess are the initial Gifts bestowed upon you by your mother’s side. Your [Name] and [Life]. It is only because of the spiritual power from your father that you are able to continue living whereas the inherited Gifts from your mother are deeply imprinted upon your soul. Because all livestock of dystopia are [Humans who are unable to become anyone].”

Saying all that in one breath, Graiya’s words ended there.

His continued presence behind the door would most likely be in wait for Yō’s reply.

“……May I ask something?”


“Why did you carve the [Genome Tree] into your chest? Wouldn’t a normal person become a monster if they were to use it?”

For Yō, that was the most intriguing question of course.

Graiya fell silent for a moment before answering in a monotone.

“…… I, am just like you. I’m depending on this [Genome Tree] to survive. That’s all.”

“Why is that so?”

“I can only say that it is the curse from my patron god. Anything else about that matter would not be of a concern to you. —I will leave our conversation as that. The next time we meet, we will not be lenient on you guys anymore, so be prepared for that day.”

Saying that, Graiya’s presence disappeared.

Sensing the intensity of his determination, Yō couldn’t help but tremble as she felt a bad premonition of a battle awaiting her in the future that would be far more intense as compared to her previous encounters.

[No Name] and [Ouroboros], and the battle of the three headed dragon is finally coming to the final stage.

Translator's Notes[edit]

  1. [magrefnotes: I’m wondering if it is too literal a translation… perhaps I should use “this feels great, this really” feels great instead of “I’ve struck the jackpot, the jackpot” if you wonder about what this means… hmm remember Kuro Uagi’s description in terms of her texture…?]